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Yes - 2004-08-22 - Hartford, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Great sounding show from 2004 artwork included enjoy! 

01 - Firebird Suite 
02 - Close To The Edge 
03 - America 
04 - Mind Drive (Part One) 
05 - South Side Of The Sky 
06 - Foot Prints 
07 - Mind Drive (Part Two) 
08 - I've Seen All Good People 
09 - Clap 
10 - Long Distance Runaround 
11 - Wonderous Stories 
12 - Roundabout 
13 - Owner Of A Lonely Heart 
14 - Tiger Rag 
15 - And You And I 
16 - Awaken 
17 - Yours Is No Disgrace

Bob Dylan - 2012-10-26 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Hollywood Bowl 

Sonics>Battery Box>Edirol R-09HR>ProTools (for level adjustment, compression, eq, and song separation)>flac. 

Taped and mastered by JB. Please don't sell or convert to lossy format. Don't upload to any site that has anything to do with lossy material. 

01. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere 
02. To Ramona 
03. Things Have Changed 
04. Tangled Up in Blue 
05. The Levee's Gonna Break 
06. Make You Feel My Love 
07. Cry a While 
08. Desolation Row 
09. Highway 61 Revisited 
10. Love Sick 
11. Thunder on the Mountain 
12. Ballad of a Thin Man 
13. Like a Rolling Stone 
14. All Along the Watchtower 

15. Blowin' In the Wind

104 minutes

Nice sounding Bob show from last night. Recorded about a quarter of the way up in the gigantic Hollywood Bowl. A great Tangled Up in Blue. Why the heck still no songs from the fantastic new album? Occasional idiot talkers. No other issues. Samples below. 

If burning to CD, divide between tracks 9 and 10 (before Love Sick). Not a lot of security getting into the Bowl these days. There will probably be more recordings of this show. 

The band is tremendous, but can we just all say this out loud - Bob's organ playing can be kinda interesting, but his piano playing is often inappropriate and sometimes just plain bad. 

Adam Ant - 2012-10-20 - Anaheim, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

"Prince Charming and The Maddening Crowd" 

Lineage / Equipment: 
70' from rail 6' left of center (third rail) / fob -> 6.5' h -> slavesound omni's -> custom bb - no bass roll-off -> edirol r09 (24/48) -> sony 16gb class 4 15mb/s sd -> reader -> audition 3.0 - slight level boost (+5dB 1 / +2dB r) (no normalization) -> har-bal 2.3 moderate eq (bass attenuate, treble boost) -> audition 3.0 - dither to 16/44.1 - > cd wave editor (track split) -> tlh (flac 8, etc...) -> 

Taper: mixter_ 

Adam - Vocals, Les Paul on: 06,07,16-19, Gretsch on: 28-31. 
Tom: Guitar, Vocals 
Joe: Bass, Vocals 
Andy: Drums, Vocals 
Jola: Drums 
Georgie Girl: Vocals??? 

01. Intro - (Vince Taylor - Rock'n'Roll Station) 
02. Plastic Surgery 
03. Dog Eat Dog 
04. Beat My Guest 
05. Kick! 
06. Cartrouble 
07. Ants Invasion 
08. Deutscher Girls 
09. Stand And Deliver 
10. Room at the Top 
11. Kings Of The Wild Frontier 
12. Wonderful 
13. Whip In My Valise 
14. Vince Taylor 
15. Strip 
16. Desperate But Not Serious 
17. Cleopatra 
18. Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face) 
19. Zerox 
20. Band Introduction 
21. "Antmusic" 
22. Goody Two Shoes 
23. Vive Le Rock 
24. Christian D'or 
25. Lady/Fall In 
26. Encore Break 
27. Fat Fun 
28. Red Scab 
29. Get it On* 
30. Prince Charming 
31. Physical (You're So) 


* T-Rex cover 

The performance / recording... 

The Good: 

Adam's voice was in fine form a can be heard quite clearly on this recording. There is very little audience chatter with the exception of the intro and some crazy femme-on-femme altercation during "Lady" than can be remotely heard. When the audience IS heard it is to great effect. Trust me on this. Adam does take a few liberties with the arrangements of some songs, most noticibly on "Strip". A pretty respectable pull overall. Settings were dialed. Still the distance from stacks and my omnis give this a bit of "roomy" feel needless to say. Alas, I wish the bass was a bit tighter. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little Feat - 1978-07-08 - Tokyo, JP (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Nakano Plaza Sun Hall

-Recording Information-
Source: FM - Little Feat Radio Hour broadcast
Lineage: FM > Mcas > cdr > wav > restore > flac(lvl8)
Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A > TASCAM CD-RW750
Runtime: 89:06

SHN-ID# 121231

Lowell George - guitar, vocals
Paul Barrére - guitar, vocals
Bill Payne - keyboards, vocals
Kenny Gradney - bass, vocals
Richie Hayward - drums, vocals
Sam Clayton - percussion, vocals

CD1 [71:14]
01 ..Skin It Back > (5:02) [fades in]
02 Fat Man in the Bathtub (5:05)
03 Walkin' All Night (4:07) //
04 Rock and Roll Doctor (4:04) //
05 Time Loves a Hero > (4:21)
06 Day or Night (6:25) //
07 Oh Atlanta (4:03) //
08 Day at the Dog Races ^ (12:21) //
09 All That You Dream (5:21)
10 Old Folks Boogie (3:52)
11 Dixie Chicken > (12:13)
12 Tripe Face Boogie (4:15) //

CD2 - Encore [17:51]
13 Willin' > band introduction > (4:21)
14 Don't Bogart That Joint > Willin' (1:40) //
15 Feats Don't Fail Me Now (8:15) //
16 Rocket in My Pocket (3:33)

^ Lowell George out

Editor's Comments:

This is a pretty clean FM broadcast recording and a nice upgrade to the commonly circulating source, as found on the Internet Archive ( That version has some severe synchronization errors and digital glitches particularly in the second half of the concert. Here is a fresh transfer from an off-air master cassette, recorded and played back on a great cassette deck.

The usable signal is up to 19 kHz, and no FM pilot tone is present. I think the Little Feat Radio Hour broadcast material was sourced from a radio broadcast. The broadcast is not live-to-air, but from an edited pre-FM reel by Nippon Broadcasting Corporation. During the 1970s, channel inversion and reversal was a common practice of their live concert broadcasts. Whether this was done to foil bootleggers, or to provide stereo widening is uncertain, but such processing splits the soundstage in two, and with the slight FM phase offset of 2 samples, has a sort of overdubbing effect. On the negative side, it also cancels some frequencies and emphasizes others. For this release I inverted and swapped the two channels and virtually eliminated the phase offset.

The edits ("//") shown in the set list are as broadcast by LFRH where much of the applause between songs was removed or voiced-over with commentary. I removed the remaining commentary. Some of the transitions are a little abrupt, and there are a lot of them in the first half of the broadcast, with edits between all but 2 tracks.

There were periodic light clicks throughout the left channel of the first two songs of the encore (tracks 13 and 14). I could not coax any automated processing tools to do what I wanted, so these were edited individually. The reason for the noise in this track was that the gain on these first two tracks of Fragment C were boosted about 10 dB. After removing the clicks, I brought the gain back in line with the rest of the material by cutting it down by 9 dB.

