mercoledì 31 marzo 2021

Roxy Music - 1980-08-02 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

3rd Gen Cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A transfer (December 2007) > Gentle JEMS mastering via TC Finalizer > Peak 5.2 > FLAC


01. South Downs
02. The Bogus Man
03. Trash
04. Both Ends Burning
05. Rain Rain Rain
06. Flesh And Blood
07. Oh Yeah
08. A Song For Europe
09. Dance Away

10. The Same Old Scene
11. My Only Love
12. Over You
13. Eight Miles High
14. Love Is The Drug
15. The Thrill Of It All
16. Do The Strand
17. Editions Of You

As a Roxy fan of both their early and later days, Wilky_Way's post a few months ago of this heretofore uncirculated soundboard from the last night of the Flesh & Blood tour was a real treat. The recording sounded very good as is, but there was something about the sound that led me to wonder if azimuth-adujusted playback on my Nak might yield more from the original cassette. I wrote Wilky_Way who was kind enough to send me his source tape (a TDK AD-90). I did a fresh transfer last month and there's a marked improvement in the high-end, imaging and overall punch. I did a tiny bit of work with the finalizer to raise levels and apply just a touch of mastering. A-B comparison MP3s are included.

Splitting the set after Dance Away gives a good balance of songs on each disc, but it's up to you if you prefer to fill up one disc and put the remaining tracks on disc two.

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