domenica 31 marzo 2013

Minor Threat - 1982-04-29 - Boston, MA (SBD/FLAC)

(soundboard FLAC)


Low gen tape-> SONY TC we305-> sondblaster pc CDWAVE-> flac-> you

01 Little Friend
02 In My Eyes
03 Stand Up
04 Seeing Red
05 Small Man Big Mouth
06 Straight Edge
07 12XU
08 No Reason
09 Filler
10 Minor Threat
11 Screaming at a Wall
12 Out of Step

from Chris BCT tape collection, in a sigle c90 tapes i get this two soundboard tape from MINOR THREAT........ this music came out from source tapes, not any bootleg cd release, looking at the fantastic list of Minor threat live tapes

The 9:30 Club tapes lack of "Stepping stone" but the VFW Hall, Cambridge, MA concert have two songs more respect the bootleg release.... in the middle of the c-90 tape, Chirs labelled two "SUMMER DEMOS 1983"  i put this two songs as i found it.....

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