- corrected DC offset errors
- restored clipped peaks
- balanced channels and gain normalized
- swapped and inverted channels (there was interference between the 2 channels)
- shortened long fade-in at start
- removed LFRH commentary
- lightly decrackled and declicked
- phase offset correction: -0.06 ms (right channel trailed by 2-3 samples)
- repaired clicks and pops
- decreased gain of tracks 13 and 14 by 9 dB
- joined fragments and tracked

Frank Zappa - 1976-10-31 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC) Early Show

(Audience FLAC)

Early Show
The Felt Forum

~~ from Glassberg-MOTB Master tape transfer ~~

Complete, with 1 patch from alternate MC source (TFEC)

available tapes according FZshows:
1976 10 31 - Felt Forum, New York, NY
Early show
110 min, Aud, A-
The Purple Lagoon, Stinkfoot, The Poodle Lecture, Dirty Love, Wind Up Workin' In A Gas Station, Tryin' To Grow A Chin, The Torture Never Stops, City Of Tiny Lights, You Didn't Try To Call Me, Manx Needs Women, Titties 'n Beer, Black Napkins, Advance Romance, The Purple Lagoon, My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama, Stranded In The Jungle, Dinah-Moe Humm, The Purple Lagoon

This copy: 113.44 min, AUD MC, A/A-

Source & Lineage info (from MOTB):
Analog Audience Source: FOB Master Cassettes (MAC)
Medium Stock Brands: MAC = 1 x TDK SA-90 & 1 x TDK SA-60
Analog Lineage: 1 x Sony ECM99 => Sony 153SD >> MAC
Analog Sound Preservation: MAC >> Nakamichi DR-1 => Grace Design Lunatec V3 >> Korg MR-1000 >> DSF [1-bit 5 -6448 MHz Stereo] >> Korg MR-1000 => Korg AudioGate >> WAV [24/96]

add.lineage (flambay):
WAV [24/96] > Soundforge 9: speed correction (+50cts & add.fine tuning), re-tracked, downsampled, included patch from TFEC source > WAV [16/44.1] > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (762 MB)

Taped By: Barry Glassberg
Transfer By: Adam Egert
Mastering By: Derek McCabe
re-edited by: flambay

Fill TFEC MC (alternate source) (113.00 min, AUD MC, B+ mono)
Shoebox seed:
for tape flip in City Of Tiny Lites

Lineage info:
Master cassettes > the Sony cassette deck at KABF (not the best, no possibility of azimuth adjustment) > Alesis Masterlink > CDR > my IMAC desktop > aiff >
Drew's server > Audacity > wav > Soundforge 9: volume level and phase offset adjustments, tracking, extracting patch and merging with main source
Recorded by: Mark Arouh
Transferred by: TFEC
Edited by: flambay

== Frank Zappa's Band Oct 1976 - Mar 1977 ==
FZ, Ray White, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Eddie Jobson, Bianca [Thornton] (through Nov. 9)

01 Crowd & tape noise [0:55]
02 Purple Lagoon Intro [3:49]
03 Stinkfoot [7:48]
04 Poodle Lecture [4:19]
05 Dirty Love [3:58]
06 Wind Up Working In A Gas Station [2:27]
07 Tryin To Grow A Chin [4:06]
08 The Torture Never Stops [11:55]
09 City Of Tiny Lights [8:30] °°° tf/TFEC MC source patch {6:33-7:03}
10 You Didn't Try To Call Me [5:45]
11 Manx Needs Women [1:44]
12 Titties n Beer [6:36]
13 Black Napkins [18:12]
14 Advance Romance [10:43]
15 Purple Lagoon Outro [0:33]
16 encore break [3:19] °°° cuts in, no music missing
17 My Guitar Wants To Kill Your Mama [5:44]
18 Stranded In The Jungle [5:12]
19 Dinah Moe Humm [7:00]
20 Purple Lagoon Outro#2 [0:58]

Total Time (patched version) 113.44 min

Unpatched track (Glassberg-MOTB MC source only)
in separate subfolder (55,7 MB):

09 City Of Tiny Lights (unpatched) [8:01] °°° tape flip cut at 6:33

Total Time (Glassberg source only) 113.15 min

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Heart - 1978-10-01 - BBC Rock Hour (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

BBC Rock Hour Pre-Fm reel
Broadcast on October 1st 1978
Unknown Location


01) Intro/Silver Wheels
02) Dreamboat Annie
03) Little Queen
04) Commercials
05) White Lighning and Wine
06) Rock 'N Roll
07) Kick It Out
08) Sing Child
09) Commercials
10) Magic Man
11) Barracuda
12) Crazy On You/Outro

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Led Zeppelin - 1973-01-30 - Preston, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Plant's Influenza
Empress Valley

Silvers > EAC > Wave > Flac

Very Good Audience Recording

Disc 1:

01.Rock and Roll
02.Over The Hills And Far Away
03.Black Dog
04.Misty Mountain Hop
05.Since I've Been Loving You
06.Dancing Days
07.Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
08.The Song Remains The Same
09.The Rain Song 

Disc 2:
01.Dazed and Confused
02.Stairway To Heaven
03.Whole Lotta Love

Peter Gabriel - 2012-10-09 - Santa Barbara, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Santa Barbara Bowl,

CA-14 (cardioids) > CA-9200 > GAKables mini starquad > Edirol R-09HR (@ 24bit/96kHz) > Audacity (fades, track splits, amplify, export as 16bit/44.1kHz) > TLH (flac level 8)

Taper: klingklang

Jennie Abrahamson & Linnea Olsson (opening act):
01. introduction by PG
02. In This Life To Live
03. Hard To Come By
04. Atoms For Peace (Thom Yorke cover)
05. Falling

01. introduction by PG
02. O But
03. band introductions
04. Come Talk To Me
05. Shock The Monkey
06. Family Snapshot
07. Digging In The Dirt
08. Secret World
09. The Family And The Fishing Net
10. No Self Control
11. Solsbury Hill
12. Washing Of The Water
13. Red Rain
14. Sledgehammer
15. Don't Give Up
16. That Voice Again
17. Mercy Street
18. Big Time
19. We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)
20. This Is The Picture (Excellent Birds)
21. In Your Eyes
22. band introductions

23. The Tower That Ate People
24. Biko

Simple Minds - 2012-02-16 - Barcelona, ES (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Edirol RH09 > ECM-CS10 Sony mic >

1st row

SD Card > Adobe Audition 3.0 > WAV> FLAC >

Taper: fer101

01 - Intro
02 - I Travel
03 - Thirty Flames a Second
04 - Celebrate
05 - Life in a Day
06 - Hunter and the Hunted
07 - Wasteland
08 - This Fear Of Gods
09 - Lovesong
10 - Pleasany Disturbed
11 - Room
12 - The American
13 - Calling Your Name
14 - Sons and Fascination
15 - 70 Cities as Love Brings The Fall
16 - Changeling
17 - Factory
18 - Premonition
19 - Scar
20 - Promised You a Miracle
21 - Someone Somewhere in Summertime
22 - Themes For Great Cities
23 - Chelsea Girl
24 - Someone
25 - Glittering Prize
26 - New Gold Dream (81-82-83-84)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Taj Mahal - 1971-05-23 - New York City, NY (pre-FM/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)


MSBD reel @ 7 1/2 ips-> CDR->EAC->FLAC>WAV>CEP v2.1>FLAC

Remastered 2CD W/ Artwork (FLAC)

TITLE: Live At The Fillmore East

ARTWORK: Included


01. Unknown Acoustic Blues #
02. Goin' Fishin
03. Tom & Sally Drake
04. Good Morning Miss Brown
05. Ain't Gwine to Whistle DixieAnymo'
06. Going Up To The Country, Paint My Mailbox Blue
07. Sweet Mama Janisse
08. You're Gonna Need Somebody On Your Bond

01. Stealin'
02. John, Ain't It Hard
03. She Caught the Katy (And Left me a Mule to Ride)
04. Diving Duck Blues
05. You Ain't No Street Walker Mama, Honey But I Do Love The Way You Strut Your Stuff

Ttotal runtime: 1hr 27mins 50 secs

This amazing stereo recording, taken from the soundboard master reel, showcases Taj Mahal in all his early 70's crossover blues glory. A lot of the material here is also available on the official Taj Mahal live recording from the same venue, recorded just a few months earlier, 1972's The Real Thing. My efforts to improve the sound quality of this recording, which is already superb, were minimal and include light tweaking of the frequency spectrum to eliminate some flatness and unbalanced frequency levels. I tried to focus on not altering the overall dynamic of the recording, which would eliminate the original feel of the music, while taking out some of the more subtle flaws.
I included artwork that I put together from what I could find that would sort of fit with the recording since there seems to be nothing available to my knowledge! First I had to determine the titles of most tracks, which were somewhat mislabelled by the original seeder of the source recording, who I am forever grateful to for providing such a recording!! No worries!! I managed to find the proper titles for every song but the first one! The original tracklisting is kept the same as the source with one difference: I seperated track 1 into 2 tracks since it contained 2 songs, the unknown song and Gone Fishin'. I am aware that this show could fit on one disc if some of the dead air is taken out but I decided not to do this, in efforts to keep the recording as original and complete as possible, even if it contains some near silent periods. This is what happened at the show so it's included!

