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Pink Floyd - 1977-04-22 - Miami, FL (AUD/FLAC) "Beast Of Burden"

(Audience FLAC)

Location: Miami Baseball Stadium, Miami
Date: April 22nd 1977
Recording: Audience
Artwork: Yes


Excellent audience recording from the 1977 US Tour.
The crowd are pretty vocal throughout which adds to the 'atmosphere intact' feel.
This show is taken from the Japanese boot 'Beast Of Burden' on the Sirene label.

Disc One: (50:03)
2.Pigs On The Wing I
4.Pigs On The Wing II
5.Pigs (Three Different Ones)

Disc Two: (72:05)
1.Sine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-5)
2.Welcome To The Machine
3.Have A Cigar
4.Wish You Were Here
5.Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 6-9)
7.Us & Them

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