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For everyone who has problems or doesn't know how to unpack z01, z02, files, follow this simple procedure: install the latest version of winzip or winrar, open only the zip files (ignore z01, z02 etc...), select the content and extract somewhere. That's all.

giovedì 19 luglio 2018

Faith No More - 1995-06-29 - Haifa, IL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Faith No More
Haifa Festival, Haifa, Israel

Sets: 39min+

Number: 1
Source: tv brdcst > ntsc vhs > sa > pc (menu) > dvdr
Quality: A
Notes: When it comes to low-gen FNM dvds, there's Smeagol productions & then there's everyone else.

This dvd is worlds better than any other circulating copy of this broadcast. Perhaps 2nd gen at the very worst.


Ricochet *
Be Aggressive
Midlife Crisis
Gentle Art Of Making Enemies
Evidence *
What A Day *

* are shortly talked over by a commentator lady.

Interview with Bill and Patton and segments from these songs: Midlife, Evidence, King For A Day, Caffeine, Just A Man, Easy


Supertramp - 1977-11-10 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Queen Mary College 1977
This Place Records TPR DVD 003

(a) RFM TV broadcast ("classic" Rock Masters version):
1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Lady
4. From Now On
5. Babaji
6. Poor Boy
7. Dreamer
8. Another Man's Woman

(b) BBC4 10Nov06 broadcast:
1. Give A Little Bit
2. Bloody Well Right
3. Dreamer
4. Another Man's Woman
5. Hide In Your Shell

video : PAL, 720x576 (4:3)
audio : Linear PCM 48kHz (a) / mp2 48kHz 384bps (b)
length: 47 minutes (a) / 29 minutes (b)

- video (a): "Rock Masters" Russian bootleg DVDR dated 2001
- video (b): BBC4 TV broadcast, 10Nov06 (DVB-S)
- audio taken from stereo pre-FM sources (except b5):
a1,a3,a5,a8,b1,b4: WW1 Superstar Concert Series #93-29 CD
a4,a7,b3: WW1 Superstar Concert Series #98-23 CD
a2,b2: WW1 BBC Classic Tracks #93-01 CD
a6: London Wavelength BBC Rock Hour #343 LP

This release is the result of a team work and would not have been possible without the help and generosity of PaulHarald, who provided most of the pre-FM sources for this project, and Pokermad, who provided the BBC4 rebroadcast from 2006, captured by Joefish. So thanks to everyone for making this project possible!

This concert from Queen Mary College was filmed by the BBC on November 10, 1977, and broadcast on TV various times. The common TV broadcast versions last 47 minutes and contain 8 songs. This common version surfaced at various places, but the best quality I could find for that broadcast comes from a Russian bootleg DVDR, that is most probably directly taken from a digital recording of RFM TV broadcast, or even maybe from the TV station master itself. The video is clear and sharp, there's absolutely no trace of VHS in the lineage.

In late 2006, BBC4 TV rebroadcast a shorter version of the concert, lasting 28 minutes with only 5 songs, but the last one (Hide In Your Shell) was a big surprise because it was never broadcast before, and was not available previously, even in audio format! Joefish did a straight capture from the BBC digital stream, which has perfect video quality (and actually it's difficult to tell which version is better, the RFM TV one or the BBC4 TV one).

The main problem with these TV versions of the concert is that the music was mixed in mono! There's absolutely no stereo separation on every version broadcast by TV.

Since most of the songs of that concert were also mixed in stereo for radio broadcasts and can be found on several (rare) transcription CDs and LP (pre-FM), the purpose of the current release is to present the TV broadcasts with STEREO sound for the very first time!

The audio on this DVD was directly taken from Westwood One pre-FM CDs, with some exceptions:

- Poor Boy was not available in CD format, so the audio used here was taken from a BBC Rock Hour LP.

- On CD, the reprise at the end of Lady was edited out, so the BBC Rock Hour LP was used for this last part of the song.

- All the pre-FM versions of Bloody Well Right (on CD and LP) have 2 edits: one at the end of the keyboard intro, and another during the ending instrumental section with saxophone solo. Therefore, during this song, the audio switches back to the original sound from TV broadcast at these moments.

