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ZZ Top - 1980-1983 - Various Live (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Low gen VHS sources->JVC SVHS 7950->Pinnacle DC10->CCE->TMPGEnc DVD Author

Captured' & Authored by TapsaL

Rockpop in Concert 1982

01 - Intro
02 - Groovy Little Hippie Pad
03 - I Thank You
04 - Waiting For The Bus
05 - Jesus Just Left Chicago
06 - I'M Bad, I'M Nationwide
07 - Ten Foot Pole
08 - I Luv A Woman
09 - Dust My Broom
10 - La Grange
11 - Tush

Mondagsbörsen 1983
01 - Interview
02 - Tube Snake Boogie
03 - Jailhouse Rock
04 - La Grange
05 - Tush
06 - Party On The Patio

Old Grey Whistle Test 1980
01 - I Thank You
02 - Cheap Sunglasses

PinkPop Festival 1982
01 - Party On The Patio
02 - La Grange
03 - Tush

Bob Dylan - 1966-04-13 - Sydney, AU (SBD/FLAC)

(From Master Reel FLAC)


This recording contains the "FULL" intermission and "TUNING" before the electric set

Master Reel>CDR>CDR "J">CDR>EAC>Soundforge 9 (Track Marks)>FLAC Level 6 align on sector boundaries

DISC 1: 65.35

01. She Belongs To Me (Incomplete)
02. Fourth Time Around
03. Visions Of Johanna
04. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue
05. Desolation Row
06. Just Like A Woman
07. Mr. Tambourine Man
08. Intermission

DISC 2: 47.25
01. Tuning
02. Tell Me, Momma
03. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)
04. Baby Let Me Follow You Down
05. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
06. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
07. One Too Many Mornings
08. Ballad Of A Thin Man
09. Positively 4th Street

The Eagles - 1974-04-13 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Live NYC 1974

Beacon Theatre, New York, 1974

FM Brooadcast (?)

Silver cd, flac

01. Peaceful Esay Feeling 
02. Already Gone 
03. Good Day In Hell 
04. Silver Threads And Golden Needles 
05. feat. Linda Ronstadt _ Desperado 
06. feat. Linda Ronstadt _ It Doesn't Matter Anymore 
07. Midnight Flyer 
08. Twenty One 
09. Ol' 55 
10. feat. Jackson Browne _ Your Bright Baby Blues 
11. feat. Jackson Browne _ Looking Into You 
12. James Dean 
13. Doolin' Dalton 
14. feat. Jackson Browne & Linda Ronstadt _ Take It Easy 

Linda Ronstadt - 1975-04-13 - Berkeley, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Linda Ronstadt
Community Theater, Berkeley CA
April 13, 1975

Bootleg LP: Take 2 Before Bedtime, TKRWM 1804
LP > DUAL 1229 > iMic > Sound Studio > xAct

01 Colorado
02 Silver Threads & Golden Needles
03 I Can't Help It If I'M Still In Love With You
04 Desperado
05 When Will I Be Loved
06 Long Long Time
07 You'r No Good
08 Heatwave
09 Heart Like A Wheel
10 It Doesn't Matter Anymore
11 Hey Good Lookin'

Tracks 10 & 11 may be from another date.

Pink Floyd - 1975-04-13 - Daly City, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

[R3] - 1st gen [Roughcut] (speedcorrected & re-indexed)
"1st gen"

The Cow Palace

original source/lineage: 
Recorder 3 / cass[1] > Sony TC- WE475 > SB X-Fi Platinum > TLH > flac

new source/lineage: 
Recorder 3 / cass[1] > Sony TC- WE475 > SB X-Fi Platinum > TLH > flac > wav > Adobe Audition 3.0 (minor editing, speed/pitch correction) > cd wav (tracking) > dBpoweramp > flac


01 - Raving and Drooling [13:20]
02 - You've Gotta Be Crazy [14:02]
03 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond [I-V] [12:56]
04 - Have A Cigar [5:33]
05 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond [VI-IX] [12:26]

