giovedì 27 aprile 2017

Placebo - 2017-04-18 - Lyon, FR (IEM/FLAC) by REQUEST


Halle Tony Garnier,
Lyon, France

SETLIST (64:03 + 20:00 + 133:30)
++ Afternoon Rehearsals
01. ** Line-Check
02. Infra-red
03. Protect Me from What I Want
04. ** Dead air
05. Lazarus
06. ** Line-Check
07. Exit Wounds
08. Exit Wounds
09. Too Many Friends
10. Pure Morning
11. ** Line-Check

++ Show
00. ** Pre-Show Line-check
01. ** Intro (Every You Every Me)
02. Pure Morning
03. Loud Like Love
04. Jesus' Son
05. Soulmates
06. Special Needs
07. Lazarus
08. Too Many Friends
09. Twenty Years
10. I Know
11. Devil in the Details
12. Space Monkey
13. Exit Wounds
14. Protect Me from What I Want
15. Without You I'm Nothing
16. 36 Degrees
17. Lady of the Flowers
18. For What It's Worth
19. Slave to the Wage
20. Special K
21. Song to Say Goodbye
22. The Bitter End
23. ** Encore
24. Teenage Angst
25. Nancy Boy
26. Infra-red
27. ** Encore
28. Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God)

IEM 1 : Stereo Receiver (focus) > Zoom H6 -- (Brian Molko's feed)
IEM 2 : Stereo Receiver (focus) > Zoom H6 -- (Stefan Olsdal's feed)

MTX : .WAV[24bit/48kHz] > .FLAC [16bit/44.1kHz]

USB > Adobe Audition CC 2017 > CDWave Audio Editor 1.98 > Trader's Little Helper 2.7.0

Only two feeds, recorded from the outside; very far from the venue actually, from a heated spot.
The inside-man that night had a few hiccup with the batteries on the recorder, so no audience was added into this mix (bouhhh!).
One of the two feeds had a click-track, it's now cleaned (and removed in its majority) and a few interferences spots were removed, the other one is absolutely clean from top to bottom. Rehearsals were not as clean as the gig by itself, so during certain parts Molko's voice is a lot more hidden, indicating that's a moment where the feed was unusable as-is.

Recorded by J².
Mixed by J.

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  2. You're exactly the reason why i (and a lot of other tapers) won't upload anymore recordings on dime now. You're simply screwing everyone for your little bank account (you know, your freaking ads for example ...)