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Robert Plant - 2013-04-03 - Melbourne, AU (AUD/FLAC)

(Audience FLAC)

Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne

Recorded by "Brother Ruprecht"

Row W Just left of Centre Stage, about 25m from stage.

Audio Reality Mikes/Battery Box > Sony PCM M10B (Manual Levels (5), LCF off, Limiter off) > FLAC

Audacity Track Split
Traders Little Helper for FLAC creation, MD5 File and Torrent creation.

01 Friends
02 Tin Pan
03 Another Tribe
04 Spoonful
05 black dog
01 Friends
02 Tin Pan
03 Another Tribe
04 Spoonful
05 black dog
06 Going to California
07 Bron yr Aur Stomp
08 the Enchanter
09 four sticks
10 ramble on
11 Fixin to Die
12 Whole Lotta Love
13 Audience
14 What is and what shold never be
15 Rock & Roll 06 Going to California

Recording Notes
Cooler day than Bruce Springsteen (by about 20 degrees celcius - Melbourne weather) so a lot more comfortable with the rig.
Met up with a friend, Les( who went with me to the Led Zeppelin O2 Arena Show 5 years ago (and helped me secure my ticket for that show - Thanks Les)) and his wife who had come down from Brisbane just for the show.
Seats were good and the audience very well behaved.

Support band were good - sort of an eclectic mix of blues / soul stuff with some cool singers including a older guy that had to be helped up to a standing position for his numbers.

Recording is very good, even if I say so myself - the levels were just about spot on from the start - with only a little blow out during the loud bits of Tin Pan at the start of the show. I had the levels nice and high as

I had done for the Roger Waters show last year - due to me sitting in just about the same location - but when the section exploded half way through this song it was a little too high so I had to knock it down about a qtr of a point.

Other than that the sound is really good - very pleased with it.

Plant was on good form taking the piss out of the aussies for being crooks, sort of complaining that we weren't all on our feet (but acoustic versions of Black Dog are not going to inspire headbanging Robert - and we're all the wrong side of 40

these days !!!)

Set list was good - being a Zep freak I've been following Plant since I first saw him in Sheffield in 1983 so it was nice to hear WIAWSNB asnd Bron Yr Aur Stomp live for the first time - I'd heard all the other songs in some form or other.

Les restrained himself on my Right, (thanks again for supporting the taper's struggle) and the old guy on my left was quiet too so the balance is really good.

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