01 - Speak to Me [4:04]
02 - Breathe [2:45]
03 - On the Run [4:46]
04 - Time [5:18]
05 - Breathe [Reprise] [1:04]
06 - The Great Gig in the Sky [7:24]
07 - Money [9:22]
08 - Us and Them [7:16]
09 - Any Colour You Like [8:48]
10 - Brain Damage [3:46]
11 - Eclipse [cut] [1:13]
12 - Echoes [14:43]

total time: 128:45

First off a big thanks to Roughcut for giving us this 3rd recorder from his 1st gen tapes. I took the liberty after listening to this to fix it up for myself and figured I'd share my little bit of work. For those of you that don't know, this tape ran a little slow and had tape flips and a few other anomolies. All I did to this was a minor speed/pitch correction which I think turned out very good and I re-indexed it. There were also a couple of tape flips that I was able to repair in a way where the music is seemless even though the sound quality changes a little bit due to the flip. Overall I am very happy with the outcome and it's much more fluent to listen to and hopefully you will think so as well. Absolutely no music is lost here. The fades between some tracks was a result of the taper doing this when he made Roughcut's 1st gens.

I did not want to get into a discussion about the validity of Echoes being from this date, the 12th, or from some completely other date. I will say that all of this recorder ran slow at the same amount but Echoes seemed to be perfect speed and pitch the way it was, I did nothing to it. Take that bit of info and do with it what you will.

Genesis - 1976-04-13 - Pittsburgh, PA (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

April 13, 1976
Syria Mosque
Pittsburgh, PA

FM > DAT (used for parts of FADE 002) > SHN > Happy Ears

01 Dance On A Volcano
02 The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
03 Fly On A Windshield
04 Carpet Crawlers
05 The Cinema Show
06 Robbery, Assault & Battery
07 White Mountain
08 Firth Of Fifth

01 Steve's Intro
02 Entangled
03 Squonk
04 Supper's Ready
05 I Know What I Like
06 Los Endos
07 It / Watcher Of The Skies

Includes a remastered version of IT/Watcher from FADE 000
This is a superb remaster of a great FM tape, an A-plus and then some, all the better as the show has many moments of musical brilliance. Phil's voice craps out at times (it's Baltimore's fault), which seems to make the band work even harder. Bruford brings a fresh vibe and is a joy to hear on the old tunes. This is a well-shared show but I figured the den should have it up as well for any who haven't heard it. It's definitely in the cream of Genesis live recordings. Sounds great reeeeally loud; the bass pedals will break your lease!

Premiata Forneria Marconi - 1976-04-13 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(BBC FM broadcast FLAC)

Golders Green Hippodrome

01 - Paper charms
02 - Out of the roundabout
03 - Four holes in the ground
04 - Dove...quando
05 - Mr. 9 till 5
06 - Alta loma 5 till 9

as a nice follow-up of the recent 1974 seed, here is this nice show from the Chocolate Kings tour, featuring Bernardo lanzetti on vocals.

Yes - 1979-04-13 - Louisville, KY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Radio station master! (I think) 

**Low-circulation recording** 
** A TooleMan Remaster ** 

Lineage: radio station master reel (probably) -> audio CD's -> EAC -> TheTooleMan's tricks of the trade -> FLAC 

Don't let the ragged beginning of this recording fool you. Although it is missing the first two songs of the concert, the quality improves dramatically after several minutes, and starting with the long medley it sounds really great. 

This seems to be a professional recording, with open mics mounted on stands -- that's my best guess. Sounds like a lot of the monitor mix was picked up by the mics, as it was very heavy on the midrange frequencies. I took care of that in the master. 

I wonder if this recording was made by the radio station that promoted the concert, WLRS. If so, maybe there's a better copy in their archives, or one that can be transferred more cleanly to the digital domain. 

July, 2011 


Date: Friday, April 13, 1979 
City: Louisville, Kentucky, United States Of America 
Venue: Freedom Hall Coliseum 
Capacity: 19,800 

Jon Anderson (Vocals) 
Steve Howe (Guitars) 
Chris Squire (Bass) 
Rick Wakeman (Keyboards) 
Alan White (Drums) 

01 - Future Times/Rejoice (joined in progress) 
02 - Circus Of Heaven 
03 - Time And A Word/Long Distance Runaround/Survival/The Fish (Schindleria Praematurus)/Perpetual Change/Soon 
04 - Don't Kill The Whale 
05 - Clap 
06 - Starship Trooper 
07 - On The Silent Wings Of Freedom 
08 - Wakeman Solo 
09 - Awaken 
10 - Tour Song 
11 - I've Seen All Good People 
12 - WLRS Award Ceremony 
13 - Roundabout 

