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Bruce Springsteen - Studio On (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

Bruce Springsteen And The E Street Band 

Title: Studio On (first press - with bonus 7) (Picture Disc) 
Label: B.S. Fans club Records 
Catalog #: None 
Catalog 7" #: A/B 
Format: One 12" Picture Disc + One 7" Bonus Black Vinyl Record 
Source: Demo/Outtakes 
Bruce Base: N/A 
Storyteller: N/A 
Total Time: 40 minutes 56.04 seconds 
Date: 1977 / 1983 
Location: Various Studio Location 

Transfer/Trade and Generation Info: Original Vinyl -> Pioneer Quartz-Direct Drive PL-640 turntable -> Pioneer Integrated Amplifier A-20 -> TASCAM US-366 PC Audio Interface (sample width 24 bits, sample rate 44.1kHz, input level -0.20 dB, output level 6.02 dB) -> Audacity 2.1.0 (recording volume 1.0, sample rate 44100 Hz, sample format 16-bit) -> wav -> Nero Wav Editor -> click remove, Pitch corrected, Split -> TLH -> flac (Level 8) (Align On Sector Boundaries). 

Include: md5 (wav/flac), ffp, m3u (wav/flac), Frequency-Spectral Analysis, shntool_info/len, Complete Artworks, Info file and Par2 recovery files to 10%. 

Disc: (40:56.04) 
A1 Rendezvous (6:37.12) 
A2 From Small Things, Big Things Come (2:44.01) 
A3 Cynthia (4:06.18) 
A4 None But The Brave (5:18.04) 
B1 Drop On Down And Cover Me (4:21.33) 
B2 Sugarland (2:51.36) 
B3 Follow That Dream (3:50.31) 
B4 Janey Don't You Lose Heart (4:28.33) 
C1 Mary Lou (3:23.54) 
D1 I'm Gonna Treat You Right (Wild Kisses) (3:23.54) 

Picture Disc, first press, with bonus 7" included. 
Titles wrong in the back part of the picture disc. 

Track A1: Bruce Springsteen teaching The Knack's drummer Bruce Gary how to play "Rendezvous" at his hotel room at The Sunset Marquis in West Hollywood, CA 1978-10-17 
Track A2: Studio Outtake 1979 
Tracks A3/A4 - B1/B4: Studio Outtake 1983 
Track C1: Studio Outtakes April 1979/August 1980 
Track D1: Rehearsal October 1978

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