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Electric Sun (Uli Jon Roth ex Scorpions) 1979-10-03 - Cologne, DE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

October 03, 1979 (Wednesday) 
Klingelpuetz Prison, Cologne, Germany. 

2nd Show (see Notes). 

Source : Radio Luxemburg 
(with D.J. Peter Trunk). 

01. Sundown 
02. Earthquake 
03. Japanese Dream 
04. Children of the Sea 
05. I've Got to Be Free 
06. Polar Nights 
07. On That Night 
08. Beethoven's Ninth 
09. Hell-Cat 

Total Time - 58:10.41 

In October there were two concerts inside the Cologne’s most well-known prison - the Klingelpuetz - which were being broadcast by Radio Luxemburg. Electric Sun performed twice in a row for a truly captive audience - once for the male inmates and once for the female ones and were being enthusiastically received. The whole thing was a very unusual occasion and had a touch of the surreal about it. Uli had bought a new black Fender Stratocaster that day, which Sidhatta brought from Hamburg just before the show. 

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