The Rolling Stones - 1975-06-12 - Bloston, MA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Mick Jagger vocals harmonica 
Keith Richards guitar vocals 
Charlie Watts - drums 
Ron Wood - guitar 
Bill Wyman - bass 
Ian Stewart - piano 
Billy Preston - keyboards, vocals 
Ollie Brown - percussion 

Cd1 (Tape 1, Side A And Side B Part 1): 
01 Inro Fanfare For The Common Man 
02 Honky Tonk Woman 
03 All Down The Line 
04 If You Can'T Rock Me 
05 Get Off My Cloud 
06 Star Star 
07 Gimme Shelter 
08 Ain'T Too Proud To Beg 
09 You Got To Move 
10 You Can'T Always Get What You Want (Tape Flip Edit At 46:13 Real Time Or 9:12 Track Time) 

Cd2 (Tape 1, Side B Cont. And Tape 2 Side A) 
01 Band Intros 
02 Happy 
03 Tumbling Dice 
04 Luxury 
05 Heartbreaker 
06 Fingerprint File 
07 Angie 
08 Wild Horses 

(Tape Change Edit At 38:21 Real Time Or Right On Track 9) 

09 That'S Life 
10 Outta Space 
11 Brown Sugar 
12 Midnight Rambler 
13 It'S Only Rock And Roll 
14 Rip This Joint 
15 Street Fighting Man 
16 Jumping Jack Flash 
Joe Maloney Master Recording 

The Smashing Pumpkins - 2012-05-26 - Lisboa, PT (FM/FLAC)

Rock in Rio Lisboa,
Parque da Bela Vista, Lisboa, Portugal

FM RFM> Tuner Denon TU-460> Amplifier Technics SU-V500> Zoom H2 line in> WAV 16bits> FLAC

01. Zero (cuts in)
02. Bullet with Butterfly Wings
03. Today
04. Starla
05. The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
06. Quasar
07. Panopticon
08. Tonite Reprise/Tonight, Tonight
09. Ava Adore
10. Neverlost
11. The Everlasting Gaze
12. Oceania
13. 1979
14. Cherub Rock
15. Muzzle
16. Encore break
17. Disarm
18. Space Oddity (David Bowie)
19. X.Y.U.

Kiss - 2012-07-04 - London, UK (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

HMV Forum, Full Show in brilliant picture-quality.

01 - Detroit Rock City
02 - Hell or Hallelujah (Live debut)
03 - Deuce
04 - Shout It Out Loud
05 - Makin' Love
06 - I Love It Loud (Gene spits fire)
07 - Shock Me (followed by Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer jam)
08 - Calling Dr. Love
09 - 100,000 Years
10 - Love Gun
11 - Black Diamond (preceded by a short Paul guitar solo)

12 - Crazy Crazy Nights
13 - Lick It Up (including Won't Get Fooled Again excerpt)
14 - Rock and Roll All Nite
15 - God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II

Leave some credits to Chromeboy, who did an awesome job filming and editing this great Live-Shots. The recording looks almost like a Pro-Shot.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Megadeth - 2012-09-14 - Buenos Aires, ARG (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Source: Rock and Pop FM Broadcast 

Taper - Transferer: defender4 

FM Broadcast > Noblex RD-U792E > analog cable > AIMP2 Recorder > WAV [44.1kHz] > Audacity > Traders Little Helper > FLAC [level 8] 

Line Up: 
Dave Mustaine: Guitar, Vocals 
Chris Broderick: Guitar, Backing vocals 
Dave Ellefson: Bass guitar, Backing vocals 
Shawn Drover: Drums 

01 - Trust 
02 - Hangar 18 
03 - She-Wolf 
04 - A Tout Le Monde 
05 - Whose Life (Is It Anyways?) 
06 - Public Enemy No. 1 
07 - Countdown to Extinction 
08 - Skin o' My Teeth 
09 - Symphony of Destruction 
10 - Architecture of Aggression 
11 - Foreclosure of a Dream 
12 - Sweating Bullets 
13 - This Was My Life 
14 - Countdown to Extinction 
15 - High Speed Dirt 
16 - Psychotron 
17 - Captive Honour 
18 - Ashes in Your Mouth 
19 - Encore: 
20 - Peace Sells 
21 - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due 

Length: 109 Minutes 

- Radio DJ speaks in/between the songs which is kinda annoying 
- Dave speaks in the end of some songs 

Lucinda Williams - 1989-11-18 - Auckland, NZ (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Gluepot 
Just Lucinda and Gurf on this one. 

sdb>cdr trade>hd 

01 - Big Red Sun Blues 
02 - Wild and Blue 
03 - Am I Too Blue 
04 - Crescent City 
05 - Dark Side of Life 
06 - Nothin' in Ramblin' 
07 - The Nights Too Long 
08 - Factory Blues 
09 - talk 
10 - Side of the Road 
11 - I Just Wanted to See You So Bad 
12 - Sundays 
13 - Price to Pay 
14 - Disgusted 
15 - Happy Woman Blues 
16 - Something About What Happens When We Talk 
17 - talk 
18 - Passionate Kisses 
19 - talk 
20 - Changed the Locks 
21 - Which Will (false start) 
22 - Which Will 
23 - I Asked For Water 
24 - talk 
25 - Motherless Children 
26 - Sharp Cutting Wings 
27 - talk 
28 - Positively Fourth Street (cut)

Leonard Cohen - 2012-09-30 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

L'Olympia, last night of a three night run 

Audience - DPA 4023-->Marantz PMD661 (Oade Mod). Level adjustment Izotope RX. Track split in Sound Studio. Original is 24/96. This release is 16/44. 

8th row, slightly off centre 


01 - Dance me to the end of love 
02 - The Future 
03 - Bird on a Wire 
04 - Everybody Knows 
05 - Who by fire 
06 - Darkness 
07 - Sisters of mercy 
08 - Hey, that’s no way to say goodbye 
09 - Amen 
10 - Come healing 
11 - In my secret life 
12 - Going home 
13 - Waiting for the miracle 
14 - Anthem 

Second Set: 
15 - Tower of song 
16 - Suzanne 
17 - Night comes on 
18 - Heart with no companion 
19 - The gypsy’s wife 
20 - The partisan 
21 - Democracy 
22 - Coming back to you (Webb Sisters) 
23 - Alexandra leaving (Sharon Robinson) 
24 - I’m your man 
25 - Hallelujah 
26 - Take this waltz 

27 - So long, Marianne 
28 - First we take Manhattan 

Second encore: 
29 - Famous blue raincoat 
30 - If It be Your Will (Webb Sisters) 
31 - Closing Time 

Third encore: 
32 - I tried to leave you 
33 - Save the Last Dance

Typical live-audience Cohen recording issues, some loud clapping during songs etc combined with rather low levels from the PA. I have had to make adjustments on both and sometimes, the transitions are not pretty. Apologies. Low levels in second set, so quite a bit of gain has been added. 

Johnny Cash - 1954-xx-xx - Privately Recorded Acetate (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Private Acetate

Unknown Lineage


01. Johnny Cash Professes His Love For Vivian Liberto
02. Am I The One (With Spoken Intro)

Circa Early 1954 (While Johnny Cash Was Still In Service)

John McLaughlin and Shakti - 1977-03-09 - Willimantic, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(audiecne FLAC)

John McLaughlin & Shakti 
March 9, 1977 
Willimantic, CT @ Shaboo Inn 
2-Audio Technics condensors > Sony TC 152 > cassette > ? > CDR 
spliced with portions of: 
2-Audio Technics condensors > Sony TC 152 > cassette > D6 > PC > CDR (by Commander) > EAC > Audacity > FLAC (by taperchuck3 in sept 2012) 
Recorded by Commander 

01. La Danse Du Bonheur (The Dance of Happiness) 15:38 
02. banter and band intros 4:06 
03. Lady L 26:47 
04. What Need Have I For This, What Need Have I For That, I Am Sitting At The Feet of My Lord, All Is Bliss, All Is Bliss 38:44 

John McLaughlin- acoustic guitar 
Lakshminarayanan (L) Shankar- Violin 
Zakir Hussain- tabla 
Thetakudi Harihara (T.H.) "Vikku" Vinayakaram- Ghatam 
Cheryl and Lynette- sruti boxes 

This is a version of this recording that I compiled from two sources. I think we now have the complete recording/performance. 

SOURCE 1 (labeled as 3/9/77): Most of this is taken from an unknown audience > ? > CDR source. This source was apparently missing the last 30 second of t3 and the last 17 minutes of t4. 

SOURCE 2 (labeled as 3/3/77): In September 2012, taperchuck3 posted this source, with detailed lineage, at Traders Den. This source was missing t2, and also had cuts between some tracks. 

