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Van Halen - 2012-04-29 - St. Louis, MO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Scottrade Center

Blue Microphones Mikey 2.0 iPod Recording Microphone
44.1/16 Wave

Section B, Row 23 DFC on the floor.

Sound Forge 10, with gain boost, no EQ

Recorded by JohnnyC3

01 Unchained
02 Runnin' With the Devil
03 She's the Woman
04 The Full Bug
05 Tattoo
06 Everybody Wants Some!
07 Somebody Get Me a Doctor
08 China Town
09 Hear About It Later
10 Oh, Pretty Woman
11 Alex's Drum Solo
12 You Really Got Me
13 The Trouble with Never
14 Dance the Night Away
15 I'll Wait
16 Hot For Teacher
17 Women in Love
18 Outta Love Again
19 Beautiful Girls
20 Ice Cream Man
21 Panama
22 Eddie's Guitar Solo - Eruption
23 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love
24 Jump

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Can - 1976-03-02 - Bordeaux, FR (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Holger Czukay - Bass
Michael Karoli - Guitar
Jaki Liebezeit - Drums
Irmin Schmidt - Keys
Thaiga Raj Ratnam - Voice

01. Morning Glory 11:11
02. Yoo Doo Right 12:20
03. Spree/Vertigo 14:40

TT = 00:38:11

Unknown lineage audience source, very good sound! Never available before in lossless except very privately. The instrumental opener is one of my all-time favorite Can performances! The vocal contributions from Thaiga Raj Ratnam of the Philippines are unique, to say the least. Grab this one!!

this^ is the (un)official Can live guide. By re-sharing and supporting these upgrades we continue the legacy of the music, and help encourage others to (re) discover it. By spreading the word about cited concert recordings that have yet to surface, ESPECIALLY IF you live in Germany, France or Britain, WE CAN make more appear.

Robert Plant - 2016-07-04 - Istres, FR (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters

Pavillon De Grignan
Istres (France)
Les Nuits d'Istres

taper: wwrywwry

uni-directional (cardioid) stereo microphones MM-MCSM-5 + MM-CBM- Battery ---> Edirol R-09 24 bit/44.1 kHz ---> WaveBurner (Eq, etc) ---> 16 bit/44.1 kHz ---> Amadeus II (track split) ---> xAct Flac level 8

quality: VG/EX

Robert Plant - vocals
Justin Adams - guitar, vocals
John Baggott - keyboards, vocals
Juldeh Camara - kologo, ritti, Fulani, vocals
Billy Fuller - bass
Liam "Skin" Tyson - guitar, vocals
Dave Smith - drums, percussion

1 Intro
2 That's The Way
3 Dancing In Heaven
4 Poor Howard
5 The Rain Song
6 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
7 Spoonful
8 Rainbow
9 Fixin' To Die
10 Black Dog
11 Little Maggie
12 Whole Lotta Love incl. Mona
13 Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down (incl. In My Time Of Dying)
14 Rock And Roll

Kiss - 2016-09-07 - Bridgeport, CT (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Webster Bank Arena, Bridgeport, CT 
Wednesday, September 7th, 2016 
Recorded by viper from Section 103, Row U, Seat 17 (See photos included for my view) 
Source: Nokia Lumia Icon w/built-in HAAC mics > Audio Recorder Pro app > 16bit/48 KHz PCM/WAV 
Encoding: Trader's Little Helper > FLAC (Level 8) 

Paul Stanley 
Gene Simmons 
Tommy Thayer 
Eric Singer 

01 Intro 
02 Detroit Rock City 
03 Deuce 
04 Shout It Out Loud 
05 Do You Love Me 
06 I Love It Loud 
07 Flaming Youth 
08 Bass Solo (Gene spits blood) 
09 God of Thunder (Gene elevated to ceiling) 
10 Psycho Circus 
11 Shock Me/Tommy Thayer Guitar Solo 
12 Cold Gin 
13 Lick It Up (With snippet of "Won't Get Fooled Again") 
14 War Machine (Gene breathes fire) 
15 Love Gun (Paul flies out to mini-stage) 
16 Black Diamond 

17 Audience 
18 Beth 
19 US Military Tribute/Pledge of Allegiance 
20 The Star-Spangled Banner 
21 Rock and Roll All Nite 

Length: 104mins, 43secs (1hr, 44mins, 43secs) 

As Kiss bypassed the usual Summer amphiteaters in the NY/NJ area, I made the 1 1/2 hour treck (from Nothern NJ) to Bridgeport, CT. Two very cheap seats thanks to Stubhub and my very first show at Bridgeport's Webster Bank Arena, a 10K seater used mainly for College Basketball and Minor League Hockey. It was a great show with an enthusiastic audience. Highlights for me were "Flaming Youth" (which I'd never seen them do live) and "Beth" (w/actual instruments instead of the pre-recorded background track), even if it was Eric Singer singing instead of Peter Criss. I will even admit to having a little something in my eye during the US Miliary tribute/Pledge of Allegiance segment during the encore.

Dokken - 1988-06-25 - Oxford Plains, ME (DVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Monsters of Rock 
Oxford Plains Speedway 
Oxford Plains, Maine 
June 25, 1988 
CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 44 

video: (CBG) Ricoh R-600 (same spec as Sony CCD-V5) 8mm camcorder (w/ 2X teleconverter lens) master 8mm analog tape; NTSC, 4:3 PAR, 29.97 fps; transferred to harddrive via a firewire using a Sony TRV-330 8mm digital camera w/ Time Base Correction. Video capture, editing, and 2-pass VBR encoding done with Sony Vegas Pro 13 at (both discs) 8.2K max, 8K avg, 1K min). 

audio: (CBG) recorded w/ Aiwa-CM30A mic through the Ricoh R-600's external mic in jack; captured with the video from CBG's master 8mm analog tape; LPCM 1536 bit. 

