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The Dead Daisies - 2015-08-09 - Austin, TX (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

The Dead Daisies 
The Revolucion Tour 
Opening for Whitesnake on... 
The Purple Tour 
Moody Theater 
August 9, 2015 
Austin, Texas 

Lineage: Soundman OKM II Rock Binaural Omnidirectional Microphone - > A3 Adapter preamp -> Sony PCM-M10 (Line In) -> 24/96 WAV -> Digitally Remastered by techtuts using Izotope RX4 -> Audacity 2.1.1 (tracking/dithering) - > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0 (FLAC level 8 lossless compression & verification) -> YOU 

Vocals: John Corabi (ex-Motley Crue, ex-The Scream) 
Guitars: Damon Johnson (Black Star Riders, ex-Brother Cane) 
Guitars: Richard Fortus (Scabs N' Posers, ex-Love Spit Love, ex-The Psychedelic Furs) 
Keyboard: Dizzy Reed (Scabs N' Posers, ex-Guns N' Roses) 
Bass: Marco Mendoza (Black Star Riders, ex-Whitesnake) 
Drums: Brian Tichy (ex-Whitesnake, ex-Foreigner, ex-Slash's Snakepit, ex-Pride & Glory) 

[01] Mexico 
[02] Evil 
[03] Midnight Moses (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band cover) 
[04] Looking For The One 
[05] Hush (Joe South cover) 
[06] Lock N' Load 
[07] With You And I 
[08] Devil Out Of Time 
[09] Helter Skelter (The Beatles cover) 

Running time: 42 minutes 

Excellent sound quality. I think this recording came out much better than the Whitesnake capture. The Dead Daisies had the superior mix on this night.

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