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Bon Jovi - 1989-12-06 - Rotterdam, NL (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

01. Lay your hands on me
02. I'd die for you
03. Wild in the streets
04. You give love a bad name
05. Born to be my baby (slightly cut due to tape switch)
06. Let it rock
07. Living in sin
08. Blood on blood
09. Living on a prayer


Living in sin and Blood on Blood have small parts of heavy tape distortion (hearing another artist's music) cut out.

the history of this recording:

* FM Broadcast by Radio KinkFM in 1995, by the time the 'This ain't a love song' single was released. Recorded by a highschool friend of mine on a Sony HF-S 60 tape.

* I used a Sony CFD-S05 portable radio to record the tape in Goldwave 5.67
* In Goldwave I performed these actions:
- lowpass filter at 10000 kHz, steepness setting 20
- volume maximize
- equalizer: 15 kHz +2 db
- volume maximize

Vieux Farka Touré - 2015-04-25 - New Orleans, LA (FM/FLAC) by REQUEST

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Blues Tent 
New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 
New Orleans Fair Grounds 
New Orleans, La. 
April 25, 2015 

WWOZ-FM > RadioShark FM-receiver hardware > usb > Sony Vaio vpcs131fm (running Ubuntu linux) > Shark v1.0 (linux command line) > SoX v.v14.4.0 > flac (level 8 compression) > scp copy 1 large flac file > MacBook Pro (2.3GHz, Intel Core i7 quad, OSX 10.9.5) > flac v1.3.1 (command line) > transcoded losslessly from flac to wav with 'ignore errors' flag engaged > wav (one very large file) > SoX v14.4.0 > trimmed > DSP-Quattro 4.2.2 (normalized by 4.1 db; split into songs) > X Audio Compression Toolkit 2.35 (sector boundaries repaired; level 8 compression) > flac 

01 radio intro 0:18 
02 3:27 
03 5:07 
04 6:26 
05 3:51 
06 6:14 
07 4:20 
08 4:15 
09 (cut) 9:14 
10 (cut) 0:38 


Note: There was s 1-second dropout about 16 seconds into Track 9, followed a second later by a 19-second dropout. These were removed and a second of digital silence was inserted with fades applied. 

Bhundu Boys - 1986 - London BBC Studios (FM/FLAC) by REQUEST

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Bhundu Boys
John Peel session #1 (tracks 01 - 05)
The Hippodrome, Golders Green, London, UK
Recorded on 6th July 1986
First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 FM 14th July 1986

Bhundu Boys
John Peel session #1 (tracks 06 - 09)
BBC radio studios, London, UK
Recorded on 21st December 1986
First broadcast on BBC Radio 1 FM 7th January 1987

Bhundu Boys
'Whistle Test', BBC TV (tracks 10 - 13)
BBC Wood Lane TV studios, London, UK
Recorded live on 20th September 1986
(as part of 'Rock Around The Clock', BBC TV & FM extravaganza)

BBC Radio 1 FM -> Roof Aerial -> Marantz ST151L Tuner -> Aiwa ADF770 3-Head Cassette Deck -> TDK-SA (Type II) cassette tape

Conversion to FLAC
Master Type II source tape -> Aiwa ADF770 Cassette Deck (play) -> SB Extigy soundcard -> CoolEdit Pro 2.1 -> WAV -> TLH (fix SBE's) -> sector boundary aligned WAV's -> TLH -> FLAC

01. Kuroja Chete
02. Chemedza Vana
03. Writing On The Wall
04. Let's Work Together
05. Manhenga

06. Ndoita Sei?
07. Rugare
08. My Foolish Heart
09. Jig-A-Jig

10. Let's Work Together
11. Interview with Biggie Tempo (by Andy Kershaw)
12. Chemedza Vana (fades out)
13. Hupenyu Hwangu (broadcast much later, with a proper audience)

Total length: 49 mins 22 secs approx.

The Cure - 1995-06-26 - Pilton, UK (FM/FLAC)

 (FM broadcast FLAC)

01. Pictures Of You
02. Lullaby
03. Just Like Heaven
04. Jupiter Crash
05. High
06. The Walk
07. Let´s Go To Bed
08. Dressing Up
09. A Strange Day
10. Push
11. Mink Car
12. Friday I´m In Love
13. In Between Days
14. From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
15. Shiver And Shake
16. Disintegration
17. End

The show was broadcasted on radio.

