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Black Sabbath - 1980-11-27 - Sydney, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

This is a best-sources mix compiled from the following sources:

Source 1: 1st generation FM version*
Source 2: Bringer of evil (Power Gate-100)**
Source 3: 4th generation SB version***

Three different sources are available from this wonderful show and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages.

The 1st generation FM version has the best sound, best frequency range and the least deterioration. However it stops somewhere during the first few minutes of "Die young" and also omits much of the drum solo. An artificial audience track was added to it in post-production, probably by the radio station.

"Bringer of evil" is more complete and sounds quite good, but not as good as the FM version. However, this version has a strange edit, which was probably made to fit the show onto one disc. It misses some of the intro "Supertzar", has the "Die young intro", but leaves out the whole guitar solo and the count in to what I called "Die young (reprise)", apparently to make listeners believe that "Die young" was played like that on the evening. After "Die young" some of Dio's words are missing as well as a few seconds at the beginning of "Paranoid", again to hide the fact that the song is incomplete.

The 4th generation SB version is the most complete version, but has the weakest sound of the three available sources. While it is more complete than the other two sources it lacks the beginning of "Heaven and hell" available on the FM recording.

My goal was to compile the show as completely as possible, not only the music but also the banter between songs, and to make it sound as good as possible. As it were, this was not a very straightforward process, but meant making a lot of compromises. I used the FM version for the most part, adding from the other sources. I didn't want transitions between the different sources to be so very obvious, so I tried switching sources in places where the transition wouldn't stand out so much. I couldn't remove the artificial audience track, so I sometimes used it to hide transitions.

Pitch and volume had to be corrected to integrate the different sources. The stereo image was generally broadened and EQ was changed with the general aim to make transitions between the different sources less obvious and to make the instruments sound more natural, which of course is a matter of taste. The recording was also retracked. Different solutions are obviously possible, so feel free to offer what you think is a better version of this show. This is by no means attempting to be the definitive version. To my knowledge this recording has not been released officially.

Tony Iommi - guitar
Geezer Butler - bass
Ronnie James Dio - vocals
Vinny Appice - drums
Geoff Nicholls - keyboards

Disc 1 (45:20)
01 Supertzar***
02 War pigs*
03 Neon knights*
04 N.I.B.*
05 Children Of the sea*
06 Sweet leaf*
07 Drum solo**
08 Sweet leaf (reprise)*
09 Black Sabbath*

Disc 2 (46:48)
01 Heaven and hell*
02 Iron man*
03 Die young (intro)*/**
04 Guitar solo***
05 Die young (reprise)***/**
06 Paranoid**

This has been compiled and remastered by my friend Yeoman in June 2013. Please direct all your credits to him! (Anyway, if anybody among you generally hates remasters and/or hates them to be shared here, please beat me up rather than Yeoman.) Further credit goes, of course, to Markum7 for sharing his 1st gen tape copy of the FM source, to Finkployd49 for sharing his complete 4th gen copy of the SBD source, and to whoever first shared the "Bringer of Evil" bootleg release of the SBD recording. Parts of all 3 versions are included in this remaster.

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Robert Plant and Jimmy Page - 1996-02-15 - Osaka, JP (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Festival Hall

Made In Occupied Japan
21st Century Tarantura 2001 TCDPP~2

silvers>EAC Secure Mode>WAV>FLACFRONTEND>FLAC Level 8

01 No Woman No Cry
02 Egyptian Tape Intro
03 Custard Pie
04 Bring It On Home
05 Heartbreaker
06 What Is And What Should Never Be
07 Nigel Eaton On Hurdy Gurdy
08 Gallows Pole
09 Wounderful One
10 Going To California
11 Ten Years Gone
12 Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You
13 Whole Lotta Love

Disc 2
01 Tea For One
02 Band Introduction
03 Friends
04 Yallah
05 Four Sticks
06 Kashmir
07 Black Dog
08 Rock And Roll
09 Announcement

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Van Morrison - 1996-05-05 - Memphis, TN (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


SBD>cdr>eac>flac frontend

Moondance in Memphis

(bootleg CD)
Brown Nose Records BN101/2
(Released 1998)

Live at the Beale Street Music Festival, 5/5/96


01- Moondance (10:18)
02- Whenever God Shines His Light (3:48)
03 -In The Afternoon (8:09)
04- Raincheck (5:11)
05- Satisfied (7:07)
06- I'll Take Care of You / It's a Man's Man's World (17:23)
07- Summertime in England (9:46) 

01- The Healing Game (9:39)
02- See Me Through / He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother / Soldier of Fortune / Thank You Ferletin Me Be Mice Elf Agin (16:02)
03- Have I Told You Lately (7:23)
04- Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always Explain (12:19)
05- Lonely Avenue (11:27)
06- Slim Slow Slider (Supper Club, 4/29/96) (8:42)
07- Jackie Wilson Said (Supper Club, 4/29/96) (7:14)

This is a 2CD-R set, apparently independently produced, containing the complete soundboard recording of Van's historic show at the Beale Street Music Festival in Memphis, on 5/5/96. It also contains two bonus tracks from Van's 4/29/96 Supper Club show, a week earlier, from an excellent digital audience recording.

