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Santana - 1981-06-10 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Orpheum Theater

Master recording from a friend. I believe he used Nakamichi equipment.

This show was rescheduled from earlier in 1981.

disc 1

01. All I Ever Wanted
02. Primera Invasion
03. Searching

04. Tales of Kilimanjaro
05. Black Magic Woman
06. Gypsy Queen
07. Well Alright
08. Europa
09. Body Surfing

disc 2

01. Savor
02. Jingo
03. Winning
04. Incident at Neshabur
05. Bass Solo(Runnin')
06. Soul Sacrifice

disc 3

01. Love Me Two Times
02. She's Not There
03. Sensitive Kind
04. American Gypsy
05. Happy Birthday
06. Transcendence
07. Shake Your Money Maker
08. Drum solo
09. Piano solo
10. Whole Lotta Love


Superb show of Zebop! Tour, such a must have one. Although an audience recording, it's great and the crowd reaction to the band performance is a nice addition.

The Rolling Stones - 2002-09-20 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sweet Home Philadelphia 
VGP-322 Disc 3&4: 
Live at First Union Center, Philadelphia, PA 

Excellent audience recording 

Original uploader was ChuckBerry @ Hungercity (many thanks to him!): CDRs received in trade > EAC ( secure mode ) > FLAC Level 6 > torrent 
My desktop drive > files unchanged (just split VGP-322 in three parts [2002 09 18 / 2002 09 20 / 2002 09 22] and added this new info) 
Original checksums included 

Disc 1: 
01. Street Fighting Man 
02. It´s Only Rock´n Roll 
03. If You Can´t Rock Me 
04. Don´t Stop 
05. All Down The Line 
06. Love In Vain 
07. Live With Me 
08. Monkey Man 
09. Gimme Shelter 
10. Tumbling Dice 
11. Band Introduction 
12. Slipping Away 
13. Happy 

Disc 2:
01. I Can´t Turn You Loose 
02. Start Me Up 
03. Honky Tonk Women 
04. Can´t You Hear Me Knocking 
05. Satisfaction 
06. Beast Of Burden 
07. Miss You 
08. Brown Sugar 
09. Sympathy For The Devil 
10. Jumping Jack Flash 

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Van Halen - 1981-07-29 - Largo, MD (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Capital Center 

Unknown gen.cassette.aud>SonyTCWE435>PioneerPDR-4>CDR>EAC>WAV>Trader'sLittleHelper>FLAC 

Quality: C+/B- 

01 - On Fire 
02 - Sinner's Swing!/Drum Solo 
03 - Hear About It Later 
04 - Break 
05 - So This Is Love? 
06 - Jamie's Cryin' 
07 - Bass Solo 
08 - Runnin' With The Devil 
09 - Dance The Night Away 
10 - Sunday Afternoon In The Park 
11 - Romeo Delight 
12 - Everybody Wants Some!! 
13 - Ice Cream Man 
14 - Mean Street 
15 - Guitar Solo 
16 - Feel Your Love Tonight 
17 - You Really Got Me 
18 - Unchained 
19 - Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 

Another rarity of sorts, the second night of the band's three night run at the Cap Center back in 1981. The previous night was the more common night traded back in the day. "Running With the Devil" has an improvised beginning after Anthony's bass craps out after his bass solo. Hard to beat 1981 VH!

Van Morrison - 1993-03-07 - Tilburg, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


data dvd copy flacs > harddrive > upload

DRMUZK reworked Mar 2007. very nice performance and recording. HOWEVER, imo, BE PREPARED to have a couple of TALKERS put an annoying damper on this fine show. enjoy!

Haji Ahkba, 
Steve Gregory, 
Ronnie Johnson, 
Nicky Scott,
Teena Lyle, 
Jonn Savannah, 
Geoff Dunn, 
Kate St John

Pee Wee Ellis

Source: NC, BVR


Ratings are based on
Audience-setlist-venue-backup band-taping job and finally Van's mood in increasing order of importance

Disc 1
01-Foreign Window
02-Why Must I Always Explain
03-See Me Through-Soldier Of Fortune
04-I'm Not Feeling It Anymore
06-Carrying A Torch
07-Irish Heartbeat
08-Wild Night
09-Haunts Of Ancient Peace
10-Help Me
11-I've Been Working-Cold Sweat
12-Have I Told You Lately
13-Youth Of 1,000 Summers
14-All Saints Day

Disc 2
01-A Town Called Paradise
02-Did Ye Get Healed
03-It's All In The Game
06-Brown Eyed Girl
08-What'd I Say
10-It's All Over Now, Baby Blue

Completely reworked from an unknown source Normalized-deglitched and retracked

Van Morrison - 1990-04-14 - Berkeley, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Greek Theatre

master tape (?) > ?? > CD-R > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8

Van Morrison – vocals & other instruments 
Haji Akbar - trumpet 
Richie Buckley - saxophone 
Neil Drinkwater - piano 
Dave Early - drums 
Georgie Fame - Hammond B3 organ, vocals 
Steve Gregory - saxophone 
Bernie Holland - guitar 
Brian Odgers - bass 

Disc 1: 
01. Yeh Yeh - Georgie Fame 
02. Cat's Eyes - Georgie Fame 
03. I Will Be There 
04. Whenever God Shines His Light 
05. It's All In The Game / Make It Real 
06. Orangefield 
07. Tore Down A La Rimbaud 
08. When Will I Ever Learn To Live In God 
09. Just Like A Woman 
10. Did Ye Get Healed 
11. Frisco People - Georgie Fame 
12. Ain't It Funny (How Time Slips Away) - Georgie Fame 
13. So Complicated 
14. Raglan Road 
15. Carrickfergus 
16. Full Force Gale 
17. Summertime In England 

Disc 2: 
01. Caravan 
02. Moondance / Fever 
03. Vanlose Stairway / TransEuro Train 
04. Star Of The County Down 
05. Northern Muse (Solid Ground) 
06. In The Garden 
07. Have I Told You Lately 
08. Gloria 
09. Buona Sera, Senorita 
10. Send In The Clowns 

This set was treed @2000 via the Van-L/Van-Info/VanTrades lists. It is volume 5 in the Celtic Soul Productions series. From the tree notes of this show and knowing some of the serious collectors in the Van Morrison trading community I would guess this is likely from the master tape. 