The files came from the boot "Dressing Up For A Day Out".
Even incomplete, it's one of the best (if not THE best) boot of The Cure (one of my favorite for sure) : the sound (soundboard quality), the feeling and joy of the audience, the final with Porl on "End" (he wasn't on The Cure at this date, but with Page And Plant the same day of the festival)...Enjoy and share !!

Kiss - 1988-08-12 - New York, NY (FM/FLAC)

(FM Recording FLAC)

Quality: A+

SBD -> ??? -> EAC(secure mode) -> .wav -> FLAC (Traders Little Helper)

2 CD-R

Disc 1:
01. Intro
02. Deuce
03. Love Gun
04. Fits Like A Glove
05. Heaven´s On Fire
06. Cold Gin
07. Black Diamond
08. Bang Bang You
09. No No No
10. Firehouse
11. Crazy Crazy Nights

Disc 2:
01. Calling Dr. Love
02. War Machine
03. Reason To Live
04. Tears Are Falling
05. I Love It Loud
06. Strutter
07. Shout It Out Loud
08. Lick It Up
09. Rock And Roll All Nite
10. Detroit Rock City

Length: 1:32:58

this was broadcast live on radio station WNEW. Great FM recording from their warm-up gig before Monsters of Rock at Donington.

Led Zeppelin - 1971-04-01 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Led Zeppelin
Venue, City, Country: Paris Theatre, London, UK
Live Date: 1971-04-01
Broadcasting Date: 2005-04-22
Radio Station: SR P3 Live
Playtime: 56:56.120
Size: 391,4 MB

FM Broadcasting > Technics SA-GX390 > SB Audigy > Sony Soundforge (44100 Hz, 16bit wave) > CD-wave editor/Wavbreak > FLAC8

01 - P3 Live Intro - 0:38
02 - Immigrant Song - 3:12
03 - Heartbreaker - 5:22
04 - Black Dog - 5:21
05 - Communication Breakdown - 5:11
06 - Stairway To Heaven - 8:54
07 - Going To California - 3:53
08 - What Is And What Should Never Be - 4:31
09 - Whole Lotta Love - 19:53

BBC Recording broadcasted by P3 Live (Swedish Radio). Tracks splitted with CD-wave Editor, except track 02 Immigrant Song / 03 Heartbreaker, splitted with Wavbreak. 

Bruce Springsteen - The Early Years (VAR/FLAC) 4 CDs

(Various FLAC)

Made by fans for fans
Collection 4 CDs
44 Tracks
Good quality. ( Flac )
Artworks included

The Early Years Vol. 1 - Prodigal Songs
01. He's Guilty - Steel Mill Studio Version
02. The Train Song - Steel Mill Studio Version
03. Border Guard - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
04. America Under Fire - 13 Jan 1970 At The Matrix, San Francisco, CA. Version
05. Prodigal Son - Laurel Canyon Demo Studio Version
06. The War Is Over - 13 Jan 1970 At The Matrix, San Francisco, CA. Version
07. War Nurse - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
08. The Wind & The Rain - 24 Apr. 1970 Version

The Early Years Vol. 2 - Western Songs
01. Cowboys Of The Sea - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
02. Ballad Of Jesse James - Bruce Springsteen Band Rehearsal Version
03. Southern Son - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
04. Winter Song - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
05. Evacuation Of The West - E Street Band Studio Version
06. Ballad Of Self-Loading Pistol - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
07. If I Was The Priest - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
08. Cherokee Queen - Jun 1970 In West End Bar, West End, NJ. Version
09. Marie - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
10. Visitation At Fort Horn - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
11. Phantoms - E Street Band Studio Version
12. Saga Of Architect Angel - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version

The Early Years Vol. 3 - Shooter Songs
01. Janey Needs A Shooter - 1972 Piano Demo Version
02. Lady Walking Down By The River - 13 Jan. 1970 At The Matrix, San Francisco CA. Version
03. The Lady And The Doctor - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
04. Eloise - Laurel Canyon Demo Studio Version
05. Look Towards The Land - Bruce Springsteen Band Rehearsal Version
06. The Word - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
07. No Need - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
08. You Mean So Much To Me - March 9, 1974 KLOL FM Radio Version
09. Street Queen - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
10. She's Leaving - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
11. Baby Doll - Laurel Canyon Demo Studio Version
12. Two Hearts In True Waltz Time - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version