Van Morrison - 1996-07-13 - The Hague, NL (Pre-FM/FLAC)


North Sea Jazz Festival 

Disc 1 had sbe's (they are fixed now) and no ffp-file (I created one). 
Disc 2 seems to be original, the ffp checksums match, so I give it to you as I recieved it. 
Both discs are tested with Flactester, Audiochecker and Eac (spectral view and frequency analyis). 
Added info from: 

Van Morrison: Lead vocals, harmonica 
Pee Wee Ellis - flute, saxophone 
Georgie Fame - Hammond organ, vocals 
Haji Ahkba - flugelhorn, trumpet 
Brian Kennedy - vocals 
Robin Aspland - piano 
Alec Dankworth - bass 
Geoff Dunn - drums 
Leo Green - saxophone 
Matt Holland - trumpet 
Ralph Salmins - drums 
Ronnie Johnson - guitar 
Nicky Scott - bass 

Disc one: 
01 I'm Not Feeling It Anymore (9:27) 
02 Raincheck (5:22) 
03 Summertime In England (7:28) 
04 Satisfied (5:52) 
05 How Long Has This Been Going On? (4:27) 
06 See Me Through / Soldier of Fortune / Thank You (8::06) 
07 Tupelo Honey / Why Must I Always Explain (9:07) 

Total time: (49:54) 

Disc two: 
01 Vanlose Stairway / Trans-Euro Train (6:45) 
02 Whenever God Shines His Light (3:41) 
03 The Healing Game (6:05) 
04 It's A Man's World (15:29) 

Total time: (32:03) 

Bob Dylan - 1984-07-08 - Slane Castle, Ireland (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Source - Audio CD in trade, 2007 > FLAC conversion w/ dbPowerAmp

LB-2573, (79:48 ), version "a"; Complete SOUNDBOARD recording, Incomplete concert.;; light tv band on left channel on d1t7; very good to excellent sound [B+]; same sbd recording as LB-1317 but, this has slightly lower levels and does not have the occasional harshness on LB-1317 caused by clipping; so this one also more complete and sounds better ; in comparison to bootleg "Over the Broken Glass" this has a warmer fuller sound
Discontinuity pops t7 1:54, t9 1:53, 2:32, 3:02, 3:46, t12 1:07, 3:23, 3:54

Actual setlist -  (* on soundboard recording)

01 Highway 61 Revisited
02 Jokerman
03 All Along The Watchtower
04 Just Like A Woman *
05 Maggie's Farm *
06 I And I *
07 License To Kill *
08 Just My Imagination (Greg Sutton - vocals)
09 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic) *
10 Tangled Up In Blue (acoustic) *
11 To Ramona (acoustic) *
12 It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (acoustic) *
13 Shelter From The Storm *
14 Masters Of War
15 Ballad Of A Thin Man
16 Enough Is Enough
17 Every Grain Of Sand
18 Like A Rolling Stone
19 Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic)
20 With God On Our Side (acoustic) *
21 Girl From The North Country (acoustic) *
22 Simple Twist Of Fate
23 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue *
24 Tupelo Honey *
25 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat *
26 Tombstone Blues
27 The Times They Are A-Changin'
28 Blowin' In The Wind *

Bad Company - 1974-03-08 - Newcastle, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Bad Company
Newcastle 1974
1974-03-08 (8th March 1974)
Venue: City Hall,
Newcastle, UK
Source: Soundboard 

CD-R > Soundforge 9.0 > HD > TLH level 8 Flac > YOU

01.  Little Miss Fortune
02.  Rock Steady
03.  Ready For Love
04.  Don't Let Me Down
05.  Easy On My Soul
06.  Bad Company
07.  Deal With the Preacher
08.  Movin' On
09.  Can't Get Enough
10.  Stealer
11.  Rock Me Baby 

This has been circulating as 8th March, however Mick Ralphs'  db shows 9th. Earliest known recording of Bad Company.

Blue Oyster Cult - 1991-06-28 - Cleveland, OH (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Empire Club

WMMS-FM Broadcast > cassette > CDR > CDR

EAC > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you !

Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Donald "Buck Dharma" Roeser - lead guitar, vocals
Eric Bloom - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Jon Rogers - bass guitar
Chuck Burgi - drums

01) [00:30] Introduction
02) [02:22] Tune-up
03) [03:45] Stairway to the Stars
04) [06:11] Dominance and Submission
05) [05:21] Redcap (Before the Kiss)
06) [05:29] E.T.I.
07) [07:12] Buck's Boogie
08) [06:30] Take Me Away
09) [06:21] Cities On Flame
10) [09:21] Astronomy
11) [04:03] Career of Evil
12) [04:40] Unknown Tongue
13) [05:17] Burnin' For You
14) [08:31] Godzilla
15) [09:58] Don't Fear the Reaper
16) [08:49] This Ain't the Summer of Love > The Red and Black

Total [1:34:20]

Paul McCartney - 2011-05-22 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Estádio Engenhão

This is program was aired in HD audio so I recorded in wav format them flac them for you.

01. Hello Goodbye 
02. Jet 
03. All My Loving 
04. Letting Go 
05. Drive My Car 
06. Sing The Changes 
07. Let Me Roll It 
08. The Long And Winding Road 
09. Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five 
10. Let ‘Em In 
11. I´ve Just Seen A Face 
12. And I Love Her 
13. Blackbird 
14. Here Today 
15. Dance Tonight 
16. Mrs Vandebilt 
17. Eleanor Rigby 
18. Something 

01. Band On The Run 
02. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da 
03. Back In The USSR 
04. I’ve Got A Feeling 
05. Paperback Writer 
06. A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance 
07. Let It Be 
08. Live And Let Die 
09. Hey Jude 
10. Day Tripper 
11. Lady Madonna 
12. Get Back 
13. Yesterday 
14. Helter Skelter 
15. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise) / The End

Don Dokken - 2004-01-05 - Las Vegas, NV (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Acoustic Live in Las Vegas 2004-01-05

Show Venue:
Palapa Lounge, in Palms Casino

DVD - Pro Shot

Video Quality/Production Info:

Audio/Video Specs:
Format: Video
Source: PRO-SHOT 
Menue: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Lineage: Trade > You

Video Attributes:
Video Compression Mode: MPEG-2
TV System: NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source Picture Resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 29.97
Bitrate: 6384 kbps

Audio Attributes: 
48 khz 
384 kb/s 


01 - Intro
02 - Into the fire
03 - Breaking the chains
04 - Goodbye my friend
05 - In my dreams
06 - Nothing left to say
07 - Yesterday
08 - There was a time
09 - It’s not love
10 - Alone again
11 - I’ve found
12 - Blackbird
13 - Paris is Burning

Eric Clapton - 2001-02-10 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Eric Clapton and His Band 
"2001: Last Night At RAH" (Restless Reptile)” 
-2 CD, Tarantura 

5" paper sleeve edition!!! 

Feb 10, 2001 at the Royal Albert Hall, London UK 

Lineage: Silver CDs > XLD (secure and accurate ripper) > FLAC 

Eric Clapton;guitar / vocals 
Andy Fairweather Low;guitar / vocals 
David Sancious;keyboards / vocals 
Nathan East;bass / vocals 
Steve Gadd;drums 
Paulinho Da Costa;percussion 
Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack 
The Impressions;vocals * 

01. Key To The Highway 
02. Reptile 
03. Tears In Heaven 
04. Bell Bottom Blues 
05. Change The World 
06. My Father's Eyes 
07. River Of Tears 
08. Going Down Slow 
09. She's Gone 
10. It's Alright* 
11. Finally Got Myself Together* 

Disc 2
01. Got You On My Mind* 
02. Ain't Gonna Stand For It* 
03. Don't Let Me Be Lonely Tonight* 
04. Travelling Light* 
05. Hoochie Coochie Man 
06. Have You Ever Loved A Woman 
07. Badge 
08. Wonderful Tonight 
09. Layla 
10. Sunshine Of Your Love 
11. Somewhere Over The Rainbow 
12. Outro

Blue Oyster Cult - 1988-04-30 - San Rafael, CA (FM/FLAC)


Krqr Fm Broadcast Analog First Generation To Wav To Audio Cleaning Lab For Track Marks And Edit Only To Cdr Krw Transfer To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8 

Eric Bloom Vocals Guitar Keyboards 
Buck Dharma Guitar Vocals 
Alan Lanier Keyboards 
Jon Rogers Bass 
Ron Riddle Drums 

Cd 1 
01 Intro/R U Ready To Rock 
02 Dominance And Submission 
03 Eti 
04 Bucks Boogie 
05 Flaming Telepaths 
06 Take Me Away 