Van Halen - 1982-07-16 - Greensboro, NC (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Greensboro Coliseum 


Quality: B 

01 - Romeo Delight 
02 - Unchained 
03 - Drum Solo 
04 - Dance the Night Away 
05 - Runnin' With the Devil 
06 - Where Have All the Good Times Gone! 
07 - Hang 'Em High 
08 - Little Guitars 
09 - Bass Solo 
10 - Jamie's Cryin' 
11 - Ice Cream Man 
12 - Somebody Get Me a Doctor 
13 - Cathedral 
14 - Secrets 
15 - Everybody Wants Some!! 
16 - Intruder 
17 - Pretty Woman 
18 - Guitar Solo 
19 - Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love 
20 - Bottoms Up! 
21 - The Full Bug 
22 - You Really Got Me 

The first recorded evidence of the band's 1982 tour..."The Full Bug" is played as encore here, but later would move up in the setlist. The master was hunted down by team Loucap81/ffoner.

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The Cure - 2002-07-23 - Rome, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(audience FLAC)

01 - Plainsong 
02 - Open 
03 - Torture 
04 - The Kiss 
05 - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep 
06 - Shake Dog Shake 
07 - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea 
08 - The Last Day Of Summer 
09 - Watching Me Fall 
10 - Siamese Twins 
11 - One Hundred Years 
12 - Bloodflowers 
13 - Pornography 
14 - Disintegration 

15 - Three Imaginary Boys 
16 - M 
17 - Play For Today 
18 - A Forest

19 - Cut Here 
20 - Lovesong 
21 - In Between Days 
22 - Just Like Heaven 

23 - The Drowning Man 
24 - Charlotte Sometimes 
25 - Faith 

Great show, great setlist, good sound. 

The Cure - 1981-11-27 - Glasgow, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Glasgow - Pavilion Theatre (Scotland)
lineage : no info sorry
equipement :no info sorry
taper : no info sorry
quality : good

01 - The Drowning Man
02 - Splintered In Her Head
03 - In Your House
04 - The Funeral Party
05 - Primary
06 - The Figurehead
07 - Charlotte Sometimes
08 - Other Voices
09 - At Night
10 - The Hanging Garden
11 - M
12 - Play For Today
13 - A Forest
14 - Forever

Encore 1:
15 - One Hundred Years
16 - Faith

Jeff Beck - 1972-05-13 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

An Old Audience Analog Unkown Generation To Cdr Krw Transfer To Eac To Tlh Flac Level 8

No Eq Or Other Tampering

Jeff Beck Guitar
Cozy Powell Drums
Bob Tench Vocals
Max Middleton Keyboards
Clive Chaman Bass

01 Ice Cream Cakes
02 Morning Dew
03 Keyboard Solo/Going Down
04 Tonight I'Ll Be Staying Here With You
05 Glad All Over
06 Becks Boogie
07 Definitley Maybe

Cd 2
01 Situation
02 New Ways-Train Train/Cozy Drum Solo
03 Let Me Love You
04 Got The Feeling

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Iron Maiden - 1980-12-21 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Phantom Of The Rainbow

Label: Eat A Peach!
CD: EAT 63
Format: FLAC, image+.cue
Time : 1:17:25
Release Date: 2015

01. Intro/Ides Of March
02. Sanctuary
03. Wrathchild
04. Remember Tomorrow
05. Charlotte The Harlot
06. Killers
07. Another Life
08. Drums Solo
09. Transylvania
10. Strange World
11. Prowler
12. Innocent Exile
13. Phantom Of The Opera
14. Iron Maiden
15. Running Free
16. Drifter

Recorded Live In Rainbow Theater, London, UK, December 21th, 1980

While all that has surfaced from the professional recording is the short 30 minutes found on the Live At The Rainbow video, thankfully someone smuggled in a recorder to document the event and is the source for this new release. For an audience source it is very good, near excellent and captures the ambience perfectly, it has an in your face sound yet focuses on the middle and upper frequencies and is a bit thin sounding, there is some upper end distortion as a result. The balance is perfect with all instruments and vocals being well defined and the audience noise near the taper is just enough to capture the vibe without becoming intrusive. This recording has been released before as …Before The Exile (Robespierre Recxords RBCD 003) that is incomplete, missing Transylvania and Strange World and adds a Women In Uniform from Top Of The Pops ands an incredible, yet un-dated, version of Montrose’ I’ve Got The Fire.

Bruce Springsteen - 2003-06-08 - Florence, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Stadio Artemio Franchi, Florence, Italy
("Like Young Lovers" - The Godfatherecords 27/28/29)

Silver CDs --> EAC --> FLAC (6) aosb --> YOU

Disc 1:
01 Born in the USA (acoustic)
02 The Rising
03 Lonesome Day
04 Night
05 My Love Will Not Let You Downt
06 Empty Sky
07 You're Missing
08 Waitin' on a Sunny Day
09 Sherry Darling
10 Worlds Apart
11 Badlands
12 Out in the Street

Disc 2:
01 Mary's Place
02 Tougher Than the Rest
03 Jungleland
04 Into the Fire
05 The Promised Land

Disc 3:
01 Kitty's Back
02 Ramrod
03 Born to Run
04 Seven Nights to Rock
05 Glory Days
06 My City of Ruins
07 Land of Hope and Dreams/People Get Ready
08 Dancing in the Dark
09 Outro

Bruce dedicates "Tougher Than the Rest" to Patti in honor of their 12th wedding anniversary.

Eric Clapton - 2008-08-23 - Monaco (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Recorded by Jean-Pierre LEFFE

August 23th, 2008

Source : VG (at my rating ears) personal audience recording


SONY stereo micro MS 907 > SONY mini disc MZ R35 > Soundforge for EQ/fade in fade out/expand stereo > burn with NERO > extract and convert in FLAC level 8 with CDex version 1.7 > you


01 - hoochie coochie man 00:06:40
02 - tell the truth 00:06:38
03 - little wing 00:06:32
04 - outside woman blues 00:05:16
05 - driftin - 00:05:21
06 - nobody knows you 00:03:24
07 - motherless child 00:03:50
08 - travelling riverside blues 00:04:48
09 - running on faith 00:05:41
10 - got to get better in a little while 00:09:01
11 - little queen of spades 00:11:20

01 - before you accuse me 00:04:49
02 - wonderful tonight 00:04:30
03 - layla 00:06:46
04 - cocaine - 00:09:02
05 - crossroads 00:05:45

Total time - 01:39:23


I recorded this concert a few years ago. I was expecting some help to share it… Now it's done ! So, many thanks to Erathostene for his help on uploading it.