Authored to DVD in Sony DVD Architect Pro 6 by Silver Stallion (guitard on Dime). 

1. Standing In The Shadows (cuts in) 
2. Heaven Sent 
3. Mr Scary 
4. It's Not Love 
5. Alone Again 
6. Into The Fire 

running time: 34 mins (partial show) 

This is “CBG Classic Master Video Series Vol. 44”. 

For this show, Ryan from Miami, Florida, just 16 years old at the time, wanted to come up to see a few of the Monsters of Rock shows in the northeast and go with me. He was the one who filmed all of those shows at the Hollywood Sportatorium before they tore it down when the Miami Arena was built. He had already filmed the opening night of the Monsters of Rock tour on June 4th at the Orange Bowl in Miami and mailed it to me to check out before I went to the shows in my area. That was a cool time to see shows on tape before you would get to see them in your area. No Youtube then. 

So our plan was to go to this speedway in Oxford Plains, Maine and then go the next day to the Meadowlands and see them in Giants Stadium. This was the first time Ryan had been out of the state of Florida. His parents were trusting me (being an 'adult' at age 25) to take good care of him, he was just 16 years old. At that point we had only talked on the phone. I didn’t know what he looked like and he didn’t know what I looked like. There was no facetime. Well, he flew up on June 25th and I met him at Providence Airport. It was easy to spot him as he was a tall blonde and he was wearing these short shorts and was all tan. He stood out in the Providence airport crowd. We then drove directly to Maine. The venue was out in the country in Maine. There was not adequate road infrastructure to bring this many people into this site. There was a traffic jam for miles away from the venue. We got there and Ryan brought the shoulder mount camcorder he would always use in Miami. We walked the front of the venue as Metallica was playing on stage and he decided to put his bag under the fence at one spot and then go through security and go get his bag. I went in with my camera the same way I always did, with the thing strapped on my back and wearing a lined jacket. It was sort of cool up there even in June, so it looked OK to wear a jacket. I wasn’t sweating down my arms like I was in Philly and Foxboro a couple weeks earlier. 

Everything worked out, amazingly, since we were getting in large cameras and we both got them in! To me it was a very non-traditional way of putting a bag under a fence and then going and getting it. We were in though and went to some seats in the bleachers straight on from the stage in the back of the field floor. Then it started to rain. And the temperature was dropping. Metallica had finished their set and we were up on the bleachers in the rain. I had a large hefty bag that I brought in and cut holes in the sides and bottom for my arms and head. Ryan didn’t have anything and for some reason (this is 1988), he was wearing these real short shorts. I had on pants. As I said it was cool there, maybe 58-60 degrees. And now it was raining. I think he thought it was going to be like Miami. This was Maine!! Not Miami. So I decide to film Dokken because I didn’t film them in either of the other two shows I went to in Philly and Foxboro. It was a wet, foggy show and the only heat you got was from the crowd around you. You can see the rain drops in the lens as I am filming. I just put the camcorder on my lap and covered it with the hefty bag. You can even hear the rain drops in the sound captured on the camcorder. So after the set was over, Ryan started to complain that he was cold. If you wear short shorts to Maine from Miami, yea, you will be cold when it is 60 degrees out. Plus it was raining so it was cold. He must have been even colder. So we decide to go down into the crowd on the floor thinking it will be warmer in the crowd of everyone. We work our way up front of the people holding those tarps over their heads that you can see on the floor in the Dokken video. The Scorpions hit the stage but I decided not to film that close because I didn’t want to be caught. And I didn't have a good way to cover the camera from the rain. I was there for Van Halen. After 1-2 songs, it starts to rain again and it starts to lightning real bad. You can see lightning bolts striking behind the band through the back of the stage since there was no backdrop and just a clean view of the trees. After 3 and a half songs, they stop the Scorpions and pull them off the stage really quick. The lightning booms are almost immediate right now around us and I was kind of fearful being next to this errected metal structure in an open field with the bolts coming down around us. By then I am soaked and starting to feel cold too. I thought it would be warmer in the crowd like that all huddled together, but I started to shake from the cold. After hearing Ryan complain more about being cold, and it looking like it is going to be a while until Van Halen played, if they played, we decided to leave and return to my home in Connecticut. We figured we could dry out, recharge (ourselves and our batteries) and go to the Meadowlands show the next night in NJ anyway. So that is what we did. As it turned out, we woke up the next morning and it was raining and damp at my place. We drove down I-95 to New Jersey and as we got to New Haven, it started to clear and by the time we reached the Meadowlands, it was beautiful. We ended up walking up to Giants Stadium as Dokken was onstage playing. 

It turned out that Van Halen did eventually go on stage with a big delay and played an abbreviated short set. The Scorpions never returned to the stage. It’s funny how Sammy, and most bands really, have purposely distorted memories and say things like ‘we played 2 and a half hours’ after that for the diehards who stayed. He said that in some interview later on. But I know it isn’t true at because I have the audio someone recorded of the Van Halen show in Oxford Plains and it is like 80 minutes and it is complete. That's one hour 20 minutes Sammy, Not two and a half hours. But they were diehards who stayed for that show. I believe Sammy said they were going to play 2 and a half hours in Jersey, but it was only 1 hour and 35 minutes actually. 

