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John Illsley - 2015-03-28 - Hamburg, DE (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Downtown Bluesclub

taped by:  RCM
transferred by: RCM

Core Sound Binaural > CS Battery Box (flat) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/48khz downsampled>16bit/44.1kHz) > Secure Digital SD-card>USB2.0 Interface>soundforge/audioedit>Wav-Splitter>flac.frontend lev.8>flac

John Illsley - main vocals/bass
Phil Palmer - guitar/vocals
Simon Johnson - guitar/vocals
Steve Smith - keyboard/accordion/vocals
Stuart Ross - drums/vocals
Jess Greenfield - vocals

SET 1: (48:51)
101.  [1:14] Introduction by Uwe Mamminga
102.  [4:42] Walk Of Life
103.  [5:08] Expresso Love
104.  [5:51] Run For Cover
105.  [5:01] When God Made Time
106.  [6:45] Private Investigation
107.  [4:19] Toe The Line
108.  [4:16] So Far Away
109.  [4:03] Sometimes
110.  [7:32] Sultans Of Swing

SET 2: (76:28)
201.  [5:16] First We Take Manhattan (Leonard Cohen)
202.  [4:49] Calling Elvis
203.  [5:05] Darling Heart
204.  [7:58] Romeo & Juliet
205.  [5:07] Railway Tracks
206.  [6:24] Testing The Water
207.  [5:31] On Every Street
208.  [6:58] Brothers In Arms
209.  [7:58] Money For Nothing
210.  [2:04] audience > band intro
211.  [8:46] E: Tunnel Of Love
212.  [5:02] E: The Bug
213.  [5:30] E: Where Do You Think You're Going

time: 2 h: 05 m: 19 s

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David Gilmour - 2015-09-17 - Orange, FR (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


Taped by FLG with Sony PCM-M10 and DPA 4060 mics -> MAGIX SAMPLITUDE MUSIC STUDIO 2015
Coverart by DANY20CENT

01 - Five A.M.
02 - Rattle That Lock
03 - Faces Of Stone
04 - Bonsoir
05 - Wish You Were Here
06 - A Boat Lies Waiting
07 - The Blue
08 - Money
09 - Us And Them
10 - In Any Tongue
11 - High Hopes
12 - Astronomy Domine
13 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond

01 - Presentation
02 - Fat Old Sun
03 - Coming Back To Life
04 - On An Island
05 - 205 - The Girl In The Yellow Dress
06 - Today
07 - Sorrow
08 - Run Like Hell
09 - Time/Breathe
10 - Comfortably Numb

Kansas - 2009-07-10 - Atlanta, GA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Chastain Park Amphitheatre

Media: 2 CD-R
Format: 16-bit/44.1kHz
Source: Audience Digital Master
Equipment: SP-BMC-8 Cardioids -> SP-SPSB-10 Power Module -> Edirol R-09HR
Location: Box R4 Row A
Taper: rn
Mastering: siriusjoe
Artwork: cameraeye_34

Phil Ehart
Billy Greer
Dave Ragsdale
Steve Walsh
Richard Williams

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Larry Baird

Disc One
01 Intro
02 Magnum Opus/Musicatto/Belexes/Lightning's Hand
03 Point Of Know Return
04 The Wall
05 Ghosts/Rainmaker
06 Hold On
07 Dust In The Wind

Disc Two
01 Song For America
02 Cheyenne Anthem
03 Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel
04 Miracles Out Of Nowhere
05 Fight Fire With Fire
06 Carry On Wayward Son

Mark Knopfler - 2001-06-27 - Lyon, FR (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Tony Garnier, Lyon, France, 27th June 2001

1. Calling Elvis
2. Walk Of Life
3. What It Is
4. Romeo & Juliet
5. Sultans Of Swing
6. Done With Bonaparte
7. Who's your baby now
8. Baloney again
9. Wag the dog

1. Junkie doll
2. Pyroman
3. Speedway At Nazareth
4. Telegraph Road
5. Brothers In Arms
6. Money For Nothing
7. So Far Away
8. Wild theme (Local Hero)

Very good audience recording. Complete setlist.

Art Garfunkel - 2015-09-17 - Cardiff, Wales (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Art Garfunkel - Vocals 
Tad Laven - Guitar 

R09 (int Mics)> Soundforge (Levels - see above - start / end of sets) CD Wav (track splits& Flac creation) 

01 - April Come SheWill 
02 - The Boxer 
03 - Perfect Moment 
04 - reading - Beau 
05 - A Heart In New York / All I Know 
06 - Reading - Jack Nicholson 
07 - Poem On The Underground 
08 - Scarborough Fair 
09 - Reading - Recording 
10 - Side Of A Hill 
11 - Reading - Note to my younger self 
12 - 99 Miles From LA 
13 - Real Emotional Girl 
14 - Reading - The Everley Brothers & Introducing Art Junior 
15 - Devoted To You (With Art Jr) 
16 - Smile (Art Jr) 
17 - Homeward Bound 
18 - Reading - How I came to singing 
19 - Bright Eyes 
20 - Reading - Early influences, my father 
21 - For Emily 
22 - Reading - Paul Simon 
23 - Sound Of Silence 
24 - Reading - Royal Albert Hall 
25 - Kathy's Song 
26 - Let It Be Me (With Art Jr) 
27 - Bridge Over Troubled Water 

The sound in the hall was quiet, requiring the record levels to be adjusted upward (and applause taken down a bit) to get to this, which I think is very listenable. The sound levels also reveal, ocasionally, a creaking seat in the vicinity - that's how quiet it was in the hall. Full marks then to the audience who were very respectful throughout. 