The Early Years Vol. 4 - Orphan Songs
01. Jesse - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
02. Randolph Street - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
03. Resurrection - Mar. 1970 At West End Bar, West End, NJ. Version
04. Hollywood Kids - Jim Cretecos Apartment Version
05. And The Band Played - 24 Ap. 1973 At Main Point
06. Arabian Nights - media And 914 Sound Studios Version
07. Henry Boy - Laurel Canyon Demo Studio Version
08. Family Song - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
09. Goin' Back To Georgia - Still Mill Studio Version
10. Camilla Horn - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version
11. Song For Orphans - Laurel Canyon Demo Studio Version
12. Jazz Musician - Media And 914 Sound Studios Version

Chuck Berry - 1993-12-16 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Chuck Berry and Jonny Johnson
Lone Star Roadhouse, NYC
December 16, 1993

Private party for Euro Brokers

Recorded by Rich Comras; SB feed>Sony TC-D10 DAT
Transfer and editing by David Minches: Sony PCM-R500> Tascam DA-3000; tracking in Adobe Audition CC 2015
16 bit/48 kHz file set

01. Rich Comras Introduction
02. Warm-up
03. Chuck Berry Introduction
04. Roll Over Beethoven
05. School Days
06. Sweet Little Sixteen
07. Let It Rock
08. Mean Old World
09. Nadine
10. Carol> Little Queenie
11. Wee Wee Hours>
12. Johnny B. Goode
13. Memphis, Tennessee
14. Rock and Roll Music
15. It Hurts Me To
16. Maybellene
17. Sweet Little Rock and Roller
18. My Ding A Ling
19. South of the Border
20. Reelin' and Rockin'

The NYC Loan Star Roadhouse Recordings:
These shows are being heard publicly for the first time as a tribute to the late Rich Comras, who passed away from pancreatic cancer in January, 2017. Rich began recording the Grateful Dead in 1983, using a Nakamichi 550.  Later, he was one of the first tapers to record on a Sony TCD-D10 Pro DAT which was Sony’s first heavyweight DAT recorder. Rich recorded close to 100 shows at the Roadhouse during the period 1989 through 1993.  All these shows were recorded on his trusty D10, surreptitiously placed on a shelf under a baseball cap at the soundboard. Fellow Deadheads and music lovers Jon Ashner and David Minches are leading the effort for this project to release the music into the public domain.  Jon is now in possession of these recordings and is providing information about the shows.  David Minches is performing the transferring and mastering.

Eric Clapton - 1990-02-24 - Den Haag, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)


1st Generation

"Evelin" 1st Generation unaltered wav file > MacBook Pro > Peak Pro XT (Pitch Correction / Subtle Tweak / Volume Smoothing / Indexing) > xACT > FLAC 

101 Pretending 
102 No Alibis 
103 Running on Faith 
104 I Shot the Sheriff 
105 White Room 
106 Can't Find My Way Home 
107 Bad Love 
108 Hard Times 
109 Before You Accuse Me 
110 Old Love 
201 Tearing Us Apart 
202 Wonderful Tonight 
203 Band Introduction Jam 
204 Cocaine 
205 Instrumental 
206 Layla 
207 Tulpen Uit Amsterdam 
208 Sunshine of Your Love 

Elvis Presley - 1975-06-10 - Memphis, TN (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN

Multi-track board recording from the collection of Roy Martin

Soundboard > ? > "Let Me Take You Home" bootleg > Roy's CDR copy > WAV (using EAC in Secure Mode) > volume adjustment (using Audacity, to lower occassional peaks) > FLAC Level 6 (using Trader's Little Helper)