Cd 2 
01 Last Days Of May(Slight Cut At Start Of Song Due To Tape Flip) 
02 Me262 (Slight Gap Edited Together Right On Track 2) 
03 Joan Crawford 
04 Harvester Of Eyes 
05 Burnin'For You 
06 Godzilla/Drum Solo 
07 Don'T Fear The Reaper(Very End Cut Off) 

New Order - 2002-06-15 - Hultsfred, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

New Order - Hultsfred Festival, Sweden 2002.06.15 (Pro DVD) 

PAL, 720x576 (4:3) Video Bitrate 8000 kb/s (Variable) 
Audio: PCM Stereo 16bits 48.0 kHz 
Size: 5.62GB Dual Layer DVD 

01 - Crystal 
02 - Transmission 
03 - Regret 
04 - 60 Miles an Hour 
05 - Atmosphere 
06 - Brutal 
07 - She's Lost Control 
08 - Bizarre Love Triangle 
09 - True Faith 
10 - Temptation 
11 - Love Will Tear Us Apart 
12 - Blue Monday 
13 - World in Motion 
14 - Your Silent Face 

Running Time: 86 mins (Aprox) 

Source: Ripped By TrvisBckle63 
Master vhs Tape Recorded From TV (Supplied By Rolling Rockvideos) - Panasonic NV HS860 (Playback) - Datavideo TBC-3000 (TBC) - Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro - Soundblaster Z 
- VirtualDub (UT Lossless Codec) Cropped, Resized & Channel Logo Blurred - TMPGEnc Authoring Works 6 (Top Menu and Chapter Menu With Correct Chapter Points) 

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Guns N' Roses - 1987-10-27 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

October 27th, 1987
The Paradise, Boston, MA

"Paradise" LP bootleg > analog [master] > dED > dEQ > CDR(?) > EAC > WAV > FLAC

01. It's So Easy
02. Move To The City
03. Out Ta Get Me
04. Mr. Brownstone
05. My Michelle
06. Sweet Child O' Mine
07. Rocket Queen
08. Welcome To The Jungle
09. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
10. You're Crazy
11. Paradise City
12. Nightrain
13. Mama Kin

The Rolling Stones - 1989-09-09 - East Troy, WI (SBD/FLAC) "Wisconsin Flats"

(Soundboard FLAC)

Rolling Stones
Alpine Valley Music Theater
East Troy, Wisconsin
September 9, 1989

"Wisconsin Flats" (Shaved Disc TSD 007/008)

Soundboard recording

Lineage: Silver Discs > EAC > Flac Frontend Level 6 > WAV

Disc 1 (55:32):
(1) Continental Drift (1:21)
(2) Start Me Up (4:11)
(3) Bitch (3:44)
(4) Sad Sad Sad (4:00)
(5) Undercover Of The Night (4:34)
(6) Harlem Shuffle (4:41)
(7) Tumbling Dice (5:05)
(8) Miss You (6:23)
(9) Ruby Tuesday (3:38)
(10) Play With Fire (3:27)
(11) Dead Flowers (4:24)
(12) Mixed Emotions (5:18)
(13) Honky Tonk Women (4:40)

Disc 2 (67:46):
(1) Midnight Rambler (9:18)
(2) You Can't Always Get What You Want (8:17)
(3) Little Red Rooster (5:25)
(4) Before They Make Me Run (4:01)
(5) Happy (4:10)
(6) Paint It Black (3:57)
(7) Sympathy For The Devil (6:25)
(8) Gimme Shelter (6:27)
(9) It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (4:30)
(10) Brown Sugar (4:10)
(11) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (6:22)
(12) Jumping Jack Flash (cut) (4:38)

Info file, artwork, and md5 signature file are included.

The Rolling Stones' 1989-90 "Steel Wheels" tour represented somewhat of a "comeback" for the band, given that they hadn't performed since 1982 and released only one lackluster album in the interim. The tour kicked off in late August and picked up steam with three sold-out (in fact, considerably oversold) shows at Alpine Valley outside Milwaukee. This recording captures the middle show (incidentally, a special one for me because it was my first Stones show).

This recording captures *almost* the complete performance -- "Rock and a Hard Place," "One Hit (To The Body") and "2000 Light Years From Home" are missing, and "Jumping Jack Flash" is cut about halfway through. Most of the show (slightly more than two hours of a 135-minute set) are here, and the sound is overall pretty good. It sounds to me as though it may have been sourced from a video (VHS) soundtrack, though a pro shot has never circulated. The mix is a cut above a typical raw soundboard mix -- sounds like some processing has been done, and the overall sound is pretty good (if lacking in punch and dynamics).