Foo Fighters - 2015-09-22 - Inglewood, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Forum, 

Source info: 
AT853 hypers(3-wire)>Naiant Tinybox>Sony PCM-M10(24/96)>Adobe Audition CS6(normalize, resample/dither to 16/44.1)>CD Wave Editor 1.96>TLH>Flac 

Taper: David Sell 
Location: DFC top of Section 101 
Sound Quality: Excellent 

Dave Grohl - vocals, guitar 
Taylor Hawkins - drums, vocals 
Nate Mendel - bass 
Chris Shiflett - guitar, vocals 
Pat Smear - guitar 
Rami Jaffee - keyboards 

with special guests: 
Perry Farrell 
Gary Clark Jr. 
Chris Chaney 

01. Everlong 
02. Monkey Wrench 
03. Learn to Fly 
04. Something From Nothing 
05. The Pretender 
06. Big Me (Dedicated to a girl in the… more ) 
07. Congregation 
08. Walk 
09. Band intros>Happy Birthday>Day O 
10. Cold Day in the Sun (with Chris Chaney on bass) 
11. My Hero 
12. Breakout 
13. Arlandria 
14. What Did I Do? 
15. God as My Witness (with Gary Clark, Jr.) 
16. All My Life 
17. Times Like These 
18. These Days 
19. Had a Dad (Jane’s Addiction cover with Perry Farrell) 
20. Been Caught Stealing (Jane’s Addiction cover with Perry Farrell) 
21. This is a Call 
22. In the Flesh? (Pink Floyd cover) 
23. Best of You 


During band introductions, the audience and the band sang happy birthday to Chris Shiflett's son, Liam, and Taylor Hawkins led a round of "Day O." 

Steve Hackett - 2015-09-23 - Rome, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

"Acolyte to Wolflight" 2015 tour
... with Genesis Revisited: The Total Experience

Teatro Brancaccio

CSB > Tascam DR-40 > Wave 96 Khz 24 bit > usb > nero Wave editor > AVS 6.2 > 24 bit flac
from 7th row - central

Steve Hackett
Roger King
Rob Townsend
Gary O'Toole
Roine Stolt
Nad Sylvan

01. Corycian Fire (Intro)
02. Spectral Mornings (part cutted but mixed, small troubles with recorder)
03. Out of the Body
04. Wolflight
05. Everyday
06. Love Song to a Vampire
07. The Wheel's Turning
08. The Steppes
09. Loving Sea
10. Icarus Ascending
11. Star of Sirius
12. Ace of Wands
13. A Tower Struck Down
14. Shadow of the Hierophant (instrumental only)

01. Get 'em Out by Friday (part cutted but mixed, small troubles with recorder)
02. Hairless Heart
03. Can-Utility and the Coastliners
04. After the Ordeal
05. The Cinema Show
06. Aisle of Plenty
07. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
08. The Musical Box
09. Clocks - The Angel of Mons
10. Firth of Fifth

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Kraftwerk - 2015-09-23 - Denver, CO (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ellie Caulkins Opera House 
Performing Arts Complex 

Sonic Studios DSM6 > 85 cycle Bass Roll-off > Microtrack II (96/24) > memory card 

Memory card > Wavelab (tracking and tweaking) > Flac (level 8) > you ! 

01.[00:53] Introduction 
02.[03:01] Numbers 
03.[03:20] Computer World 
04.[06:04] Home Computer 
05.[05:49] Computer Love 
06.[03:38] Pocket Calculator 
07.[05:20] Man Machine 
08.[05:28] Space Lab 
09.[03:42] The Model 
10.[05:59] Neon Lights 
11.[14:36] Autobahn 
12.[07:00] Airwaves 
13.[08:28] Radioactivity 
14.[14:58] Tour de France 
15.[07:27] Trans Europe Express 
16.[01:50] applause 
17.[07:49] The Robots 
18.[01:44] applause 
19.[06:17] Aerodynamic (minor static at 2:07) 
20.[04:49] Planet of Vision 
21.[13:10] Musique Non-Stop (sporadic static from 7:55 to 10:07) 

Total 2:11:22 

notes by whotrader:
Finally, my first KW show and the boys did not disappoint. Performing at one of the finest venues in Denver, I thought the sound was superb. And the crowd was about as quiet and polite as you could possible expect a Denver crowd to be. The recording came out nice, I was in the second row in the balcony - almost center. Unfortunately, I did pick up a little cell phone static near the end of the show, but I was able to clean it up quite a bit. When you record a nice, clean show like this, it really highlights the limitations of your personal recording equipment. Sample included. 

Oh and here's a review and pictures. Not the most glowing review, but not written by a fan either. 

Van Halen - 2015-09-13 - Tampa, FL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Mid-Florida Credit Union Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds

Roland CS-10EM binaural omnis (center section, about 10 rows back, slightly off center to Eddie's side) > Tascam DR-05 (80 Hz low cut, recording at 24-48) > FinalCD 0.17 (convert to 16 bit, 44.1 kHz - sharp filter, 100 Hz transition; shaped TPDF dither).

01. Light Up the Sky
02. Runnin' With the Devil
03. Romeo Delight
04. Everybody Wants Some!!
05. Drop Dead Legs >
06. Feel Your Love Tonight
07. Somebody Get Me A Doctor
08. She's The Woman
09. Chinatown
10. I'll Wait
11. Drum Solo
12. Little Guitars
13. Dance The Night Away
14. Beautiful Girls
15. Women In Love
16. Hot For Teacher
17. In A Simple Rhyme / Growth
18. "Dirty Movies"
19. James Brown banter
20. Ice Cream Man
21. Unchained >
22. Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love
23. Guitar Solo
24. You Really Got Me
25. Panama
26. Jump

Living in Europe, I never had the chance to see VH with Dave, and I have a weird feeling about this current tour, so I finally took the plunge and flew over to Florida to see them. Hated the price tag, and the jet lag, but finally, finally I got to see VH the way they are supposed to be seen. And what can I say: Dave is definitely the greatest front man I've ever seen, and I've seen Mick Jagger, Liam Gallagher, Steven Tyler, Eddie Vedder, Roger Daltrey and Bono. Haven't seen Jim Morrison, he might have been even better!

All four were awesome. Wolfgang is a great bass player, and, in my opinion, his voice and his dad's voice blend in an almost Eagles-like way that Eddie's and Michael Anthony's certainly never did. I was surprised that Eddie did a new bit towards the end of his guitar solo, so if you usually skip the guitar solos, you might want to check out the one from this tour.

And one more thing I have to say: "I'll Wait" - what a great live song! I've always liked that song, but it wasn't really on my A list, and I wouldn't have minded if it was not on the setlist. It turned out to be one of the highlights of the show for me, totally unexpected. That keyboard track is so powerful when it's bouncing around the venue at full volume, and Eddie playing along on guitar is so great. As were the vocals.

Bob Dylan - 1963-04-26 - Chicago, IL (AM/FLAC)

(WFMT-AM broadcast FLAC)

Studs Terkel's Wax Museum

Yellow Dog YD 057->EAC->Flac Frontend (level 8, align on sector boundaries

01 - Farewell
02 - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
03 - Bob Dylan's Dream
04 - Boots Of Spanish Leather
05 - John Brown
06 - Who Killed Davey Moore
07 - Blowin' In The Wind

DEEP: A significant upgrade. Much clearer sound, less hiss, very enjoyable disk. The interview makes for very good listening, too. Thumbs up to this one and some killer period photos to boot.