01 Opening Vamp
02 C.C. Rider
03 I Got A Woman > Amen
04 Love Me
05 If You Love Me (Let Me Know)
06 Love Me Tender (with false start)
07 All Shook Up
08 Teddy Bear > Don't Be Cruel
09 Hound Dog
10 Fairytale
11 Burning Love
12 band introductions
13 James Burton introduction (Johnny B. Goode)
14 Ronnie Tutt drum solo
15 Jerry Scheff bass solo
16 Glen D. Hardin piano solo
17 School Days
18 introduction of Vernon Presley & Dr. Nick
19 T-R-O-U-B-L-E
20 Why Me, Lord
21 How Great Thou Art (with reprise)
22 Let Me Be There
23 Funny How Time Slips Away (with reprise)
24 Little Darlin'
25 American Trilogy
26 Mystery Train > Tiger Man
27 Can't Help Falling In Love
28 Closing Vamp

Total time: 68:27

The Who - 2000-08-29 - Houston, TX (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

"Hot And Sweaty"
29th August 2000
The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Lake Robbins Drive

Source: Pro-Shot Video Beta Master > VHS > SA Recorded > PC Authored
Video: NTSC 720x480 29.97fps 4573kbps aVBR
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Generic
Audio: Dolby Digital AC3 48khz 256kbps

A GoldHawk DVD Production

Pete Townshend: guitar, vocals
Roger Daltrey: lead vocals, harp
John Entwistle: bass, vocals
Zak Starkey: drums
John "Rabbit" Bundrick: keyboards

01 - I Can't Explain
02 - Substitute
03 - Anyway Anyhow Anywhere
04 - Relay
05 - My Wife
06 - Baba O'Riley
07 - Bargain
08 - Getting In Tune
09 - Drowned
10 - Pinball Wizard
11 - The Real Me
12 - Behind Blue Eyes
13 - You Better You Bet
14 - Who Are You
15 - 5:15 (End Cut)

## - Won't Get Fooled Again
## - The Kids Are Alright
## - Let's See Action
## - My Generation

Keith_Moon's comments, April 2011: As the text above implies, I got it from the Who torrent site Long Live Rock. It remains unchanged from when I grabbed it. I was at this show and feel this tour was the best The 'Oo sounded since 1979. It was wonderful to hear Bargain and other Lifehouse songs after so many years. Pete shredded, the Ox was the Ox and Daltrey was in great voice. Zak remains the best Who drummer since Moonie. I met Irish Jack Lyons before the show at my friend Scott's house and got backstage afterwards and Roger came out to talk to some fans, as did Rabbit, who's from Texas. So it was a wonderful night for me. Hope you enjoy this.

Bob Dylan and The Band - 1974-01-10 - Toronto, ON (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Maple Leaf Gardens

"As I Went Out One Evening"
Be Twisted / BTCD 020/21


Disc One
01 - Intro
02 - Most Likely You Go Your Way
03 - I Don't Believe You
04 - As I Went Out One Morning
05 - Lay Lady Lay
06 - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
07 - Ballad Of A Thin Man
08 - The Band
09 - Stage Fright
10 - Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
11 - King Harvest
12 - This Wheel's On Fire
13 - I Shall Be Released
14 - Up On Cripple Creek
15 - Bob Dylan And The Band
16 - All Along The Watchtower
17 - Ballad Of Hollis Brown
18 - Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Disc Two
01 - The Times
02 - Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
03 - Gates Of Eden
04 - Love Minus Zero/No Limit
05 - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
06 - Forever Young
07 - Something There Is About You
08 - Like A Rolling Stone
09 - The Band
10 - Rag Mama Rag
11 - When You Awake
12 - The Shape I'm In
13 - The Weight
14 - Bob Dylan And The Band
15 - Forever Young
16 - Something There Is About You
17 - Like A Rolling Stone
18 - Most Likely You Go Your Way (Reprise)

Pink Floyd - 1971-06-19 - Brescia, IT (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

An Italian Tale

Live At Palazzo dello Mostra

The Godfatherecords G.R. 735/736 - Trifold Cardboard Sleeve

Matrix Disc 1 : G.R. 735/736 CD1
Matrix Disc 2 : G.R. 735/736 CD2

Barcode: 01052012735

(P) 2012 Made In Europe

Silvers > EAC (secure) > FLAC

David Gilmour: Guitar, Vocals
Nick Mason: Drums, Percussion
Roger Waters: Bass, Vocals
Rick Wright: Keyboards, Vocals

Disc 1: Time:
01. Atom Heart Mother 15:18
02. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 13:57
03. Fat Old Sun 15:16
04. The Embryo 11:04

Total Time: 55:35

Disc 2: Time:
01. The Return Of The Son Of Nothing 22:37
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 13:06
03. Cymbaline 11:31
04. A Saucerful Of Secrets 19:55

Total Time: 67:09

Pink Floyd - 1968-05-31 - Amsterdam, NL (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Early and Late Shows

At the Paradiso

At the Fantasio


Sony SDT-9000 > DATXtract 1.3 > WAV (16/48) > FLAC 8

PowerMac G5 Peak Pro 5.02 used to remove preceding and trailing silences, and to split into tracks. xACT 1.59 used to encode to FLAC.

