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Paul Rodgers - 1994-01-31 - St. Pauli, DE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Paul Rodgers & Company: 

Lineage: NDR2 FM Broadcast (26th March 1994) > Akai VCR to BASF master VHS > playback on LG VCR > Pioneer stand alone CD recorder to TDK CDR > EAC(level 8, sorry no EAC log created way back then) > FLAC files on HD (> dime > YOU) 

Taped by: Axel himself 

File Size: 424MB (spelling of flac files to standards) 

Paul Rodgers: Vocals, occasionally Guitar 
Reeves Gabrel: Lead Guitar 
Ian Hutton: Guitar 
John Smithson: Bass, Fiddle 
Jason Bonham: Drums 

01) Announcement 
02) Travellin´ Man 
03) Louisiana Blues 
04) Good Morning Little Schoolgirl 
05) Wishing Well 
06) Muddy Water Blues 
07) Shooting Star 
08) Seagull 
09) Fire And Water ~ Simon Bonham´s Drums 
10) Mr Big 
11+12) Feel Like Makin´ Love (two tracks due to my track setting error) 
13) One More Announcement 
14) Even More Announcement 
15) Little Bit Of Love 
16) Stone Free ~ Third Stone From The Sun ~ I Feel Free 
17) The Hunter 
18) Encore Break 
19) Alright Now 
20) Final Announcement 

Length: 73:26min

Note: "Can´t Get Enough" wasn´t broadcast due to technical recording problems. 

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