Both sources sounded similar (clearly from the same original source recording), but I liked the tone of source 1, even though it has a little hiss (hey, it gives it character). So I kept all of source 1 (mainly because the first 3 tracks flowed with nothing missing, no cuts between tracks). Source 1 cut off around the 45 minutes mark (usually the limit of one side of a 90 minute cassette tape). Therefore, Source 1 was missing the last 30 seconds of t3, which I spliced in from source 2. Also, source 1 was apparently missing the last 17 minutes of t4, which I spliced in from source 2. 

The correct date is March 9, because McLaughlin announces that it was Zakir's birthday. 

Enjoy, because this really is one of THE best quality Shakti live recordings that exists. The quality really is excellent and the venue sounds intimate. I can say this with confidence having recently compared the quality of all of the live Shakti recordings I had in order to get rid of some and trim down my CDR collection...

Jethro Tull - 2004-08-13 - Oxfordshire, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Cropredy Festival 

Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony TCD-D3 
Transferred to .wav on a Phillips CDR deck (model unknown) 
.wav files converted to FLAC8 via Trader's Little Helper 

An EBR Recording 

01. My Sunday Feeling 
02. Cross-Eyed Mary 
03. Skating Away 
04. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (1) 
05. Life's A Long Song 
06. Farm On A Freeway (2) 
07. Weathercock (2) 
08. Eurology 
09. Songs From The Wood-> Too Old To Rock And Roll-> Heavy Horses Songs From The Wood 
10. Bouree (3) 
11. Mother Goose (4) 
12. Empty Cafe 

01. John Barleycorn (5) 
02. A New Day Yesterday 
03. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 
04. Budapest (3) 
05. Locomotive Breath 
06. Living In The Past 
07. Aquadiddley->Aqualung 
08. Protect And Survive/Cheerio 

1: With Chris Leslie 
2: With Dave Pegg 
3: With Ric Sanders 
4: With Clive Bunker, Gerry Conway & Chris Leslie 
5: With Simon Nicol & Martin Allcock 

Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt and Keb Moe - 2001-06-01 - Seattle, WA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Songbird Benefit
Paramount Theatre

Disc One
01 - Intro
02 - Songbirds (excerpt)
03 - Tom Robbins
04 - Danny O'Keefe
05 - Rare Birds
06 - Lets Go Fishing Frank w/Keb Moe

Keb Moe set
07 - Victims Of Comfort
08 - Loola Loo
09 - Come On Back
10 - Muddy Water
11 - New Beginning
12 - Everything I Need
13 - Stand Up And Be Strong
14 - Just Like You w/Bonnie Raitt
15 - Am I Wrong

Disc Two
Jackson Browne set
01 - I'm Alive
02 - Barricades Of Heaven
03 - Don't You Want To Be There
04 - For Taking The Trouble
05 - The Road (w/Danny O'Keefe)
06 - Jazzbird
07 - Your Bright Baby Blues (w/ Bonnie Raitt)
08 - World In Motion (w/ Bonnie Raitt and Keb'Mo)

Disc Three
Bonnie Raitt Set
01 - Rainy Day Man
02 - Born In the Country (w/ Keb' Mo)
03 - Louise (w/ Cris Williamson)
04 - Nick Of Time
05 - Mother Earth
06 - My Opening Farewell (w/ Jackson Browne)
07 - Thing Called Love (w/ Jackson Browne and Keb'Mo)
08 - Angel From Montgomery (w/ Jackson Browne and Keb'Mo)
09 - Well Well Well (w/ Jackson Browne and Keb'Mo)

Ian Anderson - 2012-10-04 - Uncasville, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Mohegan sun arena 

recorded by doctorzap 

M-AUDIO MICROTRACK II 24/96 > SoundForge > FLAC 


Foo Fighters - 1996-07-12 - Dublin, Ireland (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Feile Festival

Broadcast on RTE 2FM radio in late 1996, I recorded this to a Type I C-90 cassette using an old Sharp twin deck recorder. 

Cassette(M) > Philips CDR602 Recorder > CDR > EAC > WAV > TLH > FLAC level 6 

01 Wattershed 
02 Butterflies 
03 Gas Chamber 
04 For All The Cows 
05 Weenie Beenie 
06 Enough Space 
07 Big Me 
08 My Hero 
09 My Poor Brain 
10 This Is A Call 
11 Up In Arms 
12 Good Grief 
13 Podunk 
14 Alone + Easy Target 
15 Alone + Easy Target (cont'd) 
16 I'll Stick Around 

Runtime 52mins approx. 

Eric Clapton - 1983-09-21 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) w Steve Winwood, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck

(Audience FLAC)

Audience recording>my 1984 Japanese triple vinyl bootleg album>Philips CDR760>CD-R>EAC>FLAC(level 8)>bittorent6.0.3

Eric Clapton, 
Jeff Beck, 
Jimmy Page, 
Steve Winwood
Ronnie Lane 
& Friends 

NOT the A.R.M.S. show, not the video, not the radio show! 

Royal Disc 1 
01. The National Anthem 

Eric Clapton: 
02. Everybody Oughta Change 
03. Lay Down Sally 
04. Have You Ever Loved A Woman/ Ramblin‘ On My Mind 
05. Rita Mae 
06. Cocaine 

Andy Fairweather-Low: 
07. Man Smart, Woman Smarter 

Steve Winwood: 
08. Some Comes Across The Water* 
09. Roadrunner* 
10. Slowdown Sundown* 
11. There’S A River* 
12. Gimme Some Lovin’* 

TOTAL: 57:46 min. 

* Eric Clapton on guitar 

Royal Disc 2 

Jeff Beck: 
01. Star Cycle 
02. The Pump 
03. Led Boots 
04. People Get Ready 
05. Hi Ho Silver Lining 

Jimmy Page: 
06. Prelude 
07. Who’S To Blame 
08. City Sirens 
09. Stairway To Heaven 

Finale (Clapton, Beck, Page): 
10. Wee Wee Baby 
11. Layla 
12. Goodnight Irene (W/R. Lane) 
13. Final Announcements 

TOTAL: 63:21 min. 

“The Three Yardbirds”: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, plus: 
Steve Winwood, Billy Wyman, Charlie Watts, Kenny Jones, Andy Fairweather-Low, Chris Stainton, Ray Cooper; mastermind: Ronnie Lane. 

OK folks, here’s the necessary trivia: Most of you may know ex-Small Face Ronnie Lane had organised his well-known September 20th, 1983 show at the Royal Albert Hall with his mates for his A.R.M.S. (Action for Research Into Multiple Sclerosis). That 150min. show was later officially released on video, and was also b’cast as a radio show by Superstar Concert Series. 

However, this show here is from the 2nd night on September 21st with the same personnel but dedicated to another good cause, dubbed appropriately “The Price’s Trust Rock Gala”. Prince Charles had just founded his charity project earlier in 1983, with Duran Duran playing the first charity show for the Prince’s Trust on July 20th. 

Therefore, he and late Princess Di attended “his” show which for this occasion had to be cut down to about two hours; obviously it was thought the royal couple may have had trouble sitting on their bums for longer than that. 

Eventually Eric dropped “Wonderful Tonight”, Steve omitted his opener “Hound Dog”, Jeff didn’t play “Good Bye Pork Pie Hat”, the All Stars left off Tulsa Time, and Ronnie “Bomber’s Moon”; only Page didn’t condense his set, most likely because with its 18plus minutes it was by far the shortest, anyway. 

So why would anyone with a somewhat sane mind ever want this show here which – as an audience recording to boot - doesn’t seem to be a match against the first night? Well, as far as I know, there is no complete version of the first night in circulation, and surprisingly not even an audience recording: the video omits Steve’s first two tracks “Hound Dog” and “Some Comes Across The Water”, and “Tulsa Time” whereas the radio show too comes without the two Winwood tracks, and lacks “Stairway to Heaven” (but contains “Tulsa Time” on the other hand). Groan! 

So, first of all, this show here is *complete*, plus the sound quality is real nice. The tape must have been recorded with high-quality equipment and sent to the Japanese bootlegger as a very low gen.copy. Most importantly though, this is the only recording that contains Steve’s “Some Comes Across The Water”. Now, this is a lovely number which IMHO is worth the admission alone! And Eric plays some intriguing guitar on this. My fave number of the entire show, I must say. Can’t figure its actual title as it seems unreleased – please correct me if I’m wrong. I don’t have the slightest idea why it was omitted from the releases of the other show. 