Queen - 1985-04-26 - Sydney, AU (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Entertainment Centre,
Sydney, Australia
April 26, 1985

Aprox. time: 101 minutes (1 DVD, incomplete)
Video quality: A
Audio quality: A
Source: Audience
Possible lineage: Master -> SVHS -> VHS -> DVD-R

01 - Machines (Tape)
02 - Tear It Up
03 - Tie Your Mother Down
04 - Under Preassure
05 - Somebody To Love
06 - Death On Two Legs (Intro)
07 - Killer Queen
08 - Seven Seas of Rhye
09 - Keep Yourself Alive
10 - Liar
11 - Impromptu
12 - It's A Hard Life
13 - Dragon Attack
14 - Now I'm Here
15 - Is This The World We Created?
16 - Love Of My Life
17 - Brighton Rock
18 - Another One Bites The Dust (Cut)
19 - Hammer To Fall
20 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love
21 - Bohemian Rhapsody
22 - Radio Ga Ga
23 - I Want To Break Free
24 - Jailhouse Rock
25 - We Will Rock You
26 - We Are The Champions
27 - God Save The Queen

Info from
This is superb footage filmed from the audience with a great zoom, on a tripod. The only major cut is during the ending of Brighton Rock for a tape change, and most of Another One Bites The Dust is missing as a result.

Before Killer Queen, Freddie plays the intro to Death On Two Legs - the last time he would do this.

After the medley, he says, "I think our first night last night was really good. It's nice to come back to Sydney after nine years." He pours some water on the audience, and adds, "Take that. You can beat me up afterwards."

Before the usual vocal exchange with the audience, Freddie engages them: "Let's do something that's not on any of the albums right now; okay, that means you. Let's see what you're made of."

Brian, before Is This The World We Created: "We'd like to dedicate this to all of you good Sydney people who made us very at home our last few nights here." After the song, he says, "It's getting pretty warm up here. It's gonna be warmer by the time we finish. This goes back a long way to the last time we were with you, in fact, to around A Night At The Opera. Those times. And it goes like this." He plays the ever familiar guitar intro to launch Love Of My Life.

Alice Cooper - 1971-03-01 - Detroit, MI (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

The Rooster Tail
Detroit, MI USA
"Puke On A Piece Of Apple Pie"
liberated vinyl bootleg
alleged FM broadcast

01 - Caught In A Dream
02 - Eighteen
03 - Is It My Body-My Very Own-Is It My Body
04 - Slick Black Limousine*
05 - Sun Arise
06 - Second Coming
07 - Ballad Of Dwight Fry
08 - Black Juju

*This is a legitimately released recording and as such cannot be included in this post per Official regulations.

7 tracks, TT: 41:58

SQ:8-8.5(9)/10, B+ with flashes of A-, IMHO as always.

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Bruce Springsteen - 1984-08-29 - Landover, MD (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen
Location: Capital Center Landover, MD, USA
Date: August 29, 1984
Source: Audience Tape
Artwork: No

A good to very-good audience recording of a fantastic show.

Samples to follow.

Maxell XL2S --> Audacity --> FLAC

01. Born in the USA (fades in) (2 second drop)
02. Out in the Street
03. Spirit in the Night
04. Atlantic City
05. Independence Day
06. Reason to Believe
07. Prove it All Night (1 second drop)
08. Darlington County (fades in)
09. Glory Days
10. Promised Land
11. The River
12. Trapped
13. Badlands
14. Thunder Road (fades in)
15. Cadillac Ranch
16. Hungry Heart
17. Dancing in the Dark
18. Sherry Darling
19. Follow that Dream
20. Because the Night
21. Cover Me
22. Growing Up (fades in)
23. Bobby Jean
24. Racing in the Street
25. Rosalita
26. Jungleland
27. Audience
28. Born to Run
29. Detroit Medley
30. Travelling Band
31. Twist and Shout
32. Do You Love Me

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The Kinks - 1982-02-27 - Tokyo, JP (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

One More For The Road (liberated boot)

original source: FM broadcast?

Disc 1
01. Opening
02. Around The Dial
03. The Hard Way
04. Where Have All The Good Times Gone-Tired Of Waiting For You
05. Come On Now
06. Destroyer
07. Yo-Yo 
08. Tokyo
09. Lola
10. Low Budget
11. Superman (incl. Shakin' All Over)
12. Celluloid Heroes

Disc 2
01. Till The End Of The Day
02. Bernadette
03. All Day And All Of The Night
04. Give The People What They Want
05. Pressure
06. Stop Your Sobbing-David Watts
07. You Really Got Me

Officially released songs not included here:

Noise (Extended Remix)(b-side of Come Dancing 12" single)

Ray Davies - Return To Waterloo soundtrack
Return To Waterloo
Going Solo
Missing Persons
Sold Me Out
Lonely Hearts
Not Far Away
Voices In The Dark

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Foo Fighters - 2015-09-16 - Mountain View, CA (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

September 16, 2015
Shoreline Amphitheatre
Mountain View, CA

Source: Schoeps CCM4’s > Tinybox > Sony PCM-M10 16/44.1
Mastering (BLG): Adobe Audition > iZotope Ozone 5 > WavePad > xACT > FLAC

01 All My Life
02 Times Like These
03 Learn to Fly
04 Something From Nothing
05 The Pretender
06 Big Me
07 Congregation
08 Walk
09 Eruption / You Really Got Me / Cinnamon Girl / Another One Bites the Dust / God Save the Queen
10 Cold Day in the Sun
11 My Hero
12 White Limo
13 Arlandria
14 Outside
15 Breakout
16 Under Pressure
17 These Days
18 This Is a Call
19 In the Flesh?
20 Best of You
21 Monkey Wrench
22 Everlong

Total Time: 143:01

Dio - 1996-11-27 - Providence, RI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

The Strand,

Bootleg Title "Big Sister in Providence"

CD (Trader Kenneth) > EAC > FLAC > DIME January 2012 by killerwolf13

Audience Recording EX/- (Check Samples)

