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George Harrison with Eric Clapton - 1991-12-01 - Kanagawa, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

George Harrison w/Eric Clapton and his band 
Yokohama Arena 
Kanagawa, Japan 
December 1, 1991 

Lineage: Unknown (from another tracker) 

Title: "Days of Speed" (MidValley MV 137/138) 

Disc one (69:45): 
(1) I Want To Tell You (5:07) 
(2) Old Brown Shoe (3:51) 
(3) Taxman (4:23) 
(4) Give Me Love (3:52) 
(5) If I Needed Someone (4:05) 
(6) Something (5:03) 
(7) Fish on the Sand (3:35) 
(8) Love Comes To Everyone (4:24) 
(9) What Is Life (4:58) 
(10) Dark Horse (4:26) 
(11) Piggies (2:57) 
(12) Pretending (6:35) 
(13) Old Love (9:45) 
(14) Badge (6:38) 

Disc two (64:59):
(1) Wonderful Tonight (9:00) 
(2) Got My Mind Set On You (5:08) 
(3) Cloud Nine (4:43) 
(4) Here Comes The Sun (3:20) 
(5) My Sweet Lord (5:56) 
(6) All Those Years Ago (5:05) 
(7) Cheer Down (4:37) 
(8) Devil's Radio (4:49) 
(9) Isn't It A Pity (8:01) 
(10) While My Guitar Gently Weeps (6:43) 
(11) Roll Over Beethoven (7:33) 

Checksum file and artwork are included.

This is the first date of the brief (two-week) Japanese tour George Harrison undertook with Eric Clapton and his touring band in late 1991; as nearly everyone knows, this would mark his final series of live appearances aside from a charity gig in London a few months later. The performance is solid throughout; the band sounded well-rehearsed and professional and based on this recording one could never sense George's well-known aversion to performing live. The setlist is identical throughout the tour, and a great mix of Beatles and solo material (with a brief EC showcase in the middle of the set). For those who have never heard one of these shows, it's worth picking up.

The recording is pretty good -- nearly all of the Japanese recordings are great -- and Mid Valley did a good job with this release. The only flaw is that there is a fair amount of crowd noise evident between songs -- to be honest, I don't know if the audience mars any of the music itself, but the taper was apparently in the midst of an enthusiastic crowd that cheered a lot between songs. From what I've heard, the audience shouldn't interfere with one's enjoyment of the show.

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Eric Clapton - 2001-10-06 - Buenos Aires, ARG (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)


2 Disc Single Layer Version

Video from Argentinian TV free broadcast, master VHS tape.

720x480 NTSC
Audio mixed in from Mid Valley's outstanding CD release entitled "General Probe 2001".

Audio streams:

- Lossless PCM stereo
- DTS 5.1

Disc 1

01 - Key to the Highway
02 - Reptile
03 - Got you on my mind
04 - Tears in Heaven
05 - Bell Bottom Blues
06 - Change the World
07 - My Father's eyes
08 - River of Tears
09 - Going Down Slow
10 - She's Gone

Disc 2
01 - I want a little girl
02 - Badge
03 - Hoochie Coochie Man
04 - Stormy Monday (!!!!!!)
05 - Cocaine
06 - Wonderful Tonight
07 - Layla
08 - Sunshine of Your Love
09 - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

All credits to Zetti Productions

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R.E.M. - Life's Rich Peagant Demos (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Silver CD -> EAC Test & Copy -> Wavs -> Flac Front End -> Flacs Level 8
Quality: Good

01) Theme From Two Steps Onward
02) Just A Touch
03) Mystery To Me
04) Wait
05) Begin The Begin
06) Cuyahoga
07) I Believe
08) Untitled Instrumental
09) Rotary Ten
10) These Days
11) PSA (Bad Day)
12) Underneath The Bunker
13) Swan Swan H
14) The Flowers Of Guatemala
15) King Of Birds

--- Life's Rich Pageant Demos & More
14) The Flowers of Guatemal
15) Marc
16) Theme From Two Steps Onward
17) California Dreaming
18) Mississippi Queen
19) Whole Lotta Love
20) Funtime
21) After Hours
22) Oddfellows Local 151
23) Born to Run
24) Eight Miles High
25) Roadrunner
26) When I Was Young

Iron Maiden - 2012-06-29 - Camden, NJ (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Susquehanna Bank Center

Recorded by bcironmaiden - Sound is Great !!!
Recorded w/ SP-CMC-8 Sound Professionals Deluxe Audio Technica Cardioid Stereo Microphones > SP-SPSB-1 Sound Professionals Mini Battery Module > Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder HD > CD Wave Editor 48khz/24bit > 44khz/16bit & Track Split > TLH ( Flac 8 )

Steve Harris - Bass
Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Dave Murray - Guitar
Adrian Smith - Guitar
Janick Gers - Guitar
Nicko McBrain - Drums

01. Moonchild
02. Can I Play With Madness
03. The Prisoner
04. 2 Minutes To Midnight
05. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
06. The Trooper
07. The Number Of The Beast
08. Phantom Of The Opera
09. Run To The Hills
10. Wasted Years
11. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
12. The Clairvoyant
13. Fear Of The Dark
14. Iron Maiden
15. Encore Break
16. Aces High
17. The Evil That Men Do
18. Running Free