It was so nice to actually get in the car in Oxford Plains and change out of the wet clothes and turn on the heat in the car. What a long day, 4 hours up to the show and another hour in traffic, then 4 hours back. At least the next night in Giants Stadium was successful (already posted here as a 3 camera mix in 1988!!!) Anyway, try to enjoy this Dokken show in the rain of Oxford Plains, Maine (my one an only time there) on the Monsters of Rock tour!

UFO - 1983-03-21 - Ipswich, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Artist: UFO 
Source: Gaumont, Ipswich, England. March 21st 1983 

SONY TC-WE635 Cassette Deck (w/ manual azimuth adjustment) > TASCAM CD-RW900mkII Professional CD Recorder > CDR > EAC > CD WAV Editor (track marking) > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC 

Disc 1: 54:25 
Disc 2: 48:28 

Notes: 1st gen. 

Disc 1: 
1. Intro (1:15) 
2. Electric Phase (3:16) 
3. Hot 'n' Ready (3:23) 
4. We Belong To The Night (4:18) 
5. Let It Rain (3:26) 
6. When It's Time To Rock (5:40) 
7. Blinded By A Lie (4:24) 
8. No Place To Run (5:25) 
9. Couldn't Get It Right (5:07) 
10. Only You Can Rock Me (4:33) 
11. Long Gone (5:24) 
12. Love To Love (8:15) 

Disc 2: 
1. Diesel In The Dust (6:20) 
2. Too Hot To Handle (5:58) 
3. Lights Out (10:45) 
4. Mystery Train (8:00) 
5. Rock Bottom (8:09) 
6. Doctor Doctor (9:16)

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New links on guitars101 on 24/09/2016

AC/DC - 1979-10-29 - Manchester, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Black Sabbath - 2016-06-17 - Dessel, Belgium (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 2016-06-11 - Santa Barbara, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 2016-06-16 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 2016-06-26 - Nashville, TN (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 2016-06-28 - Kettering, OH (AUD/FLAC)
Bob Dylan - 2016-07-03 - Mashantucket, CT (AUD/FLAC)
Heart - 2016-06-24 - Cohasset, MA (AUD/FLAC)
Joe Jackson - 2016-03-02 - Munich, DE (FM/FLAC)
Prince's Trust Concert - 1988-06-06 - London, UK (pre-FM/FLAC)
Ted Nugent - 1984-06-13 - Hoffman Estates, IL (SBD/FLAC)
Thin Lizzy - 2016-06-17 - S. Goarshausen, GER (AUD/FLAC)

Van Halen - 1977-12-20 - Pasadena, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

"Civic Pride" 
Pasadena Civic Auditorium 
Pasadena CA 
December 20, 1977 

Soundboard recording 
Lineage: Silver CD >dBpowerAMP convert to Flac8>You! 
Artwork: yes 

01. On Fire 
02. Feel Your Love Tonight 
03. Runnin' With The Devil 
04. Atomic Punk 
05. Little Dreamer 
06. Somebody Get Me a Doctor 
07. Ice Cream Man 
08. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love 
09. Eruption 
10. DOA 
11. You Really Got Me 
12. You're No Good* 
13. Feel Your Love Tonight* 
14. You Really Got Me* 

* September 3 1979 Kyete Japan (bonus) 
audience recording 

Whitesnake - 2016-06-18 - Rama, ON (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Opening Bands: None 
Date: Saturday June 18th, 2016 
Location: Rama, Ontario, Canada 
Venue: Casino Rama 
Disk Title: Greatest Hits in Rama 
Label: PM072 

Core Sounds Binurals w/battery pack (filter on) > Mic In > Sony PCM-M10 > Audobe Audition > WAV > Trader's Little Helper > FLAC 

01 - Intro 
02 - Bad Boys 
03 - Slide It In 
04 - Love Ain't No Stranger 
05 - The Deeper The Love 
06 - Fool for your Loving 
07 - Sailing Ships 
08 - Judgement Day 
09 - Guitar Solo (Beach / Hoelkstra) 
10 - Slow An' Easy 
11 - Bass Solo 
12 - Crying In The Rain 
13 - Drum Solo 
14 - Is This Love 
15 - Give Me All Your Love 
16 - Here I Go Again 
17 - Still Of The Night 
18 - Outtro 

Coldplay - 2016-06-26 - Pilton, UK (TV/FLAC)

(TV broadcast FLAC)

Coldplay 2016-06-26 Pyramid Stage, Glastonbury Festival, Worthy Farm, Pilton (FLAC)

Source BBC 2 TV Broadcast

TV Broadcast > DVD > PC > WAV > Audacity [Track Splits & Fades] > TLH > FLAC [Level 8]