CD 1 59:53
01. Intro > Jesus, Mary, & The Holy Ghost
02. Straight Through the Heart
03. Don't Talk to Strangers
04. Holy Diver
05. Vinny Appice Drum Solo
06. Heaven & Hell
07. Double Monday
08. Stand Up & Shout
09. Hunter of the Heart
10. Mistreated >
11. Tracy G Guitar Solo >
12. Mistreated (Reprise)

CD 2 24:54
01. Big Sister
02. The Last in Line
03. Rainbow in the Dark
04. Mob Rules

killerwolf13 show notes:
Ronnie - Providence, Stand Up & Shout!
Towards the end of the Last in Line, Ronnie "Thank you Providence"

Bob Dylan - 1984-06-21 - Rome, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Roma Palaeur 

Sony ECM 150 t -> Sony D6, cassette master -> DAT - clone -> (digital transfer) m-audio delta audiophile 2496 
-> Wavelab -> ssrc -> cdwave for tracking -> tlh 

Bob Dylan 
Mick Taylor (guitar) 
Ian MacLagan (keyboards) 
Gregg Sutton (bass) 
Colin Allen (drums) 

Carlos Santana (guitar) during the encores 

01 Highway 61 Revisited 
02 Jokerman 
03 All Along The Watchtower 
04 Just Like A Woman 
05 Maggie's Farm 
06 I And I 
07 License To Kill 
08 Just My Imagination 
09 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (acoustic) 
10 Girl From The North Country (acoustic) 
11 Desolation Row (acoustic) 
12 Simple Twist Of Fate 
13 Masters Of War 
14 Ballad Of A Thin Man 
15 Enough Is Enough 

01 Every Grain Of Sand 
02 Like A Rolling Stone 
03 Mr. Tambourine Man (acoustic) 
04 It Ain't Me, Babe (acoustic) 
05 The Times They Are A-Changin' 
06 Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat 
07 Tombstone Blues 
08 I Shall Be Released 
09 Blowin' In The Wind 

legendary taper B 
cut before A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall, Every Grain Of Sand, I Shall Be Released 
Every Grain Of Sand few seconds missing 

venerdì 18 settembre 2015

Rush - 2010-08-13 - Irvine, CA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Friday the 13th of August, 2010

Schoeps MK4s > Nbox > R-09 (24/44.1) > wav file > Sound Studio > convert 16bit > xACT > FLAC (level 8)
Recording location: Loge 6
Recorded by: Tapehead2

Geddy Lee: Bass guitar, vocals, synthesizers
Alex Lifeson: Guitar, vocals, synthesizers
Neil Peart: Drums, cymbals, electronic percussion

DISC 1: 66:27
01 Video intro to set 1
02 The Spirit of Radio
03 Time Stand Still
04 Presto
05 Stick It Out
06 Workin' Them Angels
07 Leave That Thing Alone
08 Faithless
09 BU2B (Brought Up To Believe)
10 Freewill
11 Marathon
12 Subdivisions

DISC 2: 44:16
01 Video intro to set 2
02 Tom Sawyer
03 Red Barchetta
04 YYZ
05 Limelight
06 The Camera Eye
07 Witch Hunt
08 Vital Signs

DISC 3: 54:14
01 Caravan
02 Neil Peart solo (Love 4 Sale)
03 Alex Lifeson solo > Closer To The Heart
04 2112 Overture > Temples Of Syrinx
05 Far Cry
06 La Villa Strangiato
07 Working Man
08 Closing video

Richard Thompson - 2015-09-09 - Salford, UK (AUD/FLAC) 48kHz/24bit by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC 48kHz/24bit)

Lyric Theatre, The Lowry, Salford

Source: DP4022 > Naiant Tinybox > Sony M10

Taper: Yousef

Richard Thompson - guitar & vocal
Davey Farragher - bass
Michael Jerome - drums

That's Enough features the Rails (James Walbourne (gtr/vox) and Kami Thompson (vox))
Guitar heroes features Bobby Icon on acoustic guitar

01. That's Enough
02. All Buttoned Up
03. Sally B
04. Broken Doll
05. For Shame of Doing Wrong
06. Hard On Me
07. Salford Sunday (solo)
08. Meet on the Ledge (solo)
09. Vincent Black Lightning 1952 (solo)
10. Beatnik Walking
11. Al Bowlly's In Heaven
12. Guitar Heroes
13. Did She Jump Or Was She Pushed?
14. I'll Never Give It Up
15. Wall of Death
16. Love Whispers Your Name
17. Patty Don't You Put Me Down
18. Tear Stained Letter
19. Dry My Tears and Move On
20. Fork in the Road
21. Daddy Rolling Stone

Compression and EQ in Reaper. Tracked and FLAC'd in CDWave

David Gilmour - 2015-09-15 - Florence, IT (AUD/FLAC) Taper: Andrea82

(Audience FLAC)

Ippodromo del Visarno 

Taper: Andrea82 
Source: Sound Professionals SP-CMC-8 > SP-SPSB-10 > Tascam DR-2d > WAV 24 bit 48 Khz. 
Transfer: Amadeus Pro (tracking, fade in/out) > Sony Sound Forge Pro (Resample and Bit Depth 44.1-16) > xACT (flac). 

Recorded from the 9th center row. 

01. 5 A.M. 
02. Rattle That Lock 
03. Faces Of Stone 
04. Wish You Were Here 
05. A Boat Lies Waiting 
06. The Blue 
07. Money 
08. Us and Them 
09. In Any Tongue 
10. High Hopes 
11. Astronomy Domine 
12. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-II-III-V) 
13. Band Introduction 
14. Fat Old Sun 
15. Coming Back To Life 
16. On An Island 
17. The Girl In The Yellow Dress 
18. Today 
19. Sorrow 
20. Run Like Hell 
21. Encore Break 
22. Time > Breathe (Reprise) 
23. Comfortably Numb 

This is from Gilmour's Facebook official page: 
“The audiences in Italy are amongst the most enthusiastic, and tonight saw a horse racing venue rocked by the thousands of fans in attendance for the second of a pair of shows in the country. The Italian reaction to David and his band led to an extra song being added to the set - you'll see which if you look to the end of this post, where the full setlist is given. The weather stayed fine, despite forecasts suggesting rain was due, adding to the enjoyment of the fans.” 

giovedì 17 settembre 2015

David Gilmour - 2015-09-14 - Verona, IT (AUD/FLAC) KM140's

(Audience flac)

Source Info: Neumann KM140’s > TinyBox > Sony PCM M10 
Taped from the cheap seats at the back. 