- Hide In Your Shell was never broadcast on radio, and no stereo mix is available for this song.

It has to be noted that during the audio dubbing process, the original video was NOT re-encoded (therefore, the video of the BBC4 broadcast is still the exact stream as broadcast by BBC4 TV; only the audio soundtrack is different).

To summarise, with the present DVD you have two different TV broadcasts of that classic 1977 concert, in ultimate video quality, with improved soundtrack taken from stereo pre-FM sources! Having seen the original mono TV versions numerous times in the past, I can tell you that with stereo sound, the viewing experience is much more enjoyable. Just sit down, relax, and play it loud!

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 1974-07-13 - Oakland, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young 
Oakland Alameda County Coliseum 
Oakland, California 

source: Reel -> DAT/n -> CDR -> EAC -> WAV -> CoolEdit -> WAV -> SHN -> FLAC 

(some additional editing and FLAC conversion by Roel on 2003/11/05) 

"revision A" 

David Crosby - vocals, guitar 
Stephen Stills - vocals, guitar, keyboards, acoustic bass 
Graham Nash - vocals, guitar, piano, harmonica, organ 
Neil Young - vocals, guitar, harmonica, keyboards 
Tim Drummond - bass 
Joe Lala - percussion 
Russ Kunkel - drums 

Disc 1, electric set [0h 44m 21s] 
1. Love The One You're With 
2. Wooden Ships 
3. Immigration Man 
4. Traces 
5. Cowgirl In The Sand 
6. Grave Concern 
7. Black Queen 
8. Ohio 

Disc 2, acoustic set [1h 19m 41s] 
1. Suite: Judy Blue Eyes 
2. Blackbird 
3. Human Highway 
4. Carry Me 
5. For Free 
6. The Lee Shore 
7. Prison Song 
8. It's All Right 
9. Our House 
10. Long May You Run 
11. Only Love Can Break Your Heart 
12. Ambulance Blues 
13. Sugar Mountain 
14. Know You Got To Run 
15. You Can't Catch Me / Word Game 

Disc 3, electric set [1h 08m 26s] 
1. Don't Be Denied 
2. Deja Vu 
3. Pre Road Downs 
4. First Things First 
5. Long Time Gone 
6. Revolution Blues 
7. Pushed It Over The End 
8. Carry On 
9. band intro / encore announcement 
10. On The Beach 
11. Chicago / thanks by Bill Graham 

There are a few flaws on the DAT that is in circulation:
1. The first few seconds of Love The One You're With are missing.
2. A few moments/bursts of diginoise occur during Long Time Gone, Carry On, On The Beach and before Cowgirl In The Sand. The diginoise has been either fixed, or edited using a 1st generation analogue copy of this show.

3. On all known DAT/CDR copies of this show, about 10 seconds are missing from Pushed It Over The End. However, there is a bootleg double LP called 'Traces' from part of this show, where that part is curiously NOT missing. (note that the CDR bootleg 'Traces' is NOT a copy of the double LP!) I have repaired the missing seconds with a recording of that LP.

The edits using the 1st generation copy, and the LP-edit during Pushed It Over The End are audible. I really hope a better version of this show will eventually surface, but this is the best I could do for now. Let's call this version "revision A".

audible edits:
d3t05, 4:06-4:11 (1st gen edit)
d3t07, 7:53-8:04 (LP edit)
d3t08, 1:10-1:12 (1st gen edit)
8:29-8:35 (1st gen edit)

Note that the order of the songs differs from that in Ghost On The Road. The book is wrong, and the recording is clearly in the right order this way. (Just listen to the comments by Crosby before the two encores.)

