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Rush - 1986-04-16 - Philadelphia, PA (SBD/FLAC)

(Soundboard FLAC)

Media: 2 CD
Catalog: Paradiddle
Location: The Spectrum

Digital Rush Experience link:

Disc One:
01 - Three Stooges Intro 0:49
02 - The Spirit of Radio 5:06
03 - Limelight 5:06
04 - The Big Money 5:57
05 - New World Man 4:13
06 - Subdivisions 5:50
07 - Manhattan Project 5:38
08 - Middletown Dreams 5:07
09 - Witch Hunt 5:10
10 - Red Sector A 4:46

Disc Two:
01 - Closer to the Heart 6:10
02 - Marathon 6:37
03 - The Trees 4:57
04 - Mystic Rhythms 5:27
05 - Distant Early Warning 7:07
06 - Territories 6:26
07 - YYZ 3:21
08 - Drum Solo 5:36 

When "Visions and Illusions - Version 2.01" was released by Digital Reproductions in 2003, it was a big improvement over previous versions of this recordings in circulation. Sound quality was a lot better, and speed was corrected, all except for d1t10 (Red Sector A) which continued to play ~2% too slow. This release (version 2.02) has Red Sector A running at the right speed. Other than this one speed corrected track, it's identical to Digital Reproductions Visions and Illusions 2.01. Post reviews for this show at the Digital Rush Experience (link below).

This is one of those "wow" shows and one of the Rush must-haves. This is probably the best version to get of this show as it contains the ENTIRE concert, unlike the truncated 'Mystic Dreams,' and has speed-corrected all the tracks. The only detraction to this show and why it rates a 9.5 instead of a perfect 10 is that Alex is low in the mix. In fact, there are times when the keyboards are going full-bore like during 'Subdivisions' he gets absolutely buried. On the other hand, this is probably the BEST show to be awed by the dextrous majesty of Mr. Geddy Lee. Every note is crystal clear and you can hear parts that aren't always easy to pick out on album - listen for instance to the outro portion of 'New World Man' and then pick your jaw up off the floor. This bootleg easily ranks among the 10 best of Rush out there. Don't pass it by."

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  1. This is NOT the entire show. It is missing a good portion of it: Red Lenses - Tom Sawyer - 2112 Overture - The Temples of Syrinx - Grand Designs - In the Mood....all missing.