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The Police - 2007-06-07 - Seattle, WA (ALD/SHN)


Key Arena

"Reunion In Seattle"

(Unknown ALD => FLAC) => TLH => Wavelab => Nero => Silvers => Station Control Room => Philips Standalone CDR => Silvers => ISObuster =>Wavelab => TLH

Disc one (59:55):
01) Message in a Bottle (5:08)
02) Synchronicity II (6:29)
03) Spirits in the Material World (3:27)
04) Voices Inside My Head (1:35) =>
05) When The World Is Running Down … (5:38)
06) Don't Stand So Close to Me (4:55)
07) Driven To Tears (5:27)
08) Walking On The Moon (6:16)
09) Truth Hits Everybody (3:45)
10) Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (4:59)
11) Wrapped Around Your Finger (6:09)
12) Bed's Too Big Without You (6:01)

Disc two (58:11):
01) De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da (4:19)
02) Invisible Sun (5:19)
03) Walking In Your Footsteps (5:09)
04) Can't Stand Losing You (8:18)
05) Roxanne (8:53)
06) King of Pain (5:47)
07) So Lonely (7:22)
08) Every Breath You Take (8:01)
09) Next To You (4:59)

Comments: An ALD recording from relatively early in the Police's 2007-2008 reunion tour was posted on DIME in early 2008; it was discovered that the ALD was out of phase -- I don't fully understand what that means, but essentially it means that one of the channels was somehow reversed, resulting in a sub-optimal sound. A corrected version was posted by "hildie" in March 2008 to address the issue. I admit that I don't fully understand the lineage, but this version sounded quite a bit better than the original and in fact, I think it's one of the better-sounding recordings from the Police's reunion tour.

In terms of performance, I have a hard time distinguishing one night from the other. This was a great nostalgia show, and the band was well-rehearsed and did a good job reproducing their hits from one night to the next with few deviations. I like the early part of the tour because the setlist was longer (roughly 120 minutes) than the end (about 105 minutes), by which time they'd cut some of the material that appears in this show.

Now that we're a few years removed from their reunion and the excitement has worn off, I don't think it's necessary to have more than a couple shows from this tour -- but I think this one should survive the cut. The sound, for an ALD recording, is very good.

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  2. Can anybody how to burn a cd with SHN files?? or a converter to FLAC ? Thanks a lot.

  3. Can somebody PLEASE tell me what ADL and SHN means? Thanks, Peter. (Sydney).