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For everyone who has problems or doesn't know how to unpack z01, z02, files, follow this simple procedure: install the latest version of winzip or winrar, open only the zip files (ignore z01, z02 etc...), select the content and extract somewhere. That's all.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

David Bowie - The Longest Hours 1999 (VAR/FLAC)

(Various FLAC)

Kit Kat Club, New York, NYC, USA on 19 November 1999 
Nulle Part Ailleurs, French TV, France on 20 October 1999
VH1 Storytellers, Manhattan Centre Studios, New York, NYC, USA on 23 August 1999
Inte Barn Blix, Swedish TV on 12 December 1999 
The Alcatraz, Milano, Italy on 4 December 1999 
Live at Musique Plus, Canadian TV 22 November 1999 
Millenium Lotteriet, Sweden on 31 December 1999  

Audio Source : Various (Very good Sound Quality)

Trade CDR-->EAC(Surcure)-->Flac Level 8-->MWP

Disc 1.
01 Life on Mars
02 Thursday Child
03 Something in the Air
04 China Girl
05 Can't help thinking about me
06 Always Crashing in the same Car
07 Survive
08 Drive in Saturday
09 Stay
10 Seven
11 Changes
12 Cracked Actor
13 Ashes to Ashes
14 Repetition

Disc 2.
01 The Pretty things are going to Hell
02 Rebel Rebel
03 I'm Afraid of Americans
04 Survive
05 Repetition
06 Something in the Air
07 Seven
08 Thursday Child
09 China Girl
10 The Pretty things are going to Hell
11 Thursday Child
12 Servive
13 The Pretty things are going to Hell
14 Thursday Child
15 Survive

Disc 3.
01 Life on Mars
02 Thursday Child
03 Ashes to Ashes
04 Survive
05 Can't help thinking about me
06 China Girl
07 Always Crashing in the same Car
08 Something in the Air
09 Drive in Saturday
10 Stay
11 Seven
12 Changes
13 Rebel Rebel

Disc 4.
01 Cracked Actor
02 The Pretty things are going to Hell
03 Repetition
04 I'm Afraid of Americans
06 Ashes to Ashes
07 Seven
08 Thursday Child
09 Stay
10 Always Crashing in the same Car
11 Something in the Air
12 The Pretty things are going to Hell
13 Cracked Actor
14 I'm Afraid of Americans
15 Survive

The Cure - 1980-07-18 - Apeldorn, NL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Open Lucht Theater
"Berg En Bos Festival"

Master Betacam Cassette>Panasonic Player>Panasonic standalone DVD recorder

Transfer by Hans K., uploaded by pavemalk

VARA Popkaravan 1980

23:45 min.

01 - In your house
02 - M
03 - Jumping someone else's train
04 - Another journey by train
05 - A forest

2. Gruppo Sportivo
22:15 min.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
??? Park

3. Jango Edwards
45:00 min.

Depeche Mode - 1982-12-14 - Utrecht, NL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Muzicentrum, Utrecht, The Netherlands

A Broken Frame tour

Complete pro-shot video
Lineage: Pro-shot video from Dutch TV (most likely a low generation VHS) -> DVD (unknown transfer)
Original info file included

An excellent quality pro-shot video. Audio has quite a lot of noise, but video is great.

DVD info:
MPEG-2, PAL 4:3, 720 x 576
Video bitrate: 7999 kbps
FPS: 25
Audio: LPCM
Menu: Yes
Chapters: yes, by each song

Dave Gahan - lead vocals
Martin Gore - keyboards, backing vocals
Andrew Fletcher - keyboards, backing vocals
Alan Wilder - keyboards, backing vocals

01. Interview
02. See You
03. Boys Say Go!
04. Leave In Silence
05. The Meaning Of Love
06. Just Can't Get Enough

Total time: 20:41

Songs "See You", "Leave In Silence", and "The Meaning Of Love" written by Martin L. Gore. "Boys Say Go!" and "Just Can't Get Enough" written by Vince Clarke.

Van Morrison - 1981-05-23 - Rotterdam, NL (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Incomplete show, PAL dvd, with menu & chapters

Van Morrison: Lead Vocals
Mark Isham: Trumpet
Pee Wee Ellis: Sax - Backing vocals on "Summertime In England"
John Allair: Keyboards
Peter Van Hooke: Drums
David Hayes: Bass
Herbie Armstrong: Guitar
Mick Cox: Guitar

01. It's All In The Game
02. Bright Side Of The Road
03. Full Force Gail
04. Troubadours
05. Ain't Nothing You Can Do
06. You Make Me Feel So Free
07. Moondance
08. Satisfied
09. Summertime In England

The Beatles - The Night That Changed America A Grammy Salute (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Beatles: The Night That Changed America - A Grammy Salute
Los Angeles Convention Center
Los Angeles, CA
Recorded January 27, 2014
Broadcast on CBS-TV February 9, 2014

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles debut on the Ed Sullivan Show on February 9, 1964.

