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New Order - 1982-08-30 - Blackpool, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

The Venue

cass->CD->CD->EAC (secure)->WAV->Nero Wave Editor (balancing, dc offset, volume, edits)-> CD Wave (tracking)->FLAC

01 - Procession 4:29
02 - Ceremony 4:46
03 - 586 6:08
04 - Truth 4:02
05 - We All Stand 6:18
06 - Hurt 7:45
07 - Everything's Gone Green 4:29
08 - Age Of Consent 7:07
09 - Ultraviolence 7:11

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This is a hitherto UNCIRCULATED soundboard recording of New Order's '82 Blackpool appearance. This is a MUST-HAVE for any fans of Joy Division/early New Order.

To quote Mark Johnson:
"Held on a windy, rain-swept evening near Blackpool's North Pier, this concert was promoted and supported by Section 25, with an appearance by Kevin Hewick. It was one of the group's rare nationally-advertised concerts and one Portuguese fan travelled all the way from Lisbon to see them. Though New Order's digital sequencer had failed the week before and could not be repaired in time for the concert, the band rented equipment for the event. "Age Of Consent", written that month, was debuted and the sell-out crowd of 1,000 gave New Order a tumultuous reception."

And indeed, this explains why the sequenced tracks sound so different, with "586" being especially amazing. *This* is simply the best version of that track ever, which shames all later versions, with the opening guitar and ending synth and bass work being stunning. And a version of "We All Stand" that's a keeper, though Hurt for some reason is a shambles, as the sequencer mysteriously speeds up a bit after 3:00 in.

The sound quality on this is as good if not better than you could hope for. I've done very little except balance/dc ffset/adjust volume and make a couple of edits to remove long stretches of silence from various places, etc.

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