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The Who - 2016-05-19 - Oakland, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Oracle Arena

Source: AT943 Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)-> Zoom H4n 24bit 48htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to resample to 16 Bit /441> traders little helper flac level 8 

Taper: whotapes
Section C Row 8

01 Who Are You
02 The Seeker
03 The Kids Are Alright
04 I Can See for Miles
05 My Generation
06 Squeeze Box
07 Behind Blue Eyes
08 Bargain
09 Join Together
10 You Better You Bet
11 I'm One
12 The Rock
13 Love, Reign O'er Me
14 Eminence Front
15 Amazing Journey
16 Sparks
17 Acid Queen
18 Pinball Wizard
19 See Me, Feel Me
20 Baba O'Riley
21 Won't Get Fooled Again

notes by the taper
I traveled from Texas for this show which when I bought it was going to be the last show of the tour. It was a great show and Pete, the birthday boy, was in a great mood. A lot of comments about their history in the Bay area.

When we went in for the soundcheck Pete was on stage but Roger was not a lot of just standing around when Roger came out he told us that Zak and Pino were stuck in traffic. So there was about 10 minutes of it where they just stood around. I cut that from the recording. When everybody arrived they started off with Who Are You. About 3/4 of the way through the song I looked at the levels and they were pegged all they way.... Ah CRAP! Well I quickly adjusted them down. There is some serious clipping going on up to that point but the rest of the soundcheck is in good shape. I volume adjusted the first part to match the rest of the recording.

The main show sounds really good. The talkers around me did not come through on the recording as bad as they did to my ears at the show.The dropped Pictures of Lily and 5:15 and switched them out for Squeeze Box and Acid Queen. My battery was running low so I stopped recording after WGFA so I did not get the band intros.

Sound Check
01 Who Are You Intro
02 Who Are You
03 I Can See For Mile
04 I'm One
05 The Rock
06 Eminence Front

U2 - 2001-05-12 - Chicago, IL (MTX/AUD/IEM/FLAC) by REQUEST


United Center

IEM Source:Bono & Adam Raw IEM FLAC Level 7 DATMaster Upped by Datfly
AUD Source:Sony ECM-717* > Sony MZ-R37 > CDR > EAC > SHN Taped by Minh Nguyen
Matrix done by:Drew Williamsen in Adobe Audition 3.0

01 Intro
02 Elevation
03 Beautiful Day
04 Until The End Of The World
05 New Year's Day
06 Stuck In A Moment
07 Kite
08 Gone
09 New York
10 I Will Follow
11 Sunday Bloody Sunday
12 Bono Speech
13 In A Little while
14 Desire
15 Stay
16 Bad
17 Where The Streets Have No Name
18 Mysterious Ways
19 The Fly
20 Bullet Intro
21 Bullet The Blue Sky
22 With Or Without You
23 Pride
24 Bono Speech
25 One
26 Wake Up Dead Man
27 Walk On

This is one of my best works to date. This is one of the best Matrix's out there. The best of the Chicago Elevation Matrices. The audience version had some spots missing when I was lining it up with the IEM. So between songs there may be a noticible drop in audience noise, but no big deal, unless you like hearing the crowd cheer and clap. This is a must have. I'm surprised no one has done this matrix before.

Bruce Springsteen - 2014-05-13 - Albany, NY (DVDfull aud-shot blue ray)

(DVDfull aud-shot blue ray)

A note first: 
I will continue releasing 2014 shows as long as there is a good audience audio capture for it AND some other people get their game straight. 
This Albany video is sourced from youtube downloads only. A shame because it could have looked much better. For my future videos I will not credit any youtube uploader, only if sources will be made available. 
Future releases like both Uncasville shows I will only upload here if TheMagikRat and Blacklab/ccliffy share their sources. 
If they do, I will go through the trouble of making a Jungleland friendly version as well with an audience sound capture unlike my versions for private collectors with soundboard audio. But please forgive me, I am very short on time and I have dozens more shows to edit. 
I am normally test watching my blu-rays a couple of times before releasing them and I adjust the audio sync if needed, remove single clappings, do volume corrections, etc. 
I will not be able to do this with the audience audio dubbs. But the audio should never be noticeably out of sync and from what I heard so far from the Albany and Uncasville audience captures there is not much adjustment to the sound to be done anyway. 

Same goes for Milano. I will only upload my video (dvd AND blu-ray as promised from the start) if Amos shares the fedeud and misskaleid sources with me. 
My offer for exchanging sources (giving away nearly 5 complete and exclusive shoots and one exclusive audio source for just 2 shoots in return) is off the table after all the happenings and bad words from these people. 
Screw fedeud and misskaleid! Misskaleid and her friend thelastviolator both used enough bad language and did enough bad talk. Unreasonable insane people who ain't Springsteen fans at all! Fedeud is another story, no bad language used and he seems to be a fan but so much stupidity from his side! The best thing for Amos to do is hand over their films. 
I hope you do the right thing Amos! 

Notes on Albany: 
Filmed by: some youtubers (multicam on several songs) 
Audio by: larryrulz 
Photos by: the great Anjali Ram (check her out on fb! buy her photos! she is looking to buy a new lense...) 
Edited by: dvddubbingguy 

Samples (with soundboard audio - the version uploaded here does not have soundboard audio!) @ and 

This video is fantastic. With my Philly 28th March 2012 remix it is propably the best audience video from any US show. 

There won't be a DVD version from me and I don't want anybody else to convert it to dvd. You can watch this on your PC if you don't have a blu-ray burner/player. My Metlife menus looked like crap and I was fine with anyone doing a dvd. The menus could just have been an improvement but in this case I don't want a dvd floating around with my name on it and menus not done by me. 

Another note: The credits in the end say "soundboard audio". Well, obviously it is not but I didn't want to render the whole thing again for just making that change... 