HD cable > TiVo box > PC via TiVo Desktop > VideoReDo > .ts files > TMPGEnc Authoring Works 5 > TS folder

Menu with chapters by song

384 Kbps
48.0 KHz
6 channels

5.3 Mbps

Music Director - Don Was

House Band:
Kenny Aronof - drums
Peter Frampton - guitar
Rami Jaffe - organ
Steve Lukather - guitar
Greg Phillinganes - keyboards/piano
Chris Caswell - keyboards
Lenny Castro - percussion
Don Was - bass
Larry Hall - trumpet
Nick Lane - trombone
Larry Williams - sax/woodwinds
Carmel Echols - vocals
Judith Hill - vocals
Kari Kimmel - vocals

01 LL Cool J - talk
02 Maroon 5 - All My Loving
03 LL Cool J - talk
04 Maroon 5 - Ticket To Ride
05 Stevie Wonder - We Can Work It Out
06 Joe Walsh, Jeff Lynne and Dhani Harrison - Something
07 Eric Idle - talk
08 John Lennon bio
09 Letterman interview 1
10 Ed Sheeran - In My Life
11 John Mayer and Keith Urban - Don't Let Me Down
12 Paul McCartney bio
13 Letterman interview 2
14 Katy Perry - Yesterday
15 Ed Sullivan Show production crew interviews 1
16 Imagine Dragons - Revolution
17 George Harrison bio
18 Letterman interview 3
19 Dave Grohl and Jeff Lynne - Hey Bulldog
20 Eurythmics - The Fool On The Hill
21 Ringo Starr bio
22 Letterman interview 4
23 Alicia Keys and John Legend - Let It Be
24 Ed Sullivan Show production crew interviews 2
25 Pharrell Williams and Brad Paisley - Here Comes The Sun
26 Letterman interview 5
27 Gary Clark Jr., Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
28 Letterman interview 6
29 Ringo Starr - Matchbox
30 Ringo Starr - Boys
31 Ringo Starr - Yellow Submarine
32 Paul McCartney - Birthday
33 Paul McCartney - Get Back
34 Paul McCartney - I Saw Her Standing There
35 Paul McCartney - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
36 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - With A Little Help From My Friends
37 Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr - Hey Jude

Length: 1:39:08

This is a near complete capture of the broadcast. It includes the 4 individual Beatle biographies and the interviews with the production crew, which were not uploaded previously. I removed the
Ed Sullivan Show clips and the clip from the rooftop concert in "Let It Be" but that's all that's missing from the original broadcast. As noted by several DIME users, there are several digital glitches/dropouts in this capture. They are brief, about 1 second, about 4-5 total. Overall, they are insignificant and certainly will not ruin your viewing of this interesting DVD.

Johnny Winter - 1970-04-23 - Montreux, CH (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

DVD disc (mail)--> Tmpegenc dvd author; extracted mpeg2 stream--> added proper chapterpoints and menu.

Fileformat; DVD-5
Filesize; 1.41 GB
Duration; 41 minutes

Videosource; VHS
TV system; NTSC
Screen format; 4:3
Frames per second; 29.9
Resolution; 720x480
videocodec; mpeg2
Videobitrate; 4.606 kbs
Audiocodec; AC3
Audiobitrate; 256 kbs

01. Johnny B. Goode
02. Mean Mistreater
03. Black Cat Bone
04. Help Me
05. Talk to your Daughter
06. Mean Town Blues

Joni Mitchell - 1970-10-03 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Joni Mitchell

BBC In Concert: Joni Mitchell Sings Joni Mitchell
orig. broadcast October 9, 1970
recorded: September 3, 1970
BBC Television Centre
Shepherd's Bush
West London, England

PAL DVD, reconstruction of complete BBC 1970 b/cast in original order (48' 44'' edit here)
from the best known sources (incl. edited 2007 digital broadcast)

Video: 720x576, VBR (mixed VBR/CBR, 8500kbps max), interlaced, TFF
Audio: LPCM (48kHz, 16 bit, 1536kbps, 2 channel mono)

Still menu with audio.
Chapters (only songs linked from menu, the intros accessible from remote):

