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Dead Kennedys - 1981-05-02 - Boston, MA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

live at Emerson College
May 02, 1981

with The Outlets

probable soundboard tape* - little or never circulated+

Source/lineage: master cassette as described above>transferred in Soundforge (with minimal meddling to knock down a few instances of clipping and a little volume leveling - no normalizing used because I don't like it)>single WAV file>tracked in Audacity>WAVs>SBEs repaired, FLAC-8 files and checksum files created in Trader's Little Helper

01 - Jello remarks on Bobby Sands etc 1:32
02 - "you dumb fucks..." - 0:37
03 - Kill the Poor 2:38
04 - When You Get Drafted 1:15
05 - In-Sight 1:35
06 - "ever wonder why you go to school?.." 1:10
07 - Buzzbomb 2:33
08 - Let's Lynch the Landlord 1:58
09 - "ah-ha!..move back.." 0:49
10 - Terminal Preppie 1:47
11 - "alright, meditators..." 1:07
12 - Drug Me 1:48
13 - California Uber Alles 4:48
14 - Police Truck/Bleed For Me 7:24
15 - Short Songs 0:23
16 - Holiday In Cambodia 3:25
17 - "let go of the mic cord!" 3:12
18 - Moral Majority 1:02
19 - "you're with me, huh..." 1:17
20 - Too Drunk to Fuck 2:59
21 - "Amy Vanderbilt's bra".. 2:12

total time: 45:41

track 01 was located on the other side of the tape with the Outlets' set - I don't know where in the show it occurred but since it works as an intro I put it first.
Also, I can't say whether or not this is the complete show - this is everything I have.

Notes by the uploader
This tape, after spending a few months at the bottom of a tool-box, was given to me years ago by a member of the production crew, along with a handful of other tapes I have yet to deal with, all dirty and damaged to some degree. They've been sitting in a box of junk and old broken mic-clips etc in my various closets, as I've moved several times, ever since - until now (now that I have access to a real computer to use to work on them).
I removed the tape reel from the broken case and put it in another case and was able to transfer it successfully - and I am very pleased with what I found here - a great, funny show by the DKs.
* The taper, a friend of mine, liked to record from the soundboard with an extra mic for the room to fatten up his tapes, but I think it is pretty much an SBD. The audience (those not storming the stage) is pretty distant, there's hum from the lights, and I can hear a limiter kicking in here and there.
+ As far as I know, this is from the only copy of the tape, unless a dub was made before I got it.
Throughout the set, Jello Biafra is dealing with audience members stting on and running across the stage, grabbing mics and trying to sing along or shout statements reflecting their own world-views, to Jello's amusement and/or's worth a listen just for that interaction..I've tracked it to separate most of those segments from the songs. Speaking of the songs, I'm afraid I'm not up on my DKs song titles so I'd appreciate help with the untitled tracks. Tracks in "quotes" are spoken, shouted, etc parts

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