Joe Jackson - 2006-07-26 - Stuttgart, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Joe Jackson
Jazz Open, Pariser Plarz, Stuttgart
26 July 2006

3sat broadcast


Digital Recording, not reencoded
Authored w/ DVD Studio Pro

Duration: 0:59:10
Data Size: 3.03 GB
Bit Rate: 7.32 Mbps

Video Tracks:
MPEG-2, 720 × 576, 16:9, 25 fps, 8.00 Mbps, upper field first
Audio Tracks:
MP2 stereo, 48 kHz, 256 kbps

Joe Jackson - Vocal & Piano
Graham Maby - Bass
Dave Houghton - Drums

01 - Home Town
02 - Steppin Out
03 - It´s Different For Girls
04 - Another World
05 - Going Downtown
06 - On Your Radio
07 - Cancer
08 - Take It Like A Man
09 - What You Want
10 - One More Time
11 - Don ´t Get Around Much Anymore
12 - Is She Really Going Out With Him
13 - Slow Song

Iggy Pop - 1993-07-24 - Warsaw, PL (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Iggy Pop
City: Warsaw, Poland
Venue: Torwar Hall
Date: 24 or 31(broadcast date) July 1993

VIDEO: MPEG-2, 720x576 25 fps (4:3) PAL, 9216 kpbs
AUDIO: Dolby Digiral (AC-3), 48000 Hz Stereo, 256 kbps (Monolingual)

Duration: Disc One - 50 min 34 sec, Disc Two - 30 min 31 sec
Data Size: Disc One - 3.40 GB, Disc Two - 2.05 GB
Lineage: Tv Broadcast (Polish TV (b/w Secam)) -> VHS -> DVD RECORDERER -> HD -> YOU

Iggy Pop - Vocal
Eric Schemerhorn - Guitar
Hal Cragin - Bass
Larry Mulins - Drums

Disc One:
01. Raw Power
02. TV Eye
03. Hate
04. Real Wild Child
05. Loose
06. I Wanna Be Your Dog
07. No Fun
08. The Passanger
09. Search And Destroy

Disc Two:
10. I'm Sick Of You
11. Lust For Life
12. Home
13. Louie Louie
14. China Girl
15. Sickness

I recorded it from Polish TV in 1993. It was brodcasted in Secam system. I don't remember why but first two tracks was broadcasted in colours and rest in ... b/w. Polish TV divided it on two parts. Because it's very rare material I decided to change nothing.

Black Sabbath - 1989-11-25 - Moscow, RU (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Release Name
Headless In Russia - Definitive Edition

Olympic Hall, Moscow, Russia, 19th-28th November 1989

Source> 2x DVD5 Pro-shot vhs transfer. [A-8 ~ V-7.5]

Tony Iommi 
Tony Martin 
Cozy Powell 
Neil Murray
Geoff Nicholls

01. Opening S.E. (Ave Satani)
02. Headless Cross
03. Neon Knights
04. Children Of The Sea
05. Tony Solo / Die Young
06. Apache
07. When Death Calls
08. War Pigs
09. MC (With Interprator)
10. Tony Solo / Black Sabbath
11. Iron Man
12. Children Of The Grave
13. Heaven & Hell
14. Paranoid

01. Opening S.E. (Ave Satani)
02. Headless Cross
03. Neon Knights
04. Children Of The Sea
05. Iron Man
06. Children Of The Grave
07. MC (With Interprator)
08. When Death Calls
09. War Pigs
10. Tony Solo / Die Young
11. Tony Solo / Black Sabbath
12. Heaven & Hell
13. Paranoid

[2xdvd5] disk definitive edition, featuring Afternoon and Evening concerts Langley Masters 026

Miles Davis - 1985-07-07 - Perugia, IT (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Miles Davis
Umbria Jazz, Stadio Curri, Perugia, Italy

TV(VHS)>DVD recorder>DVD>DVD Decypter>HDD>TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6

PAL 25 fps, I/L TFF, 4:3 (720 x 576), MPEG2 9200 kbps (average)

MPEG-1 Layer 2, CBR, 48000Hz, 192 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) (GSpot)

Miles Davis live at Umbria Jazz 1985

Miles Davis - trumpet, keyboards
Darryl Jones - bass
Vince Wilburn Jr. - drums
Steve Thornton - percussion
John Scofield - guitar
Bob Berg - soprano sax, tenor sax
Robert Irving III - keyboards

01 - Introduction
02 - One Phone Call > Street Scenes
03 - Speak
04 - Star People
05 - Maze
06 - Human Nature
07 - Somethings On Your Mind
08 - Time After Time