01 Chelsea Morning*
02 Hunter**
03 intro to 'The Gallery'**
04 The Gallery**
05 Cactus Tree*
06 My Old Man*
07 For Free*
08 intro to 'Woodstock'**
09 Woodstock***
10 introduction of dulcimer*
11 All I Want**
12 intro to 'California'*
13 California*
14 intro to 'Big Yellow Taxi'*
15 Big Yellow Taxi*
16 Both Sides Now*

Lineage (video):

*Original BBC4 DVB-S (30 min edit), January 11, 2007 =>SkyStar2/DVBViewer > VideoRedo > DVDLab > PLG torrent (thanks to joefish) =>TDA3 (cutting into 4 parts)> DGIndex (demuxing video) > Womble MVW (joining with other sources)

**archive videotape (unknown generation, time code close to top)>standalone DVD recorder>TDA2>Dime torrent #161251 (thanks to randall) > DGIndex>AviSynth (restoration of original frames with RePAL, FFT3D filter, hiding timecode and top/bottom lines)>CCE2.70 (CBR 8000kbps, progressive)

***analog BBC broadcast (retrospective compilation by Jools Holland) >VHS > DVD > Dime torrent #101561 ("Joni Mitchell + Co", thanks to Kotdd) => TDA > DGIndex > AviSynth (LeakKernelBob >VDub's DeLogo + FFT3D filter >Weave TFF) > CCE2.70(CBR 8500kbps, interlaced TFF)

Lineage (audio):

*DVB sourced DVD (details above)>DGIndex (demuxing of original stream - MP2, 256 kbps) > MAD (32-bit MPEG Audio Decoder > wav 48kHz 16 bit) > SoundForge8 (48kHz 64 bit > level adjustment > 64 to 16 bit, joining with other sources)

**/***archive videotape>(lossless transfer confirmed) trade CDR>EAC>FLAC frontend> Dime torrent #106758 (thanks again to randall!) => FLAC frontend (decompression, 44.1kHz 16bit) > SoundForge8 (44.1 kHz 64 bit > 44.1 to 48 kHz resampling> 64 to 16 bit> left channel duplicating)

Womble MVW for cut/join video streams + sync detection, SoundForge for seamlessly joining audio.
TDA3 for authoring from the resuting video and audio streams.

on archive source (3 songs + intros) timecode is now perfectly hidden with BBC logo (no more jumping digits). On Woodstock** UK ARENA logo filtered out (no cropping, of course).
Audio for the above pieces taken from lossless CDR source also coming from video tape (15625 kHz TV line frequency trace on spectrogram, also it can't be from a broadcast - no cut-off until 22.05kHz, half of the audio CD sampling frequency 44.1). It is mono (as all sources are, judging by waveform in SoundForge) and inferior in quality to MP2 stream of the BBC DVB, for this reason it was not used for the rest of material. There was also some static, mainly in right channel, so audio from left channel was used for replacement.
I didn't use any material from the older BBC4 broadcast torrented as 'trade DVD source', it proved to be modified: opening it in VDubMod shows it was deinterlaced (=re-encoded). And the picture is not as sharp as in the DVB source used here.
I tried different ways of editing material and making a DVD from those sources (cutting off time code with centering the rest, making different options for playback with and without duplicating DVB material, etc). All that worked but did not satisfy me, this version is the one I like.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Linda Ronstadt - 1977-12-01 - Atlanta, GA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Fox Theater

Trade dvdr
NTSC Format

Menu and chapter selection looks like a master, or very low gen.

01 - That'll Be The Day
02 - Blue Bayou
03 - Silver Threads And Golden Needles
04 - Willin'
05 - Faithless Love
06 - It Doesn't Matter Anymore
07 - When Will I Be Loved?
08 - Crazy
09 - Poor Poor Pitiful Me
10 - Desperado
11 - Love Me Tender
12 - Simple Man Simple Dream
13 - Love Is A Rose
14 - Maybe I'm Right
15 - It's So Easy
16 - Someone To Lay Down Beside Me
17 - Tumbling Dice
18 - You're No Good
19 - Sorrow Lives Here
20 - Heat Wave

Approx running time 90 Minutes

Seasick Steve with John Paul Jones - 2011-08-12 - Oxfordshire, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Cropredy Festival

Broadcast Sky Arts HD 10th sept 2011

Pro shot (HD 16.9)>Digital Satellite>component video cables and optical Audio cable>Hauppage HD PVR 1228>USB 2.0>PC>Arcsoft tme to capture>m2ts>Videoredo>Womble>you