Setlist: 111:43:40

Peter Gabriel - 1987-07-27 - Cuyahoga Falls, OH (SBD/FLAC)


(Soundboard FLAC)

Blossom Music Amphitheater


Unknown audience or soundboard source => cassette (low) => Stand-alone Pioneer CD burner => CDR => EAC => Magix Audio Cleaning Lab => Export to WAV => FLAC (level 8)

Disc 1 (60:21):

1) San Jacinto (10:17)
2) Red Rain (5:52)
3) Shock The Monkey (6:43)
4) Intro (0:26)
5) Not One Of Us (5:53)
6) Intruder (5:35)
7) Intro (1:15)
8) Games Without Frontiers (5:26)
9) No Self Control (6:18)
10) Mercy Street (7:49)
11) This Is The Picture (cut) 

Disc 2 (57:47):
1) Big Time (7:23)
2) Intro (0:37)
3) Don't Give Up (8:04)
4) Solsbury Hill (5:24)
5) Lay Your Hands On Me (8:12)
6) Sledgehammer (6:22)
7) Here Comes The Flood (2:49)
8) In Your Eyes (fade out) (7:39)
9) Biko (fade out) (11:14)

Excellent soundboard from Gabriel's summer 1987 tour of outdoor amphitheaters. By this time, he had been promoting the album for the better part of a year, so the set had pretty much jelled and the band was hitting on all cylinders. All of these performances were great.

The recording itself . . . I traded for it from an established Gabriel collector in early 1988; he claimed it was a soundboard. Most of the commenters here appear to think it's an audience recording, so perhaps it is -- either way it's a very nice recording for the era. I don't know the generation, but given when I got it and how well-connected he was, I don't think it's more than two or three generations removed from the master. The fidelity for a cassette recording is really nice. Listen to the mp3 samples and judge for yourself.

Kate Bush - 2014-09-12 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Eventim Apollo

Audience Recording / Exc.



Church Audio CA-11 (Croakie Mount) > CHURCH AUDIO CA UGLY 2 STEREO PREAMP > NAGRA PICO > WAV to FLAC conversion with Traders Little Helper - ffp with Traders Little Helper-Torrent file with Maketorrent; equalized with Har-Bal; tweaked with Adobe Audition 2.0; cleaned and enhanced with iZotope RX3.

Kate Bush - vocals (plus occasional piano/keyboards)
David Rhodes - guitar
Friðrik Karlsson – guitar, bouzouki, charango
John Giblin – bass guitar, double bass
Jon Carin - keyboards, guitar, vocals, programming
Kevin McAlea – keyboards, accordion, uilleann pipes
Omar Hakim – drums
Mino Cinélu – percussion
Albert McIntosh - chorus, Son, Painter
Jo Servi - chorus, Witchfinder
Bob Harms - chorus, Dad
Sandra Marvin - chorus
Jacqui DuBois - chorus
Ben Thompson - Lord of the Waves, Tesoro
Stuart Angell - Lord of the Waves, Painter's Apprentice
Christian Jenner - Blackbird Spirit
Sean Myatt, Richard Booth, Emily Cooper, Lane Paul Stewart, Charlotte Williams - Supporting Actors

Bootleg Title:
Birdsongs at the Apollo

Venue City Country Date:
Eventim Apollo, London, England, 2014-09-12

Track List ACT1:
01. Lily
02. Hounds of Love
03. Joanni
04. Top of the City
05. Running Up That Hill
06. King of the Mountain
-The Ninth Wave-
07. (Intro video)
08. And Dream of Sheep (Video)
09. Under Ice
10. Waking the Witch
11. (Dialogue and Scene Play)
12. Watching You Without Me
13. Jig of Life
14. Hello Earth
15. The Morning Fog

Track List ACT2. 
-A Sky of Honey- 
01. Prelude 
02. Prologue 
03. An Architect’s Dream 
04. The Painter’s Link 
05. Sunset 
06. Aerial Tal 
07. Somewhere in Between 
08. Tawny Moon (Bertie Sings) 
09. Nocturn 
10. Aerial 

11. Kate Speaks / Birthday Choir 
12. Among Angels 
13. Cloudbustingg 

A wonderul show recorded from the circle with a good unobstructed view to the stage. Loved every minute of it.

The Nice - 1969-10-12 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


This CD-r release is from a cassette tape that I got in trade many years ago.

Mics and Recorder unknown>Cassette generation unknown>Playback Deck: Tascam 130 >Nikko 32 Band EQ >Akai DR16 Digital Hard Disk Recorder >Sony PCM-R500 DAT Recorder >Sony DAT Tape > HHB CDR-800 Compact Disc Recorder > HHB CDR > WAV > SHN

disc 1
1. Intermezzo from "The Karelia Suite"
2. Country Pie / Brandenburg Concerto No. 6
3. Hang On To A Dream
4. Pathetique (Symphony No. 6 3rd Movement)
5. For Example

disc 2
1. Don't Look Back
2. Rondo

Bruce Springsteen - 2004-10-05 - St. Paul, MN (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

w/ Neil Young, REM, and John Fogerty
Vote For Change Tour
Title: Waters Of Democracy
'Label': EV2
Format: 2CD
Source: Audience
Date: October 5, 2004.
Location: Xcel Energy Center, St. Paul, MN.

