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Frank Zappa - Just Another Band From L.A., second (unreleased) LP (STU/FLAC)

(Studio FLAC)

"Just Another Band From L.A.", second (unreleased) LP 
Remastered Edition 

Frank Zappa had originally envisioned "Just Another Band From L.A." as a double album. Acetates of this album were pressed and given to the band members. For whatever reasons, plans for that 2 LP set were abandoned and they went with the single LP that we know and love. 

A significant difference in "Billy the Mountain" was that Zappa removed an 8:51 section of singing and solos in order to fit it onto a single side of an LP. The 33:38 original was 
now only 24:47. 

I've taken the circulating copy of that second LP and tried to improve it somewhat. Using iZotope's RX, I applied moderate declicking to remove some of the clicks and crackles from 
the acetate copy. (It was actually fairly clean already.) I also removed a low level 15735Hz VHS HiFi modulation signal (indicating that the acetate was probably recorded onto 
a VHS recorder). I then used iZotope's Ozone 3 to more closely match the acetate's EQ to that of the Rykodisc CD. 

Most importantly though, I've also created an extract from "Billy the Mountain Pt. 2" of just the material cut from the original version. Those comfortable with audio editors 
can simply drop this extract into the released version to recreate the full length track. Because of the EQ matching, the edit is near seamless. Notes on how to do this are below. 

acetate > VHS recorder(?) > ??? > FLAC > WAV (Adobe Audition) > FLAC 

1. Studebaker Hoch~Billy The Mountain Pt.2 [RM] 13:57 
2. The Subcutaneous Peril (1970-10-11) [RM] 5:19 
3. An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself (1970-10-11) [RM] 20:23 
4. Billy The Mountain (extract) 8:51 

"Billy the Mountain" was recorded on August 7, 1971, at Pauley Pavilion, UCLA, CA.
"The Subcutaneous Peril" and "An Easy Substitute" were recorded at Carnegie Hall on
October 11, 1971.

From Zappa's notes, this is what the original intended album would have looked like.

Side One
1. "Call Any Vegetable" (Zappa) 7:22
2. "Eddie, Are You Kidding?" (Kaylan, Seiler, Volman, Zappa) 3:09
3. "Magdalena" (Kaylan, Zappa) 6:24
4. "Dog Breath" (Zappa) 3:37

Side Two
1. "Billy the Mountain" (Zappa) 19:41

Side Three
1. "Billy the Mountain" (cont.) 13:57
Studebacher Hoch
The Conclusion
2. "The Subcutaneous Peril" (Zappa) 5:19

Side Four
1. "An Easy Substitute For Eternity Itself" (Zappa, Preston, Underwood, Dunbar, Pons) 20:23
Don's Solo
Ian's Solo
Aynsley's Solo
Frank's Solo

For completists, three additional tracks from Pauley Pavilion have been released:
* "Divan" (1:46) on Playground Psychotics
* "The Groupie Routine" (5:41) on YCDTOSA Vol. 1
* "200 Motels Finale" (3:43) on YCDTOSA Vol. 6
"Lonesome Cowbody Nano" a composite from Pauley Pavilion and a 1988 show is also
on YCDTOSA Vol. 6

*==> Recreating "Billy the Mountain" <==*

All that needs to be done is to locate the edit point in the official track and copy the new insert, "4 - Billy The Mountain (extract).flac" into the track at that point. In my copy, that occurs in the Studebacher Hock section at 20:49:14314. It is IMMEDIATELY before the words, "I don't know". If inserted properly, this will be a seamless edit. As part of this post, I have included six screen shots showing tighter and tighter zooms on the edit point so you can see EXACTLY where the new insert needs to go. I use Adobe Audition, but Audacity, an excellent free, open source, cross-platform audio editor, does the job equally well.

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  1. Any way you could post "Billy" in it's entirety for those of us who only have the vinyl? Thank you.