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Rage Against the Machine - 1999-10-10 - Indio, CA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Rage Against The Machine
10/10/1999 Coachella Music Festival
Indio, CA, USA

Pro-Shot > Trade > TMPGEnc DVD Author 3 (no recode) > Sitting in my PC > You
Vid NTSC 4:3
Audio AC3
Length 59 minutes
Quality A or A-, depends on who you ask
Pro-shot, but it's clean: no logo and no breaks between songs.
File created late at night on 4/26/2007 (T minus 3 days till Rage's return)

01. Testify
02. Guerrilla Radio
03. Bombtrack
04. People Of The Sun
05. Know Your Enemy (Feat. Maynard From Tool)
06. Born Of A Broken Man
07. Bullet In The Head
08. Sleep Now In The Fire
09. No Shelter
10. Bulls On Parade
11. Killing In The Name

It's a fantastic show; they were one of the headliners for this, the very first Coachella. I'm uploading this to commemorate Rage's big return this weekend also at the Coachella Festival: April 29th, 2007. It's been a long-ass time coming, I'm waiting on them to te-e-e-e-ear that shit up! Big, big ups to the original taper, WHEREVER you may be! Big ups also to my good buddy Paul "Duby" Dubczuk for the artwork as it is on the menu. Bad-ass shit if I've ever seen anything.

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