David Gilmour 
Verona, Italy 
Monday September 14th 2015 

01 Crowd 
02 5 A.M. 
03 Rattle That Lock 
04 Faces of Stone 
05 Wish You Were Here 
06 A Boat Lies Waiting 
07 The Blue 
08 Money 
09 Us and Them 
10 In Any Tongue 
11 High Hopes 
12 Astronomy Domine 
13 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) 
14 Fat Old Sun 
15 On an Island 
16 The Girl in the Yellow Dress 
17 Today 
18 Sorrow 
19 Run Like Hell 
20 Encore Break 
21 Time 
22 Breathe (Reprise) 
23 Comfortably Numb 

Again I somehow managed to get tickets to a show that sold out lightning fast. Just this time all I could get was the cheap seats on the top, but in this case this was not a bad thing. Just look at the pictures that come along and you’ll know why. 

And I had an extra ticket. Selling it to a scalper would have been very easy, but selling it to a fan was a bit trickier. Fear not, I found a young couple that needed one more ticket and seeing their happy faces and their dance across the Piazza Bra after I sold them my extra for face value was worth way more that all the extra cash I could have made selling it on one of the scumbag ticket re-selling sites. 

The Arena in Verona is 2000 year old and quiet simply the best arena in the world. Yes, there is no roof and you might get wet, but I rather get wet and enjoy perfect sound than stay dry in one of the modern echo chambers built on the outskirts of each city. 

You might have seen one of the last two Pink Floyd (1987ltd.) tours or Roger Waters In the Flesh, Dark Side or Wall tour. All these shows where gigantic sound and visual expiriences with the music timed perfectly to the screen videos and the light show. This Gilmour gig was not, and that’s a great thing. It felt like the music was let out of a way to tight corset and finally could breath again. And not only the music seems happier, but also David Gilmour. It felt to me that he is playing this gigs because that really is what he wants to do right now. With the light show and video screens back on a normal level the music was the center of this concert, and you realize that the music is so good, that it doesn’t need all the over the top glitter. 

And one little thing about the setlist: This was billed as a David Gilmour concert and so if you are expecting two and a half hours of Pink Floyd this one is not for you. It would have been easy for David Gilmour to do just that, but I think it’s great that he didn’t. 

This was a beautiful night of music in the world’s most beautiful arena. I am glad I get to share this one with you.

martedì 15 settembre 2015

David Gilmour - 2015-09-14 - Verona, IT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Arena Di Verona, Italia

Tascam DR-05 v2 -> wave -> AdobeAuditon (fix little problems) -> NeroWaveEditor (split tracks) -> TLH -> flac

Recorded by Nipote (Row 23 - Seat 12)

David Gilmour
Phil Manzanera – guitar 
Guy Pratt – bass 
Jon Carin – keyboards
Steve DiStanislao – drums, percussion
Kevin McAlea – keyboards
Theo Travis – saxes, clarinet
Bryan Chambers - backing vocals
Louise Marshall – backing vocals

01 5 A.M.
02 Rattle That Lock
03 Faces Of Stone
04 David Talk
05 Wish You Were Here
06 A Boat Lies Waiting
07 The Blue
08 Money
09 Us And Them
10 In Any Tongue
11 High Hopes
12 Astronomy Domine
13 Shine On You Crazy Diamond 
14 Band Intro
15 Fat Old Sun
16 On An Island
17 The Girl In The Yellow Dress
18 Today
19 Sorrow
20 Run Like Hell
21 Audience
22 Time
23 Breathe Reprise
24 Comfortably Numb

domenica 13 settembre 2015

David Gilmour - 2015-09-12 - Pula, Croatia (AUD/FLAC) incomplete Show

(Audience FLAC)

David Gilmour 
Venue: Arena Pula, Pula, Croatia 
Date: 12 September 2015 
Taper: mrruin 
Source: Audience 

AT U853c > 3wire BB > Church Audio ST-9100 preamp v2.0 > R09 24bit 48kHz, line in > fades, track edits, downsampling, slight EQ > flac > you

left side stacks, 15m from Stage 

01. 5 A.M. 
02. Rattle That Lock 
03. Faces of Stone 
04. Wish You Were Here 
05. A Boat Lies Waiting 
06. The Blue 
07. Money (cut) 
Us and Them (missing) 
In Any Tongue (missing) 
High Hopes (missing) 
08. Astronomy Domine 
09. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) 
10. Fat Old Sun 
11. On an Island 
12. The Girl in the Yellow Dress 
13. Today 
14. Sorrow 
15. Run Like Hell 
16. Time 
17. Breathe (Reprise) 
18. Comfortably Numb 

Show Notes: 
After the preview show in Brighton this show marks the beginning of Gilmour's European Tour. The show was good even though it started off a bit slow. The first highlights coming with Money, Us and Them and the excellent new song In Any Tongue. Unfortunately I made a mistake with my recorder trying to set the levels when I accidently hit Pause, cutting off the recording halfway through Money, missing out on the best part of the show. I only noticed this when I wanted to hit pause during the intermission. So it goes. Never fiddle with your stuff when the tape is running or so they say. Anyhow, even though this show is incomplete - maybe another recoreding will surface to remedy this - it may be worth listening to for some people, because the sound was excellent throughout.

Dio - 1998-10-22 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

The Forum

Flac files shared & edited by jojogunne in September 2010. 

Taper - Unknown? 

Audience recording - Excellent 

Ronnie James Dio - Vocals 
Tracy "G" Grijalva - Guitar 
Larry Dennison - Bass 
Simon Wright - Drums 
Scott Warren - Keyboards 

01 - Intro > (01:21) 
02 - Evilution > (05:22) 
03 - Straight Through The Heart (04:50) 
04 - Don't Talk To Strangers (05:55) 
05 - Holy Diver > (04:49) 
06 - Instrumental and Drum solo > (03:32) 
07 - Heaven And Hell (06:46) 
08 - Children Of The Sea (07:16) 
09 - I Speed At Night (03:41) 
10 - Stargazer (06:06) 
11 - Mistreated (04:57) 
12 - Catch The Rainbow (Includes Guitar Solo) (08:17) 
13 - Stargazer (reprise) (02:56) 
14 - The Last In Line (07:06) 
15 - Neon Knights (05:11) 
16 - A Rainbow In The Dark (05:55) 
17 - Man On The Silver Mountain > Long Live Rock 'N' Roll > Man on the Silver Mountain (06:22) 
18 - We Rock (05:22) 

Show Duration - 95:49 (minutes:seconds) 

killerwolf13 notes (September 2015): 
01. Fades in with crowd > Intro. A good minute before "Raise the Dead" part starts. 
06. Ronnie introduces Simon Wright at the beginning & end of "Instrumental/Drum Solo". 
10. Ronnie's dialogue to confirm London "But before we carry on I'd like to do this song for all the people who Aren't here in London..." > Stargazer 
15. Before "Neon Knights" Ronnie mentions Larry Dennison. 
18. After "We Rock" ends..there's about 20 seconds of crowd with DIO saying "Thank You" before it fades out.