New transfer by Beechwoods, 27th January 2008.

Early Show: Paradiso
01. Tunings (1.13)
02. Let There Be More Light (7.36)
03. Interstellar Overdrive (11.14)
04. Set The Controls (12.48)
05. A Saucerful Of Secrets (14.48)

Late Show: Fantasio
01. Keep Smiling People (11.41)
02. Let There Be More Light (9.18)
03. Set The Controls (13.36)
04. Flaming (5.40)
05. A Saucerful Of Secrets (13.09)

I love this recording. This is an unprocessed transfer from a DAT(4) of a 1st Gen cassette copy. I've left nothing out of this transfer. The silences at the start of each show comprise the 1st Gen hiss present on the DAT before the content starts... these things are important!

Buddy Guy - 2013-02-27 - Detroit, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Fox Theater

Recorded by: ravingandrooling
Location: 15th row center
Equipment: CA 14c - UBB - Sony M10
Processing: 24/96 wav - Soundforge - 16/44 wav - Traders Little Helper - Flac Level 8

01 Damn Right I Got the Blues
02 Hoochie Koochie Man
03 Slippin In
04 Fever
05 Let the Door Knob Hit Ya
06 Drowning on Dry Land
07 I'm in the Mood
08 Boom Boom Boom
09 Buddy Chats
10 What'd I Say
11 Strange Brew
12 It Feels Like Rain
13 Skin Deep
14 Outro

There may have been a blizzard outside, but there were some smokin' hot blues inside! My favorites from the evening were Slippin' In and Drowning on Dry Land. The latter was performed by Buddy as he was wandering through the crowd for over 10 minutes. He passed me going up the center aisle, then through the concession area and up to the second floor balcony where he proceeded to unleash a guitar solo the likes of which I have never seen or heard. Check out this picture of him making his way past me back to the stage. 

The Beach Boys - 1960 - Time to Get Alone (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

(Note: This one was uploaded in 2005, but is currently inactive. This isn't the same rip, so I don't think it's technically a reseed. Also, this one has cues and logs; I'm not sure if the older rip also did)

Artist: The Beach Boys
Album: Time to Get Alone
Label: Silver Shadow
Catalog No: CD 9316-2
Country of Origin: Italy
Year of Release: 1993

Original, Pressed Silver Shadow CDs --- > EAC (test+copy, secure) --- > FLAC

01. Help Me Rhonda [B. Wilson] 38:58
02. Mountain of Love [B. Wilson-M. Love] 9:03
03. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away [J. Lennon-P. McCartney] 3:20
04. Ticket To Ride [J. Jennon-P. McCartney] 2:29
05. Student Demonstration Time [Leiber-Stoller] 3:57
06. Laugh At Me [B. Wilson-M. Love] 3:28
07. One Kiss Led To Another [B. Wilson-M. Love] 3:52
08. California Girls [B. Wilson] 2:34
09. I Get Around [B. Wilson] 2:54
10. Little Deuce Coupe [B.Wilson-R.Christian] 2:35

01. I'm So Young [B.Wilson] 2:43
02. Help Me Ronda [B.Wilson] 3:21
03. Good To My Baby-instrumental [B.Wilson-M.Love] 2:28
04. Good To My Baby [B.Wilson-M.Love] 2:30
05. In The Back Of My Mind-instrumental [B.Wilson] 2:19
06. Little Girl I Once Knew [B.Wilson] 3:26
07. Holy Holy [B.Wilson] 2:51
08. Time To Get Alone [B.Wilson] 2:51
09. Wouldn't It Be Nice [B.Wilson-T.Asher] 2:30
10. You Still Believe In Me [B.Wilson-T.Asher] 2:25
11. Hang On To Your Ego [B.Wilson-T.Asher] 3:16
12. Don't Talk - 1 [B.Wilson] 3:09
13. Don't Talk - 2 [B.Wilson] 3:09
14. I'm Waiting For The Day [B.Wilson] 3:05
15. I Just Wasn't Made For These Times [B.Wilson-T.Asher] 3:15
16. Wouldn't It Be Nice-Reprise [B.Wilson-T.Asher] 2:14
17. Outtro [Beach Boys] 2:08
18. Good Vibrations [B.Wilson-M.Love] 14:59
19. Heroes And Villains [B.Wilson-Parks] 7:03