This particular torrent was shared by "alienhelli" way back in April 2005, and strangely enough I don't believe it has been back since. Hopefully this will fill a gap for some collectors.

As an aside, the info file indicates that Guns and Roses were a support act -- I don't believe they appeared on this part of the tour (I think they only appeared on the West Coast dates). If they did, I feel silly that I am finding out 25 years later that I arrived late and missed them. (I do remember seeing Living Colour, however.)

Bob Dylan - 1993-09-08 - Vienna, VA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Wolf Trap Farm Park
Filene Center


Title: Bob Dylan 1993-09-08 Vienna, VA (sbd) (The Real Sound)

CD "The Real Sound" Red Sky Records CD 1014

[You're Gonna Quit Me]
01 Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
02 All along the Watchtower
03 Positively 4th Street
04 Silvio
05 Born in Time
06 Blackjack Davey
07 The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll
08 Boots of Spanish Leather
[God Knows]
09 Maggie's Farm - Band Introduction

10 Series of Dreams
11 Boots of Spanish Leather (fs) It Ain't Me, Babe
[Rainy Day Women]

Joe Cocker - 2002-11-01 - Clearwater, FL (ALD/FLAC)


Joe Cocker
Ruth Eckerd Hall
Clearwater, Florida
November 1, 2002

Lineage: ALD/SBD > D8 (listen box--from the parking lot) DAT > CDR

Disc one (51:55):
01 - DJ Intro (1:10)
02 - You Can't Have My Heart (4:19)
03 - Never Tear Us Apart (3:44)
04 - When The Night Comes (4:45)
05 - Love Not War (4:45)
06 - My Father's Son (4:35)
07 - Summer in the City (4:21)
08 - Up Where We Belong (5:10)
09 - You Are So Beautiful (3:15)
10 - This Is Your Life (4:36)
11 - Band introductions (0:46)
12 - You Can Leave Your Hat On (4:36)
13 - Respect Yourself (5:46)

Disc two (53:33):
01 - The Letter (4:56)
02 - Unchain My Heart (5:42)
03 - With A Little Help From My Friends (9:31)
04 - Feelin' Alright (4:44)
05 - Every Time It Rains (3:52)
06 - Cry Me A River (4:38)
07 - My Father's Son (4:54) *
08 - Unchain My Heart (5:23) *
09 - The Letter (4:37) *
10 - Every Time It Rains (4:32) *
11 - Feelin' Alright tease (0:38) *

* from soundcheck (Joe Cocker not present)

This excellent ALD recording was originally posted to Dime by "TheCommish" back in September 2008, and was provided to him by Jim Feisler (undiscokidd). For those unfamiliar with ALD (Assistive Listening Device) recordings, they can be hit-or-miss; they are essentially a low-power FM broadcast made available for hearing-impaired audience members in the arena, and the signal often does not extend beyond the room. They often under-represent the low-end and are staticky due to the low transmitting power. However, the system used by Ruth Eckerd Hall (at least, during the early 2000's) was better than most, and the fidelity was quite good -- and as evidenced by the fact that this was recorded in the parking lot, the signal was relatively strong. The recording is quite listenable and has pretty good dynamics; it has all of the hallmarks of a raw, unprocessed soundboard (after all, it was only intended to help hearing-impaired audience members hear the concert better) but overall quite enjoyable.

The Rolling Stones - 1989-09-09 - East Troy, WI (SBD/AUD/FLAC)

(Soundboard/Audience FLAC)

Alpine Valley Music Theater

Soundboard/audience matrix by falo

SBD: Wheels are rolling (VGP 229)
Center Section about 6 rows in front of the board. (Main Floor)
Recorder: Sony TC-D5M ANALOG
Mics: AKG 460 B w/ ULS 61 capsules w/Elbows at 90 degrees

Disc 1 (77:07):
(1) Continental Drift (1:36)
(2) Start Me Up (4:13)
(3) Bitch (3:55)
(4) Sad Sad Sad (3:51)
(5) Undercover of the Night (4:32)
(6) Harlem Shuffle (4:43)
(7) Tumbling Dice (5:07)
(8) Miss You (6:28)
(9) Ruby Tuesday (3:35)
(10) Play With Fire (3:25)
(11) Dead Flowers (4:31)
(12) Rock and a Hard Place (5:32) *
(13) One Hit (To The Body) (6:15) *
(14) Mixed Emotions (5:18)
(15) Honky Tonk Women (4:53)
(16) Midnight Rambler (9:04)

Disc 2 (70:15):
(1) You Can't Always Get What … (8:51)
(2) Little Red Rooster (5:12)
(3) Before They Make Me Run (4:00)
(4) Happy (4:13)
(5) Paint It Black (4:04)
(6) 2000 Light Years From Home (5:49) *
(7) Sympathy For The Devil (6:28)
(8) Gimme Shelter (6:20)
(9) It's Only Rock and Roll (4:20)
(10) Brown Sugar (4:03)
(11) (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction (8:31)
(12) Jumping Jack Flash (8:18) *

* audience only

Info file, artwork, and md5 signature file are included.