Tool - 2014-03-24 - Cedar Park, TX (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Tool - Pushit in the Park 
Cedar Park Center, Cedar Park, TX (USA) 
March 24, 2014 

Lineage: Tascam DR-08 w/built in mics @ 16bit/44.1Khz -> USB2.0 -> PC -> Adobe Audition 5.5 (level boost) > CDWaveditor (tracking) > Flac8 

Taper: DDemon72 
location: Section 114. Far right sided of stage in mezzanine. 
tracking: smores 

Maynard dedicates the show to the memory of Dave "Oderus Urungus" Brockie of GWAR. 

01. Third Eye (extended version with Timothy Leary intro) 
02. Vicarious  
03. Schism  
04. Pushit  
05. Intension
06. Lateralus  


07. B'Boom [King Crimson] 
08. Jambi 
09. Forty-Six & 2 
10. Ænema 
11. (-)Ions 
12. Stinkfist 

If you are going to burn this to CDs the recommened break is between track 6 and 7. 

bill: Tool/Failure 

notes from DDemon72: Tickets for this Tool/Failure show were in high demand. They were announced on 2/13/2014 just 39 days before the show. Right at 10:00 on the Valentines day I had 2 PCs up with 2 browsers. All browsers where in a spinning wait state. Then at 23 mins after I finially got a response on one browser. The seat was to the right side of the stage about 14 rows up. Not a very good seat. Then shortly after my other browser indicated the show was sold out. So it was a bad seat or no seat. The sound was rather boomy where I was seated. Security was also strict about no cameras so not much in the way of pictures. Still this is the only recording I've seen of this show. 

Tool - 2014-03-16 - San Diego, CA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

March 16, 2014
Valley View Casino Center (San Diego Sports Arena)
San Diego, CA

Source: DPA 4061’s > CSBox > Sony PCM-D50 24/44.1
Taped and mastered by Ed Davis

01 Third Eye
02 Vicarious
03 Schism
04 Pushit
05 Intension
06 Lateralus
07 B’Boom
08 Jambi
09 Forty-Six & 2
10 Ænema
11 Stinkfist

Total Time: 107:53

Very good sound on this. There is a "super annoying jock dude" that was in front of the taper, although listening back, it's not as bad as was initially described to me.

Eric Clapton - 1996-02-26 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Title: Bell Bottom Blues
Venue: Royal Albert Hall

Source: Vg+ Audience Recording
Lineage: E.C. IS HERE (DJ COPY 15/16) Boot 2CD > EAC > FLAC

Eric Clapton: Guitar, Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low: Guitar
Dave Bronze: Bass
Jerry Portnoy: Harmonica
Chris Stainton: Keyboards
Steve Gadd: Drums
Katie Kissoon: Backing Vocals
Tessa Niles: Backing Vocals
Roddy Lorimer: Trumpet
Tim Sanders: Tenor Sax
Simon Clarke: Baritone Sax

01: Badge
02: Hoochie Coochie Man
03: Bell Bottom Blues
04: I Shot The Sheriff
05: Wonderful Tonight
06: Lay Down Sally
07: Five Long Years
08: Circus Left Town
09: Tears In Heaven
10: My Father's Eyes
11: Alberta, Alberta
12: Layla

01: Tearing Us Apart
02: Old Love
03: Tore Down
04: Have You Ever Loved A Woman
05: White Room
06: Sunshine Of Your Love
07: Everyday I Have The Blues
08: Before You Accuse Me

giovedì 10 settembre 2015

Rory Gallagher - 1991-03-20 - Minneapolis, MN (2xDVDfull aud-shot)

(2xDVDfull aud-shot)

Guthrie Theater

unknown master (probably 8mm analog) > 1st gen VHS > DVD (synched w/ sbd audio)

Silver Stallion DVD Production

JVC S-VHS HR-S8007UM VCR > GTH Electronics Advanced Convertor Enhancer > Canopus ADVC-110 > firewire > HD

Rory Gallagher - guitar / vocals
Gerry McAvoy - bass
Brendan O'Neil - drums
Mark Feltham - harmonica

video encoding:
disk 1 - 2-pass VBR at 9K max, 6,850 avg, and 1K min
disk 2 - 2-pass VBR at 9K max, 7,150 avg, and 1K min
audio encoding (both disks): LPCM at 1,536 kbits (soundboard and videotape audio matrix)

disk 1 (69 mins)
01. Continental Op
02. I Wonder Who
03. Moonchild
04. The Loop
05. Don't Start Me Talkin'
06. Tatoo'd Lady
07. Off The Handle
08. Shin Kicker
09. A Million Miles Away
10. Kid Gloves
11. Walkin' Wounded
12. Laundromat
13. Goin' Down To Ely's

disk 2 (66 mins)
01. Ghost Blues
02. Out On The Western Plains
03. Walkin' Blues
04. Pistol Slapper Blues
05. Shadow Play
06. Bad Penny
07. Heaven's Gate
08. Messin' With The Kid
09. Bullfrog Blues
10. Tumbling Dice
11. All Around Man
12. Loanshark Blues
13. Used To Be

length: 135 minutes

You may view a preview of Rory playing "Heaven's Gate" at this URL:
Filmed while Rory was touring in support of his last real studio release, which was 1990's "Fresh Evidence." Rory played five songs from that album at this performance. By 1991 audience video standards, I'll charactize the video and filming quality of this source tape as being "decent." I've seen better videos from this era, but I've also seen many that were much worse. It's a handheld shot that is never perfectly steady, but the shake isn't bad enough to be annoying IMO. The videocam couldn't handle the bright lights, and throughout almost the entire show, the spotlight is on Rory. So his face, hands, and light colored guitars are often over-exposed. The rest of the band members look great and are almost never over-exposed. The filmer kept the auto-focus on the entire time, so occasionally, the camera gets a little out of focus (probably due to light changes and old analog videocam technology).