01 - Don't change 
02 - My love will not let you down 
03 - No surrender 
04 - This is your sword 
05 - Badlands 
06 - Death to my hometown 
07 - High hopes 
08 - Treat her right 
09 - Something in the night 
10 - Save the last dance for me 
11 - Better days 
12 - Seaside Bar song 
13 - Mary's Place 
14 - Stayin' alive 
15 - Kingdom of days (acoustic) 
16 - Shackled and drawn 
17 - The ghost of Tom Joad 
18 - The rising 
19 - Light of day 

* * * 
20 - The wall 
21 - Born in the U.S.A. 
22 - Born to run 
23 - Dancing in the dark 
24 - Tenth Avenue freeze-out 
25 - Ramrod 
26 - Shout 
27 - Thunder road 

Kiss - 1979-07-08 - Landover, MD (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Return of Kiss

01 - King Of The Night Time World
02 - Radioactive
03 - Move On
04 - Calling Dr. Love
05 - Firehouse
06 - New York Groove
07 - I Was Made For Lovin' You
08 - Love Gun
09 - 2,000 Man
10 - Guitar Solo
11 - Tossin' And Turnin'
12 - Bass Solo
13 - God of Thunder
14 - Drum Solo
15 - Shout It Out Loud
16 - Black Diamond

17 - Detroit Rock City
18 - Beth
19 - Rock And Roll All Nite

Van Halen - 2012-03-09 - Buffalo, NY (DVDfull aud-shot DL) by REQUEST

(DVDfull aud-shot DL)

First Niagara Arena 

Video source 1 Sony Handicam DCR-SX63 
Video source 2 Cannon Powershot 750 
Seperate Audio source DAT-32 

Vegas Pro 10.0 - TMPGEnc Authoring - You 

01 - Intro 
02 - You Really Got Me 
03 - Runnin with the Devil 
04 - She’s the Woman 
05 - Romeo Delight 
06 - Tattoo 
07 - Everybody Wants Some 
08 - Somebody Get Me A Doctor 
09 - China Town 
10 - Hear About It Later 
11 - Pretty Woman 
12 - Alex’s drum solo 
13 - Unchained 
14 - The Trouble with Never 
15 - Dance The Night Away 
16 - I’ll Wait 
17 - Hot For Teacher 
18 - Women In Love 
19 - Girl Gone Bad 
20 - Beautiful Girls 
21 - Ice Cream Man 
22 - Panama 
23 - Eddie’s Guitar Solo 
24 - Ain’t Talkin’ ‘Bout Love 
25 - Jump 

This concert was filed from 2 seperate sources, Floor B Row 8 seats 12 & 14. This concert was the first attempt to video a show and author it to DVD. There are small issues such as a few spots of focus, in a small section the audio is off by less than 1 second, and I had issues with making both sources 16:9 ratio. I did the best I could with my first time out of the gate so deal with it. 

Special thanks to Ed, Al, Wolfie, & Dave for touring once againand the new album! Thanks Jen for letting me spend a mortgage payment for ILAA tickets! And thanks to all the junkies at

Bruce Springsteen - 2013-05-28 - Hannover, DE (2xDVDfull aud-shot DL) by REQUEST

(2xDVDfull aud-shot DL)

"Free Beer in Hannover"
a betterDay Berlin production 

2 DL-DVD ! 

Here's a preview

01 - Land of Hope and Dreams 
02 - No Surrender 
03 - We Take Care of Our Own 
04 - Wrecking Ball 
05 - My Love Will Not Let You Down 
06 - Death to My Hometown 
07 - Spirit in the Night 
08 - Drift Away 
09 - The E Street Shuffle 
10 - Atlantic City 
11 - Jack of All Trades 
12 - The River 
13 - Because the Night 
14 - Murder Inc. 

01 - Johnny 99 
02 - Open All Night 
03 - Shackled and Drawn 
04 - Waiting on a Sunny Day 
05 - Radio Nowhere 
06 - The Rising 
07 - Badlands 
08 - Light of Day 
09 - Roll of the Dice 
10 - Born in the USA 
11 - Born to Run 
12 - Seven Nights to Rock 
13 - Dancing in the Dark 
14 - Tenth Ave. Freeze-out 
15 - American Land 

From betterDay: 
"This is the DVD version - 
Now this is my attempt to bring the incredible Hannover 2013 show back to life. 
Please notice: this project does not contain videos from dvddubbingguy. But I received original HD videos-files from 24 other tapers, including my own recording from the west stand of the arena. 

So I was able to create a very diversified mix of various camera angles that captures a great concert experience. 

The audio comes from a mix of several unknown sources. It does not exist in a lossless format. And as the mixer (who is also unknown to me) does not want the audio to be uploaded here separately, it will never exist in a lossless way. One more thing I know about it: it's great !!! Condition to use it for my DVD/BluRay was to leave it like it is and accept that no further information is given. So that's all - and that's alright with me. 

Of course I will not promise you "the best video of all videos ever" , but for my taste it's the best DVD/BluRay that I have made so far and of course I hope you will enjoy it. If you have been lucky to be in Hannover it could be a nice souvenir and for the rest of you it's an opportunity to watch Bruce drink free beer in Hannover. 

One more personal remark: this is the 7th Bruce DVD project that I have made and shared with you over the years - so some of you might know my work by now. I am no professional and never pretended to be. I do this in my spare time because it's a lot of fun, but of course it's far from beeing perfect. So this time I am not going to discuss again, why there is some space left on the discs or why I made some long cross fadings or why you might see some empty seats in the video or...or...or..! 

Tin Machine - The Wounded And Dumb (DVDfull pro-shot)

(TV and Various DVDfull)

Video Source: TV and Various
Lineage: Trade >>>you
Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes
Transfer Rate:
Format: NTSC 720  480
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Frame Rate : 29.970
AC3 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz  256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0) 
Number of Discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD5
Artwork: yes

Paradiso,Amsterdam june 24th 1989
(NHK Japanese TV Broadcast)
01 - Heaven'S In Here
02 - Working Class Hero
03 - Interview Segment
04 - I Can'T Read
05 - Baby Can Dance
06 - Interview Segment
07 - Prisoner Of Love (Promo)
08 - Crack City (Promo)
09 - Interview Segment
10 - Under The God

L.A.X. August 25th 1991 (US TV)
01 - One Shot
02 - A Big Hurt
03 - Stateside
04 - Baby Universal
05 - If There Is Something

Arsenio Hall 1991 (US TV)
01 - A Big Hurt
02 - Interview With Arsenio Hall
03 - Heaven'S In Here

Saturday Night Live 1991
01 - baby universal
02 - if there is something

one shot (promo)
01 - US TV interview
02 - Today Show (US TV) interview

Bruce Springsteen - 2012-04-29 - New Orleans, LA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Acura Stage
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s) > Core Sound Battery Box (Bass Filter On) > Sony PCM-M10 (@24/48)
(@20 heads from VIP barrier, one person from center right rail)
Transfer: PC > Audacity (Edits, Fades, Amplify +1db, Tracking, >16/44 WAV) > T.L.H. (FLAC-level 8, FFP)