And finally, as The Sun made it clear on their front page the following day, the icing of this cake was silver-dressed Di who of course(!) “outshone them all”. :)

The triple bootleg came out sometime in early 1984 and cost me fortune then, as it was common with most Japanese releases but I’ve never regretted my temporary bankruptcy. So, please enjoy it as much as I did (and still do) - and share! And of course DO NOT fumble on it (i.e. no equalizer “remastering”, OK?!), don’t circulate it as mp3 or in other lossy formats - and you know well: if you sell you’ll go to hell (most likely). 

Chicago Transit Authority - 1969-08-30/31 - Lewisville, TX (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Dallas International Motor Speedway, Lewisville, Texas 8/30&31/69 (Texas International Pop Festival 1969) 

Soundboard show traded many years ago 

Lineage : 
Cdr Trade -> EAC -> Traders' little helper (checksum & flac conversion (6)) 

01. Intro/Introduction 
02. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is 
03. South California Purples 
04. Beginnings 
05. 25 or 6 to 4 
06. Announcements (8/31/69) 
07. I'm A Man (8/31/69) 

Excellent soundboard (IMO) from the 1969 tour. One of the earliest Chicago shows available in trading circles. 

Brian Eno - Music For The Great Gallery Of Venaria Reale (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

About 1 hour of the recording I did saturday 29-09-2012 visiting the Great Gallery. 
you can hear the music and also words and noice from people visiting the installation. 
the first half is recorded walking in the Gallery, second half is taped in the dead center of the Gallery. 

Core Sound Binaurals > Marantz PMD620 > USB > Wavelab > TLH > FLAC

some interesting images here 

notes from 
The great Brian Eno, the undisputed contemporary master, music theorist, acclaimed producer, the inventor of ambient music and the brilliant innovator of the language of modern music has made a very special gift to the Great Gallery, the 18th century masterpiece by the architect Filippo Juvarra and the symbol of the splendor of Venaria Reale: an original soundtrack. 

I started writing “12 Seasons. Music for the Great Gallery” in my studio in London. I had seen pictures and plans of the Reggia di Venaria and I was confident I had found the right approach: I worked for a few weeks on a track that I brought to the Reggia for testing in May 2012. 
When I listened to it in the extraordinary context of the Great Gallery, however, I realized that it was not right. What I had composed - in my studio in London, wrapped up in England’s grey climate - was introspective and somewhat dark. There was not doubt in my mind that it was an “interior” track. What is most striking about the Great Gallery - and you realise as much only when you step into it - is that it is soaked in light and space: nothing further from an “interior” feeling. Juvarra had designed it to invite the world to get in, so it seemed appropriate that music should exist inside as well as outside of space, almost like a cloud or an atmosphere that would envelop the construction from the outside. 
Conceptually, this music is similar to other works I did around forty years ago (e.g., Discreet Music, 1975). I am still deeply fascinated by the range of transformations that are possible starting with a limited “stock” of original notes, and this piece is a perfect example in this sense. Nevertheless, there is also a new starting point. Building on the Reggia’s “classical” imprint, I wanted to make sure that the track was made up of several “movements” rather than a single block. Thus only 4 or 5 or 6 of the original 7 sounds I had decided to work with will eventually be used in each section. This means that the emotional quality of each section is slightly different, and as it progresses, the piece evolves and takes on different overtones. 
I love the Great Gallery of La Venaria, it is a sort of secular cathedral, and I hope that my music will encourage more people to spend time in the Gallery than it is normally the case. Brian Eno 

12 Seasons. Music for the Great Gallery of the Palace of Venaria, in its final version, is made up of two 1-hour tracks consisting of 12 sections each.
Only four speakers are in place, two at the entrance and two at the end of the Gallery, all facing the center of the hall. Visitors walking down the Gallery are wrapped into two distincts sound flows: as they approach the center of the hall, echoes of the sounds behind turn into a memory that blend in the soft reverberations of the sounds that lay ahead. 
The two movements that are complete when they meet at the heart of the Gallery. The sound tracks are made of melodic cores that are sketched and whispered, with the warmer sound of real violins in place of samplings. Pauses and silences play with the peculiar reverberation effect. The sounds are remarkably persistent before dissolving into the space, each engaged in a potentially endless chase, floating in the air, altering the perception of the Great Gallery, expanding its volumes and filling it with a different light. 

Music thus becomes an “essential constituent” of the Gallery, like a color, a scent, almost a newly crafted decoration - after the ones designed by the architects Juvarra and Alfieri. Music as a complement to space". 

Bob Dylan - 1993-02-12 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Hammersmith Apollo, London 

Recorded on Sonic Studios DSM-6 mics->Sony TCD-D3 Transferred to .wav on a Phillips CDR deck (model unknown) .wav files converted to FLAC8 via Trader's Little Helper 

An EBR Recording

01. Maggie's Farm 
02. Just Like A Woman 
03. All Along The Watchtower 
04. Tangled Up In Blue 
05. I Don't Believe You 
06. Stuck Inside Of Mobile 
07. She Belongs To Me 
08. Tomorrow Night 
09. Jim Jones 
10. Mr Tambourine Man 

01. Don't Think Twice, Its Alright 
02. Cats In The Well 
03. I And I 
04. Simple Twist Of Fate 
05. Highway 61 
06. Crowd 
07. What Good Am I? 
08. Everything Is Broken 
09. It Ain't Me Babe 
10. Outro 

Black Sabbath - 1980-11-18 - Tokyo, JP (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Nakano Sun Plaza Hall

"Black Line" (no label)

"Black Line" Original Boot CDR>EAC>WAV>TLH>FLAC(Lv8)

Tony Iommi - Guitars
Ronnie James Dio - Vocals
Geezer Butler - Bass
Vinny Appice - Drums
Geoff Nicholls - Keyboards

01) Radio Intro (00:31)
02) Neon Knights (05:05)
03) N.I.B. (05:32)
04) Children Of The Sea (06:20)
05) Sweet Leaf (03:36)
06) Drum Solo (04:56)
07) Sweet Leaf (Reprise) (01:57)
08) Lady Evil (04:43)
09) Black Sabbath (09:00)
10) Heaven And Hell (10:38)
11) Iron Man (07:42)

Running time: 59:59 min

Alan Parsons - 2001-06-18 - Saratoga, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

A Walk Down Abbey Road Tour - a tribute to The Beatles 
Venue: Villa Montalvo Garden Theatre, Saratoga, USA 
Date: 18 Jun 2001 
Source: Audience 
Transfer: Sharp MD > CD-R from trade 100 years ago> EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you 
Sound Quality: A- in my rating and ears.... 

Alan Parsons - Guitars, Vocals & Keyboard 
Ann Wilson - Vocals & Flute 
John Entwistle - Bass & Vocals 
David Pack - Guitars & Vocals 
Godfrey Townsend - Guitars 
Steve Loungo - Drums 
John Beck - Keyboards 
Todd Rundgren - Guitars & Vocals 

01 Magical Mystery Tour 
02 Open My Eyes --> ##REMOVED## 
03 Sirius/Eye In The Sky 
04 Crazy On You 
05 My Wife 
06 Hello It’s Me --> ##REMOVED## 
07 You’re The Biggest Part Of Me 
08 How Much I Feel 
09 Bang On The Drum --> ##REMOVED## 
10 The Real Me 
11 Games People Play 
12 Dreamboat Annie 
13 Barracuda/My Generation 
14 Back In The U.S.S.R. 
16 Lady Madonna 
17 I’m Down 
18 The Fool On The Hill 
19 While My Guitar Gently Weeps 
20 Here Comes The Sun 
21 Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds 
22 You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away 
23 Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey 
24 Revolution 
25 Day Tripper 
26 I Want To Hold Your Hand/Blackbird 
27 Rain 
28 Let It Be 
29 Ticket To Ride 
30 Hey Jude 
31 Birthday 
32 Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End 

Neil Young - 2012-09-29 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot HD)

(DVDfull pro-shot DH)

Central Park, Great Lawn (Global Citizen Festival)

soundboard > unknown

Source > VideoReDo

Live Satellite Feed > .TS [MPEG-2/16.4Mbps/1080i/384kbps/MP2/2.0]


- Direct satellite feed, no broadcaster logos but there are messages from the festival on screen occasionally.