01 - Intro [O Mio Babbino Caro, Maria Callas Song / Charlie Chaplin Speech The Great Dictator Movie]
02 - A Head Full Of Dreams
03 - Yellow
04 - Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
05 - The Scientist
06 - Birds ["Oceans" Excerpt In Intro]
07 - Paradise [Tiësto Remix Outro]
08 - Chris Chat #1 & Band Introductions
09 - Everglow Take 1 [Restarted Chris Solo Due To Piano Being Out Of Tune]
10 - Everglow Take 2 [Muhammad Ali Tribute Video At The End]
11 - Clocks ["Army Of One" Excerpt Intro]
12 - Midnight [Partial]
13 - Charlie Brown
14 - Hymn For The Weekend
15 - Fix You ["Midnight" Excerpt Intro]
16 - Chris Chat #2 [Viola Beach]
17 - Boys That Sing [Viola Beach Cover, With Viola Beach Vocals Throughout]
18 - Viva la Vida
19 - Adventure Of A Lifetime
20 - Encore Break
21 - Kaleidoscope [Extended]
22 - Chris Chat #3 & Barry Gibb Introduction
23 - To Love Somebody [Bee Gees Cover, With Barry Gibb]
24 - Stayin' Alive [Bee Gees Cover, With Barry Gibb]
25 - A Sky Full Of Stars
26 - Up&Up [Apple & Moses Martin On Backing Vocals]
27 - Chris Chat #4 & Michael Eavis Introduction
28 - My Way [Claude François Cover, With Michael Eavis On Vocals]
29 - Up&Up [Reprise; Outro Only]
30 - Outro

Bob Dylan - After The Empire (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bob Dylan – After The Empire (Rattlesnake RS 288) 

01 - Baby Coming Back From The Dead
02 - Nothing Here Worth Dying For (I) 
03 - Won’t Go Back ‘Till They Call Me Back Again 
04 - Let Me Come Baby
05 - Bring It Home To Me
06 - I’m Ready For 
07 - Love
08 - 26 Storeys High
09 - You Can Have Her (I)
10 - My Sweet Baby (Round and Around)
11 - Nothing Here Worth Dying For (II)
12 - You Can Have Her (II)
13 - Find Me
14 - Nothing Here Worth 
15 - Dying For (III)
16 - Right Hand Road Blues
17 - That’s All 


Possible recording location and date; Cherokee Studios, Hollywood, CA May / October, 1985. 

Although it has been hinted at, no one really knew what Dylan was really doing in the studio between the sessions for ‘Empire Burlesque’ and ‘Knocked Out Loaded’ and because of the slump his career had taken as fashions changed, practically no-one cared, mainly the critics who were busy panning Dylan’s new output as it was received. He was saved momentarily by ‘Biograph’ but people still moaned about how his outtakes were sometimes better than his established releases, what does a guy have to do to win again? Keeping within the brief, Dylan who was still bubbling with ideas, re-entered the studio on halloween 1985 at Cherokee Studios – It has been assumed that the players were Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Vito San Filippo (bass), Raymond Lee Pounds (drums), Carolyn Dennis, Madelyn Quebec, Elisecia Wright (backup vocals) but that doesn’t make up for the harp playing and electric piano that you hear through these tracks – and, possibly entertained by the idea of Neil Young’s “Everybody’s Rockin'” album, Bob threw around a few ideas that seemed to be based around rock and roll, the sessions still have the nuance of a little 80’s production, and like “Empire Burlesque”, these sessions can be a lot of fun. These recordings are a heck of a lot of feeling, Dylan’s muse, while not burning like it had or would again, directs him to dismissing any worries of seriousness and instead let him and his band have a bit of fun. As it suggests in the small print of my review, these ideas are not generally, fully fleshed out, a little built maybe but certainly nothing like they might be presented for a full album – Jams possibly – You’ll notice a few begin to sound like their previous counterparts, Dylan has the lyrics but the tunes round along on each other. There are blunders as you’ll read but there are also sharp moments of clarity that you’ll catch and wonder why Dylan never actually got round to pulling them out for use. Just like most of his later output, you’ll wonder where a lot of this stuff went – Blame it on Dylan’s disinterest in looking back or for following his instant decisions but that none of these tracks have appeared again shows a distinct lack of judgment. ‘Baby Back From The Dead’ is a long jam of sorts, starting abruptly as the engineer starts the tape, the phrasing sounds like ‘Honey Don’t’ and includes a couple of pretty apt, if short, guitar solos. Backing vocals by some of the Queens of Rhythm, call and answer responses. Sounds like Dylan is having a LOT of fun. Funky drumming with plodding bassline, the middle quietens before coming screaming back, the electronic piano is much more audible in the second part of the track too. They end with a clattering full stop. ‘Nothing Here Worth Dying For (I)’ starts strongly, Dylan on his own on guitar, bringing in the rest of the band at the track blossoms but seems to come apart at the end of the last verse, it’s all strangely reminiscent of ‘Baby Stop Crying’ (Dylan’s repost to a relationship possibly or is this all about mortality?) An attempt at a solo towards the final section seems to fail quite badly before the song ends abruptly. ‘Won’t Go Back ‘Till They Call Me Back Again’. One of the catchier songs of the album with a really memorable refrain, it slows the pace down, sounding like a wet Saturday afternoon, the feeling is deeply reflective. much more ‘classically’ Dylan for it’s time, another lousy solo rears it’s head before the Queens wisely move things along again. ‘Let Me Come Baby’ sounds like it has been formed from the bones of “Won’t Go Back ..”. The same pace, mood and plaintive feel. It is very brief, while a secondary guitar takes on soloing duties this time, avoiding the clunky soloing of last time. ‘Bring It On Home To Me’ features some rather brilliant harp work by Bob, a chugging stomp and even scat singing by Dylan. It sounds like Bob gets carried away half way through as he gets too close to the mike with his harmonica and pushes the speakers to feedback. It ends to a brilliant jam a la, ‘God Knows’, sparing with the rest of the band, they bound together to a fantastic play-about finale. ‘I’m Ready For Love’, Buddy Hollyesque in style, Dylan’s vocals are mixed rather low for the first minute of this rendition, the rest of the song, well, he seems to be making it up on the spot. I’m not entirely sure that he isn’t singing about God at some point but then it begins to turn towards romance. In the end, it’s another studio groove possibly the lightest track on the CD, and at over 8 minutes long, it outstays it’s welcome a good 3 minutes or so. We also hear the notes of ‘Nothing Here Worth Dying For’ again. ’26 Storeys High’ references suicide in a pale spot of slight inspiration for Bob, at first the lyrics seem to take a little while to build but then get deeper – Is this building a ‘Shangri-La’ of sorts, are the inhabitants of this tower block all facing a slim future so have decided that the best way is down or out the door in a bag. ‘You Can Have Her’ is a beautifully dismissive track, Dylan disowning and disavowing a previous love, the frame work for the track is jittery, restless drumming, low bass notes and the very blush of an electric piano sound underneath. I’d almost suggest that you might find this on any of Keith Richards’ solo albums such is the sound. It ends at the right moment however. ‘My Sweet Baby (Round And Around)’ is ‘I’m Ready For Love’, part deux, Albet a very short version. Seriously catchy, it’s a very ‘pop’ song for Dylan, lasting a shade over two minutes, this track makes you long for just a little bit more. ‘Nothing Here Worth Dying For (II)’, seems to come from a different session, there is more hiss on this version making the whole piece a little quieter – Obviously this is still fleshing out work on the track, a near 9 minute running time throws it open for a lot more improvisation. Dylan this time is accompanied by the second guitarist, a gentle piano and the queens lilting harmonies – There is a long instrumental break towards the middle while Dylan gently noodles in the background. ‘You Can Have Her II’ The hiss disappears again, the tracks begins with a little studio noise and one of the queens saying, ‘That was nice ..’before the tracks begins. This time, Dylan is not alone and the girls harmonising starts pretty much immediately with Dylan’s vocals. Full of funky drum work, gnarled guitars. ‘Find Me’ begins with a choppy call and response guitar and piano duet, the lyrics seem to be about someone who Dylan already knows but who doesn’t quite know him yet. ‘Nothing Here Worth Dying For III’ – The most embellished of the versions found here, we found Dylan accompanied with second guitar at first then, after a few lines, with the organ and the Queen’s harmonies – This is the closest it gets to sounding like a finished article. Obviously Bob wasn’t over enthused by it however or lost his patience and left it alone after – Maybe we might hear a different version on ‘Biograph 2? some day as after the track ends, we hear Dylan resume the piece again before the tape cuts out. ‘Right Hand Road Bues’ Fading in slowly, this much more standardised-for-the-era Dylan track is a fast blues, piano high in the mix, another of the tracks where it sounds like Dylan is having fun again. Full of whimsy, giddiness and rhythm. ‘That’s All’ A rest for Dylan’s pen, a rendition of Brandt and Haymes’ original, it’s just Bob, the second guitarist, piano and drummer, maybe it’s an after hours play, the sisters have left while Dylan has given out the rest of his ideas and decided, just as the night winds down to give this a spin. It’s lovely to hear Dylan really singing again as he once did – Were we to know that’s nearly all he would do come 2016? 