01. Badlands
02. We Take Care Of Our Own
03. Wrecking Ball
04. Out In The Street
05. Death To My Hometown
06. My City Of Ruins
07. How Can A Poor Man Stand Such Times And Live?
08. Jack Of All Trades
09. Something You Got (w/ Dr. John)

10. O Mary Don't You Weep
11. Prove It All Night
12. Johnny 99
13. Waitin' On A Sunny Day
14. The Promised Land
15. The Rising
16. Lonesome Day
17. We Are Alive

18. Land Of Hope And Dreams
19. Pay Me My Money Down
20. Born To Run
21. Dancing In The Dark
22. Rocky Ground / When The Saints Go Marching In (w/ Michelle Moore)
23. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
24. Outro

(TT: 02:35:49)

Notes by the uploader:
Finally, the much requested, much anticipated, well I could go on... Very crowded, hot, slighty abbreviated set w/ several Seeger Sessions reprisals from Bruce's previous Jazz Fest show. More than a few songs feature the crowd w/ sing-a-longs, clap-a-longs, Bruce out in the crowd, etc., but what else would one expect? Sound seems fine otherwise

Bruce Springsteen - 2012-05-30 - Berlin, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

recorded by wb
OKM IIR > A3 > PCM-M10

01. When I Leave Berlin
02. We Take Care Of Our Own
03. Wrecking Ball
04. Badlands
05. Death to My Hometown
06. My City of Ruins
07. Spirit in the Night
08. Hungry Heart
09. Trapped
10. Jack of All Trades
11. Youngstown
12. Johnny 99
13. Working on the Highway
14. Shackled and Drawn
15. Waitin' on a Sunny Day
16. Save My Love
17. The River
18. The Rising
19. Lonesome Day
20. We Are Alive
21. Thunder Road


22. Rocky Ground
23. Born in the U.S.A.
24. Born to Run
25. Glory Days
26. Seven Nights to Rock
27. Dancing in the Dark
28. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

Bruce Springsteen - 2012-05-28 - Landgraaf, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Pinkpop Festival

A zimmy21 recording !

Sound quality: Very good recording

Sp-CMC-10 (windscreens on) > battery SP-SPSB-1 > Edirol R-09HR (24 bit-48 kHZ) > PC > EAC > Wav > Traders Little Helper > Flac 8

Disc 01 :

01. We take care of our own
02. Wrecking ball
03. Badlands
04. Death to my hometown
05. My city of ruins
06. Spirit in the night
07. Because the night
08. Radio nowhere
09. I'm on fire
10. Shackled & drawn
11. Waitin' on a sunny day
12. The promised land

Disc 02 :
01. The river
02. The rising
03. We are alive
04. Thunder road
05. - crowd -
06. 96 tears (with Garland Jeffreys)
07. Born in the USA *
08. Born to run
09. Hungry heart (with Mumford and Sons)
10. Dancing in the dark
11. American land
12. Tenth Avenue freeze-out

* Recorded a little too loud

Bruce Springsteen - 2012-05-27 - Cologne, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

RheinEnergie Stadion

Sold out, about 45.000 people, taped opposite from stage just in the middle: Nordtribuene N14, row 6, seat 10

Complete show, 200 minutes in very good quality.

Lineage: TASCAM DR-08 PCM-Recorder with Build-in microphones (16 Bit-44,1 kHZ) > Audacity (a little bit more loudness) > CD Wave Editor (for track separation) > Traders Little Helper (Flac level 6 and MD5).

01 - No Surrender
02 - Two Hearts
03 - We Take Care of Our Own
04 - Wrecking Ball
05 - The Ties That Bind (sign request)
06 - Death to My Hometown
07 - My City of Ruins
08 - Spirit in the Night
09 - The E Street Shuffle
10 - Jack of All Trades
11 - Atlantic City
01 - Darlington County intro>Honky Tonk Woman>
02 - Darlington County
03 - She's the One
04 - Working on the Highway
05 - Shackled and Drawn
06 - Waitin' on a Sunny Day
07 - Apollo Medley
08 - The River
09 - The Rising
10 - Radio Nowhere
01 - We Are Alive
02 - Land of Hope and Dreams
03 - Encores:
04 - Born in the U.S.A.
05 - Born to Run
06 - Hungry Heart
07 - Seven Nights to Rock
08 - Dancing in the Dark
09 - American Land
10 - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

venerdì 22 luglio 2016

Nektar - 1971-11-13 - Darmstadt, DE (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Reel to Reel > Reel to Reel > DAT > CD-wav > flac (level 6).

CD 1: (57:15)
01 - Good Day 08:00
02 - Da - Da - Dum 07:50
03 - Variation about 'Drop In The Ocean' called: A Tab In The Ocean 17:45
1 - 2 - 3 - 4 and 13:30
Do You Believe In Magic ? 04:55
Story of Space Opera : Journey To The Centre Of The Eye
& Story of "Leider kann ich nicht Deutsch lesen" 05:15

CD 2: (78:50)
01 - Space Opera : Journey To The Centre Of The Eye 47:17
02 - Cryin' In The Dark / 09:17
03 - Odyssee incl. Ron's On / 10:37
04 - Porcelain Valley (later called : Desolation Valley) 11:37

CD 3: (07:30)
01 - New Day Dawning (Encore) 07:30

This is straight from my master-reel (security copy)>>>DAT>>>CD>>>HD The show is also offered on Nektar's Homepage as mp3 & FLAC, but that FLAC is ripped from mp3's, which makes no sense (& furthermore, it's one gen worse than this 1st gen-reel-transfer). Also that version is without the German Stories which are very nice & funny for those with a little talent for some German, of course. What a great show this was. This was the 4th Nektar show we recorded (we = me & some school friends) & this time we were able to sneak a reel-to-reel Grundig-machine in with automatic level adjustment, which nicely covered also the quieter parts.
I kept the setlist as it was played, while Nektar putted "New Day" on CD 1, which fits for 2 CD's (you are free to do so), but this was the correct flow of the show. "New Day Dawning" was played as final encore.

giovedì 21 luglio 2016

Neil Young - 2016-07-20 - Leipzig, DE [24/96] (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Neil Young + Promise of the Real 
Leipzig (Germany), Völkerschlachtdenkmal, 20th July 2016 

