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John McLaughlin - 1982-05-10 - Albuquerque, NM (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Kiva Auditorium

From 1st Generation Cassettes

Original Recording Gear: AIWA HS-J1 Stereo Walkman w/AIWA Stereo Microphone

Master Cassettes copied from Nakamichi BX-125 (or BX-150) to Nakamichi CR-1A

1st Gen cassettes mastered and encoded to FLAC by le duc du Montfort

Checked for SBE's and .ffp files created using Traders Little Helper.

John McLaughlin: Acoustic Guitar
Katia LaBeque: Piano, Synthesizers
Francois Couturier: Fender Rhodes
Jean-Paul Celea: Acoustic Bass
Tommy Campbell: Drums

Disc 1
01. Belo Horizonte
02. David
03. La Baleine (The Whale)
04. Stardust On Your Sleeve (?)

Disc 2
01. Blues For Lech Walesa
02. Band Intros/Bass Solo
03. Aspan (?)
04. One Melody (?)
05. Loro (?) (includes Drum Solo)

Notes by the uploader
I have included a few photos I took (using my Konica SLR) at the show. If we are able to determine a proper setlist, perhaps some talented volunteer might use them to create artwork.

I met Gregg W in the early 80's when I was working at Merlin's Workshop record store. I had recorded a couple of shows using AIWA recorders, so he bought one of his own and began recording shows. Several of Gregg W.'s masters have been torrented on Dime. A couple of examples are his 1983 Neil Young recording from East Lansing, MI (still on the tracker) and a Missing Persons recording from the Albuquerque Civic Auditorium (no longer on the tracker). Gregg and I attended this show together, and Gregg recorded while I took pictures. We used my recorder and mic, as I had a slightly better mic. A 1st Generation copy was made, but I'm not sure if Gregg or I have the master, so I'm listing this as 1st Generation.

The Kiva Auditorium is part of the Albuquerque Convention Center, and it was created to showcase chamber music, Broadway touring companies, ballet, and other intimate shows. It seats about 3000, with plush theater seating and a permanent stage. Sound is usually way above average, and it's probably the best sound in town. Rock shows are not allowed. A promoter almost got Stevie Ray Vaughan in there by booking him as a blues concert, but someone in management heard a couple of tracks from "Texas Flood", and the show had to be re-located. During the 10 years I lived in Albuquerque, a couple of the shows I saw there were Tangerine Dream and a show featuring Stephen Stills, America, and Tom Chapin. In the 1990's, Jethro Tull, CSN, and ELP have played there, but that's about as heavy as the management will allow.

Sound quality on this recording is very good. The music is very listenable, but like many audience recordings, the stage banter is a little harder to make out. The crowd really shows their appreciation, but there's not a lot of talking outside of that. There is some mic bumping and scratching, but not very much.

My original vine was offered on 3 Yahoo trading groups, but there were very few stops before the vines died. To my knowledge, this is the first time it has been uploaded anywhere.

Here's my best stab at the setlist. Titles with (?) are guesses based on a Boston setlist from the previous month. Anyone who can correct or add to my info is welcome to do so.

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