The video starts off mostly with a stage shot, but at the start of the fifth song on DVD #1, the filmer moved in and gets a nice closeup shot (waist to head high) for the rest of the show.

Only the first half minute or so of "All Around Man" is in the video - at that point the videotape ran out on the filmer (must have had a 2 hour videotape in the videocam). The remaining audio after that is from the soundboard only. There is a little audio glitch at the beginning of last song on DVD #2.

The audio on the videotape is about what you'd expect for a video from the early '90s (in other words, it's not very good). However, I wanted to capture some of the audience noise and venue ambience, so I included the videotape audio in the production. Between songs, it's at normal volume, and during the songs I reduced it -12 dB (which would barely be audible by itself - but loud enough to just be able to hear the occasional hooting and whistling). When Rory is talking between songs, the audio is a little "boomy" because it includes the audio coming from the videotape or normal volume. As soon as the band starts playing, that's the point where I reduced the videotape audio, so sometimes you'll be able to hear the transitions where I reduce the videotape portion of the audio. Overall, however, I think having the audience cheering in between songs makes for a much more enjoyable DVD, so I think it's a good trade-off.

Rush - 1988-01-14 - Hampton, VA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Flac files received in trade

Artist: Rush
Source: Hampton Coliseum, Hampton, VA. January 14th 1988
Sound Quality: A-

Disc 1: 54:44
Disc 2: 65:31

Disc 1:
01. Intro (0:46)
02. The Big Money (6:00)
03. Subdivisions (5:23)
04. Limelight (5:02)
05. Marathon (7:01)
06. Turn The Page (4:45)
07. Prime Mover (5:30)
08. Manhattan Project (5:15)
09. Closer To The Heart (4:26)
10. Red Sector A (5:42)
11. Force Ten (4:56)

Disc 2:
01. Time Stand Still (5:17)
02. Distant Early Warning (6:30)
03. Lock And Key (6:31)
04. Mission (6:01)
05. Territories (6:22)
06. YYZ (3:13)
07. Drum Solo (5:58)
08. Red Lenses (0:26)
09. The Spirit Of Radio (5:01)
10. Tom Sawyer (5:42)
11. 2112 (6:10)
12. La Villa Strangiato (5:30)
13. In The Mood (2:51)

mercoledì 9 settembre 2015

U2 - 2015-09-08 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam


Taper: ONE8UNG

Soundman OKM II R -> A3 Adapter -> Tascam DR-2d -> WaveLab 6 (iZotope Ozone 5) -> CDWave -> TLH

CD 1:
01. People Have The Power
02. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
03. Out Of Control
04. Vertigo
05. I Will Follow
06. Iris (Hold Me Close)
07. Cedarwood Road
08. Song For Someone
09. Sunday Bloody Sunday / When Johnny Comes Marching Home (snippet)
10. Raised By Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
11. Until The End Of The World
12. Intermission
13. Invisible
14. Even Better Than The Real Thing
15. Mysterious Ways / Burning Down The House (snippet)
16. Elevation

CD 2:
01. Two Hearts Beat As One
02. Every Breaking Wave
03. October
04. Bullet The Blue Sky / Ode To Joy (snippet) / 19 (snippet)
05. Zooropa
06. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
07. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
08. With Or Without You
09. Encore Break
10. City Of Blinding Lights
11. Happy Birthday Willie Williams
12. Beautiful Day / I Remember You (snippet)
13. Mother And Child Reunion (snippet) / One / Invisible (snippet)

martedì 8 settembre 2015

Eric Clapton - 1998-04-10 - Chicago, IL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

United Center

Audience recording - "Spiritual Home" (E CAP 98 1/2)

E CAP 98 1/2 Silvers>DVDRW GX40N>xAct>Flac (Level 8)
Artwork Included
Logs Included
MD5 Included
FFP Included
MD5-Complete Torrent

Eric Clapton (Guitar And Vocals)
Nathan East (Bass & Vocals)
Ricky Lawson (Drums)
Andy Fairweather Low (Guitar And Vocals)
Alan Darby (Guitar And Vocals)
Kenneth Crouch (Keyboards)
Tim Carmon (Keyboards And Vocals)
Katie Kisson (Vocals)
Charlean Hines (Vocals)
Chyna (Vocals)
20 Piece Orchestra - Nick Ingman, Conductor

Disc one (70:25):
(1) My Father's Eyes (7:54)
(2) Pilgrim (6:09)
(3) One Chance (6:36)
(4) River of Tears (7:40)
(5) Going Down Slow (5:57)
(6) She's Gone (8:11)
(7) Tears in Heaven (4:05)
(8) Layla (5:57)
(9) Change the World (5:42)
(10) Old Love (12:10)

Disc two (65:12):
(1) Crossroads (4:56)
(2) Have You Ever Loved a Woman (9:00)
(3) I Shot The Sheriff (7:59)
(4) Wonderful Tonight (7:14)
(5) Tearing Us Apart (6:47)
(6) Cocaine (8:41)
(7) Sunshine Of Your Love (7:05)
(8) Sweet Home Chicago => Watch Yourself (13:25) *

* w/Buddy Guy

This show took place a couple of weeks into his year-long "Pilgrim" tour, and though I'm not a fan of this tour by any means, this was a pretty good show, with the obvious highlight being the appearance of Buddy Guy for the "Sweet Home Chicago/Watch Yourself" encore. I personally found this tour to be pretty weak, and felt the shows never recovered from the energy-sapping five-song suite of new material. This particular show finds EC in good spirits and high energy, and even the newer tunes have a passion that was missing for most of the dates of the tour. The "Crossroads"/"HYELAW" suite in the middle of the set is great, and this is one of the few shows that (for me, anyway) really felt the benefit of the 20-piece orchestra performing behind the band. If you only grab a couple of recordings from this tour, this is one to have for being a stand-out performance.

lunedì 7 settembre 2015

Eric Clapton - 2013-04-05 - Uncasville, CT (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Mohegan Sun Arena 

Schoeps MK4's>Schoeps CMR's>Naiant Tinybox>Edirol R-09HR 

SDHC>Adobe Audition>Cakewalk pyro>.WAV>FLAC (5) 

