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Van Morrison - 1982-04-04 - Essen, DE (FM/SHN)

(FM broadcast SHN)


**track 2, Into The Mystic, is omitted**
A Wolf Remaster (see notes below)

uploader's lineage: hunger city download > dime upload after copying to different titled folder
comments: sorry for having to delete Into the Mystic, enjoy the rest!

(Sunday Night) > See notes on date below

Rockpalast Classics Vol. 4

Source: FM Broadcast on a Revox Tuner

Lineage: FM > Revox Tuner > Revox Reel Master

Transferr: Revox Reel Master > Studer 807 > Nakamichi HiCom II > Terratec EWX 24/96 Soundcard > 24 Bit Wav > DVD-R > Wavelab(remastered on 24 bit wav) > Apogee UV22HR PlugIn (dithered to 16 bit/44.1KHz) > SHN

Van Morrison - guitar, piano & vocals
Pee Wee Ellis - tenor saxaphone & backing vocals
Mark Isham - trumpet & synthesizer
John Allair - organ & lead and backing vocals
David Hayes - bass
Peter Van Hooke - drums
Tom Dollinger - drums
Chris Michie - lead & rhythm guitar
Pauline Lozano - backing vocals
Bianca Thornton - lead & backing vocals
Annie Stocking - backing vocals
Sean Fulsom (was not introduced in band intros) - pipes on "Northern Muse" and "Celtic Ray"

01. Go To The Place In Your Mind [lead vocals by John Allair]
(----------removed from torrent, officially released: 02. Into The Mystic--------------------)
03. Moondance
04. Wavelength
05. Full Force Gale
06. Bright Side Of The Road
07. It's All In The Game > You Know What They're Writing About
08. She Gives Me Religion
09. Northern Muse (Solid Ground)
10. Vanlose Stairway
11. Help Me
12. Love To You [lead vocals by Bianca Thornton backing vocals Pee Wee Ellis]
13. Celtic Ray
14. Dweller On The Treshhold
15. Satisfied
16. Cleaning Windows
17. Summertime In England [with Pee Wee Ellis helping on vocals] > Band Intros
18. Scandinavia*

* - Van on Piano

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