Menu and Chapters

resolution 720x576 PAL
frame rate 25
bit rate 6637kbps
aspect ratio 16.9

dolby AC3
bitrate 384kbs
sample rate 48khz
6 channels

01 - Fallin' Off A Rock
02 - My Donny
03 - Thunderbird
04 - Walkin' Man
05 - Prospect Lane
06 - Interview
07 - Burnin' Up
08 - Never Go West
09 - I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
10 - What A Way To Go
11 - Back In The Doghouse
12 - Don't Know Why She Love Me
13 - Interview
14 - You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
15 - It's A Long Way
16 - Interview
17 - Dog House Boogie

Running Time 1Hr 19 min 8 sec 


U2 - 1992-08-16 - Washington, WA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Name : Playing Washington
Tour : ZooTV Tour
Leg : Leg 3 - Outside Broadcast Tour
Date : 08.16.1992
Country : USA
Town : Washington
Place : Robert F. Kennedy Stadium
Type : Video
Support : Silver DVD
Manufacturer : 3logy production
Num. cat. : CB 4
Barcode : 006680022161
Material : Master Tapes > VHS > DVD
Performance : Live
Source : VHS
Generation : 1st Generation
Integral : Complete
Camera : Pro
Nb Cam. : 3 and more
Format : NTSC
Résolution : 720x480
Sound : AC3
Ratio : 4/3
Authoring : Yes (By Titles)
Menu : Yes

Disc 1 (1:57:28)

1. Zoostation
2. The Fly
3. Even Better Than The Real Thing
4. Mysterious Ways
5. One / Unchained Melody
6. Until The End Of The World
7. New Year's Day
8. Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around The World
9. Angel Of Harlem
10. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
11. Satellite Of Love
12. Bad
13. Sunday Bloody Sunday
14. Bullet The Blue Sky
15. Running To Stand Still
16. Where The Streets Have No Name
17. Pride (in The Name Of Love)
18. Desire
19. Ultraviolet (light My Way)
20. With Or Without You
21. Love Is Blindness
22. Can't Help Falling In Love 


Canned Heat - 1973-06-26 - Stockholm, SWE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

TV Show Opopoppa

Bob "The Bear" Hite - vocals, harmonica
Henry "Sunflower" Vestine - guitar
James Shane - rhythm guitar and vocals
Adolfo "Fito" de la Parra - drums
Ed Beyer - keyboards
Richard Hite - bass

Duration: 00:27:00
Format: DVD Video
Video codec: MPEG2
Audio Codec: AC3
Video: PAL (704x576) 8781 Kbps avg
Audio: Dolby Digital: 256 Kbps, 2 ch

1.Dust My Broom
2.You'Re The Only One

The Black Crowes - 1992-11-17 - Cologne, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

NOTE: This DVD Requires A Dual Layer Disc For Burning. 

The Black Crowes: «E-Werk Cologne» 

Movie Information


Date Of The Show: November 17, 1992 
Broadcasting Date: April 28, 2008 
Venue: E-Werk, Cologne (Germany) 
Festival: Rocklife 
TV - Station: WDR (Germany) 
Lineage: Cable Digital > Topfield 5200 PVR-c > MPEG Streamclip > DVD Studio Pro > Disc Image > YOU 
DVD Menu: Photoshop CS3 Design Premium - Apple's DVD Studio Pro & Apple's Motion 
DVD Menu Sound: Has Animated Menus, Chapter & Stereo Sound 
Audio Format: MP2 Stereo, 48 kHz, 192 kbps 
Video Format: MPEG 2 
Resolution: 720 x 576 / PAL / 50 Hz / Color 
Frames Per Second: 25 
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1 - Full Frame 
Artwork Created with: Adobe Creative Suite 3 Extended (Photoshop & InDesign) 

Artwork: Hi Resolution (300 ppi) Artwork Inside 

Disc Information
Disc: Dual Layer DVD - 9 
Size: 5,15 GB (5.529.397.248 Byte) 
Running Time: 01:41:11:11 Minutes 
Average Picture Bitrate: 6,908,360 kbps 
MPEG Streamclip Info: VOB Program Stream Bit Rate: 7.23 Mbps (On VTS_03) 

The Black Crowes: E-Werk

01. No Speak No Slave 
02. My Morning Song 
03. Sting Me 
04. Hard To Handle 
05. Thorn's Progress > 06. Thorn In My Pride 
07. Seeing Things 
08. Twice As Hard 
09. Black Moon Jam > 10. Black Moon Creeping 
11. Thick 'n' Thin LAYER BREAK ON CHAPTER MARKER: 01:02:10:00 
12. Stare It Cold > 13. Three Little Birds 
14. Sometimes Salvation 
15. Jealous Again 
16. Remedy 