SP-CMC-8 premium stereo cardioids > SP-SPSB-1 > Sony PCM-M1 (@44.1 kHz) > 7 pin to coax >
Audiophile2496 > SoundForge > CDWav > My CD > FLAC (using xACT) > Ev2

Disc One:
01 The Star Spangled Banner
02 Born In The U.S.A.
03 Badlands
04 No Surrender
05 Lonesome Day
06 The River
07 Souls Of The Departed (w/ Neil Young)
08 All Along The Watchtower (w/ Neil Young)
09 Public Service Announcement
10 Johnny 99
11 John Fogerty Intro
12 Centerfield (w/ John Fogerty)
13 Deja Vu All Over Again (w/ John Fogerty)
14 Fortunate Son (w/ John Fogerty)
15 "You'd Think I'd Know The Words!"
16 The Promised Land (w/ John Fogerty)

Disc Two:
01 The Rising
02 Because The Night (w/ Michael Stipe)
03 Mary's Place
04 Mike Mills & Peter Buck Intro
05 Born To Run (w/ Mike Mills & Peter Buck)
06 Proud Mary (w/ John Fogerty)
07 Rockin' In The Free World (w/ Neil Young, R.E.M., John Fogerty, & Peggi Young)
08 What's So Funny 'bout Peace, Love, And Understanding (w/ Neil Young, R.E.M., John Fogerty, Bright Eyes, & Peggi Young)
09 Intro
10 People Have The Power (w/ Neil Young, R.E.M., John Fogerty, Bright Eyes, and Peggi Young)
11 R.E.M. Introduction (Bruce Springsteen)
12 Bad Day (w/ Bruce Springsteen)
13 Man On The Moon (w/ Bruce Springsteen)

Eric Clapton - 1991-02-24 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

2 cds corrected version

Download Eric Clapton - 1991.02.24 - London - Who's Loving Me Tonight.torrent
Artist/Band Eric Clapton
Downloads as Eric Clapton - 1991.02.24 - London - Who's Loving Me Tonight
Info hash cc73f50167b0bdb527bc654e9250dd72a673d19c
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View more from Eric Clapton
Description Eric Clapton - Who’s Loving Me Tonight?
14th Night At Royal Albert Hall
Royal Albert Hall, London, Uk
February 24, 1991
Excellent Audience Recording

Eric Clapton - guitar / vocals
Jimmie Vaughan - guitar / vocals
Johnnie Johnson - piano / vocals
Chuck Leavell - keyboards
Jerry Portnoy - harmonica
Joey Spampinato - bass
Jamie Oldaker - drums

Albert Collins - guitar / vocals
Robert Cray - guitar / vocals
Buddy Guy - guitar / vocal

AUD > ? > FLAC > tracker > HD > Easy CD-DA Extractor > WAV > Audacity (corrections and equalisation) > Easy CD-DA Extractor > FLAC

CD 1 (Eric Clapton Band)
01. Watch Yourself
02. Hoodoo Man
03. The Stumble
04. Standing ‘Round Cryin’
05. All Your Love .5
06. Have You Ever Loved A Woman?
07. Who’s Loving You Tonight?
08. Key To The Highway
09. Wee Wee Baby
10. Johnny's Boogie
11. Tanqueray

CD 2 (Eric Clapton Band & Guests)
01. Tired Man
02. Lights Are On But Nobody’s Home
03. Black Cat Bone
04. I Feel So Glad
05. Reconsider Baby
06. Stranger Blues
07. Hoochie Coochie Man
08. Little By Little
09. My Time After A While
10. Sweet Home Chicago

i’ve made only small corrections in equalization, tracks splitting and preparing for burning at 2cds. There was no reason to keep it as 3 cds (this is 141 mins of music only). and i’ve made new covers specially for this post.

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Pink Floyd - 1988-06-16 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Exc aud FLAC)

Cape Music CM827

Matrix Disc 1: CAPE CAPE CAPE 827 one 1 1 1
Matrix Disc 2: CAPE 827 2 16.8.88 Disc 2
(P) 2010 Made In South Africa
Trifold Digipack

David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Richard Wright

Jon Carin
Rachel Fury
Durga McBroom
Scott Page
Guy Pratt
Tim Renwick
Margaret Taylor
Gary Wallis

Disc 1: Time:
01. Shine On You Crazy Diamond 11:59
02. Learning To Fly 9:45
03. Yet Another Movie 8:50
04. Sorrow 8:16
05. The Dogs Of War 7:59
06. On The Turnig Away 9:00
07. One Of These Days 7:44

Total Time: 63:34

Disc 2: Time:
01. Time 5:48
02. On The Run 3:35
03. The Grat Gig In The Sky 4:48
04. Wish You Were Here 6:16
05. Welcome To The Machine 6:58
06. Us And Theme 7:29
07. Money 11:21
08. Another Brick In The Wall 6:13
09. Comfortably Numb 10:42
10. One Slip (Encore) 6:43
10. Run Like Hell (Encore) 8:51

Total Time: 79:01

Frank Zappa - 1974-10-31 - New York City (AUD/FLAC) Early And Late Show

(Audience FLAC)

1974-10-31 - Felt Forum 

Early Show 

Original Seedtitle: 1974-10-31 (E) Felt Forum NYC 112.23 AUD MC (TheGrape-Bengofury-JWB) 

01 Tush Tush Tush [3:21] ***cuts in 
02 Stinkfoot [4:15] 
03 Inca Roads [13:38] 
04 Penguin In Bondage [7:52] 
05 T'Mershi Duween [2:51] 
06 Dog Meat [4:05] 
07 Building A Girl [4:20] 
08 Florentine Pogen [7:59] ***tf/cut @ end (no music missing) 
09 Montana [10:08] ***tf/cut @ start (no music missing) 
10 Dupree's Paradise [31:25] 
11 Camarillo Brillo [4:30] ***tf/cut @ 4:14 
12 encore break [1:15] 
13 Oh No [1:29] 
14 Son Of Orange County [5:31] 
15 More Trouble Every Day [9:38] 

Total Time: 112.23 min 

No fills available for tape flip cuts. 


