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John Harford, Joni Mitchell & Pete Seeger - 1970-10-17 - Los Angeles, CA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

John Harford
Joni Mitchell
Pete Seeger

KCOP-TV Los Angeles, CA
October 18, 1970

This TV special titled, Harford, Mitchell & Seeger — "Gentle On Your Mind" features John Hartford, Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger.

From Reel to Reel tape of broadcast 
Source: 1st Gen Cassette 
Transfer: PB Pioneer CT-F1000>ASUS Xonar DG Sound Card>Audacity 2.0 @96k/24bit>Export to 44.1k/16bit Flac8>TLH SBEs Fixed>You

No added signal processing
Quality: A

01. Frustrated Bird (Harford) [2:58]
02. In Tall Buildings (Harford) [2:03]
03. I Could Drink A Case Of You (Mitchell) [3:57]
04. Bring Me Little Water (Seeger) [2:37]
05. Orange Blossom Special (Harford) [4:38]
06. Both Sides Now (Mitchell-Seeger) [6:20]
07. Willy (Mitchell) [3:12]
08. For Free (Mitchell) [4:14]
09. A Simple Thing as Love (Harford) [4:04]
10. Sunshine Lady, You Really Know 
How to Slow a Man Down (Hartford) [3:24]
11. The Water Is Wide (Seeger-Mitchell) [3:21]
12. Mr. Tambourine Man (Mitchell-Harford) [3:59]

45 Minutes

Joni and Pete perform a duet of Both Sides Now. Pete wrote, and sings, three new verses especially for Joni.

Daughter, daughter, don't you know,
you're not the first to feel just so?
But let me say before I go,
it's worth it anyway.

Someday we may all be surprised.
We'll wake and open up our eyes
and then we will realize
the whole world feels this way.

We've all been living upside down
and turned around with love unfound
until we turn and face the sun.
Yes, all of us, everyone.

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