The following paragraph, written by John Mock for Forgotten Yesterdays, explains the award ceremony track: 

"Here's some trivia for you...the Tormato tour stop in Louisville on 4/13, 1979 was advertised as a 'big surprise' by the local heavyweight rock station, WLRS-102 FM as Yes was the 102nd concert promoted by WLRS... they attempted to get Pink Floyd as a surprise band to make a double bill....that fell through and their last stop they tried to pull out was free beer for the sold out Freedom Hall crowd, but the promoter would not go with that due to liability and under-age drinking the 102nd concert for WLRS turned out to be anti-climactic, just a normal Yes show that was POWERFUL....I need another fix of On the Silent Wings Of Freedom!"

Queen - 1979-04-13 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC) "The Bootleg Failure"

(Audience FLAC)

The Bootleg Failure

6:30 PM Friday 13th April 1979
Nippon Budokan Dai- Hall, Tokyo, Japan

Lineage: The Bootleg Failure (silver CD) --> WAV --> Flac

01. ‘39
02. It's Late
03. Brighton Rock
04. Inferno
05. Drum Solo
06. Guitar Solo
07. Guitar and Drum Jam
08. Brighton Rock
09. Keep Yourself Alive
10. Bohemian Rhapsody
11. Tie Your Mother Down

encore 1;
12. Sheer Heart Attack

encore 2;
13. We Will Rock You
14. We Are The Champion
15. Outro. / God Save The Queen

Styx - 1981-04-13 - Landover, MD (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Styx 04/13/81
Capitol Center
Landover, MD

Menu and Chapters

In-House Monitor Feed (Pro-shot) > Unknown VHS gens > Trade DVD > you

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Display Mode: Only Pan&scan
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 6.23Mbps

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: LPCM
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not specified
Number of Audio channels: 2
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
Number of Audio streams: 1

Disc 1
01 - Introduction
02 - Ad 1928
03 - Rockin' The Paradise
04 - Blue Collar Man
05 - The Grand Illusion
06 - Lights
07 - Lady
08 - Crystal Ball
09 - Suite Madame Blue
10 - Snowblind

Disc 2
01 - Too Much Time On My Hands
02 - Great White Hope
03 - Best Of Times
04 - Foolin' Yourself
05 - Miss America
06 - Babe
07 - Renegade
08 - Come Sail Away
09 - Borrowed Time
10 - Half-Penny, Two-Penny
11 - Ad 1958

Misfits - 1982-04-13 - Hollywood, CA (SBD/SHN)

(Soundboard SHN)

notes: Saccharine Trust opened

cassette master > CDR > CDR > .shn

cdr>.shn transfer: eac>mkwact>.shn

01. 20 Eyes
02. I Turned Into a Martian
03. Horror Business
04. Mommy, Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?
05. We Bite
06. London Dungeon
07. All Hell Breaks Loose
08. Halloween
09. Skulls
10. We Are 138
11. Astro Zombies
12. Hate Breeders
13. Braineaters
14. Bullet (w/ Henry Rollins)

first song cuts in & has two glitches

Phil Collins - 1985-04-13 - Melbourne, AU (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Live at The Entertainment Centre

The Hussey Remaster

CD's > EAC > Flac frontend (level 6)

CD 1 - 64:21:
1-1. I Don't Care Anymore 6:25
1-2. Only You Know And I Know 5:59
1-3. I Cannot Believe It's True 4:30
1-4. This Must Be Love 5:47
1-5. Against All Odds 3:37
1-6. Inside Out 5:18
1-7. Who Said I Would? 5:11
1-8. You Know What I Mean 4:42
1-9. If Leaving Me Is Easy 8:24
1-10. Sussudio 5:05
1-11. Behind The Lines 4:49
1-12. Don't Lose My Number 4:28

CD 2 - 69:22:
2-1. The West Side 8:24
2-2. One More Night 5:49
2-3. In The Air Tonight 7:45
2-4. Band Introductions 8:58
2-5. Like China 5:29
2-6. You Can't Hurry Love 3:01
2-7. It Don't Matter To Me 4:23
2-8. Hand In Hand 11:01
2-9. Take Me Home 8:15
2-10. People Get Ready 3:29
2-11. It's Alright 2:43

First off, forever thanks to The West Side for bringing it out of the shadows! Ah, this is one of my all-time faves!  Probably because my first-ever concert would be this show about a month later, and because Phil was still raw and hungry--the height of Phil-mania was in full swing!
Some notes on the work I did: reduced hiss, brought the sound more to the fore, repaired the hole whilst introducing the strings, smoothed out some transitions (Sussudio/Behind the Lines, for one), upped the levels on the crowd and the banter a bit, gave it a lot of love!  It's a treat for me to hear, and I hope it is for you, too!