01 after the gold rush 
02 heart of gold 
03 the needle and the damage done 
04 mother earth 
05 out on the weekend 
06 saddle up the palomino 
07 hawaiian sunrise 
08 i am a child 
09 razor love 
10 someday 
11 unknown legend 
12 alabama 
13 words 
14 winterlong 
15 love to burn 
16 powderfinger 
17 mansion on the hill 
18 western hero 
19 dont be denied 
20 seed justice 
21 change your mind 
22 like a hurricane 
23 love and only love 
24 rockin in the free world 

recorder: Roland R-05 
microphone: Sony ECM-TS125 
running time: 185 minutes 
recorded by Ronny

David Gilmour - 2016-07-07 - Pompei, IT [24/48] (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Venue: Anfiteatro Scavi di Pompei, Pompei, Italy
Date: 2016 July 07
Source: aud

David Gilmour: Guitar, Vocals
Chester Kamen: Guitar, Harmonica, Backing Vocals
Guy Pratt: Bass, Backing Vocals, Vocals (Run Like Hell)
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards, Vocals (Time)
Chuck Leavell: Keyboards, Vocals (Comfortably Numb)
Steve DiStanislao: Drums, Wind Machine, Backing Vocals
João Mello: Saxophones, Clarinete, Guitar
Louise Clare Marshall: Backing Vocals
Bryan Chambers: Backing Vocals
Lucita Jules: Backing Vocals

00a. Public announcement
00b. audience
01. 5 A.M.
02. Rattle That Lock
03. Faces Of Stone
04. What Do You Want From Me
05. The Blue
06. The Great Gig in the Sky
07. speech
08. A Boat Lies Waiting
09. Wish You Were Here
10. Money
11. In Any Tongue
12. High Hopes

13. One of These Days
14. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V)
15. Fat Old Sun
16. Coming Back to Life
17. On an Island
18. crowd singing Echoes - band introduction
19. The Girl in the Yellow Dress
20. Today
21. Sorrow
22. Run Like Hell

23. encore break
24. Time
25. Breathe (Reprise)
26. Comfortably Numb

total time: 2h45m36s

David Bowie w Jeff Beck - 1973-07-03 - London, UK (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Music Videos : Rock : DVD quality
?David Bowie & Jeff Beck
"Ziggy Meets Jeff Beck"
live Hammersmith Odeon, London, July 3rd, 1973
artwork included

01. Title
02. Opening
03. Hang On To Yourself
04. Ziggy Stardust
05. Watch The Man
06. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud
07. All The Young Dudes
08. Space Oddity
09. My Death
10. Cracked Actor
11. Time
12. The Width Of A Circle
13. band introductions
14. Let's Spend The Night Together
15. Suffragette City
16. The Jean Genie
17. Love Me Do
18. Jeff Beck guitar solo
19. Round And Round

bonus footage:
20. Opening
21. backstage Ziggy and Spiders
22. Watch The Man
23. offstage footage
24. rehearsals and backstage
25. Hang On To Yourself
26. Time
27. Bowie interview
28. leaving the venue

total time: 82 minutes

The Rolling Stones - 1975-07-11 - Los Angeles, CA (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

The Ultimate L.A. '75
Label: 4Reel/Top Of The Line

Video: Pro Shot Multi-Cam > Silver Release by 4REEL

- NTSC 4:3
- 10080 kb/s VBR
- 720 X 480

Audio SBD
- AC3 48000Hz 5.1 Stereo

DVD9 - 6.5GB

01. Fanfare For The Common Man
02. Honky Tonk Women
03. All Down The Line
04. If You Can't Rock Me
05. Get Off Of My Cloud
06. Star Star
07. Gimme Shelter
08. Ain't Too Proud To Beg
09. You Gotta Move
10. You Can't Always Get What You Want
11. Happy
12. Tumbling Dice
13. It's Only Rock'n Roll
14. Band introductions
15. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)
16. Fingerprint File
17. Angie
18. Wild Horses
19. That's Life
20. Outta Space
21. Brown Sugar
22. Midnight Rambler
23. Rip This Joint
24. Street Fighting Man
25. Jumpin' Jack Flash
26. Sympathy For The Devil

Bonus track: 1975 tour newsreel clips

Bruce Springsteen - 1988-05-03 - Mountain View, CA (2xDVDfull aud-shot DL)

(2xDVDfull aud-shot DL)

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA
May 3, 1988

Video Recording by JEMS: Sony Handycam CCD-V5
Video Transfer: master Video 8 cassettes > Apple ProRes uncompressed capture

Audio Recording by MarkP: Nakamichi CM300 with CP4 Shotgun capsules > Sony TCD-5M
Audio Transfer: TDK MX master cassettes > Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth-adjusted) > Sound Devices USBPre2 (24/96 Audacity 2.0 capture) > Peak 6.0 with iZotope Ozone > iZotope MBIT+ convert to 16/44.1 > FLAC

Audio Syncing by Hoserama: using his bag o' tricks

Video Mastering and Authoring by Brucevideos: Apple ProRes > Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 encode to MPEG-2 (VBR av. 7.5mb/sec, two passes) > Womble MPEG Video Wizard > DVD Lab Pro 2

Audio Mastering and Authoring by Brucevideos: FLAC > WAV > Sound Forge 9 (16/48 conversion, fades, minor eq) > Womble MPEG Video Wizard > DVD Lab Pro 2 (PCM conversion)

Requires two dual layer DVD9 discs to burn.

Video Attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV System: NTSC, 720x480
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Bitrate: average 7500kb/s VBR two passes, max 8000kb/s
Frame rate: 29.97

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding Mode: PCM
Sampling Rate: 48kz
Bitrate: 1536kb/s tot, stereo

Disc 1 (DVD9)
(Tunnel Of Love missing)
01 - Be True
02 - Adam Raised A Cain
03 - Two Faces
04 - All That Heaven Will Allow
05 - Seeds
06 - Roulette
07 - Cover Me
08 - Brilliant Disguise
09 - Spare Parts (end cut)
10 - War (start cut)
11 - Born In The U.S.A.
12 - Tougher Than The Rest (start cut)
13 - Ain't Got You > She's The One
14 - You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
15 - I'm A Coward
16 - I'm On Fire
17 - One Step Up
18 - Part Man Part Monkey

Disc 2 (DVD9)
01 - Backstreets
02 - Dancing In The Dark
03 - Light Of Day
04 - Born To Run
05 - Hungry Heart (start cut)
06 - Glory Days
07 - Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
08 - Have Love Will Travel
09 - Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
10 - Sweet Soul Music
11 - Raise Your Hand
12 - Little Latin Lupe Lu
13 - Twist And Shout

A shocking 26(!) long years after we filmed it, JEMS and Brucevideos are pleased to mark that anniversary and present a previously uncirculated video recording of the longest and arguably best show of the Tunnel of Love tour: night two at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA, May 3, 1988.

