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Journey - 2001-01-30 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tokyo International Forum

"Round and Round"
Arrival Tour 2001

SYLPH Records

Steve Augeri - lead vocals

Neal Schon - guitars
Ross Valory - bass
Jonathan Cain - keyboards
Deen Castronovo - drums

excellent Audience recording: Equipment unkown

Artwork included

lineage: CD>Sony Vaio PC>Flac 8>YOU!

Disc One:

01. intro/message of love
02. ask the lonely
03. neal schon solo
04. to be alive again
05. only the young
06. stoned in love
07. signs of life
08. lights
09. stay a while
10. Jonathan Cain's piano solo
11. open arms
12. happy Birthday Steve Augeri
13. Fillmoor Boogie 

Disc Two:
01. escape
02. dixie highway
03.just the same way
04. all the way
05. higher place
06. live & breathe
07. wheel in the sky
08. be good to yourself
09. anyway you want it
10. don't stop believin'
11. seperate ways
12. faithfully

Purchased this CD at an "import" online store many years ago. Good audience recording from the Arrival tour. Also it is Steve Augeri's birthday.

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