01. Love and Only Love
02. Powderfinger
03. Born in Ontario
04. Walk Like a Giant
05. The Needle and the Damage Done
06. Twisted Road
07. Fuckin' Up
08. Rockin' in the Free World

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Foo Fighters - 2012-09-29 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Central Park, Great Lawn (Global Citizen Festival)

Generation: Satellite Feed & HDTV Broadcasts > 1080i Transport Streams > DVD [NTSC]
Source: PRO #1 - Professional Video + PRO #2 - Audio from Professional Video
Running Time: 63:05 minutes
Transferrred By: Simon Kilmore
Video Information: 8 Mbps VBR MPEG-2 / 720x480i / 29.97fps
Audio Information: 384kbps MPEG-1 Audio Layer 2 (Stereo) + 384kbps AC-3 (5.1 Surround Sound)
Transfer Details: DGIndex 1.58 > AVISynth 2.6.0 > Cinema Craft Encoder SP3 > Adobe Encore CS5.1

01. Times Like These
02. All My Life
03. My Hero
04. Learn To Fly
05. Arlandria
06. These Days
07. Walk
08. Best Of You
09. Everlong

This DVD is sourced from two high definition sources which features the best video and audio sources for this show. The stereo track was losslessly boosted in volume and the 5.1 audio track is untouched except for a large delay added to the start because that broadcast cut in slightly late. This means the first 23 seconds of the 5.1 track is silent, this only involves part of Dave's intro speech, the music has a 5.1 track throughout.

Video and audio quality are both very good with no broadcaster logos on screen although there are messages from the festival occasionally. Video is generally sharp and clear but there are occasions with light macroblocking and in some areas this gets very bad. Most of the time the picture is very enjoyable however. Both audio tracks are as you would expect for a digital broadcast of this kind, clear and quite punchy with very good clarity. As mentioned above the 5.1 source is silent for the first 21 seconds.

As a bonus the final track from Neil Young's set is included as it featured members of Foo Fighters. The video and audio quality is identical to the main feature although it features only a 2.0 track. 

Stevie Ray Vaughan - 1985-06-07 - Chicago, IL (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Blues Festival 
Grant Park

Quality:Very Good to Excellent 
Transfered by-Uploaded by:sunvenusmoon 

02-Say What 
03-Aint Gone N Give up on Love 
04-Voodoo Chile Slight Return 
05-Mary Had a Little Lamb 
06-Texas Flood 
07-Come On part III 

Time 44:52 

Fresh Transfer from my analog cassette tape. Received in trade back in the day.

STYX - 1976-04-02 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Winterland Arena 


DENNIS DEYOUNG - keyboards & vocals 
CHUCK PANOZZO - bass guitar 
JAMES YOUNG - lead guitar & vocals 
TOMMY SHAW - lead guitar 

01. Born For Adventure 
02. 22 Years 
03. Lorelei 
04. You Need Love 
05. Suite Madame Blue 
06. Lady 
07. Midnight Ride 
08. Light Up 

50 minutes 

Suede - 1999-07-04 - Roskilde, DK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Yellow Stage 

FM -> CD-R -> Audiograbber -> Flac Frontend (level 6) -> Torrent

The final (and best) of the 3 famous gigs Suede did at the Roskilde Festival in 1999. 

The last 3 songs on this recording were picked my members of the audience spinning a "wheel of fortune" that they rolled out on stage for the encores. The 4th and final song, My Dark Star, unfortunately wasn't recorded by NRK P3 :-/ 

01. Intro (Rachmaninov) 
02. Killing of a Flashboy 
03. Implement Yeah! 
04. My Insatiable One 
05. Europe Is Our Playground 
06. The 2 Of Us 
07. The Chemistry Between Us 
08. Indian Strings 
09. Picnic By The Motorway 
10. Down 

Encore (wheel of fortune): 
11. Sound of The Streets 
12. The Living Dead 
13. Saturday Night 

Lenght: 64:57 

The Cure - 2011-11-23 - Los Angeles, CA (AUD/FLAC) B.C. version

(audience FLAC)

Gear: AT853 SC-ELE > AT ES943 > SP-SPSB-8 > Sony PCM-M10 (48/24) 
Lineage: Sony PCM-M10 > USB 2.0 > HDD > Audition > CD Wave > TLH > FLAC 

Set 1: Three Imaginary Boys 
01 - 10:15 Saturday Night 
02 - Accuracy 
03 - Grinding Halt 
04 - Another Day 
05 - Object 
06 - Subway Song 
07 - Foxy Lady 
08 - Meathook 
09 - So What 
10 - Fire In Cairo 
11 - It's Not You 
12 - Three Imaginary Boys 
13 - The Weedy Burton 

Set 2: Seventeen Seconds 
01 - A Reflection 
02 - Play For Today 
03 - Secrets 
04 - In Your House 
05 - Three 
06 - The Final Sound 
07 - A Forest 
08 - M 
09 - At Night 
10 - Seventeen Seconds 

Set 3: Faith 
01 - The Holy Hour 
02 - Primary 
03 - Other Voices 
04 - All Cats Are Grey 
05 - The Funeral Party 
06 - Doubt 
07 - The Drowning Man 
08 - Faith 

Encore 1 
09 - World War 
10 - I'm Cold 
11 - Plastic Passion 
12 - Boys Don’t Cry 
13 - Killing An Arab 
14 - Jumping Someone Else’s Train 
15 - Another Journey By Train 

Encore 2 
16 - Descent 
17 - Splintered In Her Head 
18 - Charlotte Sometimes 
19 - The Hanging Garden 

Encore 3 
20 - Let’s Go To Bed 
21 - The Walk 
22 - The Lovecats

The Cure - 2011-11-26 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC) 24/44.1 beatkilla

(Audience FLAC)

Beacon Theatre 
"Reflections" Tour - Night 2 


Audio Technica 853's (cardioid) 4.7k mod > Core Sound Battery Box > Sony PCM - M10 (24/44.1) > 
USB 2.0 > HDD > Sony Vegas 9 Pro > CD Wave > TLH >Flac Level 8 

Recorded by: Beatkilla 

Set 1: Three Imaginary Boys 
01. 10:15 Saturday Night 
02. Accuracy 
03. Grinding Halt 
04. Another Day 
05. Object 
06. Subway Song 
07. Foxy Lady 
08. Meathook 
09. So What 
10. Fire In Cairo 
11. It's Not You 
12. Three Imaginary Boys 
13. The Weedy Burton 

Set 2: Seventeen Seconds 
01. A Reflection 
02. Play For Today 
03. Secrets 
04. In Your House 
05. Three 
06. The Final Sound 
07. A Forest 
08. M 
09. At Night 
10. Seventeen Seconds 

Set 3: Faith 
01. The Holy Hour 
02. Primary 
03. Other Voices 
04. All Cats Are Grey 
05. The Funeral Party 
06. Doubt 
07. The Drowning Man 
08. Faith 

Set 4: Encores 
01. Do The Hansa 
02. World War 
03. I'm Cold 
04. Plastic Passion 
05. Boy's Don't Cry 
06. Killing An Arab 
07. Jumping Someone Else's Train 
08. Another Journey By Train 
09. Descent 
10. Splintered In Her Head 
11. Charlotte Sometimes 
12. The Hanging Garden 
13. Let's Go To Bed 
14. The Walk 
15. The Lovecats 
16. The Caterpillar 
17. Inbetween Days 

The Cure - 2012-07-05 - Roskilde, DK (FM/FLAC)

(Pure FM Broadcast FLAC)

Broadcasted on Pure FM (Belgium, 2012-09-30). Stereo reception. Very good sound. 
Complete broadcast. Incomplete show. 

Recording Gear: Pioneer Synthesizer Tuner F-Z93L --> Pioneer Amplifier XD-Z53T --> Roland Edirol R09HR v.1.04 (16bit/44kHz) input level at 41 --> PC with USB cable 
Post production: volume & balance adjusted, fade in/fade out (first and last tracks), tracks edited, created and tagged with SoundForgePro. 
5,5 radio jingles was delete (no music lost). 
Tracks in wav --> Flac 8, Align on sector boundaries using fix and .ffp with Trader's Little Helper 

01. Intro 
02. The End Of The World 
03. Lovesong 
04. Push 
05. In Between Days 
06. Just Like Heaven 
07. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
08. Trust 
09. Want 
10. Shake Dog Shake 
11. The Hungry Ghost 
12. Wrong Number 

Total Time: 52:23 

The Eagles - 1999-12-29 - Las Vegas, NV (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

Location: Mandalay Bay Event Center, Las Vegas, USA 
Source: Audience 
Transfer: CD-R from trade 100 years > EAC > FLAC Level 8 > you 
Sound Quality: A- in my rating and ears.... 