The show was shot during the height of JEMS' otherwise indifferent interest in making audience videos. We brought the camera to town specifically to shoot both shows and in fact did not record audio ourselves, as our express purpose was to capture video. JEMS shot video of concerts as far back as 1982 but never fully committed to the medium for all the reasons you'd expect: hassle factor, venue security challenges, frequently poor results.

But in 1988, with a new video camera in hand and Bruce touring up the west coast, it felt like the time to try again with the new Sony CCD-V5 and its 6x zoom. We brought the camera into Shoreline for night one and about an hour of footage exists, shot from stage left high in the 200s. While it is not completely unwatchable, its close, as the shoot was marred by obstructions, cuts and very few steady shots.

We came out of night one deflated and frustrated, but not defeated. To shoot the show well and solve for those issues we needed an unobstructed view, a way to keep the camera steady and the opportunity to check the viewfinder on occasion without fear of being caught. But how? And then it came to us, like Bill Graham had suggested it himself.

A wheelchair.

Back in those days, there were no wheelchair tickets. If you came in a wheelchair with a ticket, the simply directed you to the wheelchair section. The wheelchair area was stage right in front of the 200 section. And while it was an obstructed view in the sense that part of the stage itself couldn't be seen given the severe angle, what could be seen had no heads or seats directly in front of it at all. Also, by sitting in the wheelchair, the camera could be steadied on the lap in the chair, and looking down into the viewfinder became possible.

And so it was that we rented a wheelchair and I did indeed push J into the venue. I seem to recall there's a long unpaved walk from where you park to the Shoreline entrance and we were debating how close we could get before J had to sit in the chair. But sit he did and exactly as we hoped, we were directed to the wheelchair seating area and J set up to shoot.

We had three tapes, extra batteries, the right vantage point and a plan. But as anyone who shoots audience video knows (especially back in those days), shooting for over three hours covertly is not easy, even from the wheelchair section.

The start of the show was missed while we got set up and much of "Be True" can't be seen in picture though the song is complete in audio. But after that point, dare I say it gets kinda good. There are cuts and battery changes. And there are moments where we lose the shot, something gets in the way, etc. Typical audience video shit.

That being said, there are long stretches of the show that are highly watchable, quite close and steady. You can't see the entire band (for instance, the Horns of Love are only visible when they come to the front of the stage), but what you can see I consider the best audience video of the Tunnel of Love tour. The super majority of what we shot, over three hours, is very good considering the era and the vantage point.

We picked the right show, too. After weeks of static set lists in '88, the most stagnant of his career, things started to loosen up during the five-night run at the Sports Arena in LA, notably the reintroduction of "Backstreets" and the debut of what for my money is still one of Bruce's greatest covers ever, The Sonics' "Have Love, Will Travel" (if it shows up on the current tour, I think we will have this torrent to thank).

Both songs are in the set here, but what made Mountain View 2 even more special was the encore, where Bruce blew past the set-closing "Raise Your Hand" and audibled "Little Latin Lupe Lu," not played since the legendary Boston Music Hall shows in 1977, and when that wasn't enough, "Twist and Shout" (both moments are highly amusing to watch and well captured). This show is as good as the US leg of the Express tour gets.

I was sitting elsewhere. On the lawn in fact. And why I wasn't audio taping escapes me, but I didn't need to be because Persic was. And our generous friend lent us his master tapes for this project. Persic himself once described this as one of his finer audience recordings and thanks to the shotgun Nakamichi mics and the repeater speakers on the lawn at Shoreline, it does sound uncannily close. You might ask why we didn't use the circulating soundboard recording of the show (surely the audio of a video feed, made famous on the Roses and Broken Hearts CD). Not only is it incomplete, but I find Persic's recording more satisfying to listen to. And its audience origin made it better suited for an audience video.

Persic's master tapes were key because the camcorder audio on our master video is quite poor and distorted. We knew we needed to swap it out and sync Persic's audio to our video. Having gone down this path before with our beloved compatriot Pete at Brucevideos with the Passaic and Widener College projects, I knew another three hours of syncing to picture threatened to put Pete in an early grave. And none of us want that.

What to do, what to do?

Then I had a novel idea and I knew just the man for the job, Hoserama. Many of his finest works involve the syncing and time alignment of multiple audio sources and he does so at a level the rest of us can't possibly achieve. So it occurred to me, rather than Pete syncing to picture, what if we asked Hoserama to sync Peric's audio to the camera audio to create a matrix with the camera audio as the baseline, then drop out the camera audio and leave Persic's audio in its place? All Pete would need to do then is rip out the entire soundtrack for each piece of the show (tapes one, two and three) and drop in Hoserama's synced Persic audio.

I have never heard of this being done before to sync audio to video, but it seemed logical and after talking it through with Hoserama, he agreed to do a test. Sure enough, the sync, drop and replace model worked, saving Pete literally dozens of hours of painstaking work. And Pete says the sync is better than he could do by hand anyway. A thousand Thank Yous to Hoserama for his invaluable contribution to this project.

Pete, as he has so graciously done before, did the rest, mastering and authoring to make the video and audio the best they can be. There are a few moments where the axis of the camera titled changing the horizon and in a few of the most egregious moments, Pete does some post-production to correct the problem. The image straightens but the quality worsens, so it is used sparingly. His work across the board is, as usual, top notch and there is no way this project happens without his involvement. Pete, once again, thanks.

Last but not least, I want to thank J, my friend of nearly 30 years, for allowing me to push him into the show in a wheelchair and for the staggering number of wonderful recordings he made under the JEMS banner low these many years. J has been having some health issues of late, and while I know he will bounce back again as he always does, I just want to say to everyone you couldn't find a better friend and partner in this crazy hobby of ours than he. Round for round, pound for pound, there ain't a finer man around.

From J's initial attempts to locate the video masters to the Apple ProRes transfer to borrowing Persic's cassettes to getting the files to Hoserama and Pete and then pulling them all back together again as authored DVDs, the Mountain View project has lasted over a year. We missed the true anniversary by a couple of days, but after 26 years, we're guessing you won't mind.

Wayne Darlington

Bruce Springsteen - 2012-06-07 - Milan, IT (AUD/FLAC) by zimmy21

(Audience FLAC)
Stadio San Siro

A zimmy21 recording !