Total run time: 00:55:23

The Cure - 2008-10-11 - Rome, Italy (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Coca Cola Live

Stream Info (Created with Mediainfo)
Video:4680 Kbps (9400 kbps) 720x576 (4/3) 25,000 Fps MPEG Video (Pal)
Audio:256 kbps, 48.0 KHz , AC-3
Filesize:4,16 GB

Recordet By: BLACKEMY from

01 - Underneath The Stars
02 - The Only One
03 - The Reasons Why
04 - Freakshow
05 - Sirensong
06 - The Real Snow White
07 - The Hungry Ghost
08 - Switch
09 - The Perfect Boy
10 - This. Here and Now. With You
11 - Sleep When I'm Dead
12 - The Scream
13 - It's Over

14 - Lullaby
15 - Fascination St.
16 - Wrong Number
17 - The End of the World
18 - The Walk
19 - Lovesong
20 - Friday I'm In Love
21 - Inbetween Days
22 - Just Like Heaven
23 - Boys Don't Cry

R.E.M. - 1985-05-27 - Raleigh, NC (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDFull pro-shot)

NC African Relief Concert
Meredith College

Pro-Shot video

Pro-Shot videotape > VHS (2nd generation) > Sony SLV700HF > Dazzle DV bridge: analog to digital conversion > Final Cut Express editing > iDVD (NTSC) with menus > VIDEO_TS folder + cover art/extras > you 

01.  7 Chinese Bros. (4:36)
02.  Hyena (3:02)
03.  Good Advices (3:32)
04.  Talk About The Passion (3:22)
05.  Driver 8 (3:40)
06.  Can't Get There From Here  (3:39)
07.  Maps And Legends (3:19)
08.  So. Central Rain (3:52)
09.  Auctioneer (Another Engine) (2:43)
10.  Old Man Kinsey (4:02)
11.  Pretty Persuasion (3:47)
12.  Life And How To Live It (4:01)
13.  Little America (3:26)
14.  Ghost Riders In The Sky (2:11)
15.  Second Guessing (3:06)
16.  (Don't Go Back To) Rockville (4:31)
17.  Wild Thing [with Don Dixon] (3:30)
18.  Theme From Two Steps Onward (4:50)
19.  9-9/Wind Out (4:46)
20.  Gardening At Night (3:54)      

Total = 74:00
(Opening songs not captured: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Harborcoat & Green Grow The Rushes)

Bonus Tracks
01.  Me & Dixon:  Buddha Buddha (3:27)
02.  The Pressure Boys:  Combination (3:16)
03.  The Connells:  Unspoken Words (3:23)

This show came into my hands over 20 years ago from a friend who was connected to the original source. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Student Television had permission to film the event, which was the NC African Relief Concert. It was held on May 27, 1985 at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina. I was a witness to this show amongst a crowd of likely less than 1000. I was given a VHS tape copied from the original videotape. The video is Pro-Shot, but of medium quality. 

The tape included the majority of the performance starting at 7 Chinese Bros. & continuing to the show’s conclusion. Three opening songs were not captured: Feeling Gravity's Pull, Harborcoat & Green Grow The Rushes. Many songs were performed from their third full length LP, Fables Of The Reconstruction, 2 weeks before its June 11, 1985 US release. Early R.E.M. producer Don Dixon appears for Wild Thing. The band also plays Theme From Two Steps Onward, which was rarely performed.

Bonus tracks include 3 songs from other artists who appeared that day –
Me & Dixon: “Buddha Buddha,” Pressure Boys: “Combination,” & The Connells: “Unspoken Words.” I do not have any other video from that day. Other artists on the bill were Xenon & The Bill Lyerly Band.

