Friday, February 23, 2018

Ronnie James Dio - 2004-08-24 - Santiago, Chile (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Venue: Estadio Victor Jara 
Country: Santiago, Chile 
Date: 08-24-2004 

Source: Radio Futuro Fm 
Taper by: Zatanax Productions 

Lineage : 
Radio Futuro Fm >Md Sony Mz-R37 >Line in Sound Blaster > Soundforge 8.0>> Wav> dDbpoweramp music converter >Flac> Dime 

Cd 1 
01 - King of Rock and Roll 
02 - The Sign of the Southern Cross 
03 - Stargazer 
04 - Stand Up & Shout 
05 - Drum solo 
06 - Don’t Talk To Strangers 
07 - The Eyes 
08 - The Mob Rules 
09 - Man on the Silver Mountain 
10 - Guitar & keyboard solo 
11 - Long Live Rock And Roll 
12 - Man On The Silver Mountain 
13 - Rock And Roll Children 

Cd 2 
01 - Gates Of Babylon 
02 - Holy Diver 
03 - Heaven And Hell 
04 - The Last in Line 
05 - Rainbow in the Dark 
06 - We Rock 
07 - Neon Knights 

notes by the uploader
First, i hope that you enjoy d share this fantastic show of Dio, have a great sound!!! 
I want to apologize to you for that point in the show ( He was incomplete, I do not really remember the situation. Looking at my cds, I found that had recorded exactly the same show from the radio station, and to the fate of you, is complete and sounds awesome. This show never exchanged for that in those years was very busy with my work, I now have more free time and I can take advantage of sharing with the community of Dime a few gigs I've managed to record over the years. 
Greetings to all. 

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