01 Hotel California 
02 Victim of Love 
03 New Kid in Town 
04 Wasted Time 
05 Pretty Maids All in a Row 
06 Peaceful Easy Feeling 
07 I Can’t Tell You Why 
08 Please Come Home for Christmas 
09 In the City 
10 Lyin’ Eyes 
11 One of These Nights 
12 Seven Bridges Road 
13 Love Will Keep Us Alive 
14 Heart of the Matter 
15 Ol’ 55 
16 Take It to the Limit 
17 Those Shoes 
18 Boys of Summer 
19 Funk #49 
20 Dirty Laundry 
21 Life’s Been Good 
22 Heartache Tonight 
23 Life in the Fast Lane 
24 Countdown 
25 Funky New Year 
26 Rocky Mountain Way 
27 Best of My Love 
28 All She Wants To Do Is Dance 
29 Desperado 
30 Take It Easy (fade out) 

Second show from the shortest tour in the rock history!! Only three concerts was performed. It will always be known as The Eagles Millennium Tour 2000. The festivities began with two evenings at Las Vegas's Mandalay Bay and one at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. Some insignificant edits between a few tracks, but a very nice recording 

The Fall - 1981-02-05 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC) 

TDK D90 > TEAC V-377 > Realtek AC97 Audio > MAGIX music studio generation 6 deLuxe > WAV > FLAC 8

01 Your Heart Out 
02 Totally Wired 
03 Leave The Capitol 
04 An Older Lover 
05 New Face In Hell 
06 Middle Mass 
07 C'n'C-s Mithering 
08 Crap Rap #19 
09 Fiery Jack 
10 Jawbone And The Air-Rifle 
11 Slates, Slags, Etc. 
12 Fit And Working Again 
13 Prole Art Threat 
14 Impression Of J. Temperance 
15 Container Drivers 

Tom Petty - 1993-11-04 - Gainesville, FL (pre-FM/FLAC)

(pre-FM FLAC)


Ww1 Superstar Concert Series Master Cds To Eac/Wav To Audio Cleaning Lab For Re-Tracking Editing Of Ads And Editing Both Cds Together Krw Transfer To Cdr To Eac Secure Mode To Tlh Flac Level 8 

Tom Petty Guitar Vocals 
Mike Campbell Guitar 
Benmont Tench Keyboards Vocals 
Stan Lynch Drums Vocals 
Howie Epstein Bass Vocals 

01 Intro 
02 Into The Great Wide Open 
03 Listen To Her Heart 
04 I Won'T Back Down 
05 Free Fallin' 
06 Psychotic Reaction 
07 Last Dance With Mary Jane 
08 The Ballad Of Easy Rider 
09 Southern Accents 
10 Yer So Bad 
11 Refugee 
12 Running Down A Dream 
13 Learning To Fly 
14 American Girl 
15 All Right For Now 
16 Ad For The Show

U2 - 1981-08-23 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

1981-08-23 – England, London, Paris Cinema Studio
Manufacturer: X Records
Catalog: UT 7BE
Format: 1cd (39:55)

Original Silver CD > flac (Toast Titanium) - Covers inside

01. 11 O‘Clock Tick Tock [5:29]
02. I Will Follow [3:50]
03. An Cat Dubh [4:30]
04. Into The Heart [2:42]
05. With A Shout (Jerusalem) [3:55]
06. Twilight [4:31]
07. Out Of Control [4:23]
1981-08-23 – England, London, Paris Cinema Studio
Incomplete – Missing Track: Rejoice

08. Tonight [1:30]
09. Trevor [3:15]
10. Inside Out [1:33]
Early demos, taped from early radio show

11. The Unforgettable Fire (instrumental) [4:11]
Unknown – Soundcheck?

Van Halen - 1995-01-27 - Arnhem, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Title: Secret Gig 
Venue: Luxor, Arnhem, Holland 
Date: 01-27-95 
Broadcast > DAT? > Silver CD > EAC > Traders Little Helper > FLAC level 8 
Label: KTS 
Source: Live Radio Broadcast 

Additional notes from CD cover: DDD Entirely a digital recording? Sounds like it! 
Quality: A++ Sonic 

01. Poundcake 5'55 
02. Judgment Day 5'24 
03. Don’t Tell Me 5'39 
04. Amsterdam 8'01 
05. Panama 4'45 
06. Standing on Top of the World 4'57 
07. Feelin’ 6'12 
08. Best of Both Worlds 6'39 
09. Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love 4'20

Van Halen - 1995-05-28 - Nijmegen, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: DeGoffert Park 
City: Nijmegen 
Country: Holland 
Date: May 28 1995 
Taper: Unknown 
Recording Equipment: Unknown 
Tour: Balance European Tour 

Trade > CDR > EAC "Secure Mode" > Wave > Traders Little Helper > Flac 6 

Soundquality: I´d rate this one 9,5 out of 10. 

Disc 1: 
01. Intro > The Seventh Seal 
02. Runaround 
03. Dreams 
04. Amsterdam 
05. When It´s Love 
06. Aftershock 
07. Can´t Stop Loving You 
08. Ain´t Talkin´ `bout Love 

Disc 2: 
01. Feelin´ 
02. Edward Van Halen Guitar Solo 
03. You Really Got Me 
04. Why Can´t This Be Love ? 
05. One Way To Rock 
06. Right Now > Crowd 
07. Don´t Tell Me 
08. Jump 

Weird Al Yankovic - 2004-07-21 - Costa Mesa, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Poodle Hat Tour 
Orange County Fair 

Unknown -> WAV -> FLAC 

01. Angry White Boy Polka 
02. Party At The Leper Colony 
03. A Complicated Song 
04. Sweet Home Alabama 
05. One More Minute 
06. Dog Eat Dog 
07. It's All About The Pentiums 
08. Wanna B Ur Lovr 
09. Trash Day 
10. Medley 
- Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies 
- Jerry Springer 
- Jurassic Park 
- Free Delivery 
- eBay 
- Theme From Rocky XIII 
- Ode To A Superhero 
- Lasagna 
- Pretty Fly For A Rabbi 
- My Bologna 
- Gump 
- Eat It 
11. Smells Like Nirvana 
12. Amish Paradise 
13. Couch Potato 
14. Fat 
15. Keyboard Solo I 
16. The Saga Begins 
17. Keyboard Solo II 
18. Yoda 

Yes - 1969-10-27 - Amougies, Belgium (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Amougies Belgium Actuel Festival 
27 October 1969 
Audience recording 
Quality C 

Lineage TradeDataDisc>HD>Dime 
Originally seeded by Flambay 
Folder had Yes 1969-10-27 Amougies No.2 speed fixed. 

Jon Anderson - lead vocals 
Peter Banks - guitar & backing vocals 
Tony Kaye - organ 
Chris Squire - bass & vocals 
Bill Bruford - drums 

01. No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed (Havens) (4:53) 
02. tuning problems (4:43) 
03. Then (Anderson) (5:32) 
04. It's Love (Cavaliere/Brigati) (14:39) 
05. Everydays (Stills) (5:43) 
06. I See You (McGuinn/Crosby) (14:24) 
07. Something's Coming (Bernstein/Sondheim) (10:19) 

And now for the penultimate day of this legendary festival... I'm sure this is one of the most anticipated performances - a rare early performance by Yes 
Yes fans are in for a treat - sonics aside, this is a really interesting listen. First, with the exception of "Then", they only play covers, including the rare "It's Love" from The Rascals which extensively features Chris Squire on vocals and bass (there is a version with Steve Howe on the recent live boxed set) - and, already at that point, has Anderson quoting the introductory theme to Stravinsky's "Rite Of Spring" (as he again did on "Yessongs"). The climax of the gig, I think, is the very extended "I See You" which has one of those long, wild guitar/drums duets between Banks and Bruford that Banks has referred to repeatedly but here's the first real chance of hearing what it really was like. Of course, Yes went on to make great music, arguably better and more accomplished, but there's a wildness and freedom to their early incarnation that was missing in their later, superstar days. 

