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Simple Minds - 1984-05-15 - London, UK (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard Remastered FLAC)

Hammersmith Odeon


01 - East at easter
02 - Up on the catwalk
03 - Book of brilliant things
04 - Glittering prize
05 - The american
06 - King is white and in the crowd
07 - Speed your love to me/"C" moon cry like a baby
08 - Someone somewhere (In summertime)
09 - Promised you a miracle
10 - Big sleep
11 - Waterfront
12 - New gold dream (81-82-83-84)/Take me to the river/Light my fire

This concert is from the golden era!
It appears partially on the ultra limited bootleg (150 copies) called "Presence of Mind". Here is the comments of the vinyl from the huge "Dream Giver" site:

"Hello, how are you? This is the Sparkle In The Rain tour.This is the capital city.Open up". Charlie's already there with a unique new melody, which is captured with clarity. "Someday soon you'll make me happy, cause all across the land it's East At Easter" In fact, with different melodies from Mick and new drumming from Mel, the song only keeps its lyric from it's album version.Great start. "On drums, the best young drummer in the world, Mel Gaynor" and with that introduction, the band shoot into Up On The Catwalk. Again, the arrangement is now familiar from the other bootlegs (not much different to the live version on Alive And Kicking)

"Let's open up and grow up! This is called The Book Of Brilliant Things. This recording is clearer than Selfluminous and you can really hear Mick in the mix. The slow quiet instrumental can also be fully appreciated for the first time.

A great version of Glittering Prize followed, and then Jim announced "If we can go back a couple of years to a record called Sister Feelings Call - Derek! and the band break into the Sparkle version of The American. With all the changes, the new intro and verse, Jim's extra vocalising and the clarity of this bootleg, this makes this performance the definitive version for this tour.

With Jim's usual intro talk, the drum samples of King Is White And In The Crowd start. Charlie's new improvisation is there, and Mick's subtle playing and melodies can now be heard clearly. There's a break in the recording and it resumes with Jim's announcement of Speed Your Love To Me. "Where are we going" asked Jim. "Higher" reply the audience as the instrumental pause in the middle of the song starts, Charlie starts to improvise, and Jim breaks into the C Moon Cry Like A Baby bridge. Again, this is the definitive version of this coupling." You go to my head!

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