Comments: This torrent was shared by Dime user "Falo" in September 2010 on Hunger City. For whatever reason, it appears the torrent never ran on Dime, so for those who aren't/weren't on HC this may be new. In my opinion, this is well worth the download even if you have the soundboard and audience recordings separately.

The Rolling Stones' 1989-90 "Steel Wheels" tour represented somewhat of a "comeback" for the band, given that they hadn't performed since 1982 and released only one lackluster album in the interim. The tour kicked off in late August and picked up steam with three sold-out (in fact, considerably oversold) shows at Alpine Valley outside Milwaukee. This recording captures the middle show (incidentally, a special one for me because it was my first Stones show).

This recording is a matrix of the incomplete soundboard with an excellent audience tape, representing the entirety of the show. In a way, this file set represents the best of both worlds -- the audience recording (originally shared by Dime member "analog4011") is outstanding as a stand-alone source, but the matrix borrows enough of the soundboard source to lend more immediacy and presence to the vocals and guitar track. I haven't done an A/B comparison against the raw audience recording, but the vocals sound better than I remember them on the audience master. The three missing songs from the soundboard are presented with only the audience source, as is the portion of "JJF" that's cut on the soundboard.

Psychedelic Furs - 1984-05-28 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Hammersmith Odeon

FM - Cassette (Master) - Audacity - xACT

01 Here Come Cowboys
02 My Time
03 President Gas
04 Sleep Comes Down
05 The Ghost In You
06 Heaven
07 Like A Stranger
08 Sister Europe
09 Alice's House
10 Heartbeat
11 Forever Now
12 Into You Like A Train -fade out-

min 58:16

Bonnie Raitt - 1985-09-02 - Portland, OR (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Soundboard Recording>Cassette>3rd generation Cassette>Sony TC-D5M Cassette Deck(Playback)>Edirol R-09 HR(24/4.1 KHZ)>CD Wav Editor>Traders Little Helper>Flac level 8.Sector Boundaries

01 - Talk To Me
02 - Sugar Mama
03 - Tell Me Something Good
04 - Ain't That Peculiar
05 - Heart Of Mine
06 - River Of Tears
07 - Louise
08 - Angel From Montgomery
09 - For What Its Worth(Starts Late)
10 - Delta Blues Medley:
11 - Kokomo
12 - Walkin Blues
13 - Band Introduction
14 - Sleeping In MY Bed
15 - Bad Blood
16 - Leave Home Boy
17 - No Way To Treat A Lady(Cut)

Bonnie Raitt - 1989-05-21 - Cincinnati, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Cassette Sb Master > 2Nd Gen Reel > M-Audio Transit > Cool Edit > Cd Wave Editor > Flac

Disc 1
01. (Introduction)
02. About To Make Me Leave Home
03. Runaway
04. Talk To Me
05. (Band intros)
06. Green Lights
07. Have A Heart
08. Too Soon To Tell
09. Cry On My Shoulder
10. (Talk)
11. Nobody's Girl
12. (Talk)
13. The Road’s My Middle Name//

Disc 2
01. Give It Up Or Let Me Go
02. Thing Called Love
03. Love Letter
04. Three Time Loser
05. (Talk)
06. Nick Of Time
07. (crowd/Talk)
08. River Of Tears
09. (Richard Thompson intro)
10. Angel From Montgomery*
11. (crowd/Talk)
12. Me And The Boys//

* with Richard Thompson

Iggy Pop - Jesus This Is Iggy (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot) 

01 - Lust For Life
02 - TV Eye
03 - No Fun
04 - Search and Destroy
05 - Fun Time
06 - Night Clubbing
07 - China Girl
08 - Gimme Danger
09 - Blah, Blah, Blah
10 - I'm A God
11 - Natural Feeling
12 - Louie, Louie
13 - Turn Blue 

Iggy Pop burst out of Detroit in the late '60's as the frontman for The Stooges. The Stooges were raw, immediate and vulgar. Iggy Pop became notorious for self-mutilating himself on stage and whilst smeared in blood, diving into the audience. Though largely ignored at the time by mainstream audiences, Iggy and The Stooges helped define the sound and attitude that would later be known as punk rock.