Lastly, the usual reminder about the sound quality - the tape recorder used was way below modern standards and the sound is nowhere near "professional" quality. This reservation aside, however, this is simply an unbelievable document of a legendary festival, and so our hearfelt thanks to the taper, JJB, for recording this at the time, and for allowing me to seed it here. 

(technical note: JJB tells me he remembers using a Grundig tape recorder with LR14 batteries, using 8cm-diameter reels with a 4,75 cm/s recording speed) 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dead Can Dance - 2012-10-03 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)


- 16bit master by scttrbrn -


Edirol R-09 (16/44.1) + Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 (hat mounted) + SPSB-11 (no bass roll off) > PC via USB > CoolEdit Pro (fading, limiting crowd volume) > CDWave (splitting) > FLAC 1.2.1 (Level 8) > You

Recorded from the middle of the 7th row about 10m in front of the stage.

01 - Children Of The Sun
02 - Anabasis
03 - Rakim
04 - Kiko
05 - Lamma Bada
06 - Agape
07 - Amnesia
08 - Sanvean
09 - Nierika
10 - Opium
11 - The Host Of Seraphim
12 - Ime Prezakias
13 - Now We Are Free
14 - All in Good Time
15 - [Encore Break]

16 - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

17 - Dreams Made Flesh
18 - [Encore Break]

19 - Wandering Star

Dead Can Dance - 2012-10-05 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Edirol R-09 + OKM IIR mics > CD wave (track splits) > FLAC (level 8)

01. Children of the Sun
02. Anabasis
03. Rakim
04. Kiko
05. Lamma Bada
06. Agape
07. Amnesia
08. Sanvean
09. Nierika
10. Opium
11. The Host of Seraphim
12. Ime Prezakias
13. Now We Are Free
14. All in Good Time
15. [encore break]
16. The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
17. Dreams Made Flesh
18. [encore break]
19. Song to the Siren
20. Return of the She-King
21. [encore break]
22. Rising of the Moon

TT 124:01

Dead Can Dance - 2012-10-08 - Cologne, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Kölner Philharmonie


Type: Audience master, recorded from seat directly in front of Brendan, 3rd row.

Source: Factory-matched pair of Schoeps CCM 41V microphones (DINa mounted) -> Marantz PMD661 recorder with Oade Concert Mod (-18 dB gain/44.1 kHz/24 bit WAV)

Lineage: Audacity 2.0.2

* applied varying amplification for consistency across recording
* attenuated applause
* added fades
* split tracks
* converted to 16 bit
-> FLAC (compression level 8) [libFLAC 1.2.1 20070917]

Taper: Ian Macdonald (ianmacd)

01. [08:04] Children Of The Sun
02. [06:47] Anabasis
03. [06:39] Rakim
04. [08:29] Kiko
05. [00:45] [banter]
06. [04:36] Lamma Bada
07. [06:19] Agape
08. [06:32] Amnesia
09. [05:37] Sanvean
10. [04:51] Nierika
11. [05:48] Opium
12. [06:46] The Host Of Seraphim
13. [05:03] Ime Prezakias
14. [05:14] Now We Are Free
15. [07:02] All In Good Time
16. [02:47] [encore break]
17. [05:58] The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove
18. [04:05] Dreams Made Flesh
19. [02:59] [encore break]
20. [04:55] Song To The Siren
21. [07:22] Return Of The She-King
22. [01:41] [encore break]
23. [07:44] Rising Of The Moon

Total running time: 126:02

Laura Nyro - 1970-12-22 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Fillmore East


MD5 and the original text file included. I have not included this intro as I made only minor alterations to the original text file (which remains unchanged) to create this intro. All of the music and info files come to you exactly as they came to me.

One more thing: Please note that I am, as always, simply the messenger. All thanks go to davmar77, dnick926, michaosanna and, of course, the musicians and technicians. A very humble "thank you!" from salmonella to one and all.

Artwork included. You may want to note that the front cover says this concert was at the Fillmore West. That is incorrect, it was at the Fillmore East.

01. Intro
02. He's A Runner
03. Brown Earth
04. When I Was Freeport And You Were The Main Drag
05. Christmas In My Soul (spoken poem)
06. Poverty Train
07. Emmie
08. Gibson Street
09. Captain For Dark Mornings > Treasure Of Love
10. Up On The Roof
11. And When I Die
12. Time and Love > Save The Country
13. Walk On By
14. It's Gonna Take A Miracle
15. Tom Dooley > California Shoeshine Boys >Tom Dooley
16. Timer

This is an absolutely fabulous soundboard recording of the great Laura Nyro from December 22, 1970 at the Fillmore East. On this night, Jackson Browne opened. I don't have a recording of his portion of the show. I wonder if anyone out there does? If you do, I do hereby officially request that you upload it here at the best tracker east of west Texas and west of the moon! (If, for some reason, you choose not to upload it, please PM me and perhaps we can work something out. I would be very happy to upload it, giving you the thanks you deserve.)

Rainbow - 1981-07-03 - Barcelona, SP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


VENUE: sold out 10.000 people








The show was recorded in Barcelona by "Zappa" and Richie Blackmore refused to play after midnight, so he changed the set order and he plays before UFO and the end of the night was for Deff Leppard. There's a bootleg of this show called Bullfighter but I'm not sure that was the same source. I edited and upload this show from a old tapes ( master tapes) I've got some months ago from Zappa who recorded some old concerts in Barcelona.Hope you enjoy the show.

Joe Lynn Turner,vocals

Ritchie Blackmore,guitars
Roger Glover,bass
Don Airey, keyboards
Bob Rondinelli,drums

01. Intro:
Pomp and Circunstances Marches (Edward Elgar)/Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)

02. Spotlight Kid
03. Love's No Friend
04. I Surrender
05. Can't Happen Here
06. Catch The Rainbow
07. Man On The Silver Mountain
08. Lost In Hollywood
09. Difficult To Cure
Drum Solo
10. Long Live Rock'n'Roll
11. Lazy
12. Woman From Tokyo
13.Smoke On The Water
14. end with intro Over the Rainbow (Wizard of Oz)

Rainbow - 1978-01-11 - Nagoya, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Captain Amazing & Mr. Cornflakes (Japanese Title: Dainijin)

Nagoya-Shi Kokaido, Aichi, Japan.

Ex Stereo Audience Recording

Tarantura Boot 2CD > WAV > FLAC


01: SE
02: Monitar Check
03: Opening
04: Over The Rainbow
05: Start
06: Kill The King
07: MC
08: Guitar Solo
09: Mistreated
10: MC
11: Greensleeves
12: 16th Century Greensleeves
13: MC
14: Guitar Solo
15: Catch The Rainbow
16: MC
17: Long Live Rock'n Roll

01: MC
02: Lazy
03: Man On The Silver Mountain
04: Blues
05: Man On The Silver Mountain
06: Starstruck
07: Man On The Silver Mountain
08: MC
09: Keyboard Solo
10: Still I'm Sad
11: Beethoven Sinfonie Nr. 9 D-moll Op. 125
12: Keyboard Solo
13: Drum Solo
14: The Year 1812 Festival Overture in E Flat Major
15: Still I'm Sad
16: Guitar Solo
17: Do You Close Your Eyes
18: Over The Rainbow
19: Announcement 1
20: Announcement 2

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Morrissey - 2012-07-21 - Tel Aviv, Israel (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

"Back in this Beautiful City"

Exhibition Grounds

Sold Out

*Complete Show*

Source: Radio Broadcast

FM > Zoom H1 (16/44) > WAV > PC > Audacity > TLH > FLAC > DIME

Rating: 8/10 (Very Good)
--> Static noise (mostly heard during the quiet parts)
--> Some radio host commentaries between certain tracks (not much really)
--> The first track has a short cut and the sound shifts a bit (broadcasting issues)

Catalog: ANDY-010 (My 10th live recording!)

01. How Soon Is Now?
02. Everyday Is Like Sunday
03. You're The One For Me, Fatty
04. You Have Killed Me
05. Shoplifters Of The World Unite
06. Ouija Board, Ouija Board
07. Maladjusted
08. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
09. I Know It's Over
10. Black Cloud
11. Alma Matters
12. When Last I Spoke To Carol
13. Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
14. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
15. To Give (The Reason I Live)
16. Speedway
17. Still Ill
18. Meat Is Murder
19. Let Me Kiss You

20. I Will See You In Far Off Places

TT: 1:30:36

Editing Notes:

- Amplified
- Added fade in/out
- Tracked
- Fixed SBEs
- Created MD5 checksum