Late Show 

Original Seedtitle: 1974-10-31 (L) Felt Forum NYC 127.21 AUD MC (SH-Yojimbo-doctorzap-flambay-JWB) 

01 Tush Tush Tush Intro [3:29] ***cuts in 
02 Stinkfoot [6:46] 
03 RDNZL [10:23] 
04 Village Of The Sun [4:48] 
05 Echidna's Arf (Of You) [3:23] ***brief fill @ :02 
06 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? [6:40] 
07 Babbette [4:45] ***brief fill @ :08 
08 Approximate [4:33] 
09 I'm Not Satisfied [3:40] ***tf/cut @ :02 
10 Po-jama People [12:15] 
11 Yellow Snow Suite [14:22] 
12 Cosmik Debris [11:53] 
13 encore break 1~Lance Loud intro [1:42] ***tf/cut @ start 
14 Nite Owl [2:23] 
15 Big Swifty [12:08] 
16 Apostrophe [5:39] 
17 encore break 2 [2:00] ***cut @ 1:01 
18 Pygmy Twylyte [8:55] 
19 Room Service [6:25] 
20 Tush Tush Tush Outro [1:02] 

Total Time: 127.21 min 

No fills available for tape flip cuts.

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Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler - 1987-01-10 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

FROM: Romantic Isolation [MID VALLEY RECORDS]243/244

1st Show:

Live at Royal Albert Hall

Eric Clapton : Guitar, Vocals
Mark Knopfler : Guitar
Nathan East : Bass
Greg Phillinganes : Keyboards
Steve Ferrone : Drums

Disc 1 [MVR 243] 51:23
01 - White Room
02 - I Shot The Sheriff
03 - Hung Up On Your Love
04 - Wonderful Tonight
05 - Miss You
06 - Same Old Blues

Disc 2 [MVR 244] 1:01:29
01 - Tearing Us Apart
02 - Holy Mother
03 - Badge
04 - Let It Rain
05 - Cocaine
06 - Layla
07 - Money For Nothing
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love

In 1987, Mark Knopfler joined Eric Clapton's band for his UK and European tour. Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Romantic Isolation" featuring three of the early shows of Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler together on tour in 1987. All CD's are soundboard recordings with very good sound quality.

Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler - 1987-01-11 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Romantic Isolation [MID VALLEY RECORDS]243/244

2nd Show:
Live at Royal Albert Hall, 

Eric Clapton : Guitar, Vocals
Mark Knopfler : Guitar
Nathan East : Bass
Greg Phillinganes : Keyboards
Steve Ferrone : Drums
Phil Collins : Drums

Disc 3 [MVR 245] 57:13
01 - Crossroads
02 - White Room
03 - I Shot The Sheriff
04 - Hung Up On Your Love
05 - Wonderful Tonight
06 - Miss You
07 - Same Old Blues

Disc 4 [MVR 246] 59:39
01 - Tearing Us Apart
02 - Holy Mother
03 - Badge
04 - Let It Rain
05 - Cocaine
06 - Layla
07 - Money For Nothing
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love

Eric Clapton with Mark Knopfler - 1987-01-12 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

FROM: Romantic Isolation [MID VALLEY RECORDS]243/244

3rd Show:
Live at Royal Albert Hall

Eric Clapton : Guitar, Vocals
Mark Knopfler : Guitar
Nathan East : Bass
Greg Phillinganes : Keyboards
Steve Ferrone : Drums
Phil Collins : Drums

Disc 5 [MVR 247] 59:44
01 - Crossroads
02 - White Room
03 - I Shot The Sheriff
04 - Hung Up On Your Love
05 - Wonderful Tonight
06 - Miss You
07 - Same Old Blues

Disc 6 [MVR 248] 1:01:42
01 - Tearing Us Apart
02 - Holy Mother
03 - Badge
04 - Let It Rain
05 - Cocaine
06 - Layla
07 - Money For Nothing
08 - Sunshine Of Your Love

2nd & 3rd show are twin drums (Steve Ferrone & Phil Collins) Very Excellent Soundboard Sound!!!

In 1987, Mark Knopfler joined Eric Clapton's band for his UK and European tour. Taken from the original silver pressed bootleg "Romantic Isolation" featuring three of the early shows of Eric Clapton and Mark Knopfler together on tour in 1987. All CD's are soundboard recordings with very good sound quality.