Jeff Lynne (ELO) - 2015-11-12 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

BBC Radio Theatre, London, England 
November 12th 2015 (except Track 16) 

BBC Red Button & BBC One broadcasts > DVD Recorder > PC (authoring - no additional re-encoding) > Dime 

01 - Intro 
02 - Turn To Stone 
03 - Evil Woman 
04 - Showdown 
05 - All Over The World 
06 - When I Was A Boy 
07 - Livin' Thing 
08 - Strange Magic 
09 - Don't Bring Me Down 
10 - Steppin' Out 
11 - When The Night Comes 
12 - Sweet Talkin' Woman 
13 - Ain't It A Drag 
14 - Telephone Line 
15 - Mr. Blue Sky 

bonus track 
16 - When I Was A Boy (Live on 'The One Show' - November 11th 2015) 

Metallica - 1991-09-28 - Moscow, Soviet Union (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Band name: Metallica
Date: 28 September 1991
Venue: Tushino Airfield
Location: Moscow, Russia
Tour name: Monsters of Rock Tour

Media: 1 DVD
Filming type: Professional
Generation: High
Video format: NTSC
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Total running time: 82'
Filming quality: A+
Video quality: A+
Audio quality: A+

01 - Ecstasy of Gold
02 - Enter Sandman
03 - Creeping death
04 - Harvester of sorrow
05 - Fade to black
06 - Sad but true
07 - Master of puppets
08 - Seek and destroy
09 - For whom the bell tools
10 - One
11 - Whiplash
12 - Last Caress
13 - Am I Evil?
14 - Battery

1.000.000 People came as the Gig was free. Band Members called this Gig Their Favourite.


Miles Davis - 1970-11-17 - Philadelphia, PA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

VHS tape > PC AVI (canopus advc) > NLE > MPG-2 >DVD author

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 29.97
Bitrate: 8000

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital AC3
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 256 Kbps

menu / chapter points : yes
song titles on screen : yes
venue : Electric Factory
city / state : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Date.:.November 17, 1970
DVD size : 3.50 gig

Miles Davis Sextet
November 17, 1970
The Electric Factory
Philadelphia, PA

Miles Davis
Gary Bartz
Keith Jarrett
Jack De Johnette
Michael Henderson
Airto Moreira

chapter point / song title

01 - Directions
02 - Honky Tonk
03 - What I Say
04 - Sanctuary
05 - It's About That Time
06 - FunkyTonk
07 - The Theme

a You Tube sample (best to watch in 480 as they did not encode 1st part very well)

Miles Davis Sextet at the Electric Factory in 1970 B&W video filmed with a single camera in the projection booth (possibly this was the video feed for the green room & press box like Bill Graham was doing at the Fillmore East & Fillmore West except he used 2 cameras and had a vision mixer) Now synced to a soundboard audio the camera did not handle movement or low light very well but it is very watchable

Queen - 1985-05-11 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Show or Bootleg Title: 
Yogishi Swimming Pool Auditorium, Tokyo, Japan NTSC DVD

Video Quality/Production Info: 

PRO -> ? -> DVD -> MY HDD -> you

ID : 224 (0xE0) 
Format : MPEG Video 
Format version : Version 2 
Format profile : Main@Main 
Format settings, BVOP : Yes 
Format settings, Matrix : Default 
Format settings, GOP : M=3, N=15 
Bit rate mode : Variable 
Bit rate : 5 721 Kbps 
Maximum bit rate : 9 558 Kbps 
Width : 704 pixels 
Height : 480 pixels 
Display aspect ratio : 4:3 
Frame rate : 29.970 fps 
Standard : NTSC 
Color space : YUV 
Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0 
Bit depth : 8 bits 
Scan type : Interlaced 
Scan order : Top Field First 

ID : 189 (0xBD)-128 (0x80) 
Format : AC-3 
Format/Info : Audio Coding 3 
Mode extension : CM (complete main) 
Format settings, Endianness : Big 
Muxing mode : DVD-Video 
Bit rate mode : Constant 
Bit rate : 256 Kbps 
Channel(s) : 2 channels 
Channel positions : Front: L R 
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz 
Bit depth : 16 bits 

"The Last Time In Japan"As the name suggests, this was one of Queen's final concerts in Japan before they withdrew from live work after 1986.

