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Dire Straits - 1991-09-19 - London, UK (AUD/FLAC) by REQUEST

(Audience FLAC)


Wembley Arena

Silver info:
CAT.NO.: Pluto PLR CD 9212  
ORIGIN : ITA 05.92    

Source : audience
Quality: 9 (scale 1-10)

CD 1
01. Calling Elvis
02. Walk of life
03. Heavy fuel
04. Romeo and Juliet
05. Planet of New Orleans
06. Private investigations
07. Sultans of swing

CD 2
01. On every street
02. Fade to black...(great version,see sample)
03. Your latest trick
04. Two young lovers
05. Tunnel of love...(with band introduction)
06. Money for nothing
07. Brothers in arms

comments (OEB):
Audience recording from London 1991.
Interesting concert. 
fairly good sound.  
very nice versions of Tunnel of Love and,
"Fade To Black", a song that was very rarely played. This live version is very nice!

omments (knopflerlive):
EXCELLENT SHOW! Wonderful performances, guitarplaying and mood...! 
Almost every track has that "power" and great solos by Mark Knopfler.
Especially good are Heavy Fuel, Planet of the New Orleans, Sultans of Swing and,
Fade To Black - a very rare.
Also nice to hear different version of Your Latest Trick with great pedal-steel guitar intro by Paul Franklin (instead of bongo-and-sax-intro). 
Also beautiful and powerful Tunnel of Love and Money For Nothing.
This one of the best shows from 1991/1992 On Every Street tour.

Comments (money for nothing):
From the bootleg "Sold Out In Every Street", this recording sounds excellent ; and musically it's perfect.
'Romeo And Juliet' and 'Sultans Of Swing' are the best versions i've heard from this tour so far.
Rare version of 'Fade To Black'.

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