David Lee Roth - 1988-04-13 - Toronto, Canada (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)


ISO file

01 - The Bottom Line
02 - Hot Dog And A Shake
03 - Ain't Talkin' "Bout Love
04 - Just Like Paradise
05 - Knucklebones
06 - Easy Street
07 - Hot For Teacher
08 - Stand Up
09 - On Fire
10 - Instrumental
11 - Skyscraper
12 - Just A Gigolo
13 - Goin' Crazy
14 - Steel Drum Symphony
15 - Yankee Rose
16 - Instrumental/Oh Canada
17 - Panama
18 - California Girls
19 - You Really Got Me
20 - Jump

This is a great David Lee Roth show featuring Steve Vai and the Bissonette Brothers. This audience concert film was shot from the left balcony of the Maple Leaf Gardens.

AC/DC - 1988-04-13 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Wembley Arena 
London, UK 
April 13, 1988 
Soundboard recording 

"Wembley Warriors 88" LP > Turntable > Graphic EQ > Soundcard > Soundforge (wav) > TLH (flac level 8) > you 

01 - High voltage 
02 - Whole lotta rosie 
03 - Let there be rock 
04 - Highway to hell 
05 - T.N.T. 
06 - For those about to rock

Running time: 42:43 

Great soundboard sound quality and the hot performance at this show. Is just the last 6 songs of the show, but the quality is so good that it deserved a transfer and sharing it here. The original order of the songs was altered to fit them in the 2 sides of the LP, so I put them again in the original order of the show.

Frank Zappa - 1988-04-13 - Offenbach, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

~~ from 1st gen Audience source tape ~~ 

120 min, Aud, A 
Stinkfoot, I Ain't Got No Heart, Love Of My Life, Heavy Duty Judy, Disco Boy, Teenage Wind, Truck Driver Divorce, The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley, Advance Romance, Bobby Brown, Bolero, Big Swifty, Bamboozled By Love, Chana In De Bushwop, Sharleena, Sofa, Stairway To Heaven, I Am The Walrus, The Illinois Enema Bandit, Watermelon In Easter Hay 

This copy: 117.13 min, Aud 1st, A/A- 

Lineage: First gen copy (cassette Maxell ) > Nakamichi BX-100E > Soundforge 8 > Flac 8 > wav 
> Soundforge 9: speed correction, tracking > flac TLH lvl7 w/SBA (837 MB) 

Taped by: W.K 
Transferred by: Jazzfromhell 
Edited by: Flambay 

Frank Zappa's Band, February - June 1988: 

FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin, 
Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick. 

00 Crowd~Tuning 1:16 
01 Stinkfoot 5:45 
02 Band Introductions 2:33 
03 I Ain't Got No Heart 2:04 
04 Love Of My Life 2:18 
05 Heavy Duty Judy 2:55 
06 Disco Boy 3:09 
07 Teenage Wind 2:39 
08 Truck Driver Divorce 4:15 
09 The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley 8:52 
10 Advance Romance 6:35 
11 Bobby Brown 2:22 °°° mic/EQ problems {0:30-1:33} and tape flip cut at 1:39 
12 Bolero 5:32 
13 Big Swifty 14:53 
14 Bamboozled By Love 6:15 
15 Chana In De Bushwop 4:13 
16 Sharleena 8:17 
17 Sofa 3:01 
18 encore break 1:10 °°° cuts in, no music missing 
19 Stairway To Heaven 9:41 
20 I Am The Walrus 3:41 
21 The Illinois Enema Bandit 9:58 
22 Watermelon In Easter Hay 5:38 

Total time 117.13 min 

no fills available, all circulating versions of this show (previously uploaded samples and full seeds) are higher gen copies from the same master tape 

Lou Reed - 1989-04-13 - Denver, CO (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paramount Theatre, Denver 

Fm broadcast - CDR (received by trade) - EAC - FLAC - YOU

01 Dirty Blvd.
02 Endless Cycle
03 Last Great American Whale
04 Beginning Of A Great Adventure
05 Busload Of Faith
06 I Love You, Suzanne
07 One For My Baby (And One More For The Road)
08 Doin' The Things That We Want To
09 Rock 'N' Roll
10 Video Violence
11 The Original Wrapper
12 Sweet Jane
13 Walk On The Wild Side

Notes by the uploader/trader:
This just might be my favorite Lou Reed show in my collection. Great performance, outstanding sound. One small glitch in a song (I forget which one) but I don't have a fix.

