domenica 2 agosto 2020

Magnum - 1988-04-12 - Birmingham, UK (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Transfer direct from FM master tape (original broadcast recording made 7/5/88 onto Maxell UDII 90 chrome cassette tape)>Ion Tape 2 PC> Audacity 1.3>Wav (16 bit)> FLAC (SBE corrected- Trader's Little Helper) Transferred 1/10 

01.Back to Earth 
03.Start Talking Love 
04.On a Storyteller's Night 
05.Wild Swan 
06.Lonely Night 
07.Days of No Trust 
09.Just Like an Arrow 
10.Kingdom of Madness 
11.The Spirit 
12.Sacred Hour 

Time: 56.19 

Nice set from the 'Wings of Heaven' tour. I found that they started to get a bit commercial around this period (e.g. 'Start Talking Love' etc), but some of their stuff of this time (e.g. 'Wild Swan') was still really good. There are some good versions of older tracks on this set too. Nice transfer- very slight hiss, but this is minor- still a '10' in the quality stakes. Tape flip between tracks 9 and 10- fades out and in.

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