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Bruce Springsteen - 2000-06-12 - New York City, NY (2xDVDfull aud-shot) by REQUEST

(2xDVDfull aud-shot)

unknown audience cam

01 - Code of Silence
02 - Prove It All Night
03 - Two Hearts
04 - Darkness on the Edge of Town
05 - Be True
06 - Point Blank
07 - American Skin (41 Shots)
08 - The Promised Land
09 - Youngstown
10 - Murder Inc.
11 - Badlands
12 - Out in the Street
13 - Tenth Avenue
14 - Freeze-out
15 - Roll of the Dice
16 - Dancing in the Dark
17 - Born in the U.S.A.
18 - Backstreets

01 - Light of Day
02 - Further On Up the Road
03 - Ramrod
04 - Bobby Jean
05 - Born to Run
06 - Thunder Road
07 - If I Should Fall Behind
08 - Land of Hope and Dreams

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Led Zeppelin - 1972-06-14 - Uniondale, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Nassau Coliseum
Location Hempstead, New York
Whole Lotta Led - Get The Led Out" Box Set TCD 99,100

My silvers>EAC>TLH>FLAC Level 8 all with appropriate settings secure & tested

The Ultimate Power Blues - TCD99

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Immigrant Song
03. Heartbreaker
04. Black Dog
05. Since I've Benn Loving You
06. Stairway To Heaven
07. Going To California
08. That's The Way
09. Tangerine
10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp

Disc 2
01. Dazed And Confused
02. What Is And What Should Never Be
03 Moby Dick

Disc 3
01. Whole Lotta Love
02. Rock And Roll
03. Communincation Breakdown
04. Weekend
05. Bring It On Home

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The Rolling Stones - The Steel Wheels Sessions (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Steel Wheels Sessions (SBD Remastered)
Sister Morphine [MORPH 52]
CDR > EAC (test & copy) > FLAC
Md5, ffp, log & artwork are included.

29th March - 5th May 1989:
Monserrat, West Indies, Air Studios.

