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Velvet Underground - 1967-04-30 - New York City, NY (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Psychedelic Sounds From The Gymnasium

Label: XTV-CD 144

XTV-CD 144 silver -> ripped and tagged with XLD XLosslessDecoder -> Flac Level 8

01 - I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (7:15)
02 - Guess I'm Falling In Love (4:12)
03 - I'm Waiting For The Man (5:30)
04 - Run Run Run (6:55)
05 - Sister Ray (18:51)
06 - Booker T. (6:37)

Total running time: 49m 23s

The Gynmasium (434 E71 St, New York City, NY; April 30, 1967
April 14-16, 21-23 & 28-30, 1967
The Gymnasium, New York City, New York
The Exploding Plastic Inevitable

Ad: for April 30 date, "A NEW HAPPENING DISCOTHEQUE JOINS THE SWINGING SIDE OF SINGLE NEW YORK" in New York Guide To The Swinging Side Of Single New York, vol. 1, issue 18, p. 3. Reproduced in c/o The Velvet Underground catalogue p. 66.


in Esquire, December 1967 issue.
by Billy Name.
Press article: by Howard Smith in The Village Voice, May 11, 1967.


The Gymnasium soundboard tape(s)::

First track to surface from the Gymnasium tape(s) was Guess I'm Falling In Love (supposedly listed as Fever In My Pocket on the original tape box), broadcasted on WPIX FM by John Cale on June 3, 1979. After playing this version he clearly states that it is from a tape he stumbled across. He definitely says "Gymnasium, April 1967". Cale also said in some interviews he owns the tape of the entire Gymnasium show, including Walk It As You Talk It with a really good guitar sound.

Guess I'm Falling In Love [version 1] (4:09)
Sources: And So On LP, Everything You've Ever Heard... 3LP, Collector's Dream CD, The Psychopath's Rolling Stones CD, A True Rock 'n Roller CD, Ultra Rare Trax Vol.3 CD, Caught Between The Twisted Stars 4CD.

Two others tracks surfaced in the 90s - Booker T. orginally appeared on the John Cale Paris S'Eveille CDEP in 1991 and was reissued (unfortunately with 8 seconds amputed at the beginning) on the Peel Slowly And See box set, along with an alternate version of Guess I'm Falling In Love. This version sounds clearly different as compared with the WPIX version and has some lyrics differences (the box set version begins with "I got fever..." while the 'old' version begins with "I got MY fever...").

Guess I'm Falling In Love [version 2] (4:10)
Booker T. (6:38)
Sources: Paris S'Eveille CDEP (2), Peel Slowly And See 5CD (1, 2), A True Rock 'n Roller CD (2).

More material from the Gymnasium recordings is finally issued in February 2008 on the bootleg LP Live At The Gymnasium. According to a source claiming to have a DAT copy of the original tape, it has an additional instrumental version of The Gift (possibly the version of Booker T. released on the PSAS box set?) after Sister Ray.

I'm Not A Young Man Anymore (7:17)
Guess I'm Falling In Love [same as version 2] (4:18)
I'm Waiting For The Man (5:24)
Run Run Run (6:55)
Sister Ray (18:55)
Source: Live At The Gymnasium LP (1-5), Dispatches From The Dream Factory 3CD Disc 2 (1, 3-5).

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