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Rory Gallagher - 1994-08-21 - Stuttgart, DE (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Extraspat In Concert, Reitstadion, Stuttgart, Germany, 21st August 1994
Pro-Shot PAL DVD

Trade DVD made from low generation vhs > DVD Decrypter > DVD Maestro (Authoring) > DVD Video File

Rory Gallagher: Guitar, Vocals
Mark Feltham: Mouth Harp
Bass: David Levy
Drums: Richard Newman
Keyboards: John Cooke

01 - Moonchild
02 - I Wonder Who
03 - The Loop
04 - Tattoo'd Lady
05 - Bye Bye Bird
06 - Ghost Blues
07 - Out On The western Plain
08 - Amazing Grace / Walkin' Blues
09 - Don't Think Twice It's Alright
10 - Shadow Play
11 - Continental Op
12 - Bullfrog Blues (Fade to programme end)

Ripped this of a DVD compilation i got a while back. Don't know too much of the lineage only what i can guess. This has been circulating a while so i'm surprised it's not available here on Dime (perhaps it has in the past). Out of the three proshot shows with this lineup i'm aware of, performance wise, i would place this below Montreux but above L'Orient. Certainly has it's moments, Bye Bye Bird (Rory plays chromatic harp alongside Mark Feltham) which segues into Ghost Blues is great and the closing harp solo on Walkin' Blues is fantastic. Definitely worth having

p.s. Continental Op actually started the set. This is how the german broadcasters transmitted the programme moving that song as though it was the first encore

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