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Michael Schenker - 2016-08-23 - Osaka, JP (IEM/AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(IEM/Audience FLAC)

Michael Schenker Fest
Zepp Namba
Osaka Japan
Aug 23 2016

Silver CD > EAC Secure Mode > flac

Michael Schenker - guitar
Gary Barden - vocals
Graham Bonnet - vocals
Robin McAuley - vocals
Chris Glen - bass
Ted McKenna - drums
Steve Mann - guitar, keyboards

01. Intro
02. Into the Arena
03. Attack of the Mad Axeman
04. Victim of Illusion
05. Armed and Ready
06. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
07. Coast to Coast
08. Assault Attack
09. Desert Song
10. Dancer
11. Captain Nemo
12. This Is My Heart
13. Save Yourself
14. Love Is Not A Game
15. Shoot Shoot
16. Rock Bottom
17. Doctor Doctor
18. Outro

19. Soundcheck Warm Up
20. Captain Nemo
21. This Is My Heart #1
22. Save Yourself / Love Is Not A Game
23. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
24. Doctor Doctor
25. Desert Song / Dancer
26. Broken Promises / Coast to Coast / Assault Attack
27. This Is My Heart #2
28. Rock Bottom

Tracks 1-15 are from Disc 01
Tracks 16-28 are from Disc 02

This show is an excellent sounding matrix (IEM + audience) that includes the soundcheck material. I was surprised how much interaction Michael Schener has with the audience. Michael introduces the show and himself and introduces each vocalist. I have listened to a lot of Michael Schenker shows and cannot recall him ever speaking to the audience. As far as the vocals go - Gary Barden does ok, Graham Bonnet struggles, and Robin McAuley does well. Listen to the samples. Scans are included too.

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