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John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola, Paco DeLucia - 1981-08-30 - St. Goarshausen, Germany (2xDVDfull pro-shot)

(2xDVDfull pro-shot)

John McLaughlin
Al DiMeola
Paco DeLucia:

Video Source: Rockpalast WDR German TV broadcast(on 03rd July 1994)
Taper: Axel himself
Video Bitrate: DVD1: 7254 to 7355 kb/s, DVD2: 6545 to 6597 kb/s
Frame rate: VBR at 25.000 frames
Pictures: 4:3 (all this and more was said by GSpot)
DVD Author: AODPPSS ~ Axel himself
DVD format: PAL
Region: 0, playable worldwide, if not it's up to your equipment

Audio Source: Rockpalast WDR German TV broadcast(see above)
Lineage: see below
Taper: Axel himself
Audio Codec: AC3 (GSpot strikes again)
Audio bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz  256 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

Rockpalast WDR German TV broadcast(see above) > Nokia satellite bowl > Pace satellite TV receiver > via Scart cable > Akai VCR(SP mode) > BASF 240min master VHS > playback on LG VCR > via Scart cable > Panasonic stand alone DVD recorder(DVD1: 1h14min and DVD2: 1h22min flexible time mode) > Sony 2DVD- set on HD

DVD with menue and scattered chapters
note: black bottom part of DVD2's menue has no influence on video itself
File size: 7.97GB(DVD1: 3.97GB, DVD2: 4.00GB)

John McLaughlin: acoustic Guitar
Al DiMeola: acoustic Guitar
Paco DeLucia: acoustic Guitar

Rockpalast Open Air, Loreley, St. Goarshausen, Germany, 30th August 1981

DVD1: (73:35min)
00) Announcement by Alan Bangs

John McLaughlin
01) One Melody ~
02) My Foolish Heart

Al DiMeola
03) Casino ~
04) Electric Rendezvous ~
05) Violin Sonata ~
06) Moonglow

Paco De Lucia
07) Monasterio De Sal
08) Montino

John McLaughlin & Al DiMeola
09) Short Tales Of The Black Forest

John McLaughlin & Paco De Lucia
10) Manitas D'Oro ~
11) Frevo Rasgado

Al DiMeola & Paco De Lucia
12) Mediterranean Sundance ~
13) Rio Ancho

DVD2: (82:00min)
John McLaughlin, Al DiMeola & Paco DeLucia
14) Tres Hermanos (a.k.a. Chanela)
15) Solo Quiero Caminar
16) Spain
17) Fantasia Suite

18) Splendido Sundance
19) Guardian Angel
20) Morning Of The Carnival

Length: 155:35min

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  1. I`ve got this show some years ago on the old Dr Fusion blog.
    It`s freakin amazin. Paco plays some Fandangos "(Castro Martin") alone that are mind-blowing. Everyone shines. It`s a shame that no pro-shots recordings of the 1983 have surfaced would be amazing to see Steve Morse on his acoustic face among these monsters!

  2. it is impossible to open thsi video, there iss a bug is it possible to fix it, many thanks.

  3. This video is bugged; Is it possible to fix it? I wille be happy to watch it. Many thanks. HNY

  4. The part 15 is broken - could you fix it. Thank You very much.

  5. Ialso ask about fixing part no 15!
    Why do you post again and again wrong video???????