Track 1-1: Help Me Ronda sessions, 1965
Tracks 1-2 to 1-10: Rehearsals, 1965 [Party session tapes]
Tracks 2-1 to 2-7: Demos, 1965
Track 2-8: Demo, 1967
Tracks 2-9 to 2-17: Pet Sounds demos, 1966

All tracks from original analog sources digitally remastered
[P] 1993 Silver Shadow Records
Printed in Italy


Notes: track 1-5 is "Riot In Cell Block #9"; track 2-7 is "Morning Christmas" by Dennis Wilson, recorded in 1977; track 2-8 has lead vocals by Redwood, which later became Three Dog Night.

REVIEW: Before the Sea Of Tunes label began their landmark series of releases, this two-cd release on the Silver Shadow label was the best-sounding album of early Beach Boys studio outtakes on the market. Covering the period between "Help Me Ronda" (single version) and "Heroes and Villains," the bulk of material is from 1966's Party! album and the Pet Sounds sessions. It begins with the much-talked about 40-minute long "Ronda" sessions in which Brian and Murray have a tempestuous run-in, with Brian in charge of the sessions, and then slowly, his father Murry, who has been invited to sit in with Audree Wilson, slowly begins to take over the session, belittling Brian in front of the other band members, goading him, taunting him, and when Brian, obviously trying to reign in his anger breaks loose, it's the clearest representation of their stormy relationship ever captured, and it's electrifying, and far more illuminating than any other biographical portrait given. Murry is a deadly calm steamroller, crushing Brian under an unending stream of dreary platitudes and goading taunts, and Brian is trying to squirm out from under the crushing patriarchial weight. Then the CD breezes into the light-hearted rehearsals for the Party! album, with Brian trying to urge the less-than-serious band to get to work. There are early versions of "Student Demonstration Time," an unreleased song, "One Kiss Led to Another," and lots of studio chatter. Disc two is a mish mash of various tracks, also in stellar sound, with takes of "Good To My Baby," several tracks from Pet Sounds, and finishes with crystal-clear session takes of "Good Vibrations" and a lengthy seven-plus-minute run on the "Heroes and Villians" track.

Metallica - 1998-11-24 - New York, NY (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

Metallica - New York, NY 24-11-1998 (Garage Barrage Show 2x DVD5)

Metallica 1998-11-24 New York, NY [UPGRADE] (NTSC)

A Sabkisscrue/Damage Inc. Classic Series:

Roseland Ballroom
NTSC Pro Shot

1st Gen vhs > JVC HRS-9800U S-VHS Deck (TBC/DNR Turned ON, Audio set to HI FI) > AR Pro II Series S-Video Cable > 
Toshiba DR-4 (For frame synchronization and black Level correction), 
AR Pro II Series S-Video Cable > Audio wires from vcr > Sony TR-740 Digital8 Camera 
(TBC/DNR Turned ON, for further temporal filtering) > firewire > JVC DRM-100 DVD Recorder > 2 DVD-R in XP Mode with LPCM

Video attributes:
Video compression mode: MPEG-2
TV system: 525/60 (NTSC)
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Display mode: Only Pan&scan
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame rate: 30.00
Source picture letterboxed: Not letterboxed
Bitrate: 7.78Mbps

Audio attributes: 
Audio coding mode: LPCM
Sampling rate: 48kHz
Audio application mode: Not Specified
Number of audio channels: 2.0
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
Number of audio streams: 1

James Hetfield - Vocals/Guitar
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar
Jason Newsted - Bass Guitar