Billy Preston with Brothers Johnson - 1973-02-28 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Vieo Tracks:
224 MPEG-2, 720 × 480, 4:3, 29.97 fps, 9.10 Mbps, upper field first

Audio Tracks:
128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps

Duration: 0:59:07
Data Size: 3.93 GB
Bit Rate: 9.51 Mbps

SOUL! February 28, 1973 New York WNET television "The Master's Child".
This is a 1 hour live concert with Billy Preston at his prime during the "Music is My Life" period. It features Louis and George Johnson on bass and guitar as members of Preston's God Squad band. Preston displays his gospel/church roots as well as his secular pop side in this rare performance from an important figure in music history.

DVD has no menu and chapters every 5 min or so.

Billy Preston: Keyboards
George Johnson: Guitars
Louis Johnson: Bass Guitar
Hubert Heard: Keyboards
Manuel Kellough: Drums

01 - Intro
02 - Make The Devil Mad
03 - The Bus Is Coming
04 - Amazing Grace
05 - Go Round In Circles
06 - That's The Way God Planned It
07 - My Sweet Lord
08 - God Squad Introduction
09 - Higher

The Who - 2000-08-29 - Houston, TX (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

"Hot And Sweaty"
29th August 2000
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Lake Robbins Drive

Source: Pro-Shot Video Beta Master > VHS > SA Recorded > PC Authored
Video: NTSC 720x480 29.97fps 4573kbps aVBR
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Generic
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 48khz 256kbps

A GoldHawk DVD Production

Pete Townshend: guitar, vocals
Roger Daltrey: lead vocals, harp
John Entwistle: bass, vocals
Zak Starkey: drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick: keyboards

01 - I Can't Explain
02 - Substitute
03 - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
04 - Relay
05 - My Wife
06 - Baba O'Riley
07 - Bargain
08 - Getting In Tune
09 - Drowned
10 - Pinball Wizard
11 - The Real Me
12 - Behind Blue Eyes
13 - You Better You Bet
14 - Who Are You
15 - 5:15 (End Cut)

## - Won't Get Fooled Again
## - The Kids Are Alright
## - Let's See Action
## - My Generation

Keith_Moon's comments, April 2011: As the text above implies, I got it from the Who torrent site Long Live Rock. It remains unchanged from when I grabbed it. I was at this show and feel this tour was the best The 'Oo sounded since 1979. It was wonderful to hear Bargain and other Lifehouse songs after so many years. Pete shredded, the Ox was the Ox and Daltrey was in great voice. Zak remains the best Who drummer since Moonie. I met Irish Jack Lyons before the show at my friend Scott's house and got backstage afterwards and Roger came out to talk to some fans, as did Rabbit, who's from Texas. So it was a wonderful night for me. Hope you enjoy this.

The Kinks - 1982-04-04 - Essen, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Video Source: Rockpalast WDR German TV Broadcast(on 25th September 1994)
Taper: Axel himself
Video Bitrate: 5798 to 5820 kb/s
Frame rate: VBR 25.000 Frames
Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot)
DVD format: PAL
Region: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your equipment

Audio Source: Rockpalast WDR German TV Broadcast(see above)
Lineage: see below
Taper: Axel himself
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio Bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Lineage: Rockpalast WDR German TV Broadcast(see above) > Nokia satellite bowl > Pace satellite TV receiver > via Scart cable > Akai VCR(SP mode) > BASF 240min master VHS > playback on LG VCR > via Scart cable > Panasonic stand alone DVD recorder(1h32min flexible time mode) > Sony DVD- on HD (> YOU)
DVD with menue and scattered chapters
File Size: 3.99GB
Length: 92:00min

10th Rockpalast Festival, Grugahalle, Essen, Germany, 04th April 1982

Ray Davies: Vocals, Guitar
Dave Davies: Guitar, Vocals
Iah Gibbons: Keyboards, Vocals
Jim Rodford: Bass, Vocals
Mick Avory: Drums

00) Announcement by Albrecht Metzger
01) Around The Dial
02) The Hardway
03) Where Have All The Good Times Gone
04) Captain America Calling(Catch Me Now, I'm Falling)
05) Come On Now
06) Destroyer
07) Yo-Yo
08) Lola
09) Dead End Street
10) Add It Up
11) Low Budget
12) Art Lover
13) Back To Front(incl. Get Back tease)
14) A Gallon Of Gas
15) Celluloid Heroes[not included]
16) Till The End Of The Day[not included]
17) Bernadette[not included]
18) All Day And All Of The Night
19) Give The People What The Want
20) Pressure
21) You Really Got Me
22) Stop Your Sobbing ~ David Watts

Length: 92:00min

tracks 15-17 are not included due to a video signal transmitting error at the original live TV broadcast, even WDR does not have this video sequence.

after David Watts there is a long applause followed by a moderator's comment in German on the video signal interruption, I left this comment outta here.