Following the break-up of The Stooges, Iggy Pop embarked on a solo career dedicated to keeping the dangerous spirit of rock 'n' roll alive. His music and live act has persistently and subliminally infiltrated the mainstream musical core, and has been a powerful inspiration for countless bands. Iggy Pop is now, genuinely being discovered yet again by a whole new generation.

Candidly reflecting on his life Iggy Pop expresses his amazement that he is still alive to tell the story of his remarkable career; his relationship with Nico, his life-long friendship and musical collaboration with David Bowie, the drugs and partying, his resurgence as the original godfather of punk, his belief in his music and of course his remarkable live performance.

Lynyrd Skynyrd - 1975-10-22 - Frankfurt, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Reel 2 Reel Master>1St Gen Reel>Dat1>Cdr>Eac>Wav>Tlh>Flac

"Master Reel, was erased by the Taper himself....1st gens are all that exist"-HB

Recorded by "HB"

Recorded With;Telefunken Magnetophon 300 Ts>Grundig Microphone

Ronnie Van Zant- Vocals
Gary Rossington- Guitars
Allen Collins- Guitars
Ed King- Guitars
Billy Powell- Keyboards
Leon Wilkeson- Bass
Artimus Pyle- Drums

Disc 1
01. Introduction
02. Double Trouble/I Aint The One
03. The Needle And The Spoon
04. Saturday Night Special
05. Gimme Three Steps
06. Same Old Blues
07. Simple Man
08. Whiskey Rock-N-Roller
09. Call Me The Breeze

Disc 2
01. Sweet Home Alabama
02. T For Texas
03. Freebird

Bonnie Raitt - 1989-04-16 - Amsterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

FM broadcast by Dutch public radio 3FM in 1989.

TDK-SA90 cassette-tape played on Nakamichi BX-150E Deck > Zoom H4 @ 24bit/96Khz
(Kingston 4GB SD-card)

SD-card > Hard disc > Soundsaver (cutting file into tracksand conversion to 16bit/44.1 Khz) > Converted to Flac level 8 with xAct > files tagged with xAct.

James "Hutch" Hutchinson - bass
Tony Braunagel - drums
Johnny Lee Schell - guitar
Marty Grebb - saxophone
Walt Richmond - keyboards

01. Talk To Me
02. Green Lights
03. Intro to...
04. Have A Heart
05. Intro to...
06. To Soon To Tell
07. Intro to…
08. Three Time Looser
09. Intro to...
10. Nick Of Time
11. Intro to...
12. Willya Wontcha
13. Guilty
14. Nobody's Girl
15. Intro to...
16. Angel From Montgomery
17. Intro to...
18. Love Me Like A Man
19. Intro to...
20. Women Be Wise
21. Band intro/banter
22. Give It Up
23. Love Letter
24. Thanks and goodbye
25. Think

Bruce Springsteen - 1976-04-07 - Cleveland, OH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Allen Theatre

ER Archives via JEMS

Soundboard Recording (equipment unknown)

JEMS Transfer: very likely 2nd generation reel to reel tapes > Otari 5050mkII azimuth-adjusted transfer (October 2012) > Sound Devices USBPre 2 > Audacity 2.0 (24/96) capture > iZotope RX click repair > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 (speed corrected) > resample 16/44.1 > FLAC

01 Night
02 Tenth Avenue Freeze-out
03 Spirit in the Night
04 It's My Life
05 Thunder Road
06 She's the One
07 Born to Run
08 Incident on 57th Street (cuts)
09 Frankie
10 Backstreets
11 Growin' Up
12 Saint in the City
13 Blinded By the Light
14 Jungleland
15 Rosalita (cuts)
16 Sandy
17 Detroit Medley
18 Quarter to Three (joined in progress)

Welcome back to the fourth in a series of releases from the ER Archives, the collection of an active '70s taper and trader who stepped away from collecting, leaving his tapes pretty much dormant until now. We're still culling through the archive, but it is clear that it contains previously uncirculated shows as well as upgrades to circulating tapes, both audience and soundboard. ER used high-end tape decks and good tape, so his copies of even well-known shows may well be improvements.

Installment four is, for my money, a material upgrade of an under-appreciated show: the Allen Theatre, April 7, 1976. It is night No. 9 on the Chicken Scratch tour and the first soundboard recording of a post-75 performance (CORRECTION, THERE IS A PARTIAL SOUNDBOARD RECORDING OF APRIL 4). It was this show and recording of "Frankie" that I first fell in love with. I played this tape in heavy rotation when I first obtained a copy in the mid-80s.