01 - Creeping Death Jam 
02 - Die Die My Darling 
03 - Blitzkrieg 
04 - Small Hours 
05 - The Prince 
06 - Sabbra Cadabra 
07 - Whiskey In The Jar 
08 - Stone Cold Crazy 
09 - Mercyful Fate 
10 - Turn The Page 
11 - Am I Evil? 
12 - So What!! 
13 - ....And Justice For All Jam 
14 - Killing Time 
15 - The Wait 
16 - Last Caress/Green Hell 
17 - Breadfan 
18 - Overkill

Judas Priest - 1991-01-23 - Rio de Janeiro, BR (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Judas Priest
23rd January, 1991
Rock in Rio II Festival
Maracana Stadium
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Pro-shot DVD

Technical details:

TV system: NTSC
Format: MPEG-2
Resolution: 720x480
Aspect ratio: 4:3
Frame rate: 29.970 fps
Video bitrate: 6500 kbps
Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes (one for each song)
Audio codec (menu): AC3/16-bit/48 kHz/192kbps/Stereo
Audio codec (concert): LPCM/16-bit/48 kHz/1536 kbps/Stereo
Fits nicely on one single-layer DVD

Lineage: VHS masters (Globo TV master copy & broadcast copy) -> unknown transfer equipment -> unknown DVD author -> torrent I downloaded (don't remember where) -> you!

Video quality: Very Good
Audio quality: Excellent

01. Intro/Hell Bent for Leather
02. Grinder
03. The Hellion/Electric Eye
04. All Guns Blazing
05. Metal Gods
06. The Ripper
07. Beyond the Realms of Death
08. Victim of Changes
09. Painkiller
10. The Green Manalishi
11. Breaking the Law
12. Living After Midnight
13. You've Got Another Thing Comin'

This is a great pro-shot video from the 1991 Painkiller tour. The video quality is pretty good, although it has some minor errors every now and then, and of course being VHS sourced it's a bit blurry at times. There's also a slightly noticeable change in source (and a drop in quality) during Beyond the Realms of Death. A strong rumor suggests that the first part comes from the TV station master which was copied by an employee (this part was never broadcast), which would explain the legal warnings in the beginning. And the latter part is recorded off the broadcast (as it started during Glenn's solo). But despite the legal warnings, I can assure you that this concert has never been commercially released (even the copyright markings in the cover art are just an insider joke by Pete Z), so I think it's OK to seed it here.

The audio quality is really pristine throughout, and the lossless PCM coding is really justified here. I'm not certain if this is the full concert, but this is probably all there is available from this concert. Enjoy, and keep the metal faith!

Aerosmith - 2012-11-05 - Boston, MA (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

1325 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 
NTSC Pro Shot 

unknown. Got in a trade. Was broadcast live on AXS TV. 

ID : 224 (0xE0) 
Format : MPEG Video 
Format version : Version 2 
Bit rate mode : Variable 
Width : 720 pixels 
Height : 480 pixels 
Display aspect ratio : 16:9 
Frame rate : 29.970 fps 
Standard : NTSC 

Menu: Yes 
Chapters: Yes 
Artwork: No 

01 - Preshow part 1 
02 - Preshow part 2 
03 - Preshow part 3 
04 - Walkin’ the Dog 
05 - Movin’ Out 
06 - Mama Kin 
07 - Lover Alot 
08 - Back in the Saddle 
09 - Sweet Emotion 
10 - Mother Popcorn 
11 - Walk This Way 
12 - Oh Yeah 
13 - Train Kept A-Rollin’ 

Aerosmith - 2002-09-07 - Camden, NJ (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Venue: Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
Tour: Girls Of Summer
Pro Shot

Video: (T.V.) > Low Gen VHS > SA > DVD

Audio properties:
Codec: AC3
Other: 48000Hz, 256 kb/s, stereo (2/0)

Video properties:
Codec: MPEG2
Format: NTSC
Resolution: 704 x 480 (720 x 480)
FPS: 29.970
Display Aspect Ratio: 1.333 (4:3)
Bit Rate: 5.75 Mbps

Video Tracks:
224 MPEG-2, 704 × 480, 4:3, 29.97 fps, 9.59 Mbps, upper field first

