domenica 23 giugno 2019

Rainbow - 1979-10-12 - Chicago, IL (FM/FLAC) "Rise over Chicago"

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Venue - International Amphitheatre 
Filesize - 460 mb 
Taper - Unknown 

Silver CD - EAC - TLH (FLAC lvl8) - Dime -You 

01 Intro ~ Eyes Of The World 
02 Love's No Friend 
03 All Night Long 
04 Lost In Hollywood ~ Difficult To Cure ~ Drum Solo 
05 Long Live Rock'n Roll 
06 Kill The King ~ long Live Rock 'N' Roll 

Bonus tracks from Grenoble, France - 1980-02-09 
07 Man On The Silver Mountain ~ Blues ~ Makin' Love 
08 Will You Still Love Me ~ Long Live Rock'n Roll 

Its a good recording, according to some sources this is a FM broadcast. This is one of the best recordings from the era. The two bonus tracks are from a decent audience recording. Overall a great show i think you will enjoy. Got the covers for this one included. I seeded this back in 2009 and apart from some slight changes in the info file and a new md5 file everything should be the same as in that upload.

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