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Jackson Browne - 1994-03-24 - Eugene, OR (FM/FLAC)

(FM live broadcast FLAC)

Silva Concert Hall (at the Hult Centre for the Performing Arts)

WGIR-101.1 Manchester, N.H. FM live broadcast on "the album network" (not pre-recorded) > Yamaha 500 reciever with digital tuner and wire antenna > Nak. BX-100 cassette deck (dolby off) > Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassettes > played on Nak. 300 cassette deck into soundforge (wav) > flac (sb's aligned)

Jackson Browne- guitar, piano and vocals
Jeff Young- vocals, Hammond B-3 organ
Mark Goldenberg- guitar, oud
Valerie Carter- vocals
Scott Thurston- guitar, keyboards, vocals
Kevin McCormick- bass
Luis Conte- percussion
Fritz Lewack- drums

01 - interview with Jackson Browne (discussing this tour) 5:23
02 - two of me, two of you (acoustic solo) 3:06
03 - doctor, my eyes 4:56
04 - I'm alive 5:15
05 - world in motion 5:02
06 - everywhere I go 6:41
07 - my problem is you 5:05
08 - in the shape of a heart 6:23
09 - late for the sky (tape flip after, spliced) 6:18
10 - your bright baby blues 6:29
11 - miles away 4:34
12 - too many angels 8:05
13 - for everyman 7:14
14 - boulevard 3:50
15 - that girl could sing 5:52
16 - sky blue and black 6:22
17 - band introductions 1:33
18 - the pretender 7:00
19 - running on empty 5:00
20 - the load out > stay (Jackson messes up the lyrics) 9:47
21 - Linda Paloma 5:05

total runtime: 119:10 (minutes/ seconds)

these 1st 2 tracks were not part of the concert but were part of the live broadcast and not officially released so for the sake of completeness they are included here.)

almost any track break is suitable for a disc break in here, since there's a few seconds of applause between most of the songs. it is seamless (no gaps, fadeins, fadeouts or overlaps)

this was a national broadcast, and by this time that was nothing new for Jackson. it was on tour for his album "I'm alive", one of many superb creations over a career entering its 6th decade. there's just one song "doctor my eyes" from his debut (1971) album heard in this show although it's a nice spanning of (most of) JB's 1st 10 albums. he spares you Lawyers in Love, no great loss there, he's done alot better than that. he's had several solid songs including a large pile of hits over the years and at least one or two on each album. Jackson Browne music ranges from a mix of country/ folk/rock/pop and always down to earth and relevant. he is one of America's most enduring live performers, writes many fine songs that stick in people's memories (for several good reasons) and unlike many politicians and "big stars" has never forgotten the everyman status that made this dude so big in the first place starting when doctor my eyes and later the pretender got regular radio play. how many of you remember that Jackson Browne had a song from 1980 called disco apocalypse? if you do, you know your Jackson. from same said album (hold out) also came boulevard, one of his bigger hits. after this era, I do not know my Jackson Browne at all, although he's still got both his feet on the ground, And sounded good in his most recent tour in 2009 touring "time the conquerer".
Jackson Browne has a live album called "running on empty" which was released on Dec. 6, 1977 and recorded from various shows between Aug. 17 and Sept. 17 of 1977. his only other live album releases are a couple from his 2005 and 2008 solo acoustic tours (one release from each tour). neither of those include the song played in the track 2 acoustic solo piece. JB is a fine talent of healthy living, may still be touring when he's in his 80's (and sounding good). I hope so. he has millions of fans around the world for musical and political well being reasons. for many Jackson Browne is the definition of "Americana". this is far from the rarest JB recording out there, and may not be "the definitive edition" but it hasn't been played alot and the recording is pretty good and consistent, much like this concert. I don't know if Jackson had a run of shows this time through Eugene but etree has about 3 or 4 dates listed there. he likes the place, put on a nice show here (nothing unusual for him) it's the full broadcast, just 2 tape flips between songs.

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