Audio Tracks:
128 AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps

01. Toys In The Attic
02. Back In The Saddle
03. Same Old Song And Dance
04. Girls Of Summer
05. Sweet Emotion
06. What It Takes
07. Lord of the Thighs
08. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
09. Monkey On My Back
10. Jaded
11. Pink
12. Stop Messin' Around
13. Cryin'
14. Dude (Looks Like A Lady)
15. Draw The Line
16. Walk This Way

Duration: 1h 35m

Iron Maiden - 1981-04-29 - Bremen, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)


TV > Low Gen VHS > SA > DVD

Audio codec: MPEG-1 Layer 2

Audio Bitrate: 384kb/s tot, Stereo
Video Bitrate: 8999 kb/s
Video System: PAL - 25.000 Frames/s

01. Prowler
02. Sanctuary
03. Phantom of the Opera
04. Iron Maiden
05. Wrathchild
06. Innocent Exile
07. Sanctuary
08. Another Life

This is the famous appearance of Iron Maiden on Beat Club, a German weeklty TV show in the '70's/early '80's that also featured bands like Saxxon, Dokken, April Wine and....ABBA. The band plays live for a 1/2 hour in front of a studio audience and seems a bit nervous. They make quite a few mistakes throughout the set. Nonetheless, it's a great, energetic show from Maiden in what I consider their best period.

Uli Jon Roth - 2013-02-06 - New York City, NY (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Sony ECM-791 -> Zoom H1-> Goldwave (track splitting) -> TLH -> Trader's Den

01 Tunning
02 All Night Long
03 Longing For Fire
04 Crying Days
05 They Need a Million
06 Sails Of Charon
07 A Day Late And a Dollar Short
08 Life is Like a River
09 Hell Cat
10 Robot Man
11 Yellow Raven
12 We'll Burn The Sky
13 In Trance
14 Instrumental (guitar and keys only)
15 Fly To The Rainbow
16 I've Got To Be Free
17 Pictured Life
18 Catch Your Train
19 Polar Nights
20 Dark Lady with band introductions
21 Encore Break
22 All Along The Watchtower
23 If 6 Was 9
24 Little Wing
25 Purple Haze
26 Instrumental (Hendrix cover ??)

The band was very loud (I would even say louder than Motorhead) and I did not think that the recording is going to be any good but it came out pretty good. The place was unfortunately half empty so I had great spot up on the balcony. They played for 2 hours and 35 minutes, great set and amazing performance.

Miles Davis - 1960-04-08 - Zurich, CH (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Miles Davis Quintet
4/8/60 & 5/17/58
'Live in Zurich' Gambit records liberated bootleg 69220

FM/SBD bootleg silvers>eac>flac

4/8/60 Kongresshaus, Zürich, Switzerland 

Miles Davis (tpt) 
John Coltrane (ts) 
Wynton Kelly (p) 
Paul Chambers (b) 
Jimmy Cobb (d) 

1.If I Were A Bell
3.So What
4.All Blues

5/17/58 Cafe Bohemia NYC, NY

Miles Davis,
John Coltrane,
Bill Evans,
Paul Chambers,
Philly Joe Jones

7.Bye Bye Blackbird
9.Two Bass Hit

Total Time : 77:01.

Iron Maiden - 2000-08-30 - Denver, CO (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Band: Iron Maiden
Date: August 30, 2000
Venue: Red Rocks
Place: Morrison, Colorado, USA

Lineage -> Unknown

Video: MPEG-2 720x480 (NTSC) 4:3
Audio: Dolby AC-3 2ch 48kbps

Description: Recorded presumably by a member of the crew, the perspective is from the right of the stage with the recorder appearing to be on stage as well. A generally steady picture, clear pic and audio.

Note: This is an incomplete recording. Missing from the recording but played that night are: Sign of the Cross (played just after 2 Minutes to Midnight), and Dream of Mirrors (played after The Trooper). Also cuts in during The Mercenary, so we miss the intro to that song. Otherwise an excellent 'all-access' recording.

1. Intro
2. The Wicker Man
3. Ghost of the Navigator
4. Brave New World
5. Wratchild
6. 2 Minutes To Midnight
7. The Mercenary (missing beginning of song)
8. The Trooper
9. The Clansmen
10. The Evil That Men Do
11. Fear of the Dark
12. Iron Maiden

13. The Number of the Beast
14. Hallowed Be Thy Name
15. Sanctuary