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Genesis - 1977-01-20 - Southampton, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Gaumont Theatre

Changes Made (Nero 7):
Noise Print NR, removed most of the noise, but some remains on the right channel
Cross-mixed all tracks (87:13)
Slight treble lift to match original
Cut the silence between 05>6 & 02-3
Cross-faded several tracks to smooth transitions
Fixed glitches at 5.27 (r06), 0.50 (r07), 2.44 (r02), 1.30 (05)
Left channel reduction by 3% (disk1) 5-10% (disk 2) to centre stereo image
Fixed left channel offset in the first 2min of 01
Fixed volume level shifts on several tracks, 2sec - 2min.

Transfer: shn > mkw > Nero > Flac Fontend (level 6)

Quality: A++

The original - posted specifically to encourage remastering - is great sounding but very raw, with significant noise and hum, plus (as mentioned in the original comments) some phasing which makes the instruments / singing indistinct.

As I started to edit, it was obvious that the noise print is representative of FM with the multiplex filter at 19-20khz clearly visible, so with Phil's comments during the show about broadcasting live to hospitals, I can only assume that the noise is due to the FM distribution of the concert, with very little contributed by the SBD.

Details of the work I did are above, the key resulting improvements being...
- Significantly less noise / hum, although a little remains just on the RH channel
- Instrument dynamics are clearer / punchier
- Phil's voice / diction is clearer
- Steve's playing (low in the mix at times) can now be heard

Overall, I would rate this significantly higher than other (Genesis-Movement) A+ rated
1977 shows such as Sao Paulo and Zurich Revisited...

...Hope you enjoy it too !!

Disk 1 (66.59)
01. Squonk 6:12
02. One For The Vine 10:30
03. Robbery, Assault & Battery 7:25
04. Your Own Special Way 6:57
05. Firth Of Fifth 9:12
06. In That Quiet Earth 5:30
07. Afterglow 4:12
08. I Know What I Like 8:46
09. 11th Earl Of Mar 8:10

Disk 2 (59.06)
01. Carpet Crawlers 6:24
02. All In A Mouse's Night 7:42
03. Supper's Ready 25:21
04. Dance On A Volcano/Drum Duet 5:38 >
05. Los Endos 11:31 5:46
06. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway/Musical Box (ending section) 8:10

1. Thanks again to 'speedy' and the Genesis Authentic Soundboard Project
2. Original artworks attached, track times may be less by a few seconds

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