(Source: German Rockpalast TV ~ Rockpalast simply the best)

Cheap Trick - 1979-08-30 - Koln, Germany (NTSC DVDfull pro-shot)

(NTSC DVDfull pro-shot)

Video Stream:
TV System: NTSC
Type: MPEG2
Bitrate: 4709 kbps
Framerate: 29.97 fps
Resolution: 720 x 480
Aspect ratio: 4x3

Audio Stream:
Type: AC3
Bitrate: 256 Kbp/s
Number of main channels: 2
Sampling Frequency: 48khz
Bits Per Sample: 16

Lenght: 01:20:30
Chapters: Every 5 minutes
No menu

TV Master->VHS->DVD-r->DVD Decrypter->Trader's Little Helper->YOU!!

01. Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Peace
02. Hello There
03. Come On
04. Stiff Competition
05. On Top Of The World
06. Ain't That A Shame
07. Need Your Love
08. I Know What I Want
09. I want You To Want Me
10. Surrender
11. Good Night
12. Day Tripper
13. Rick & Robin Interview

Joan Jett - 1984-12-31 - New York City, NY (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

MTV New Years Eve - NYC

DVD5 Size : 1.26 GB
Media : Proshot Broadcast
Menu/Chapters : Yes/Yes
Duration : 00h39mn05s
Picture Quality : B-
Sound Quality : B

Video Format : NTSC/4:3
Frame rate : 29.970 fps
Width : 720 pixels
Height : 480 pixels

Audio Format : AC3
Bit rate : 448 Kbps
Channels (s) :2 Channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 Khz

01. Bad Reputation
02. Fake Friends
03. New Orleans
04. I Love, You Love, Me Love
05. I Need Someone
06. Crimson And Clover
07. I Love Rock "N" Roll
08. He's A Rebel (Darlene Love - Vocals)
09. Everyday People
10. Cherry Bomb
11. Do You Wanna Touch

Miles Davis Quintet - 1969-10-27 - Rome, IT (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

VHS video tapes > PC canopus advc > NLE > AVI > TMPG> DVD

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 625/50 PAL
Aspect Ratio: 4.3
Source picture resolution: 720x576
Frame Rate: 25
Bitrate: 9000 - 2 passes

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 256 Kbps

chapter point / song title

Miles Davis
Wayne Shorter
Chick Corea
Dave Holland
Jack DeJohnette

1 - Directions
2 - Bitches Brew
3 - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
4 - Masqualero
5 - I Fall In Love Too Easily
6 - Sanctuary
7 - The Theme
8 - Bitches Brew

a You Tube sample

menu / chapter points : yes
song titles on screen : yes
Date.:.October 27 1969
venue : Teatro Sistina
city / country : Rome, Italy
Length.:.28.minutes..10 seconds

Date.:.November 2 1969
venue : Ronnie Scott's Club
city / country : London, England
Length : 5 minutes. 25 seconds
Total DVD size : 2.21 gig

Miles Davis Quintet B&W video synced to the Miles Tree audio that was uploaded on Dime in 2011 by arthurking the partial videos are on 3 VHS tapes there is another partial raitre broadcast I have that has an extra couple of minutes of the concert but I can't find that tape. At the end of the short "Masqualero" are the TV credits over the music so don't think it's the end as it continues
the songs have now been placed in their correct concert order with a 2 second cross fade between songs I don't have all the versions trading collectors have but it's the best I've seen and synced to the audio it's an upgrade for me

chapter 8 - from England TV show where Ronnie Scott shows some video from the show at his club in 1969 he mentions it's the first time Miles has been on TV (in England) and I don't know if he was on all that much afterwards !!! Trivia: Ronnie Scott talking about Dave Holland says " From stable lad to derby fame " .... anyone know what that means ?