Eric Clapton - 1990-04-13 - Hartford, CT (AUD/FLAC) Label: Beano-021

(Audience FLAC)

Eric Clapton 
Civic Center, Hartford, CT, USA 
April 13th, 1990 

Title: Ferocious 
Label: Beano-021 

Silver CDs > XLD Secure Ripper > FLAC 

Disc 1: 
01 Opening 
02 Pretending 
03 No Alibis 
04 Running On Faith 
05 I Shot The Sheriff 
06 White Room 
07 Can’t Find My Way Home 
08 Bad Love 
09 Before You Accuse Me 
10 After Midnight 
11 Old Love 

Disc 2: 
01 Tearing Us Apart 
02 Wonderful Tonight 
03 Band Introduction 
04 Cocaine 
05 A Remark You Made 
06 Layla 
07 Crossroads 
08 Sunshine Of Your Love 

The first leg of Eric Clapton’s Journeyman tour of the US lasted over twenty-eight dates beginning on March 28th in Atlanta and was two weeks old by the time they came to Hartford, Connecticut for two nights. The first show in Hartford on April 12th was actually filmed and copies circulate. It is known mostly for the fun but generally lackluster playing and that Clapton and Nathan West wore UConn caps to celebrate the Huskies male basketball team who went 36-6 that year and went from unranked in the preseason to winning the Big East Regular Season and Tournament Championships, both for the first time. 

A fair to good audience recording already exists for this date, but Beano debut a new, excellent quality audience tape. This comes from a DAT recording. On the original tape the guitars were emphasized in the left channel but has been remastered to be more centered. There is slight deterioration on the tape during the opening and the beginning of “Wonderful Tonight” but is otherwise in excellent condition. 

Much is made of Clapton’s artistic decisions throughout his forty year career. Not content to play the role of guitar hero, he oftentimes subverted his ability to concentrate upon his singing, songwriting other and collaborations. However for this concert all that is set aside and throughout these two hours he ascends the heights to display his prowess as the archetypal rock guitar god and shows why he is the greatest guitarist in the world. Every song is attacked to the core and Clapton’s guitar solos take center stage completely obliterating everything else occurring onstage. It is for this reason Beano calls this show Ferocious. Nights like this are almost unheard before and this show stands one of the greatest Eric Clapton documents to ever be released and is an essential show to own in one form or another. 

The opening is an orchestral arrangement of the coda to “Layla” before the band hit the stage with “Pretending.” Right in the very first song Clapton spits out a burst of energy that never really abates. Even the slower numbers like “No Alibis” shower the audience with rich emotion as if the guitar itself were shedding tears. “I Shot The Sheriff” lasts nine minutes long and is segued with “White Room.” 

East sings “Can’t Find My Way Home” good (although not as good as Yvone Elliman did back in the seventies). The centerpiece of the set is a thirteen minute version of “Old Love.” “Layla” is the set closer and they play two encores, both old Cream numbers. The final “Sunshine Of Your Love” is a thirteen minute extravaganza featuring Clapton playing Ravel’s Bolero during the first solo, a keyboard solo, Clapton standing alone on the stage giving a guitar clinic, a drum solo before ending on a standard blues cadence.

Thunder - 1990-04-13 - Newcastle, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

98.1 Tyne & Weer? FM radio broadcast
and includes the not so often heard Distant Thunder. In other words a great sounding show. Artwork is included Audio: 9/10

01 - Backstreet Symphony
02 - She's So Fine
03 - Love Walked In
04 - An Englishman On Holiday
05 - Until My Dying Day
06 - Higher Ground
07 - Girls Going Out Of Her Head
08 - Don't Wait For Me
09 - Distant Thunder
10 - Fired Up
11 - Dirty Love

Bob Dylan - 1993-04-13 - Nashville, TN (pre-board/FLAC)

(pre-board FLAC)

Bob Dylan 
Nashville, Tennessee 
Jackson Hall 
The Performing Arts Center 
13 April 1993 

Lineage: Unknown. 