Aerosmith - 1986-05-26 - Des Moines, IA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Iowa State Fairgrounds Grandstand 
Location: Des Moines, Iowa, USA 
Tour name: Done With Mirrors 

Media: 2 CDs 
Recording type: Audience 
Taper: Known but not revealed per Taper request 
Recording Equipment: Aiwa CM-30>Sony WM-D6C 
Lineage: 1st Generation Analog (Maxell XL-II90)>TC-WE475>PC>AUDACITY>WAV (16bit)>TLH>FLAC (8) 
Transfer/Mastering: March 2014 
Audio format: FLAC 
Total running time: 87:14 
Audio quality: 4++ 
Artwork: Yes 

Steven Tyler - Vocals, Harmonica 
Joe Perry - Guitars, Vocals 
Brad Whitford - Guitars 
Tom Hamilton - Bass Guitar 
Joey Kramer - Drums 

01 - Intro 
02 - Rats In The Cellar 
03 - Same Old Song And Dance 
04 - Big Ten Inch Record 
05 - My Fist Your Face 
06 - Last Child 
07 - She's On Fire 
08 - Walking The Dog 
09 - Sweet Emotion 
10 - Red House 
11 - Back In The Saddle 
12 - Shela 
13 - Walk This Way 
14 - Let The Music Do The Talking 
15 - Toys In The Attic 
16 - Dream On 
17 - Train Kept A Rollin' 

Show comments: 
Iowa Jam '86 Line Up: Aerosmith, Ted Nugent, Dokken, Metallica, Armored Saint. Incredible line up and an even more incredible recording. This has always been one of my all time favorite bootleg shows (meaning all 5 bands). What a day for the rockers of Des Moines, not only this amazing festival but also Van Halen played later that evening at the Memorial Auditorium. The recordings of all five bands are simply amazing, it doesn't get much better than this for an audience recording. Great show to finish off the day, i think this was the last truly great tour of Aerosmith before their corporate sell out. This was when they were still a raw great rock and roll band. Don't get me wrong i still like them but up to this point, this is the real Aerosmith. 

martedì 22 agosto 2017

Roger Waters - 1987-08-20 - Buffalo, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Title: A K.A.O.T.I.C. Discovery 
Release: PFTC-CDR-005 (Pink Floyd Traders Center) 
Artist: Roger Waters 
Date: August 20 1987 
Venue: Memorial Auditorium 
Place: Buffalo, NY 
Lineage: cass(1)>DAT>CD-R>Easy CD-DA Extractor>WAV>Adobe Audition (EQ tweak, track splitting) 
>TLH (SBE fixes)>Easy CD-DA Extractor (Flac 8) 
Recording: Unknown 
Transfer: Heywood 
Mastering: Heywood 
Artwork: Dukem 

Disc 1: 
01: Radio Waves (5:19) 
02: Welcome To The Machine (8:37) 
03: Who Needs Information (7:42) 
04: Money (5:30) 
05: Professional Bimbo School (1:06) 
06: In The Flesh? (3:43) 
07: Have A Cigar (3:18) 
08: Pigs (Three Different Ones) (3:49) 
09: Wish You Were Here (5:29) 
10: Mother (7:25) 
11: Mollys Song (3:34) 
12: Me Or Him (5:17) 
13: The Powers That Be (4:48) 

Disc 2: 
01: Calls From The Hall (4:34) 
02: Shredding Alternative (1:04) 
03: Going To Live In LA (5:53) 
04: Sunset Strip (4:21) 
05: Fish Report With A Beat (2:12) 
06: 5:01AM (The Pro's And Con's Of Hitch Hiking) (4:33) 
07: Arnold Layne (3:00) 
08: If (3:59) 
09: 5:06AM (Every Stranger's Eyes) (4:55) 
10: Not Now John (5:08) 
11: Another Brick In The Wall - Part 1 (4:15) 
12: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (1:27) 
13: Another Brick In The Wall - Part 2 (5:11) 
14: Nobody Home (4:21) 
15: Home (6:23) 
16: Four Minutes (6:18) 
17: The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid) (6:21) 
18: Band Introduction (2:34) 

19: Brain Damage (3:57) 
20: Eclipse (3:21) 

Total Length: 149:24 Mins 

A spectacular sounding recording of what was up to now considered an unrecorded show. No known tape has circulated. Well I knew this to be wrong, because I've had the first hour of it on cassette since the 80s, but have never spread it around because it was an incomplete show. I then located a private taper who had the entire show. After some negotiations I traded him masters of a show I recorded and got this. The trader I got this from will not trade for circulated material as he considers it worthless, and he wont circulate his tapes very easily. 
But no mention of whether I was planning to circulate it was ever brought up, so I've not been forbidden to do so. I've been trying for 20 years to find this entire show and now that I have you all get to reap the rewards of it. AND this is a rare show featuring The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking (the song, not the album). 

Mastering notes: 
I did nearly nothing to retouch this as it was a pretty damn good tape to begin with. There was a lot of low midrange which I lowered a bit and tweaked the high end a bit to make it a little brighter. There was a hum that I removed by taking a sliver out at 116hz with a parametric EQ. Crossfaded the tape flips to be as unobtrusive as possible. 

Jon Lord & Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen - 2008-02-15 - Hagen, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Jon Lord & Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen
Stadthalle, Hagen, Germany
Feb. 15th, 2008

Philharmonisches Orchester Hagen 100 Jahre

Recorded by Catweazle
Recording equipment & lineage unknown
Excellent sound!