Cyndi Lauper - 1986-09-xx - Tokyio, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Cyndi Lauper in Bodokan - True Colors Tour 1986

DATE: September (10,11,12,13,22), 1986
LINEAGE: TV broadcasting('86) > Beta III Hi-Fi> DVD-R > TMPGEnc Authoring Works > VIDEO_TS
Video Tape Condition: viewable, listenable(Stereo)
Format: NTSC 4:3, L-PCM

On Air List:
01. Change Of Heart
02. I'll Kiss You
03. The Goonies 'R' Good Enough
04. What's Going On
05. Iko Iko
06. Calm Inside The Storm
07. 911
08. One Track Mind
09. True Colors
10. Maybe He'll Know
11. She Bop
12. Time After Time
13. Money Changes Everything
14. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
15. True Colors (a cappella)

Total: 1 hour 11 minutes

Jeff Buckley - 1992-03-22 - East Orange, NJ (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Artist: God & Monsters (Gary Lucas & Jeff Buckley)
Venue: Knitting Factory
City: East Orange, New Jersey
Country: USA
Date: 1992-03-22

Source: Singel cam (audience or pro?)
Generation: Unknown > DVD-R trade > Copy to computer > You


No menu, auto chapters (can not be used to switch between tracks)

01 - Tuning
02 - Instrumental (G.Lucas)
03 - Dink's Song
04 - How Long Will It Take?
05 - No One Must Find You Here
06 - Parody (Smells Like Teen Spirit)
07 - So Cruel
08 - Parody (Tequila)
09 - Malign Fiesta (No Soul)
10 - Mojo Pin
11 - Grace
12 - Paradoy (Led Zeppelin)
13 - Distortion
14 - Satisfied Mind
15 - Hymn L'Amour (with G. Lucas)

Duration 1:21:47

Genesis - 1973-10-30/31 - Borehamwood, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The 16mm film

Shepperton Studios, Borehamwood, UK: 30th-31st October 1973

01. Opening Credits
02. Watcher of the Skies
03. Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
04. I Know What I Like
05. The Musical Box
06. Supper's Ready
07. Closing Credits

Plus Easter Egg!

Pro-shot film, footage digitised frame by frame direct from 16mm master reel to PAL 25fps.
(See below for exact details!)

Source: King Lerch and the members of MeeksGenesis
Video Transfer, Source Clean Up, DVD Authoring and other general extreme hard work : King Lerch
Audio Remastering: SAB (DanLore)
Artwork: RH Productions

The Smiths - 1985-05-18 - Madrid, ES (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Paseo De Camoens, Madrid, Spain
La Edad de Oro
300.000 people attended live this show in the San Isidro Holydays

Main Show + Paloma Chamorro intro: 87 minutes
Interview: 15:21 minutes
La Edad de Oro Header: 1:44 minutes
Extra (supporter group): 14:19 minutes
Aprox total DVD time: 128 minutes

Original broadcast TVE 2, 1985
Rebroadcast: TVE 50 Years channel 19 August 2006
Recorded w/ Topfield 5400
Imported w/ MPEG Streamclip
Authoring in DVD Studio PRO
Artwork included
Visual and alphanumeric menus included
2 data breaks.

01 - William It Was Really Nothing 
02 - Nowhere Fast 
03 - I Want The One I Can't Have 
04 - What She Said 
05 - How Soon Is Now? 
06 - Handsome Devil 
07 - That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore 
08 - Shakespeare's Sister 
09 - Rusholme Ruffians 
10 - The Headmaster Ritual 
11 - Hand In Glove 
12 - Still Ill 
13 - Meat Is Murder

14 - Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now 
15 - Miserable Lie

Encore 2:
16 - Barbarism Begins At Home

Encore 3:
17 - This Charming Man 
18 - You've Got Everything Now

Duration: 1:27:00

The Rolling Stones - 2014-02-21 - Abu Dhabi, United Arabian Emirates (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Rolling Stones - On Fire Tour In Abu Dhabi
Abu Dhabi, United Arabian Emirates, Du Arena Yas Island, Feb. 21st, 2014
Empress Valley Supreme Disk & Xayel Japan EVSD 669/670, 2014

Silvers-->EAC-->TLH Level 8-->Flac

exc aud

CD 1
01 Opening.wav 00:02:25
02 Start Me Up.wav 00:04:28
03 You Got Me Rocking.wav 00:04:44
04 It's Only Rock'n Roll.wav 00:04:04
05 Tumbling Dice.wav 00:05:24
06 Emotional Rescue.wav 00:05:48
07 Angie.wav 00:04:31
08 Doom & Gloom.wav 00:04:37
09 Paint It Black.wav 00:05:19
10 Honky Tonk Women.wav 00:04:41
11 Band Introduction.wav 00:02:49
12 Slipping Away.wav 00:06:36
13 Before They Make Me Run.wav 00:04:15

CD 2
01 Midnight Rambler.wav 00:11:24
02 Miss You.wav 00:07:31
03 Gimme Shelter.wav 00:07:10
04 Jumpin' Jack Flash.wav 00:06:27
05 Sympathy For The Devil.wav 00:06:41
06 Brown Sugar.wav 00:07:37
07 You Can't Always Get What You Want.wav 00:08:18
08 (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction.wav 00:09:05

Monday, April 21, 2014

AC/DC - 1974-12-31 - Melbourne, AU (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Festival Hall

Sound quality is excellent! 

