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Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1979-08-03 - San Antonio, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

featuring Miss Lou Ann Barton 
KRTU Studio 21 

1st gen from the master reel (Teac A330 to a Nak LX-5 Dolby B XLII) > Nak Dragon through an Avid MBox Mini III into a PC using WaveLab 6.11 software > 
Audition (Pitch Bender +17 cents; Click removal; Level/Volume fixed in tracks 05 & 10; tracking) > TLH (FLAC Level 8; align sector boundaries) 

Stevie Ray Vaughan - guitar, vocals
Lou Ann Barton - vocals

Although not announced, the other personnel is most likely:
Jackie Newhouse - bass
Chris Layton - drums
Johnny Reno - tenor sax

01 Hawaiian Eye (instrumental) 
02 Howlin' For My Darlin' 
03 Texas Flood 
04 All Your Love (I Miss Lovin') 
05 I'm Cryin' 
06 Shake For Me 
07 Tell Me 
08 So Excited > You Can Have My Husband 
09 Shake A Hand 
10 Kansas City 
11 Shake Your Hips 
12 Sugar Coated Love 
13 Oh Yeah 
14 unknown title (Through The Nights and Through The Days?) 
15 Outro [some dropouts]

This same set has circulated with an unknown lineage as "Goin' To San Antone" in bootleg form for quite a while. The information given in the art for that CD claims the August 3, 1979 date to be incorrect, claiming it to be August 30, 1978. The art accompanying that boot has most of the titles presented here incorrectly listed, as oftentimes boots do. However, the lineage of this set is definitely known, and it is guaranteed to be 1st gen from the master reel, along with the source information contained in this edition, which was copied from the box of said reel. If anyone reading this has indisputable knowledge of the 1978 date, please provide some proof. Otherwise, please update any discography which collects this kind of data with this current info. 

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