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Dexys Midnight Runners - 1982-10-27 - Utrecht, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Dexys Midnight Runners 
Vredenburg, Utrecht 
27th October 1982

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01 Old
02 Geno
03 The Celtic Soul Brothers
04 Let's Get This Straight From The Start
05 All in All (This One Last Wild Waltz)
06 Tell Me When My Light Turns Green
07 Plan B
08 Plan B-Let's Make This Precious 
09 I Couldn't Help It If I Tried 
10 Until I Believe in My Soul 
11 Jackie Wilson Said
12 There There My Dear 
13 Come on Eileen
14 Seven Days Too Long
15 Show Me 
16 I'll Show You 
17 Kevin Rowland's Band 

Nice quality this, just a little hiss, but it's a lovely listen, sent to me by a very kind person who recorded the original broadcast!

There is a short break in the recording at the end of There There My Dear and then the start of Come on Eileen starts - suggesting a tape change at this point (and perhaps a tape 'turnover' halfway through Plan B). The quality gets *slightly* rougher from this point, but it's still very good.

All the above said, I have it on good authority there was a rebroadcast of this show, circa 2012/2013, in better quality, and possibly more complete (though I'm a little dubious about the latter, as a comment was made about the length of this rebroadcast that would suggest otherwise). I am *very keen* to get hold of this rebroadcast - if it is not lossless I would welcome receiving it privately / away from a site like this, or perhaps being directed to any blog with a current live link of it (I have looked around).

Clearly they were very well received at this show...Kevin was ending shows at this time with Show Me, followed by I'll Show You, his refutal of any baiting and mocking of his ways and ambitions by peers at school, saying goodbye at the end of the song. He then says 'thanks for bringing us back", suggesting an edited further encore call (logically, given this is a post show FM broadcast). They proceed with a spirited performance of "Kevin Rowland's band" to finish off, at that time a new song, and Kevin says afterwards "Thanks very much, that's all we know, goodbye!" suggesting they would do more for the crowd but that's all they had rehearsed.

I read some interesting comments on a blog about this show, "the band did a lunchtime or afternoon set that was brdcst. they also did similar type events in the states. i went to one in nyc. they played the ritz in nyc with an invited audience. they gave out free food and soft drinks as well. about 100-150 or so people showed up. i believe they did one in LA as well and they might have done one in Toronto and one or two other cities. they were all brdcst."

It's very interesting that there may be at least a couple of non (or not widely) circulating Dexys broadcasts 'out there'...although the low attendance figures suggested for at least some of the shows would explain why there were FM broadcasts of shows that to this day aren't really circulating. No matter, I am hoping to encourage more current sharing of the 'known' Dexys show recordings...

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  1. Thanks so much for this Dexy's show which I didn't have.
    Great start to the week with this!