Unknown -> Another tracker -> My HD -> DIME -> You 

Singer: Bon Scott 
Lead Guitar: Angus Young 
Rhythm Guitar: Malcolm Young 
Bass Guitar: Rob Bailey 
Drums: Peter Clack 

01. She's Got Balls 
02. Soul Stripper 
03. SHow Business 
04. Can I Sit Next to You Girl? 
05. Baby Please Don't Go 

Broadcasted on Radio 2SM

The date seems to be correct: 

Event line up for the evening: 

Debbie Byrne 

Santana - 1973-07-07 - Tokyo, JP (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

DVD > TMPG mpg editor (no re-encoding) > TMPG > DVD

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 NTSC
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Source picture resolution: 720x480
Frame Rate: 29.97
Bitrate: 7000

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 256 Kbps

Carlos Santana
Leon Thomas
Tom Coster
Armando Peraza
Doug Rauch
Jose "Chepito" Areas
Michael Shrieve
Richard Kermode

01 - Going Home
02 - A-1 Funk
03 - Stone Flower
04 - Waiting
05 - Castillos de Arena Part 1
06 - Oye Como Va
07 - Incident At Neshabur
08 - Let us Go into The House of The Lord (end part)
09 - Mantra
10 - Drum Solo
11 - Free Angela
12 - Samba de Sausalito
13 - Japan
14 - Black Magic Woman
15 - Gypsy Queen
16 - Toussaint L’Overture

total DVD length.....82 minutes

after the Santana Tokyo 1973 transfered from VHS tape was uploaded to dimeadozen in march 2010 a member contacted me they had a shorter but better quality disc they bought on ebay and mailed me a copy and I saw that it has better picture quality, no picture drop outs and does not have the DEPAS onscreen logo, not A+ mint but much better than the old uploaded version
I rate this new version as an A ......... this is an UPGRADE to the previous upload

Santana at the Budokan in Tokyo Japan from the concert there on July 7, 1973 they played there the 6th & 7th (the 7th is most likely date they were filmed for TV) this is from a broadcast in 1993 shown in 2 parts

The end credits of Part one and the 1st minute of "Mantra" and the last song Toussaint L’Overture were taken from the previous version using tmpg-mpg editor and patched in without any re-encoding the new menu is slightly different. the disc 200 meg larger than the previous upload this is due to a slightly higher bitrate of the better quality disc

05 - Castillos de Arena ....... the screen wrongly says " Swallow "
07 - Incident At Neshabur also includes parts of "My Favourite Things" & " Fool on the Hill "
11 - Free Angela .............. the screen wrongly says " Sanba De Sausa Rito "

07 - Incident At Neshabur Tokyo near the end they play a few minutes of the end part of
" Let us Go into The House of the Lord " very much like the way it was recorded with John McLaughlin
but in Osaka it is very different and hard to even tell that they are even attempting that song
and it explains why you can see Tom Coster give Carlos a big grin when this time they nail it
(the part they play is on the Love Devotion Surrender CD from 13'10" to the end).

I've never heard a Santana show where he follows the recorded version so closely and although it's only the end part it was great to see on this video Carlos Santana, Armando Peraza, Doug Rauch who in 6 weeks time joined Mahavishnu John McLaughlin, Billy Cobham, and Larry Young on the tour to promote the recently released "Love Devotion Surrender LP" 


The Police - 1982-02-20 - Vina Del Mar, CH (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Live In Viña De Mar
Quinta Vergara Anfiteatro ("23rd Festival Internacional de la Canción")
1982-02-20 (second night)

Video: MPEG2 720 X 480 NTSC 4:3
Audio: AC3 48kHz stereo
Total Size: 2.46GB

? > VHS? > DVD-R (SONY08D1) > DVD Decrypter

Sting: Bass, Lead Vocals
Stewart Copeland: Drums, Vocals
Andy Summers: Guitar, Vocals

01 Message In A Bottle
02 Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
03 Spirits In The Material World
04 De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
05 Demolition Man
06 Shadows In The Rain
07 Bring On The Night
08 One World (Not Three)
09 Roxanne
10 Don't Stand So Close To Me
11 Can't Stand Losing You
12 So Lonely