Hard Times In New York 
d1t1 I Don't Believe You beginning cut 

Disc 1: 
Missing Hard Times (Stephen Foster) 
1. I Don't Believe You 
2. All Along The Watchtower 
3. Disease of Conceit 
4. Tangled Up In Blue 
5. Born In Time 
6. Watching The River Flow 
7. Jim Jones (trad. arr. by Bob Dylan) 
8. Tomorrow Night (Sam Coslow/Will Grosz) 
9. Gates of Eden 
10. Start of Don't Think Twice 
11. Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 

Disc 2: 
1. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry 
2. I And I 
3. Simple Twist Of Fate 
4. Everything Is Broken 
5. What Good Am I? 
6. Maggie's Farm 
7. It Ain't Me, Babe 

From The Box Set: 
Righteous To Me: 
1993 Preboards 

High recording levels cause some distortions (recorder corrects this partly in track 5). Levels are changed several times before. Track transitions are entirely seamless.

This is a Pre-Board from the RTM box set, that means it is a line recording, probably hooked to a sound monitor, but it is not a soundboard (SBD) recording in the sense that it does not represent the feed going out to the audience. It frequently emphasizes several instruments and/or vocals at the expense of others. Most of the RTM box set recordings have Dylan's vocals up front, but often they are recorded too hot and have volume fluctuations as the taper tries to compensate. Some of them, however, are excellent recordings.

Radiohead - 1996-04-13 - Boston, MA (FM/FLAC)

(FM master tape FLAC)

WBCN FM radio > Yamaha 500 reciever with digital tuner and wire antenna > Nak. BX- 100 cassette deck (dolby off) > Maxell XLII-S master cassette (almost never played) > played on Nak. 125 into soundforge with realtek soundcard (WAV) > flac

Thom Yorke: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano, beats
Jonny Greenwood: lead guitar keyboard and miscellaneous
Ed O'Brien: guitar, backing vocals
Colin Greenwood: bass and synthesizers
Phil Selway: drums & percussion

01: radio announcer introduction :31
02: my iron lung 5:32
03: bones 3:35
04: high and dry > bulletproof... I wish I was 8:08
05: street spirit 4:56
06: planet telex 4:46
07: stop whispering > nice dream 9:56
08: lucky 4:54
09: creep 5:18
10: lurgee 4:09
11: anyone can play guitar 4:00
12: just 4:31
13: blow out 5:19
14: fake plastic trees 4:50

runtime: 70:32

Ozzy Osbourne - 1996-04-13 - Phoenix, AZ (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Ozzy Osbourne - Phoenix Rising (1996)
Catalog Number: SBC 002/003
Excellent soundboard recording.

Live at Desert Skies Pavillion, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, April 13, 1996

Ozzy Osbourne - vocals
Joe Holmes - guitar
Robert Trujillio - bass
Mike Bordin - drums
John Sinclair - keyboards

1. Flying High Again [5:56]
2. Goodbye To Romance [6:36]
3. Perry Mason [6:07]
4. No More Tears [7:50]
5. I Just Want You [5:20]
6. I Don`t Want To Change The World [4:43]
7. Suicide Solution [7:39]

1. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath [4:42]
2. Iron Man [3:12]
3. Sweet Leaf [3:03]
4. Children Of The Grave [5:34]
5. Mr.Crowley [6:49]
6. War Pigs [9:21]
7. Crazy Train [6:01]
8. Mama I'm Coming Home [5:29]
9. Bark At The Moon [4:15]

Canned Heat - 1998-04-13 - Bonn, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

ZitRock 2008/2014 

13. Blues Festival 
Biskuithalle Bonn (Germany) 

TV-Broadcast: German TV "WDR - Rockpalast" 

Taper: Werther2003 

Analog TV (WDR) >> Sony Videorecorder (VHS) >> Panasonic DVD Recorder >> HD >> TMPGEnc DVD Author (Chapters/menu) >> DVD 

codec: MPEG-2 
frame: 720x576 
aspect Ratio: 4:3 
format: PAL 25 fps 
bitrate: 9300 kbps 

