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Pink Floyd - 1970-04-30 - San Francisco, CA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Fillmore West, 

Pink Floyd - Interstellar Encore
Format: 2CD
Catalog: OMS 002/3 Pigs On The Wing
Misc.: Stereo Soundboard Recording
Produced: 1999 - Pigs On The Wing
Date: 30th April 1970
Lineage: sbd > cd > eac > flac

Covers: Very closely resembles the Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab's Original Master Recordings series of CD's with gold horizonal stripes running across the cover against a black background. Large gold stripe at the top reading "ORIGINAL MASTER SERIES" in the same font used by MFSL. In the center is a color drawing of a jow in the middle of a white road eating off the ground. In a light green colored sky are purple clouds, with "Pink Floyd" written at the top in white with INTERSTELLAR ENCORE" below it in black caps about half the size of the PF. Above the picture is a small blue stripe, again reading "ORIGINAL MASTER SERIES." The back is black with the track listings on the right, along side of a yellow poster for the concert on the left.

Sources: 30 Apr 1970, Fillmore West, San Francisco, California

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Rick Wright

Disc: 1
1. Grantchester Meadows 7:00
2. Astronomy Domine 10:19
3. Cymbaline 11:27
4. Atom Heart Mother 20:21
5. Embryo 11:23
Total Time: 60:30

Disc: 2
1. Green is the Colour 4:35
2. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 11:27
3. Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun 12:47
4. A Saucerful of Secrets (1st Encore) 22:43
5. Interstellar Overdrive (2nd Encore) 15:36
Total Time: 67:08

*Comments:* Finally the full set of encores of this concert are available on CD! Previously to my knowledge only ASoS was available, albeit in a truncated form. This 2 CD set has the full concert including the 2nd Encore with a fantastic version of IO. The SQ is fantastic, definitely soundboard as Dave and Rog sound crisp and clear as if right
in front of the mics.

A slight hiss can be heard in the right channel on the first disc, but the second disc is flawless. No hiss at all can be heard during the quiet parts. It could have been recorded last week in a studio it sounds that good! That being said, there are some very, very brief "bumps" in the music at various parts, but it's obviously due to the condition of the master, but definitely nothing at all to complain about.

Other comments on the concert itself can be found on the Live at Winterland page. They all apply, as (duh!) it's the same show.

As far as the discs themselves:

All inserts are on thick glossy card stock.

The labels on the discs are directly screened on them.

The playing surfaces on the discs are gold (the disc tops say "24K Gold"), but the color resembles the old formulation on Kodak CD-R's rather than the color on legitimate Mobile Fidelity releases (the style of which this RoIO tries to emulate). However, whether or not the CD's might actually be CD-R's is pure conjecture on my part. There doesn't seem to be any indication on the CD's (no matrix numbers in the burst cut area) that they are CD-R's. -JAY-C

It's an almost perfect quality soundboard of the april 29, 1970 fillmore west evening show. I bought it thinking it would be the KQED tv broadcast but was pleasantly shocked when it turned out to be this. As far as I know this tape has not been in collecting circles before. Needless to say this recording is a must have for all fans. -JAMIE

On the back, it says "So you thought you had heard this show before? Never Like this! For the first time we bring you a complete stereo soundboard recording of this show that has often been confused with their appearance at the KQED studios earlier in the day. (See Insert). Unfortunately, as I got this on CD-R, the insert didn't have any information as to the nature of this. However, it appears to fit the exact description of the "Breast Milky" ROIO, but it has Interstellar Overdrive in place of the June '69 material.

Before Interstellar, Roger says "If any of you have been listening to us since we were all teenagers, this is a track off our first album that we've been doing ever since we started and it's called Interstellar Overdrive."

I think the sound quality may be better than on "Breat Milky" (but I haven't heard that one, so I don't really know) because the sound quality is quite good. Maybe I just have lower standards. -STR

Back cover promises "stereo soundboard recording", and it appears to be just that. Audience is exceptionally quiet (one of Waters' deeply romanticised nights of "magical connection" no doubt. At the end, when Waters tells the audience "how nice it's been to play here", he sounds sincere.

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  1. Anyone else end up with a rendition of 'Atom Heart Mother' that runs just 2:59?

  2. This is April 29th, 1970.
    Led Zep Knebworth DVD 8.1.79 has issues. Please See comments.