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Eric Clapton w/ Mark Knopfler - 1988-09-16 - Auburn Hills, MI (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Recorded By: 
Robert Mullen

Audience Master Cassettes

2 DAK-5245 Mics>Sony D6c Cassette Recorder (Dolby C on)>Master Cassette's (TDK-SA-X90's)>Yamaha Double Cassette Deck K-902 (Dolby C off)>CD Wave Editor>THL flac level 8.

02-White Room
03-I Shot The Sheriff
04-Lay Down Sally
05-Wonderful Tonight
06-Tearing Us Apart
07-After Midnight
08-I'm Wasted and I Can't Find My Way Home
10-Same Old Blues
11-Band Introductions>
12->Band Introductions Cont>Cocaine
14-Money For Nothing
15-Sunshine Of Your Love

Last Song From Opening Show: Buckwheat Zydeco
16-Why Does Love Have To Be So Sad-Buckwheat Zydeco w/ Eric Clapton

Here is a really nice recording of Eric and Mark back from 1988. We were in the 1st row of the upper deck, near center...nice sound for this arena that had been opened up a month at that point in time. This has never been traded and is uncirculated.

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