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The Police - 1982-04-12 - Boston, MA (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)

Boston Garden 
Boston, Mass. 
April 12, 1982 

audience recording, master tape > 1st gen. copy > 2nd? gen copy maxell XLII 90 min. cassette > played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) > flac (sb's aligned)

Sting: bass, vocals 
Andy Summers: guitar 
Stewart Copeland: drums and percussion 
David Watson: tenor sax 
Darryl Dixon: alto sax 
Marvin Daniels: trumpet 

2nd gen? audience tape 

01: voices inside my head 1:42 
02: message in a bottle 4:04 (some obstruction) 
03: every little thing she does is magic 4:47 (some obstruction) 
04: spirits in the material world 2:59 
05: new band member intros, hungry for you 4:31 
06: when the world is running down 4:16 
07: this bed's too big without you 4:59 
08: de do do do do de da da da 5:04 
09: demolition man 6:05 
10: shadows in the rain 5:55 
11: walking on the moon 4:00 (cuts, spliced at :48, tape flip) 
12: secret journey 3:21 
13: one world 5:20 
14: invisible sun 4:30 
15: Roxanne 6:13 
16: don't stand so close to me > 3:57 (cuts in slightly) 
17: can't stand losing you 9:15 (w/be my girl and band introductions around 6:00) 

(presumably there may have been a "so lonely" encore, but it is not included in this recording. maybe not too, since the last 2 tracks are encores.) 

runtime: 81:01 (minutes/seconds) 

it's most of a high energy show. there is some crowd obstruction and loud clapping in a few parts but most of it sounds pretty good. a section of walking on the moon is missing but spliced, so it's probably not even noticable. Sting mentions playing there a few months earlier and screws up the lyrics near the end of Roxanne. overall it was a good performance though. recording was said to be made on a boom box type recorder.

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