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Iggy Pop - 1996-08-18 - Cologne, DE (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)

Iggy Pop
Bizarre Festival - Cologne, Germany

Source: EX (pre?) FM Stereo recording
Lineage: FM > Audacity [tr 20 + 21 only] > Wave [tr 20 + 21 only] > TLH > FLAC

01 I Got a Right
02 I Wanna Live
03 Down in the Street
04 Heart is Saved
05 Raw Power
06 Search and Destroy
07 Real Wild Child
08 I Wanna Be Your Dog
09 The Passenger
10 Lust for Life
11 Home
12 I'm Sick Of You
13 No Fun
14 Louie Louie
15 My Funny Valentine
16 Sixteen
17 Pussy Walk
18 Knucklehead
19 1969-Who Do You Love
20 1969-Who Do You Love mixed
21 1969-Who Do You Love mixed 2

- As stated above this is an excellent recording which first starts with The Band, Iggy and the crew were on fire at this performance high energy, playing tight, hitting every note and hangin' it all out as Iggy seems to do often. Even if your not a huge Iggy Pop fan you need to check this one out.

- The Original uploader mixed an two additional Bonus versions of 1969 for your preference. Also left the original info text for further information.

- Did find a CD bootleg of this IGGY POP / 1996 / Punk Rock Will Never Die (Bizarre Festival Köln) (Bootleg) looks like it was released in 2015 not sure if this is the source from the FM. Couldn't determine where I got this show from doesn't seem to be on Dime or TTD unless I missed something. Thank you to the uploader/taper for the excellent recording.

- Regardless this a great recording Thank You Iggy and to all involved, for sharing and hard work!

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