01. Sad Sad Sad [03:40]
02. Mixed Emotions [06:00]
03. Terrifying [05:35]
04. For Your Precious Love [06:13]
05. Hold On To Your Hat [03:57]
06. Hearts For Sale [04:26]
07. Blinded By Love [05:09]
08. Ready Yourself [02:08]
09. Rock and a Hard Place [05:30]
10. Can't Be Seen [05:17]
11. Almost Hear You Sigh [04:42]
12. Continental Drift [05:59]
13. Break the Spell [03:43]
14. Fancy Man Blues [06:39]
15. Slipping Away [05:31]

Roger Waters - 2012-06-06 - Grand Rapids, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Van Andel Arena


16th row center

DPA 4061's - MPS6030 - Sony M10

24/48 Wav-Sound Forge-16/44 Wav-Traders Little Helper-Flac Level 8

01 Outside the Wall
02 In the Flesh
03 The thin Ice
04 Another Brick In The Wall (Part 1)
05 The Happiest Days of Our Lives
06 Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2)
07 The Ballad of Jean Charles De Menezes
08 Mother
09 Goodbye Blue Sky
10 Empty Spaces
11 What shall We Do Now?
12 Young Lust
13 One Of My Turns
14 Don't Leave Me Now
15 Another Brick in The Wall (Part 3)
16 The Last Few Bricks
17 Goodbye Cruel World

Set 2
18 Hey You
19 Is There Anybody Out There?
20 Nobody Home
21 Vera
22 Bring the Boys Back Home
23 Comfortably Numb
24 The Show Must Go On
25 In the Flesh
26 Run Like Hell
27 Waiting for the Worms
28 Stop
29 The Trial
30 Outside The Wall

Pink Floyd - 1980-02-27 - Uniondale, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Nassau Coliseum

1st gen cassette>CDR>EAC>Flac

Disc 1
01 - Intro
02 - In the Flesh
03 - Thin Ice
04 - Another Brick in the Wall (part I)
05 - The Happiest Days of Our Lives
06 - Another Brick in the Wall (part II)
07 - Mother
08 - Goodbye Blue Sky
09 - Empty Spaces
10 - Young Lust
11 - One of my Turns
12 - Don't Leave Me Now
13 - Another Brick in the Wall (part III)
14 - Goodbye Cruel World

Disc 2
01 - Hey You
02 - Is There Anybody Out There
03 - Nobody Home
04 - Vera
05 - Bring the Boys Back Home
06 - Comfortably Numb
07 - The Show Must Go On
08 - Announcements
09 - In the Flesh
10 - Run Like Hell
11 - Waiting for the Worms
12 - Stop
13 - The Trial
14 - Outside the Wall

Notes by the uploader:
This tape was given to me by the taper and at the time the exact date was not given to me. Based on the Brain Damage site, it is from the February 27th show. This is based on the "Run Like Hill" intro:

Wednesday 27th February 1980
Roger: "Thank you. Do you like our pig? He's not a very nice pig, but he's a BIG pig! There's more to our pig than meets the eye. So home pig, go on, fuck off! Puffed up, overblown, pork eyed garlic fat thing, go on, go. This tune I'd like to dedicate to all the paranoid folk in the audience tonight, of whom I'm sure there are many. It's called Run Like Hell."

Peter Gabriel - 1983-09-10 - Birmingham, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

A Doctordavros Uncirclated Master Recording

Master Tapes ( T.D.K SA C90 x 2 ) ( Recorded On A Sony Hand Held Tape Recorder With Internal Stereo Mics ) - Demon tape deck - Yamaha Reciever - Phono Leads Into PC Soundcard - Nero Wave Editor - Wav - Tracks split - Traders Little Helper - Flac8 - SBE Checked - You.

01. The Rythym Of The Heat
02. I Have The Touch
03. Not One Of Us
04. The Family And The Fishing Net
05. Shock The Monkey
06. Family Snapshot
07. Intruder
08. Games Without Fronties
09. Humdrum
10. Lay Your Hands On Me
11. Solisbury Hill
12. I Dont Remember
13. San Jacinto

1St Encore
14. On The Air

2Nd Encore
15. Biko

3Rd Encore
16. Here Comes The Flood
17. Band Intro'S - Outro Music

EX concert
The recording did not come out too bad. Recorded just behind the mixing desk left hand side of the stage

Peter Gabriel - 1983-08-15 - San Diego, CA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST


(Audience FLAC)

CDR trade - EAC in safe mode - tlh

CD 1:
01 - Across The River (03:47)
02 - I Have The Touch (05:38)
03 - Not One Of Us (06:22)
04 - The Family And The Fishing Net (08:15)
05 - Shock The Monkey (08:53)
06 - Family Snapshot (04:36)
07 - Intruder (05:57)
08 - Humdrum (04:18)

CD 2:
01 - Games Without Frontiers - 07:15)
02 - Lay Your Hands On Me - 10:27)
03 - Solsbury Hill - 05:21)
04 - I Don't Remember - 04:14
05 - San Jacinto - 09:48
06 - On The Air - 05:31
07 - Biko - 08:09
08 - Here Comes The Flood - 02:24

3 stars, A- on genesis-movement (with the exception of first 2.5 minutes of "Across the River"). A very fine and fine sounding show from one of the final 1983 US dates.