AC3 384 kbps 

Canned Heat 
Fito De La Parra - drums, vocals 
Robert Lucas - guitar, harp, vocals 
Larry Taylor - lead guitar, vocals 
Greg Kage - bass, vocals 

01) Stranger 
02) Bullfrog Blues 
03) On The Road Again 
04) She Split 
05) See These Tears 
06) Goin' Up The Country 
07) Boogie Music 
08) Money Song 
09) Iron Horse 
10) One Kind Favor 
11) Let's Work Together 
12) Amphetamine Annie 

complete show - running time: 61' 

Bob Dylan and Band - 1999-04-13 - Santander, ES (AUD/SHN)

(Audience SHN)

Bob Dylan 
April 13, 1999 
Santander, Spain 
Sala Ataulfo Argenta, 
Palacio de Festivales 

trader info: 
- Original CD-R > EAC (no LOG files) > WAV > MKW > SHN 
- quality: A+ very good sound !! 
- d1t07 small distorted at 3:17, d2t02/d2t03/d2t09 small clicks fixed. 

01 - Friend Of The Devil 
02 - Fourth Time Around 
03 - The Times They Are A-Changin' 
04 - Mama, You Been On My Mind 
05 - Tangled Up In Blue 
06 - Forever Young 
07 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right 

01 - Gotta Serve Somebody 
02 - Positively 4th Street 
03 - Cold Irons Bound 
04 - She Belongs To Me 
05 - Highway 61 Revisited 
06 - Love Sick 
07 - Silvio 
08 - Blowin' In The Wind 
09 - Not Fade Away 

Arctic Monkeys - 2007-04-13 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)


13th April 2007

Source: BBC Radio 1 FM Broadcast 


FM>Audio CD-R>EAC>CDWave Editor>FLAC(8) 

01 If You Found This It's Probably Too Late
02 Brianstorm
03 Still Take You Home
04 From The Ritz To The Rubble
05 Dancing Shoes
06 Balaclava
07 I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
08 Teddy Picker
09 Do Me A Favour
10 Mardy Bum
11 Fake Tales Of San Francisco
12 This House Is A Circus
13 If You Were There, Beware
14 The View From The Afternoon
15 You Probably Couldn't See For The Lights But You Were Looking Straight At Me
16 When the Sun Goes Down
17 Leave Before The Lights Come On
18 A Certain Romance

Superbly energetic show from back when Alex Turner actually sang (rather than the bored drawl we get these days...).

Mark Knopfler - 2010-04-13 - Oakland, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Paramount Theater

Recorded from Row H seat 110
Schoeps MK4 w/ NBox->Tascam DR-100 24Bit 48K (Thx Nick for use of the NBox)
Soundforge 10.0B to track split and resample
Traders Little Helper for Conversion to Flac

01 - Border Reiver
02 - Why Aye Man
03 - What It Is
04 - Sailing To Philadelphia
05 - Coyote
06 - Remembrance Day
07 - Hill's Farmer Blues
08 - Romeo & Juliet
09 - Sultans Of Swing (4 piece)
10 - Donegan's Gone
11 - Get Lucky
12 - Band Intros
13 - Marbletown (Cut where I got popped)
14 - Speedway At Nazareth
15 - Telegraph Road
16 - Encore Break
17 - So Far Away
18 - Brothers In Arms
19 - Encore Break
20 - Piper To The End

Really nice recording except for one problem.  On Mark Knopfler's website it says recording is permitted.  I had my "teacher's note" printout and I figured I didn't need to be on my A game stealth wise.  I was checking levels and not being as discreet. During Marbletown a stupid older woman usher saw me with it and starting giving me a hard time.  I gave her the printout and off she went.  A minute or two later she comes back with security and they take me off.  He says no recording and I am arguing. I said ask someone on the board.  He gets his boss who is this dumby fa chick with a walkie talkie who proceeds to tell me "good recorders are not allowed and that is a good recorder".  Never did she see the mics, preamp or any other cables.  She wouldn't know a good recorder is it hit her beside the head.  Told me show was almost over and  they would let me return to my seat and not make me erase the files.  I went back to  my seat, plugged the recorder back in and went stealth.  Marbletown is missing three  minutes maybe four but the cut is not bad at all.  Last time I don't go stealth regardless of policies.