It has been bootlegged a few times and torrented too, though it never seems to make any list of favorites which I find surprising. Why? Well, beyond being the best '76 recording of the sublime "Frankie," it captures another uber-rarity of the period, the resurrected "Blinded By the Light," which is utterly delightful. Bruce says they haven't done it in three years but will "for Kid Leo," the influential Cleveland DJ who was an early supporter of the band.

And there's more to like in this set list: the always passionate "It's My Life," "Incident on 57th Street" (played for the first time since September 1975; it cuts but what's there is great), a ripping "Backstreets" and a spirited duo of "Growin' Up" into a sizzling "Saint in the City."

So the set list can't be at issue, and the performance is strong, so perhaps it has always been the recording. This board tape has never been considered A-list, but I think the ER version (surely the lowest generation source to circulate) is excellent and as strong if not stronger than any other '76 board.

Close listening reveals bits of rarely heard off-mic chatter, unusual clarity in areas like the sound of Max's foot-pedal playing on the high-hat and one of the best Garry Tallent mixes on any '70s board. We did spend some time in the mastering lab pulling out clicks and taming what had always been overly bright sound. You can judge for yourself if it merits reconsideration. Samples provided.

There are a few cuts: "Incident" fades out after 6'15", the last few minutes of "Rosalita" were not captured and "Quarter to Three" is joined slightly in progress. But what is there is strong and some of it quite unusual, which is what has always made the Allen Theatre special to me, and I hope now to you as well.

Thanks to the ER Archive for opening up the vault doors and sharing this recording with the fans. Feel free to let him know how you feel in the comments.

The ER Archive will return.

Wayne Darlington for JEMS and the ER Archives

Bonnie Raitt - 1977-08-05 - Amsterdam, NL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Vara Studios

SBD > gen(x) > cdr(x) > eac (secure) > flac (level 8)

01 Under The Falling Sky
02 Walk Out The Front Door
03 Good Enough
04 Nothing Seems To Matter
05 Kokomo
06 Give It Up Or Let Me Go
07 I Thought I Was A Child
08 Home
09 Angel From Montgomery
10 About To Make Me Leave Home
11 Sugar Mama
12 Three Time Loser
13 Runaway

Ike and Tina Turner - 1971-01-30 - Paris, FR (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Ike & Tina Turner Revue
January 30, 1971
Paris, France

Liberty Records Vinyl liberated bootleg EX+ 


A1+A2: You Got Me Hummin' (The Ikettes)
A3: Everyday People (The Ikettes)
A4: Shake a Tail Feather (The Ikettes)
A5: Tina intro>Gimme Some Lovin'>Sweet Soul Music
A6: Son of a Preacher Man
B1: Come Together
B2: Band intro/Proud Mary
B3: A Love Like Yours
C1: I Smell Trouble
C2: Respect
C3: Honky Tonk Woman
D1: I've Been Loving You Too Long
D2: I Want to Take You Higher
D3: Land of 1,000 Dances 

Bonnie Raitt - 2012-09-22 - Los Angeles, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Live at The Greek Theater

Genre: Rock Blues
Mono FM Soundboard A (some FM Drift)
Recorder: Sony M-10
Processing: Goldwave (Volume Boost, Compression > Dither to 16b 15ms delay to rchannel, 10db boost to 60, 150, & 400htz) 
Flac Conversion: Media Monkey (Flac Transfer L8)
Recorded by Scooter123
Tapers Trade List:

Bonnie Raitt, Guitar and Vocals
George Marinelli, Guitar and Vocals
Michael Finnigan, Hammond B-3, Keyboards and Vocals
James "Hutch" Hutchison. Bass and Vocals
Ricky Fataar, Drums

Manny Alverez, Guitar+
Johnny Lee Schell, Guitar **
John Cleary, Guitar ***

01. Used to Rule the World
02. Right Down the Line
03. Lets Give Them Something to Talk About
04. Million Miles
05. Can't Fail Me Now
06. Love Sneaking Up On You
07. Come to Me
08. Marriage Made in Hollywood+
09. Not Cause I Wanted To
10. Angel From Montgomery
11. Thing Called Love**
12. I've Got News for You
13. I Feel So Damn Good***
14. I Can't Make You Love Me
15. Love Me Like a Man
16. Have a Heart
17. Hunk of Love+ ***

TT 1:48

Tapers Notes:
After a 55 City road trip, Bonni Raitt returns home, and performs at the sold out The Greek Theater, one of Los Angeles' preminent venues.  She was having a blast, calling out her agents, producers, friends and family in the first 15 rows, some of which came up and played with her. She was so moved, you can hear her voice break up and 
tear hit her eye in "I Can't Make You Love Me" All banter and stage talk was removed and tracks zero'ed out and faded in. Some FM drift downgrades this to an "A."