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David Lindley and El-Rayo-X - 1986-08-09 - San Juan Capistrano, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Early show: SBD: Cass Master > Cass w/ no dolby 
Late show 1st 90: SBD: Cass Master > Cass w/ no dolby> Cass w/ dolby B 
Late show rest: SBD: Cass Master > Cass w/ no dolby 

Transfer: > Nakamichi CR7A (with dolby on/off per tape source)> Soundforge> CDWave> TLH Flac lv6 

01. Turning Point 
02. She Took Off My Romeos 
03. Papa Was A Rolling Stone 
04. Gimme da' Ting 
05. Premature 
06. Alien Invasion 
07. Don't Look Back 
08. Brother John 
09. Mercury Blues 
10.Happy Birthday / Werewolves Of London 
11.Bye Bye Love (encore) 

01. Twist And Shout 
02. Hands Like A Man 
03. Texas Tango 
04. Follow Your Heart 
05. She Took My Romeos 
06. Happy Birthday 
07. Papa Was A Rolling Stone 
08. Gimme da' Ting 
09. Premature 
10.Quarter Of A Man 
11.Don't Look Back 
12.Brother John 
13.Mercury Blues 
14.Tu-Ber-Cu-Lucas And The Sinus Blues 
15.Bye Bye Love (encore) 

Suggestions for making CDs: 
CD1- Early 1-9 
CD2- Late 1-11 
CD3- Early 10-11 and Late 12-15

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