01 - Tear It Up / Tie Your Mother Down
02 - Under Pressure
03 - Somebody To Love / Killer Queen
04 - Seven Seas Of Rhye / Keep Yourself Alive / Liar
05 - instrumental inferno
06 - It's A Hard Life
07 - Dragon Attack
08 - Now I'm Here
09 - Love Of My Life
10 - Another One Bites The Dust
11 - Hammer To Fall
12 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
13 - Radio Ga Ga
14 - I Want To Break Free
15 - Jailhouse Rock
16 - We Will Rock You
17 - We Are The Champions

Electric Light Orchestra - 2001-04-20 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

VH1 Storytellers

VHS > DVD received in trade > PC (authoring - no re-encoding)

The Altman Building, New York City, NY, USA

Jeff Lynne - vocals, guitar
Richard Tandy - piano, keyboards
Rosie Vela - vocals
Marc Mann - keyboards, guitar, vocals
Matt Bissonette - bass, vocals
Gregg Bissonette - drums, vocals
Peggy Baldwin - cello
Nancy Stein Ross - cello

The broadcast version was edited and resequenced by VH1.

Original running order

01 - Do Ya
02 - Evil Woman
03 - Showdown
04 - Telephone Line
05 - Livin' Thing
06 - Alright
07 - State Of Mind
08 - Mr. Blue Sky
09 - Can't Get It Out Of My Head
10 - Don't Bring Me Down
11 - Moment In Paradise

12 - Ma-Ma-Ma Belle

Banco Del Mutuo Soccorso - 2000-09-02 - Los Angeles, CA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Pro-Shot, PAL
Video: MPEG, 720*576, 4:3, 25 fps
Audio: 48,0 KHz, AC-3

Franceso Di Giacomo: Vocals
Vittorio Nocenzi: Keyboards
Rodolfo Maltese: Guitar
Tiziano Ricci: Bass
Filippo Marcheggiani: Guitar
Alessandro Papotto: Vibes
Maurizio Masi: Drums

01 - Intro
02 - Metamorfosi
03 - R.I.P.
04 - Il ragno
05 - Emiliano
06 - E mi viene da pensare
07 - Canto di primavera
08 - La Conquista Della Posizione Eretta
09 - Drums Solo
10 - 750.000 anni fà... l'amore?
11 - L'evoluzione
12 - Traccia
13 - Non mi rompete

Total time: 113 min.

Santana - 1998-06-21 - Loreley, DE (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Video Source: WDR German Rockpalast TV Broadcast(in 1998)
Taper: Axel himself
Video Bitrate: DVD1: 8642 to 8789 kb/s and DVD2: 9032 to 9140 kb/s
Frame rate: VBR 25.000 Frames/s
Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot)
DVD format: PAL
Region: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your equipment

Audio Source: WDR German Rockpalast TV Broadcast(see above)
Lineage: see below
Taper: Axel himself
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) (GSpot strikes again)

Lineage: WDR German Rockpalast TV Broadcast(see above) > Nokia satellite bowl > Pace satellite TV receiver > via Scart cable > Akai VCR > Kodak 240min master VHS > playback on LG VCR > via Scart cable > Panasonic stand alone DVD recorder(DVD1: 1h03min flexible time mode, DVD2: XP mode) > Verbatim 2DVD- set on HD (> YOU)
DVD with menue and scattered chapters
File Size: 7.98GB(DVD1: 4.00GB, DVD2: 3.98GB)
Length: 122:29min
simple artwork included, better one is much appreciated, HANX :-)
more information:

Rockpalast Open Air Festival, Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Eifel, Germany, 21st June 1998

Carlos Santana: Guitar, Percussion, Vocals
Tony Lyndsay: Vocals, Percussion
Chester Thompson: Keyboards
Benny Rietveld: Bass
Rodney Holmes: Drums
Raul Rekow: Congas
Karl Perrazzo: Percussion
members of Dave Matthews Band for Exodus ~ Get Up Stand Up

DVD1: (62:46min)
01) Woodstock Chant
02) Bacalao Con Pan
03) Day Of Celebration
04) Exodus ~ Get Up Stand Up
05) Spiritual ~ Yalaeo
06) Right On
07) Get On
08) Savor

DVD2: (59:43min)
09) Love, Devotion And Surrender ~ Get It In Your Soul
10) Mumbo Jumbo
11) Jingo
12) One Fine Morning

Length: 122:29min

(Source: WDR German Rockpalast TV Broadcast ~ Rockpalast, simply the best)