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Lou Reed, Larry Graham and Ambrosia - 1980-xx-xx, Don Kirshner's Rock Concert (DVDfull pro-shot)

(DVDfull pro-shot)

Dress rehearsals ft Lou Reed, Larry Graham and Ambrosia

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LOU REED (20 min):
01 - Standing on ceremony (Reed stops halfway through)
02 - Standing on ceremony (2nd take)
03 - So alone
04 - Walk on the wild side

05 - Can you handle that?
06 - When we get married
07 - One in a million you
08 - Larry's "Bass history"

AMBROSIA (55 min)
09 - Rock and a hard place
10 - No big deal
11 - You're the only woman
12 - Shape I'm in
13 - Biggest part of me
14 - Kamikaze
15 - Rock and a hard place

I'm signing off for the week with this oddity.
Three dress rehearsals, if that's the right word for DKRC performances.
You get Lou Reed, (then promoting his sadly underrated LP "Growing up in public") calling things to a halt in the first take of Standing On Ceremony.
You get bass legend Larry Graham in a loose and funky performance, ending with a GREAT "history of the bass" lesson where he does some Sly tunes.
And last but not least, Ambrosia. They sound like they were big in the Midwest in a Styx kind of way, no?

NOTE: Funk torrent hero Matt Hughen has uploaded the Graham part elsewhere on Dime with a detailed set list. I haven't compared my version to his but I doubt mine is better.

The video is a bit dark, the mix isn't perfect but that's rehearsals for you.

Pop mogul Don Kirshner will always have a place in my heart as the man who brought the world The Archies "Sugar Sugar" - one of the greatest pop singles EVER.
I guess a lot of US Dimers who were young in the 70s remember him as the stiff and totally unhip host of this show which from 1973 to the early 80s.
He really was"the man" , a record business suit through and through. But, IMHO , in a good way. I didn't get to see many DKRC shows back in the day, but watching them now I can appreciate what he did. Mr Kirshner gave plenty of credit to record producers, songwriters and managers, the ones behind the scenes that make hit records happen.

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