The Police - 1983-07-30 - Richfield, OH (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

The Police 
Saturday, July 30, 1983 
Richfield, OH 
Richfield Coliseum 

Disc 1: 
01 - Voices Inside My Head 
02 - Synchronicity I 
03 - Synchronicity II 
04 - Walking in Your Footsteps 
05 - Message in a Bottle 
06 - Demolition Man 
07 - O My God 
08 - De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da 
09 - Wrapped Around Your Finger 
10 - Tea in the Sahara 
11 - Spirits in the Material World 
12 - Hole in My Life 

Disc 2:
01 - Invisible Sun 
02 - One World (Not Three) 
03 - King of Pain 
04 - Every Breath You take 
05 - Murder By Numbers 
06 - Don't Stand So Close to Me 
07 - Roxanne 
08 - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic 

The sound here is TERRIBLE. O My God is chopped and most of Every Little Thing She Does is Magic is missing. The tea break seems to take longer than it usually did. This ran 3% too slow until Wrapped Around Your Finger but was corrected.

martedì 20 settembre 2016

Bob Seger - 1978-12-01 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)


(Audience FLAC)

Quality: VG+


01 - Ain't Got No Money
02 - Rock And Roll Never Forgets
03 - Travelin' Man
04 - Beautiful Loser
05 - Turn The Page
06 - Still The Same
07 - Main Street
08 - Come To Poppa
09 - Old Time Rock N Roll
10 - Mary Lou
11 - Nutbush City Limits
12 - Feel Like A Number
13 - We've Got Tonight
14 - Perfect Strangers
15 - Fire Down Below
16 - Famous Final Scene
17 - Ramblin' Gamblin' Man
18 - Night Moves
19 - Hollywood Nights
20 - Let It Rock

Ozzy Osbourne - 2012-06-04 - Dortmund, DE (AUD/FLAC)

 (Audience FLAC)


Source: audience / Mastertape
Taped: Sony PCM-M10
and Sony Mic ECM 719

Taper: burn / stormbringer
Transfered: burn / stormbringer
Artwork: burn / stormbringer

Ozzy Osbourne - Vocals
Zakk Wylde - Guitar
Geezer Butler - Bass
Tommy Clufetos - Drums
Adam Wakeman - Keyboards / guitar
Rob "Blasko" Nicholson - bass

01. Bark at the Moon
02. Mr. Crowley
03. Suicide Solution
04. I Don't Know
05. Killer of Giants
06. Shot in the Dark
07. Rat Salad
08. Iron Man
09. War Pigs
10. N.I.B.
11. Fairies Wear Boots
12. I Don't Want to Change the World
13. Crazy Train

14. Mama, I'm Coming Home
15. Paranoid

Rory Gallagher - 1979-10-27 - Stockholm, SWE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


Rory Gallagher - guitar, vocals
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Ted McKenna - drums

Source : EX 2nd gen FM broadcast

Traded 2nd gen Sony AHF ferric tape -> Nakamichi Dragon dolby off -> Pioneer PDR 609 stand alone CD burner -> wav -> EAC -> Goldwave for tracks splitting, editing, speed correction -> Flac Frontend level 8 align on sector boundaries -> FLAC

Disc 1 (0:49:58)
01 Wayward Child
02 I Wonder Who
03 Bought & Sold
04 Follow Me
05 Keychain
06 Moonchild
07 Out On The Western Plain
08 As The Crow Flies
09 Going To My Hometown

Disc 2 (0:39:56)
01 The Last Of The Independants
02 A Million Miles Away
03 Shadow Play
04 Bullfrog Blues
05 Sea Cruise> Jenny Take A Ride
06 Secret Agent
07 Messing with the kid

Total time : 1:29:54

Rory Gallagher - 1992-12-13 - Bonn, DE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Rory Gallagher - guitar, vocals
Jim Livaton - keyboards
David Levy - bass
Richard Neuman - drums
Mark Feltham - harmonica

Taper, Taping Equipment, Transfer, & Trade: ??unknown?? Thank You!!!
Lineage: FM "Low Gen" Trade CDR> (wav) 2013 DAE with EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on secture boundaries)
Quality: ex-/ex "FM"
Length: Length: 12 tracks = 99:08 minutes
Artwork: included, various versions that don't exactly match set list (reference only)..

Disc One (6 tracks = 53:16 minutes):
01 - DJ Talking, Continental Op, band intros
02 - Moonchild
03 - Mark Feltham intro'd, I Wonder Who
04 - The Loop
05 - Off The Handle
06 - Tattoo'd Lady

Disc Two (6 tracks = 45:52 minutes):
01 - DJ Talking, Shadow Play
02 - Don't Start Me To Talkin'
03 - band intros
04 - Messin' With The Kid
05 - DJ Talking, Just Like A Woman>
06 - Bullfrog Blues (DJ Talking over Bullfrog Blues then cuts out)

a - This recording comes from a January 15, 1993 Radio Show Broadcast. Usually the show starts off with three officially released tracks from Taste (mostly live: "What's Goin' On", "Same Old Story", & "Blister On The Moon"), then the show ends with two officially released tracks from May 6, 1979 Rockpalast ("Tattoo'd Lady", & "Secret Agent").

domenica 18 settembre 2016

Peter Gabriel - 1983-08-12 - Berkeley, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Greek Theater

A- / 3 stars on genesis-movement, simply one of my favorite recordings - if not the favorite - from his '83 summer tour. Great balance between an appreciative audience and an excellent music capture.

CDR - EAC in safe mode - tlh

01 - Across The River - 04:06
02 - I Have The Touch - 06:07
03 - Not One Of Us - 06:47
04 - The Family And The Fishing Net - 08:09
05 - Shock The Monkey - 09:43
06 - Family Snapshot - 05:24
07 - Intruder - 04:26
08 - Humdrum - 04:10

Recording fades out and in between tracks 5 & 6 missing a small bit of the start of "Intruder".