Jon Lord: Keyboards
Tanja Schun: Vocals
Philharmonic Orchestra Hagen conducted by Gwennole Rufet

Dead Composers Rocking Society (DCRS):
Gunnar Polansky: Bass
Niko Mareske: Drums
Ralph Breitenbach: Organ and Keyboards
Richard Güth: Guitar
Jeffery Krueger: Vocals

01. Fanfare for the common man
02. Jon's Introduction
03. Concerto for Group & Orchestra I - Moderato - Allegro
04. Concerto for Group & Orchestra II - Andante
05. Concerto for Group & Orchestra III - Presto

01. Fantasia
02. The Telemann Experiment
03. Jon's Speech #1
04. One from the Meadow
05. Jon's Speech #2
06. Sarabande
07. Jon's Speech #3
08. Wait a While
09. Jon's Speech #4
10. Gigue
11. Hagen's Chant
12. Music

Total time 2:09:08

domenica 20 agosto 2017

The Moody Blues - 1968-09-14 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

BBC Colour Me Pop 1968 DVD

Transmitted on 14th Sept. 1968

Source -

BBC Reel --> VHS Master -->DVD Trade -->DVD Decrypter --> Menus / Chapters with Ulead Videostudio -->Hard Drive Folder


PAL 4:3 25fp/s 720 x 576 Bitrate 10080 kb/s


AC3 Dolby Digital 256 kb/s 2-ch. mono

01. Ride My See Saw
02. Dr Livingstone I Presume
03. House Of Four Doors
04. Voices In The Sky
05. The Best Way To Travel
06. Visions Of Paradise
07. The Actor
08. Om

Total Time ; 24:35

OK folks, here is an uncirculated DVD of the Moody Blues from the BBC "Colour Me Pop" prog. from 1968. As far as I know, this has only ever been shown the once and is now liberated thanks to a fellow collector. The BBC actually aired over 30 of these programmes, but alas all but five have been wiped from the archives.More info here

Now as to the quality. This DVD transfer has black bars at the top and sides of the screen (this is how I received the basic files) and all I have done is added chapters/ menus. The picture quality is very good, although there is slight artifacting towards the end, - I understand this is due to the age of the master reel, All things said,this is a wonderful document of the Moodies at that time.



Michael Monroe - 2012-07-07 - Turku, Finland (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

DVD video
MPEG, 720x480, 16:9, 4 072 Kbps, 25.000 fps
MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, 224 Kbps, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels

01. Introduction
02. Intro
03. Trick Of The Wrist
04. Got Blood
05. Modern Day Miracle
06. Motorvatin'
07. Hammersmith Palais
08. Interview #1
09. '78
10. All You Need
11. Nothin's Alright
12. Not Fakin' It
13. Malibu Beach
14. Band Introductions
15. Get On (Hurriganes cover)
16. Dead, Jail Or Rock 'n' Roll (w/ Mikko Herranen)
17. Interview #2
18. Michael 50 yrs
19. I Wanna Be Loved /Rapper's Delight (w/ Paleface, Tommy Lindgren & Redrama)
20. Missä muruseni on (w/ Apocalyptica & Jenni Vartiainen)
21. TV commentary
22. Million Miles Away (w/ Apocalyptica)


sabato 19 agosto 2017

Rik Emmett - 2017-04-29 - Dallas, TX (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rik Emmett (Triumph) & RESolution9 
Poor David's Pub, 
Dallas, TX 
April 29, 2017 

Source info: 
AT853 cards(3-wire)>AT8538>Naiant Tinybox(P48)>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize, tracking)>Ozone 7(mastering, resample/dither)>TLH>Flac(6) 

Taper: David Sell (Falconidave) 
Location: GA Floor, DFC, 60' from stage 
Sound Quality: Excellent

Rik Emmett -lead vocals, guitars 
Paul DeLong - drums 
Dave Dunlop - guitars, vocals 
Steve Skingley - bass guitar, keyboards, vocals

01. Lay it on the Line 
02. Human Race 
03. Somebody's Out There 
04. ~band intros~ 
05. Stand Still 
06. Ordinary Man 
07. Allied Forces 
08. The Blinding Light Show 
09. Hold on 
10. Rocky Mountain Way 
11. Led Zeppelin Medley 
12. End of the Line 
13. Magic Power 
14. Fight the Good Fight 


So glad I decided to grab a ticket before this show sold out. Rik and his band are really amazing and if you closed your eyes you would think you're at a Triumph show. The new songs are fantastic too! Mix was great, crowd a tad rowdy, but most behind me, but still an excellent recording. Crank it up!! 

Pete Townshend - 1965-1975 - The Genuine Scoop (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

The Genuine Scoop 
Home Studio Recordings 

Bootleg Label: HIWATT 
5 cd Set 

bootleg [unclekurty's wallet] > eac (secure) > wav >FLAC 

Disc 1 [A] 
1. My Generation 
2. It's Not True 
3. Circles 
4. Things Have Changed 
5. La-La-Lies 
6. Call Me Lightning 
7. The Kids Are Alright 
8. I'm A Boy 
9. Do The Strip 
10. Kill My Appetite 
11. I Can See For Miles 
12. I Always Say 
13. Run Run Run 
14. Disguises 
15. Don't Look Away 
16. Politician 
17. So Sad About Us 
18. Happy Jack 
19. Substitute 
20. Pictures of Lily 
21. Melancholia 
22. Magic Bus 
23. King Rabbit 
24. Lazy Fat People 
25. Riot In A Female Jail 
26. Accidents 