Section 106, Row K 

01 - Hello Old Friend 
02 - My Father's Eyes 
03 - Tell The Truth 
04 - Gotta Get Over 
05 - Black Cat Bone 
06 - Got To Get Better In A Little While 
07 - Tempted 
08 - I Shot The Sheriff 
09 - Nobody Knows You When You're Down And Out 
10 - Tears In Heaven 
11 - Goodnight, Irene 
12 - Wonderful Tonight 
13 - How Long 
14 - Stones In My Passway 
15 - Love In Vain 
16 - Crossroads 
17 - Little Queen Of Spades 
18 - Cocaine 
19 - Sunshine Of Your Love 
20 - High Time We Went 

Total run time = 2:08:33

domenica 6 settembre 2015

Eric Clapton - Into the Fire (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Budokam Theatre

October 25th,26,27th, 1993

Mid Valley - MVR -SI-001/002 - SB 6 (Scale 1-6)

Mid Valley Silvers > Mitsui GOLD CD-Rs (Secure) > EAC v. 0.99 Prebeta 5 (Secure, Offset Correct) > FLAC

Disc 1:
01. Malted Milk
02. Terraplane Blues
03. How Long
04. 32-20
05. Kidman Blues
06. County Jail
07. .44
08. Blues Leave Me Alone
09. Tell Me Mama
10. White Room
11. Badge
12. Wonderful Tonight
13. Stone Free 

Disc 2:
01. Circus Left Town
02. Tears in Heaven
03. Crossroads
04. Tearing Us Apart
05. Groaning the Blues
06. Cocaine
07. Ain't Nobody's Business
08. Layla 

Geetarz Comments: 
The early 1990s were an amazing run for Clapton, with the growth of the Royal Albert Hall shows, constant touring, and seemingly inexhaustible exposure. Starting in 1990, "blues only" nights were a part of the Albert runs, and hugely popular with diehard fans. But EC's management and label resisted the idea of progressing any further in that direction. After the huge critical and commercial success of "Unplugged", Clapton was freed to pursue other directions, which eventually led to the "blues tours" in 1994 and 1995. The Summer and Fall 1993 shows were a fascinating melange of classic rock, pop, and hard blues. If you're one of those people who listens to "good music" no matter what the genre, the 1993 shows are probably the most accessible EC ever did live. In the fall of 1993, EC went to Japan, where the audiences are deeply respectful and appreciative - the perfect crowd for this fusion of old and new. The sets began quietly, with acoustic blues, veering from the Delta sounds to the sounds of electric Chicago blues, and then coming to the fire and fury of 1960s British Blues, with "White Room" and "Badge". After a breather of "Wonderful Tonight" (a perennial Clapton Speed Bump in most sets) there comes EC's unhinged rendition of Hendrix' "Stone Free". After a more modern pop / AOR break with "Circus" and "Tears in Heaven", the band breaks into a funky reworking of "Crossroads", the 1980s hit pop single "Tearing Us Apart", then digging deep into the blues with "Groaning the Blues". As if this set didn't cover enough musical decades, next we have EC's 1970s version of "Cocaine", with a new feel for the 1990s, Bessie Smith's 1920s "Ain't Nobody's Business", and then closing with those Seven Incredible Notes, "Layla" ... themselves taken from Albert King's "As the Years Go Passing By". Basically, this set is like a Graduate Level course in the history of the blues, taught by one of its best students. Recorded over several nights at Tokyo's Budokan Theater, this is an interesting release, as this is not a pure soundboard recording! Obviously mixed for broadcast / release, from several different nights, and the mix itself is what one could call a "radio" mix, in that crowd mics are used to add ambience as is usually done on broadcasts. One can only speculate that this was destined for release at some point, and plans were shelved. Luckily, Mid Valley to the rescue - an essential part of any Clapton collection, the eclectic mix of traditional blues, classic rock, and pop hits is a winner. 

David Bowie - 1995-11-15 - London, UK (DVDfull aud-shot)

(DVDfull aud-shot)

Wembley Arena

Author: steve23yh
Video Source: audience - believe first gen
Lineage: first generation VHS > direct VHS-DVD transfer > DVD created using Ulead DVD Movie Factory V4
Menu: yes
Chapters: yes
Transfer Rate: 7mb/s
Format: PAL / 25fps
Audio: Dolby Digital Audio, 48 KHz, 2/0(L,R)
Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Number of Discs: 1
Disc Type: DVD5

Notes: Bought this one on eBay, the seller faithfully reporting that it was first gen from the master.

Transferred by direct wire from VHS to DVD recorder, then recompiled using Ulead Movie Factory.

It appears to have been filmed from the left balcony, with some damn fine close-ups.

01. Intro
02. The Motel
03. Look Back In Anger
04. The Heart's Filthy Lesson
05. Scary Monsters
06. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
07. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
08. Outside
09. Andy Warhol
10. The Man Who Sold The World
11. A Small Plot Of Land
12. Band Introductions
13. Boys Keep Swinging
14. Strangers When We Meet
15. Hallo Spaceboy
16. Breaking Glass
17. We Prick You
18. Nite Flights
20. DJ
21. Teenage Wildlife
22. Under Pressure
23. Moonage Daydream

Total Running Time: 1:47:16

Van Halen - 1982-10-12 - Landover, MD (DVDfull pro-shot DL)

(DVDfull pro-shot DL)

A Deuce8pro/Skulljam9 Production:

Video attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Display mode: Only Pan&scan
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 8.17Mbps

Audio attributes:
Audio coding mode: Dolby Digital
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not Specified
Number of audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 448 Kbps
Number of audio streams:

Master Reels (3/4 inch tape) > Master VHS > 1st gen 8mm >
Sony TRV-740 Digital8 Camera with TBC/DNR > firewire > JVC DRM-100 Dvd Recorder >
XP mode > 2 dvd-r SA Authored with ac3 audio > Reauthored on a DUAL LAYER by Skulljam9 without Re-Encoding

01 - Romeo Delight
02 - Unchained
03 - Drum Solo
04 - Full Bug
05 - Runnin With The Devil
06 - Dave Raps
07 - Jamies Cryin
08 - Little Guitars
09 - Where Have All The Good Times Gone
10 - Bass Solo
11 - Hang Em High
12 - Cathedral
13 - Secrets
14 - Everybody Wants Some
15 - Dance The Night Away
16 - Somebody Get Me A Doctor / Im So Glad
17 - Ice Cream Man
18 - Intruder / Pretty Woman
19 - Eddie Solo
20 - Aint Talkin Bout Love
21 - Bottoms Up
22 - You Really Got Me / Happy Trails / You Really Got Me (cut)


Doesnt contain the final couple of mins of the show.
Contains EX menus and upgraded picture and sound.