Sound quality
Excellent recording

Sp-CMC-10 > battery SP-SPSB-1 > Edirol R-09HR (24 bit-48 kHZ) > PC > EAC > Wav > Traders Little Helper > Flac 8

Disc 01 : 68 mins.
01. We take care of our own *
02. Wrecking ball
03. Badlands
04. Death to my hometown
05. My city of ruins
06. Spirit in the night
07. The E Street shuffle
08. Jack of all trades
09. Candy's room
10. Darkness on the edge of town

* sorry for the bad start

Disc 02 : 78 mins.
01. Johnny 99
02. Out in the street
03. No surrender
04. Working on the highway
05. Shackled & drawn
06. Waitin' on a sunny day
07. The promised land
08. The promise (solo piano)
09. The river
10. The rising
11. Radio nowhere
12. We are alive

Disc 03 : 73 mins
01. Land of hope and dreams
02. - crowd -
03. - talk -
04. Rocky ground
05. Born in the USA
06. Born to run
07. Cadillac ranch
08. Hungry heart
09. Bobby Jean
10. Dancing in the dark
11. Tenth Avenue freeze-out
12. - crowd -
13. Glory days
14. Twist and shout

Total time : 3 hours 39 minutes

mercoledì 20 luglio 2016

David Gilmour - 2016-07-11 - Verona, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Arena Di Verona

Tascam DR-05 v2 -> wave 16/44 -> Ipietri(HarBal 2.3,Magneto and L3) -> wave 32/44 -> AdobeAuditon (16/44) -> NeroWaveEditor (split tracks) -> TLH -> flac

David Gilmour
Chester Kamen – guitar, vocals
Guy Pratt – bass, vocals
Greg Phillinganes – keyboards, vocals
Steve DiStanislao – drums, percussion
Chuck Leavell – keyboards, vocals
Joao De Macedo Mello – saxes, clarinet
Bryan Chambers - backing vocals
Louise Marshall – backing vocals
Lucy Jules - backing vocals

01 5 A.M.
02 Rattle That Lock
03 Faces Of Stone
04 What Do You Want From Me
05 The Blue
06 The Great Gig In The Sky
07 David Talk
08 A Boat Lies Waiting
09 Wish You Were Here
10 Money
11 In Any Tongue
12 High Hopes
13 Astronomy Domine
14 Shine On You Crazy Diamond
15 Fat Old Sun
16 Coming Back To Life
17 On An Island
18 Band Intro
19 The Girl In The Yellow Dress
20 Today
21 Sorrow
22 Run Like Hell
23 Audience
24 Time
25 Breathe Reprise
26 Comfortably Numb

Recorded by Nipote (Row 17 - Seat 3)
Remaster By Ipietri

notes by the taper
Here my recording for Verona.
I attended last year Gilmour at the Arena, but there is no comparison.
I think that he found the sound of the better days, and the new members add more musicality, specially Chester Kamen. I attended with my friends Paolino and Adriano, and before the gig I met many floydian friends as Mino, Mariella, Alberto and the Y! member PinkFloyd83. About the recording, the raw version is full of bass, I don't know why, I recorded in many places always with the same setting, but in the Arena I have always problems. So I asked at Ipietri an help and he agreed, and he made a great work (as always!) so for him the biggest thanks.

martedì 19 luglio 2016

Third Eye Blind - 2016-06-12 - Manchester, TN (ts pro-shot) by REQUEST

(ts pro-shot)

Third Eye Blind
Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival
The Other Tent
Great Stage Park
Manchester, Tennessee
June 12, 2016

Lineage: LIVE Webcast -> downloaded .ts segments (batch script) -> TSSplitter (join) -> FFmpeg (edit) -> .ts
Video: MPEG4 Video (H264) 1280x720 16:9 2570 Kbps 30.00 fps
Audio: AAC 160 Kbps 48.0 KHz stereo

01 - Faster
02 - Rites of Passage
03 - Wounded
04 - Never Let You Go
05 - Graduate
06 - Everything Is Easy
07 - Motorcycle Drive By
08 - Mine (Beyonce cover) >
09 - Losing a Whole Year
10 - I Would Die 4 U (Prince cover) >
11 - Something in You
12 - Jumper ("for everyone in Orlando")
13 - Say It
14 - Semi-Charmed Life

TRT = 01:02:56

new links on guitars101 on 19/07/2016 (1/2)

Bob Dylan - 1995-05-26 - Berkeley, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Depeche Mode - 1993-06-30 - Paris, FR (AUD/FLAC)
Ian Hunter - 2014-09-28 - Gateshead, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Iron Maiden - 2014-07-05 - Knebworth, UK (AUD/FLAC)
Jeff Buckley - Trash Can Demo Tape (STU/FLAC)
Jimi Hendrix - 1968-05-25 - Rome, IT (AUD/FLAC)
Kiss - 1987-11-14 - Pensacola, FL (AUD/FLAC)
Kraftwerk - 1981-09-07 - Tokyo, JP (SDB/FLAC)
Led Zeppelin - 1980-06-27 - Nuremburg, DE (SBD/FLAC)
Led Zeppelin - 1975-01-24 - Cleveland, OH (AUD/FLAC)
Neil Young - 2000-09-27 - Santa Barbara, CA (AUD/FLAC)
Neil Young - 2014-10-05 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC)
Paul McCartney - 1993-12-11 - Buenos Aires, ARG (AUD/FLAC)
Patti Smith - 1977-09-05 - Philadelphia, PA (AUD/FLAC)
Pink Floyd - 1971-11-06 - Cleveland, OH (AUD/FLAC)
Robert Plant - 1983-12-17 - Brighton, UK (AUD/FLAC)

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R.E.M. - 1982-10-06 - New Haven, CT (AUD/FLAC)
Robert Plant w Jimmy Page - 1996-02-05 - Tokyo, JP (AUD/FLAC)

Puscifer - 2016-06-11 - Landgraaf, NL (ts pro-shot) by REQUEST

(ts pro-shot)

Pinkpop, Megaland, Landgraaf, The Netherlands 
June 11, 2016 
3FM Stage 21:25-22:25 

NPO Cultura DVB-C - Humax iHDR-5050C - VideoReDo TVSuite 

01. Telling Ghosts 
02. Galileo 
03. Vagina Mine 
04. Horizons 
05. The Arsonist 
06. The Remedy 
07. Grand Canyon 
08. Breathe 
09. Toma 
10. Conditions of My Parole 
11. Money Shot 
12. Man Overboard 

Taken from the Dutch national television channel NPO Cultura broadcast, June 11, 2016.