Disc 2 [B] 
1. Dogs 
2. That Motherland Feeling 
3. Rael Pts 1-9 
4. Overture 
5. It's A Boy 
6. 1921 
7. Amazing Journey 
8. Sparks 
9. Christmas 
10. The Acid Queen 
11. Underture 
12. Do You Think It's Alright? 
13. Pinball Wizard 
14. There's A Doctor 
15. Go To The Mirror 
16. Success 
17. Tommy Can You Hear Me? 
18. Smash The Mirror 
19. Sensation 
20. Miracle Cure 
21. Sally Simpson 
22. I'm Free 
23. Tommy's Holiday Camp 
24. Welcome 
25. We're Not Gonna Take It 
26. Mary Jane 
27. Can't You See I'm Easy 

Disc 3 [C] 
1. Pure and Easy 
2. Teenage Wasteland 
3. Going Mobile 
4. Baba O'Riley 
5. Time Is Passing 
6. Love Ain't For Keeping 
7. Bargain 
8. Too Much Of Anything 
9. Greyhound Girl 
10. Mary 
11. Behind Blue Eyes 
12. I Don't Even Know Myself 
13. Getting In Tune 
14. Won't Get Fooled Again 
15. The Song Is Over 

Disc 4 [D] 
1. Let's See Action 
2. Join Together 
3. Relay 
4. Put The Money Down 
5. Long Live Rock 
6. Love Reign O'er Me 
7. Is It In My Head? 
8. I've Had Enough 
9. The Real Me 
10. Sea And Sand 
11. The Punk Meets The Godfather 
12. I'm One 
13. Dirty Jobs 
14. Bell Boy 
15. Cut My Hair 
16. Drowned 
17. Slip Kid 

Disc 5 [E] 
1. No Way Out (However Much I Booze) 
2. Squeeze Box 
3. Girl In A Suitcase 
4. Gonna Fight To Make You Mine 
5. Keep On Turning 
6. Who Are You 
7. Love Is Coming Down 
8. New Song 
9. Sister Disco 
10. Never Ask Me 
11. I Like It The Way It Is 
12. Love Is Wine 
13. Broken Nails 
14. Keep On Working 
15. Guitar And Pen 
16. Music Must Change 
17. Empty Glass 
18. No Road Romance 

Review by OSWALD From Hotwacks: 
Billed as home studio recordings from 1965-1975, this set is a pretty monumental collection of Townsend's demos. The nature of the material makes it impossible to tell how comprehensive it is, but a quick glance imparts that this collection very nicely supercedes a series of releases, both underground and sanctioned. As any Who fan knows, Townsend's home demos make for fascinating listening -- many of the arrangements, licks, and even vocal phrasing is already present on these rougher takes. Add to that a sort of home-made funkiness (think a more pissed-off, English version of the Band), and you have a set of recordings that stack up very well against their more familiar later, full-band versions. Townsend has leaked out this sort of stuff on the SCOOP collections for some time, but those have always been piecemeal affairs -- one track from here, another from ten years later, synth instrumentals next to unreleased songs. This collection is wonderfully focused, chronological, and in pretty strong fidelity. The three Who benchmarks, TOMMY, WHO'S NEXT, and QUADROPHENIA, are well represented, as are a host of popular album and singles tracks in sketchbook form. The thrill of having these cuts in one place and in a reasonable order is indescribable. The drawbacks to this set are few -- sound quality is pretty consistant, the material is endlessly engaging. My one complaint is the packaging. A cool mini-poster of rare foreign EP sleeves is killer, but there are no notes to put the cuts into context. That being said, it's pretty obvious where this stuff comes from, and it should be of major interest to Who buffs the world over. Pete's demo of "Empty Glass" might be the most intense thing he ever laid down... 

Review by Matt Whipple from Hypertext Who: 
This is another beautiful package from HIWATT! A super 5 CD set complete with a 9.5" x 14" double-sided poster. The tracks are all PT demos presented in chronological order of when they were recorded. The back insert states: "ALL TRACKS RECORDED 1965-1975 BY PETE TOWNSHEND IN HIS HOME STUDIOS: OLD CHURCH STREET, CHELSEA AND TWICKENHAM". Although I doubt that any of the tracks for Who Are You were recorded prior to 1975. The majority of these tracks were taken from Pete's Scoop series, The Lifehouse Chronicles and Pete's website. Disc 1 actually has a 26th song not listed on the disc - Accidents (this was written by Pete for the Thunderclap Newman release - w. Speedy Keene and a very young Jimmy McCollough a lead guitarist). On Disc 2, last 2 seconds of track 3 starts to play Jaguar. Disc 5, Track 18 - should be No Road Romance NOT No Road Running as stated on the back scan. The others are from various bootlegs still not officially released. An initial listen reveals excellent sound quality. 

U2 - 2011-05-14 - Mexico City, MX (IEM/AUD/FLAC) "Mexico Sexico!!!"