01 - Games Without Frontiers - 07:30
02 - Lay Your Hands On Me - 09:17
03 - Solsbury Hill - 06:15
04 - I Go Swimming - 04:39
05 - San Jacinto - 05:32
06 - On The Air - 06:12
07 - Biko - 10:23
08 - Here Comes The Flood / Band Introductions - 05:35

"San Jacinto" has a cut at 3:13.

Bad Company - 2012-06-09 - Norje, SWE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sweden Rock Festival, Norje, Sweden

01. Can't Get Enough
02. Honey Child
03. Run with the Pack
04. Burnin' Sky
05. Young Blood
06. Seagull
07. Gone, Gone, Gone
08. Electricland
09. Simple Man
10. Feel Like Makin' Love
11. Shooting Star
12. Rock 'n' Roll Fantasy
13. Movin' On
14. Deal with the Preacher
15. Good Lovin' Gone Bad
16. Bad Company
17. Ready For Love

Recorded on an iPhone 3G with Blue Mikey.

Other than a few annoying "beeps" (during the first few songs), this recording turned out quite nice.

Kraftwerk - 2008-11-29 - Brisbane, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Global Gathering festival
Doomben Racecourse

audiowhore recording
taping = SP-CMC-8 mics > Samson PM-4 > Sony MZ-NH1 Hi-MD
2012 transfer = Sony MDS-JE780 > Soundblaster Premium HD > Adobe Audition > FLAC

Ralf Hutter
Henning Schmitz
Fritz Hilpert
Stefan Pfaffe

01. intro
02. The Man-Machine
03. Planet of Visions
04. Numbers
05. Computer World
06. Tour de France Etape 1
07. Tour de France
08. Vitamin
09. It's More Fun To Compute > Home Computer
10. Autobahn
11. The Model
12. Showroom Dummies
13. Radioactivity
14. Trans-Europe Express > Metal on Metal

15. The Robots (performed by the robots)
16. Boing Boom Tschak > Music Non Stop

total time = 77:59 mins

Kiss - What Goes On Behind Closed Doors (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

What Goes On Behind Closed Doors/Silver CD - Bootleg/FLAC

Silver CD "Music from the wasteland"
Godfather Records: GR 798/799

Title: Music from the wasteland (CMCD 65441-2, Charisma Records)
Released: 01 Aug 2012
Recorded: Diverse demos & Outtakes from 1972 to 1989.
Sound quality: Ex Studio recordings
Format: 2-CD

Silver CD > PC > Exact Audio Copy > WAV > Foobar2000/FLAC (Level 6)


01: Hooligan
02: Love Bite
03: Rockin’ In The USA
04: Rocket Ride
05: Larger Than Life
06: All American Man
07: Anyway You Want It
08: I Have Just Begun To Fight
09: Reputation
10: Take Me Away (Together As One)
11: Rumble
12: There’s Nothing Better
13: Dirty Livin’
14: Out Of Control
15: Just A Boy
16: Deadly Weapons
17: Betrayed
18: The Street Giveth And The Street Taketh Away
19: Something Wicked (This Way Comes)
20: Street Legal
21: Feels Like Heaven (Steamy Pissflaps Mix)

Disc 1:
"I Have Just Begun To Fight" is not the 1983/5 version, but is the complete 1979 version (

"Reputation" is a prototype of the more common 1982 version that runs 3.04. (

Jethro Tull - 1972-02-05 - Novara, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

cassette recorder philips K7> cassette> eurorack MX 802A professional equalizer> philips standalone burner CDR560> cdr audio>EAC>wav>flac

Ian Anderson
Martin Barre
Jeffrey Hammond
John Evan
Barriemore Barlow

disc one

01 - My god
02 - Thick as a brick
03 - Aqualung
04 - A new day yesterday
05 - Cross eyed mary

disc two
01 - Nothing is easy
02 - Wind up
03 - Locomotive breath

Iggy Pop - 1983-06-20 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tape transfer by guigui

2nd Gen audience tape > PC > Noise Removal in Audacity > FLAC > you

01. Fire Engine (cut)
02. Fortune Teller (Benny Spellman)
03. China Girl
04. One for my Baby (Frank Sinatra)
05. Loose (cut)
06. I'm Bored (cont)
07. Run like a villain
08. No Fun
09. Real Cool Time
10. Nightclubbing
11. I'm a conservative (aborted)
12. I'm a conservative
13. Bo Diddley (Bo Diddley)
14. The Villagers
15. Mass Production
16. 96 Tears (? and the Mysterians)

About this one tape, I got it, along with two others from 2 others shows from the following nights of the same Japan Leg of the 1983 Breaking Point Tour during my brief trading days in the mid nineties. If this fellow trader evers reads this, may he forgive me for forgetting his name, but may he be blessed. He recorded those 3 shows. Sound quality isn't the best (at most a B) but they tell the tale of a 1983 Iggy on the verge of a much needed break (from recording and touring as well as some substances) who gets to meet his then-future, now-ex, wife Sushi. On one of the shows he clearly mentions her being there and introduces her to the audience.

This show has the lowest quality of the three tapes. Some cuts on the opener Fire Engine, during No Fun and beetween Loose and I'm bored are present on my copy and come from the master tape. There is also a rare gem : the "Bo Diddley" that you don't hear at every Iggy gig.