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Iron Maiden - 2000-06-27 - Stockholm, SWE (FM/FLAC)

(FM broadcast FLAC)

Olympic Stadium, Stockholm, Sweden 

Source: FM radio broadcast 

Version 7 (version 2 remastered by Dr. Demonic) 

01 - The Wicker Man (4:46) 
02 - Brave New World (6:07) 
03 - Wrathchild (3:54) 
04 - Blood Brothers (7:24) 
05 - The Trooper (4:31) 
06 - Dream Of Mirrors (cut - fades out) (6:09) 
07 - Fear Of The Dark (7:34) 
08 - Iron Maiden (5:08) 
09 - The Number Of The Beast (4:47) 
10 - Hallowed Be Thy Name (7:34) 
11 - Sanctuary (6:15) 

Time: 64:14 

This is my remaster of version 2 of this great show. 
This is the most complete FM broadcast (no DJ talking). 

Version 2 (time: 71:57 - includes two bonus tracks by Urchin) has The Trooper (fades in) and Dream Of Mirrors (fades out) at the end. 
I placed these tracks at the correct spot (after Blood Brothers). The transitions had to be adjusted of course. 
By remastering it I gave the overall sound some more punch. 
The bass and vocals are now better represented in the mix. I also raised the volume a bit. 

There is a bootleg titled 'Our Time Has Come' which also has the correct track order. But there the volume is lower than in version 2, the sound isn't as good and there are some errors. 

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