(IEM/Audience FLAC)

Bootleg : "Mexico Sexico!!!"
Date : 2011-05-14 (14th of May 2011)
Venue : Estadio Azteca, Cuidad de Mexico, Mexico
Catalog No. : 5312120168 
Label : Silver Masterpiece Series
Release Country: Japan
Format : CD
Number of Discs : 2 
Release Date : July 2, 2015
Source : IEM/AUD Source Matrix

CDI [Duration: 66:24:73]
01-Space Oddity
02-Even Better Than The Real Thing
03-Out Of Control
04-Get On Your Boots
06-Mysterious Ways
08-Until The End Of The World/Strangers In The Night (snippet)/New York, New York (snippet)
09-I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
10-Stand By Me
12-Stay (Faraway, So Close!)
13-Beautiful Day
14-Miss Sarajevo

CDII [Duration: 72:56:35]
02-City Of Blinding Lights
04-I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight/Discothèque (snippet)/Mofo (snippet)/Please (snippet)
05-Sunday Bloody Sunday
07-Walk On/You'll Never Walk Alone (snippet)

09-Amazing Grace (snippet)/Where The Streets Have No Name
10-Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
11-With Or Without You
12-Moment Of Surrender

Pink Floyd - 1975-06-09 - Landover, MD (AUD/SHN)

(Audience SHN)

source: audience / cass[low] > CDA[0]
overall: VG+

01. Raving And Drooling [12:18]
02. You've Gotta Be Crazy [15:42]
03. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5) *[13:22]
04. Have A Cigar [4:26] - loss of volume at the end
05. Have A Cigar (reprise) / Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9) [13:33]

01. Speak To Me [5:24]
02. Breathe [2:51]
03. On The Run [4:32]
04. Time / Breathe (Reprise) [6:43]
05. The Great Gig In The Sky [7:00]
06. Money [10:51]
07. Us And Them [6:49]
08. Any Colour You Like [9:33]
09. Brain Damage [3:56]
10. Eclipse [2:04]

01. Echoes [25:16]

tot length: 144:29

raw rip from a supernice low generation cassette, sounds amazing if compared with the version I had, though it's still not what you'd consider an excellent recording for sure.
no dehissing of artifacts used here, frequencies are all intact, sounds bright and crispy (other versions around have poor NR)
- HAC has a sorta flip due to the copy (sounds like a loss of volume);
- SOYCD 6-9 has a flip at the beginning in all copies as it seems;
- TGGITS cuts at the end (but no pieces of the song are lost) - this is in other copies too though there it was retouched and sounds not as much evident as here.
many tracks are not indexed properly, have little stops.
if then we consider that other shorter copies run slow too, this is definitely longer and here Speak To Me is complete, lasts more than 5 minutes, whereas it's totally missing in other copies; furthermore the original rip is even longer (about 7 minutes longer) since the first 2 tracks of CD2 are repetitions of STM and Breathe (running slower than the actual tween-tracks 3 and 4); I did exclude the first 2 tracks of CD2 here for this reason (tracks 3 and 4 became tracks 1 and 2).
Significant upgrade for this that's maybe the date I'm more fond of.
this was played exactly the day after I was born.

Jethro Tull - 1972-07-19 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Complete Performance


Unknown CDRS > xACT Flac Level 5

01. Thick As A Brick (Incl. Bouree)

01. Thick As A Brick (II)
02. Cross Eyed Mary
03. Up To Me / Aqualung

01. Wind Up
02. Locomotive Breath
03. Wind Up (Reprised)

mercoledì 16 agosto 2017

Deep Purple - 1970-04-06 - Vienna, AT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Complete Audience Recording 


Ritchie Blackmore – guitar (1968–1975, 1984–1993) 
Ian Gillan – vocals (1969–1973, 1984–1988, 1992–present) 
Jon Lord – keyboards (1968–1976, 1984–2001) 
Roger Glover – bass (1969–1973, 1984–present) 
Ian Paice – drums (1968–1976, 1984–present) 

Disc 1 
01. Warm Up & Intro:
02. Speed King
03. Hush
04. Child In Time
05. Wring That Neck

Disc 2 
01. Wring That Neck(Cont)
02. Mandrake Root 

This is DEEP PURPLE again at their improvisational best. These are some of the wildest and best versions of these 5 songs live.  Back in this era Blackmore & Lord are the true "leaders" of the band and they display this with their musical bravado. 1970 is Ritchie Blackmore's year. There are alot of great guitar plays in the field of Rock & Jazz in this era of music, but no one has yet to bring classical music to into their guitar playing, at least not on the level that Mr.Blackmore would. At the very moment of this recording the "Man In Black" is without a "peer".  The dexterity in his playing and his willingness to go out on limb and play totally of the cuff without structure is beyond even Hendrix & Page at this point. This is the "Golden era" of Ritchie Blackmore...for pure improvisational guitar playing, he was damn near this year impossible to beat! And then there is Jon Lord...In the wake of progressive Rock in the 70's, Keyboards we're becoming more and more popular and many a musician started to make a name for themsleves just like the "Guitar Slingers". Keith Emerson was on the rise as well soon would be Rick Wakeman. But Jon Lord really is the name one typical thinks of when thinking of a heavy metal band having Keyboards. And rightly so....who else would jokingly refer to themself on stage as "Rick Emerson". lol It is stated in an interview by Ritchie Blackmore, that after hearing "Whole Lotta Love" on the radio in late 1969, that DP needed a new singer... Hence the arrival of Ian Gillan. The similarities to the two singers styles is obvious if your an Elvis fan. Gillan & Plant were both huge Elvis fans. In fact DEEP PURPLE is likely the only band to ever scare the shit out of Zeppelin with their own streched out "over top" improvisations.