giovedì 26 marzo 2020

John Lennon - 1972-08-30 - New York City, NY (Laserdisc Rip)

(Laserdisc Rip)

Madison Square Garden

DVD Video
PCM Stereo
NTSC 4:3 720x480 bitrate 8000Kbps
PCM Stereo bitrate 1536Kbps

John Lennon -guitar,keyboards,vocal
Yoko Ono -keyboards, vocal
Stan Bronstein-saxophone
Wayne "Tex" Gabriel - lead guitar
John Ward -bass
Gary Wan Scyoc -bass
Jim Keltner - drums
Rick Frank -drums
Adam Ippolito-keyboards

01. Power To The People
02. New York City
03. It's So Hard
04. Woman is The Nigger Of The World
05. Sisters O Sisters
06. Well Well Well
07. Instant Karma!
08. Mother
09. Born In A Prison
10. Come Together
11. Imagine
12. Cold Turkey
13. Hound Dog
14. Give Peace A Chance

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