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Alice Cooper - 1978-05-10 - Saginaw, MI (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Live in Saginaw

CD > Flac > Audition > Flac

Recorded at Wendler Arena, Saginaw, US, on the 10th of May 1978.

01 Under My Wheels 
02 Billion Dollar Babies 
03 I'm Eighteen 
04 Is It My Body 
05 Devil's Food 
06 The Black Widow 
07 You And Me 
07 Only Women Bleed 
09 Unfinished Sweet 
10 Escape 
11 I Love The Dead 
12 Go To Hell 
13 I Never Cry 
14 School's Out 

This was once the most common Alice bootleg out there, available in lots and lots of different versions with lots and lots of different tracklistings. The fullest tracklistings were those taken from the original FM broadcast, which are also the lowest in quality. I believe the source for the original boot that was used for my remaster was pre-FM, probably transferred to Casette judging from trebly nature of the original sound. But this is conjecture. I'll play it safe by saying FM... 

This is a great show. Of all the King Biscuit recordings, I rate this as the best in terms of performance. Alice doesn't sound as drunk as on the '75 show, or as ill as he does on the '79 tour. 

The show has long needed a serious remaster though. The guitars sounded so wafer thin that the backing band almost sounds like a goth outfit, and the drums are equally flimsy. I've considerably adjusted both, and applied some widening where necessary. Some things are out of my remit though. For all my tweaking, I suspect the pedal set-up on the guitar was generally less deep than one would like. Very flangey. And I wouldn't want to go so overboard in my edits as to make it unrepresentative of the original source. 

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