sabato 30 marzo 2019

Pink Floyd - 1971-09-30 - London, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Harvested CDR 001
Paris Cinema

01 Fat Old Sun 15:29
02 One Of These Days 7:31
03 Echoes 26:35
04 Embryo 10:05
05 Blues 4:56

Here it is, the infamous Meddled ROIO, feverishly sought after by Floyd fans wanting to hear what Meddler was supposed to sound like before being mistakenly editted to mono.

It came from an FM broadcast over the BBC in England. The stereo dimension adds so much to the recording, you can actually hear very distinctly what each band member is doing. 

This ROIO is just an incredible listen from start to finish. The sound is amazing as is the performance of the Floyd. Fat Old Sun never sounded better. It is important to note, Embryo and Blues came from a different original source I believe. You can read all about this title (and Meddler) at the following URL:

One of the best Floyd ROIO's ever made, bar none. Sit back with a nice big fat one and enjoy the music

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