U2 - 2011-04-13 - Sao Paulo, BR (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

FM Broadcast> Wav (44.1k/16bit) > Audition 3.0 > Dbpowerconvert > Flac

01. intro/Space Oddity/ Even Better Than The Real Thing
02. I Will Follow
03. Get On Your Boots
04. Magnificent
05. Mysterious Ways
06. Elevation
07. Until The End Of The World / Anthem (snippet) / He's Got The Whole World In His Hands (snippet)
08. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
09. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
10. Das Model
11. Beautiful Day / Gracias A La Vida (snippet)
12. Miss Sarajevo / Zooropa
13. City Of Blinding Lights
14. Vertigo / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It) (snippet)
15. I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight / Relax (snippet) / Two Tribes (snippet)
16. Sunday Bloody Sunday
17. Scarlet
18. Walk On / You'll Never Walk Alone (snippet)

19. One
20. All I Want Is You (snippet) / Where The Streets Have No Name / All You Need Is Love (snippet)
21. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
22. With Or Without You
23. Moment of Surrender

Total runtime: 2 hours 17 minutes

Kraftwerk - 2012-04-13 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Retrospective - 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
5 - Man Machine

Equipment: Sony TCD-D8 [Mic In, 44.1] + Sony-ECM 717
Location: 25 feet from stage, left stack.
Taped & Transferred by: RyanJ
Transfer: Sony TCD-D8 > 7-Pin > CO2 Converter > Digital In > MB PRO > Adobe Audition > WAV (Inc. highs, normalize to 0db) > FLAC [Encode 8] > You

02. Spacelab
03. Metropolis
04. The Model
05. Neon Lights
06. The Robots
07. Autobahn
08. Sellafield Intro - Radioactivity
09. Trans Euro Express/Metal on Metal/Abzug
10. Numbers
11. Computerworld
12. It's More Fun to Compute/Home Computer
13. Tour De France - Original
14. Tour De France - 2003
15. Planet of Visions
16. Boing Boom Tschak
17. Techno Pop
18. Musique Non Stop

Total Time: 104:06

Notes by the uploader:
A bit of a story to the coming of these tapes (I also taped the Computer World show), when these shows were first announced I was very excited and was hoping to get tickets. I was in class the time these went on sale and had for different internet browsers up with 2-3 tabs each to get ANYTHING. Sadly, I got nothing for any date. I was pretty bummed, so I started posts on Craigslist to get a ticket to any of the shows. I was also willing to pay a bigger amount just because "Man Machine" and "Computer World" were my two favorite albums, and could only go to the weekend shows due to final exams and I worked on Sunday.

Finally, a two weeks before the show, someone said they had an extra and I booked my plane ticket and headed to NYC!!! I was so excited and fortunate to have the opportunity to see this show. The venue, was The Museum of Modern Art in the 2nd floor atrium. I went there earlier in the day to check out the museum and look around. Amazing stuff, but I was wondering about the tall ceilings and how the sound would be. Lets just say, it was the best sound I have ever heard… ever.. for a concert. Simply amazing.

The 3D was spectacular with Kraftwerk's simple visuals. Was so pumped to hear "Spacelab" live after watching the Munich YouTube video hundreds of times since October. A young Ralf Hutter singing "Radioactivity" for the visuals at the beginning of that song gave me chills. This night was super special to me. Something I will never forget in my life. The stage itself was small and the left stack had a column right to the left of it. They put some sound foam on it, and I thought that it would be the best to record right in front of it because it would bounce off it nicely, and it sure did! A bit in the middle there were some people (who obviously were not big fans of Kraftwerk and just wanted to be there for its "exclusivity") decided to have a faint conversation for a good 10 minutes or so, before going to get another drink. People I talked to said that this was the most energetic night in terms of audience. Most of the other nights were very quiet, clapping and woo'ing at the end of songs. I am very happy with the outcome of this tape and have to say it's one of my better ones.

Bonnie Raitt - 2012-04-13 - New York City, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Avatar Studios

FM > Behringer UFO202 > Sound Forge 9 > Audacity > Flac frontend

01. Used To Rule The World (03:48)
02. Interview (14:10)
03. Not Cause I Wanted To (03:30)
04. Love Sneakin' Up On You (04:11)
05. Interview (05:44)
06. Right Down The Line (05:42)
07. Interview (06:37)

Total: 43:42

WFUV-FM (Bronx, NY) radio broadcast from NYC studio. This is a very good FM recording of Bonnie Riatt and her road band promoting her new CD.